10 Best 4×4 Off Road Trails Ohio ❤️️ 2022

 Trails Ohio: Ohio, also known as the Buckeye State is a great place to find muddy trails, hills, and lakes. 

Ohio’s rural areas are favored by 4×4 Jeep drivers. There are miles of trails you can tackle with your ATV or Jeep in these areas.

 Off Road Trails Ohio

Ohio has a lot to offer in terms of off-road trails for 4x4s and parks that allow you to practice your skills in a controlled environment. 

If you want to camp or stay overnight, you will be in close proximity to the facilities. Although it is primarily a mud-running destination, there are plenty of options for those who love off-roading in Ohio.

What are the best places to go off-road in Ohio? There are many places to go off-road in Ohio, including parks, trails, mudding, and staying dry. 

You can find them in parks with camping and supplies. Ohio is a great place to take the family on a vacation, regardless of whether you’re riding offroad or not.

These are the top off-road trails in Ohio.

  1. Phoenix Off-Road Park
  2. Monday Creek Trail System
  3. Hanging Rock Trail System
  4. Superior Trail System
  5. Pine Creek Trail System
  6. Southington Offroad Park
  7. Forbidden Zone Park
  8. Tecumseh Trails
  9. Heiney Farm
  10. Powerline Park

There are many off-road trails Ohio offers for those who want to take their ATV or Jeep out on an adventure. Let’s take a look at Ohio’s 10 best off-road trails and parks.

Ohio’s 10 Best 4×4 Trails

1. Phoenix Off-Road Park

Phoenix Off-Road Park provides 70 miles of riding for all levels. They can accommodate Jeeps and ATVs as well as dirt bikes. 

You should check their calendar as there are weekends that they reserve for them. You can also find camping space and tools for sale in their shop.

2. Monday Creek Trail System

Just north of Nelsonville is the Monday Creek OHV Trail system in Wayne National Forest. The trail network covers 75 miles and is suitable for ATVs, UTVs, and bikes. 

This is a popular spot for hiking. The USDA website has a list of trailheads.

To ride the Monday Creek trails you will need an OHV permit. They are only open from April 15 to December 15. Although there are no facilities available for riders, you can still enjoy the trails without any fees.

10 Best 4×4 Off Road Trails Ohio

3. Hanging Rock Trail System

The Hanging Rock trails are another set of off-road trails in Ohio that are available for ATVs, UTVs, and bikes. It was scavenged in the 1960s and 1970s.

This left it with steep hills and difficult riding conditions. This is an interesting piece of history that you can consider as you ride.

You can also fish in any of the 51 available ponds (more, but 51 are specifically stocked for fishing).

The OHV riding area can also be accessed from April 15 to December 15. A permit is required. Otherwise, it’s open to all. This section has only one trailhead.

4. Superior Trail System

The Ohio Wayne National Forest offers many exciting off-road trails to explore. This includes the Superior OOHV System. You can enjoy the 16.5-mile-long trail with lots of terrains. 

To continue riding, you can connect to Pine Creek trails. The trail is only for vehicles less than 50 inches in width. This applies to ATVs, UTVs, and bikes.

You will need a permit to ride these trails. Once you have purchased your permit, you will receive a map to help you navigate the trails.

5. Pine Creek Trail System

The Pine Creek Trail System is the last set of highly-rated riding trails in Wayne National Forest. It features three trailheads and offers 20 miles of recreational opportunities.

Get an OHV trail map or purchase one with your trail permit.

6. Southington Offroad Park

For over 1500 acres of Ohio Jeep trails organized, head to Garrettsville, OH. There are obstacles for all skill levels. Southington Offroad Park is a large campground with electric hookups.

It also has a modern bathhouse and a large pavilion. There are playgrounds for children, a store, and even sand volleyball courts!

To keep it simple, there’s a lot of mud, rocks, sand, and hills.

 Southington Offroad Park

7. Forbidden Zone Park

You can find the Forbidden Zone in Hammondsville (OH). The site is open throughout the year and is accessible to all types of vehicles, including trucks, motorbikes, ATVs, and trucks. 

There are many scenic trails that run along the Ohio side of the road, including some with hills and smoother terrain. 

The entire park can be rented for private events and parties – this is a great option for groups of five or more vehicles.

8. Tecumseh Trails

The excellent off-road park can only be found in Hemlock (OH) on weekends. This park boasts over 1000 acres of woods and hills, which translates into 45 miles of trails of varying difficulty. You can stop at the food trailer to get a snack or to mark your path.

