12 Best Alaska ATV Tours & Trail Adventures 2022

Alaska ATV Tours & Trail: Alaska is an amazing area to go off-road from ATVs to Jeeps and dirt bikes. You can also admire the breathtaking views from the national parks across the state. 

Some parks aren’t allowed motorized vehicles (e.g. Denali National Park), there are miles of trails, tours, and adventures to sign up for that you’ll get to experience almost every State has to offer behind the motor.

Alaska ATV

What are the top Alaska ATV trails? And What Alaska ATV activities are worthy of booking? Here are a few of our top choices:

Rides on the streets:

  • Chugach State Park
  • Wrangell – St. Elias National Park
  • White Mountains National Recreation Area
  • Chena River State Recreation Area
  • Tangle Lakes Archaeological District
  • Petersville
  • Eureka Trails

Great Alaska ATV tours:

  • Alaska ATV Adventures
  • 49th State Motor Tours
  • Midnight Sun ATV Tours
  • Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours
  • Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt Tour

Top Alaska ATV Trails and Places to Ride

There’s an incredible variety of scenery to be found in Alaska as well as on the roads and the conditions you’ll come across. 

There are mountain climbs that are rocky and also the muddy terrain, water crossings as well swamps, and glacial drainages. 

The areas are full of it and offer the most beautiful Alaska trails.

1. Chugach State Park

If you’re in search of Anchorage ATV trails and tours, then you won’t need to travel far. Instead, you’ll find them at Chugach State Park. 

The park is home to Chugach State Park, the Chugach Mountain Range, Eklutna Lake, Eagle River along with the Turnaway Arm fjord, the park permits ATVs to explore Bird Valley and along the Eklutna Lakeside Trail. 

The trail is a 13-mile ride through the river, including moraines that form Eklutna Lake. Eklutna Glacier, with stunning views throughout.

The Bird Valley area is a great place to ride. Bird Valley, you can take a ride along Bird Creek Trails. Bird Creek Trails.

2. Wrangell – St. Elias National Park

Elias National Park

The trails in the park range between 5 and 20 miles one-