You can camp on the site for free, or you can use their camping area to cook over campfires. Day passes are only $15 per person per day.

9. Heiney Farm

All vehicles are welcome to use this off-road park, including trucks, ATVs, motorbikes, and motorbikes. You can book it out for a group of vehicles, so you have the entire park to yourself. 

There are many things to see and do: narrow ravines, mud pits; steep climbs; 4×4 trails. 

Although you can stay overnight, primitive camping is not available. Make sure to bring your tent and cooking equipment!

Open-access events are sometimes held by the Farm, but they mostly offer group rides. For more information and a schedule of events, visit their website.

 Heiney Farm

10. Powerline Park

Powerline Park, located just outside of St Clairsville, is set on 1000 acres. Powerline Park is a great place to go for OHV trails in Ohio.

It also has all levels of riding and showers. Memorial Day and Labor Day events are usually held at the park. You can check online to confirm that it is available for riding.

Special Mention: Haspin Acres

Although it isn’t technically in Ohio, it is close to Cincinnati so it deserves to be mentioned. Haspin Acres is located in Laurel (IN), just over an hour from Cincinnati. There are 750 acres of wooded hills, trails, a motocross track, and a 300-foot loose dirt drag strip. 

There are many trails to explore including river crossings and hill climbs. The park’s most challenging trail, “Devil’s Backbone”, is a must-see Jeep trail. There is also a campground and two lakes that offer a peaceful setting for a relaxing end to an adrenaline-charged day.

Haspin Acres hosts many races and events, and even organizes weddings!

What about beginners?

Ohio off-roading is for everyone. However, if you’re just starting out, we recommend that you visit the parks first to make sure there are enough options for you. 

You can get advice and help from the Ohio off-road parks. There will also be a store on-site for repairs. ).

For beginners, another option is to contact a Jeep club to join them on their organized rides. The Mid-Ohio Jeepers Organization and Muddy Buddys are two great examples.

  1. Trail Miles: Miles of trails on 60 acres
  2. Skill Level: Varied, but more on the moderate/advanced side
  3. Usage: Heavy
  4. Fees:
    1. RV Campsite – $45
    2. Tent Campsite – $30
    3. OHV Daily Fee – $5 (this is in addition to camping)
  5. Open: Weekends, summer – mid-October
  6. Closest Town: Walhonding OH
  7. Vehicles Allowed: ATV, UTV, SxS, rail buggy, dirt bikes. No full-size trucks.

Cash only! No ATM, no cc, no debit, no checks.

The trails are steep and rocky and best suited to more skilled riders.

All trail vehicles must be insured. You will be required to show proof of insurance.

Open weekends during the summer/fall season. The park closes for the season after the second weekend in October. In order to use the ATV trails, you are required to be a registered camper.

 Best 4×4 Off Road Trails Ohio

Conclusion – Off-Road Trails Ohio

What are the top 10 best off-road trails in Ohio, you ask? Here they are again.

  1. Phoenix Off-Road Park
  2. Monday Creek Trail System
  3. Hanging Rock Trail System
  4. Superior Trail System
  5. Pine Creek Trail System
  6. Southington Offroad Park
  7. Forbidden Zone Park
  8. Tecumseh Trails
  9. Heiney Farm
  10. Powerline Park

Off-roading in Ohio offers something for everyone. You can use the many state-maintained parks, whether you are a Jeep driver, ATV-ing, motorbiking, or just mountain biking. These parks offer great accommodation, as well as facilities like bathrooms, showers, and stores.

You can also find many free-to-ride off-road trails and dirt trails throughout the state. Wayne National Forest is a great place to ride with a variety of skill levels. It also has creeks and hills around. There are many options for Ohio Jeep and ATV trails.

Where are the best off-road trails?

America’s Best Off-Road Trips

  • Mojave Road, Arizona & California. …
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. …
  • Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. …
  • Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. …
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska. …
  • Rubicon Trail, California. …
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. …
  • El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona.

Where can I ride my RZR in Ohio?

10 Best Places to Ride ATVs: Ohio Edition

  1. Bear Creek Ranch KOA. …
  2. Renegade Ridge. …
  3. Doug Dunaway Memorial Motocross Park. …
  4. Maumee State Forest. …
  5. Tecumseh Trails. …
  6. Pike State Forest. …
  7. Pine Lakes Raceway and Trails. …
  8. Sandusky Valley Riders.

Which state has the most off-road trails?

The Five Best States For Off-Roading

  • California. California is among the states that offer the best outdoor sports. …
  • Colorado. Colorado is possibly one of the more stunning states in America -dependent on whom you would like to. …
  • Arizona. People think about Arizona; they may picture an unforgiving flat desert. …
  • Utah. …
  • Alaska.

Where is the best place to ride UTVS in the United States?

Ride Royal Blue Resort in Tennessee is the perfect spot for you. The resort is widely regarded as one of the top UTV places in the United States. Enjoy thrilling rides on more than 600 miles of trail that include the natural beauty of waterfalls as well as wildlife. There’s also a diverse variety of tracks that are easy and relaxing to the most technical.

Does Hocking Hills have ATV trails?

The north-facing trail system of Nelsonville offers about 70 miles worth of trails suitable for hiking, off-road vehicles, and mountain biking. The courses are available for use between April 15th and December 15th every year. The closures for the season are put in place to avoid damage to the environment and reduce the cost of maintenance.

What is the biggest ATV park?

Windrock Park (TN) The largest privately-owned riding area within the U.S., with 300-plus miles and 73,000 acres. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area (KY) has 150 miles of trail and almost 8000 acres of rugged terrain. Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park (LA) A total of 5 acres of trails and Muddy Bogs (emphasis on the mud)

Where can I ride my quad bike off-road?

Quad Biking & Off-Road Western Cape

  • 1 Hour Segway Experience. Tsitsikamma Segway Tours. …
  • 11km Quad Ride Wilderness, WildX Adventures. …
  • 11km Quadbike Ride Paarl. Wilde Adventures. …
  • 12km Breakfast Run Quad Ride. Wilde Adventures. …
  • 12KM Extreme Quad Ride. …
  • 12km Extreme Quad Ride Wilderness. …
  • 12km Sundowner Quad Ride Wilderness.

Are dirt bikes street legal in Ohio?

If you plan to use a motorcycle in Ohio, it is required to be legal for street use. That means it has brake lights and a taillight, and a headlight. The bike must include rear and front brakes. The motorcycle should also be equipped with a horn along with turn signals and two mirrors. They must all function.

Where can I sleep on American Discovery Trail?

There are numerous private and public campgrounds within the national or state county, town, or state forests and parks. Some are for free but the majority of them are not. Some small-town parks permit self-powered trekkers to camp for a night. The towns that the trail runs have motels, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts.

What state has the best ATV trails?

10 Best ATV/UTV Trails for Off-Road Riding in the U.S.

  1. Moab, Utah. Moab is an ideal spot to ride! …
  2. The Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. …
  3. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia. …
  4. Imperial Sand Dunes, California. …
  5. Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee. …
  6. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee. …
  7. Maine. …
  8. Joe State Park, Missouri.

Can I ride my ATV on the road in Ohio?

In general, it is not allowed to use an ATV UTV on the state-owned land highway, street, or another road without a valid driver’s license. On public land, designated youngsters who are younger than 16 can be operating an ATV or UTV in the presence of an adult who has the proper driver’s license.

 Trails Ohio FAQ

1. Are ATV streets legal in Ohio?

You are generally prohibited from operating an ATV or UTV on any state land, street, or highway without a valid driver’s license. Ohio law prohibits anyone under 12 from operating an ATV or UTV without supervision.

2. Can you still ride in Wellsville Ohio?

This is the place for anyone who wants to go extreme riding. Also known as Yellow creek, Wellsville, and the Pitts. You can ride trucks, buggies, quads, and motorcycles. The park, which refers to Forbidden Area, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a.

3. Do you have to register for ATV in Ohio?

If you’re an Ohio resident, your motorcycle will need to be registered and titled every three years. While you will receive a validation decal and a license plate for your ATV upon registration, it does not allow you to drive your ATV in public areas.

4. What makes a vehicle street legal in Ohio?

Ohio law allows the Sheriff of Ohio to issue such licenses in any county provided that each vehicle meets certain equipment standards. Golf carts must be street legal and have headlights, brake lights, tail lights, turn lights, windshields, rearview mirrors, and license plates, and cannot travel more than 20 mph.

5. Are dirt bikes street legal in Ohio?

You must have street legal to ride a motorcycle in Ohio. It must also have a taillight, brake light, and headlight. Rear and front brakes are required for the motorcycle. The motorcycle must also have turn signals and a horn.

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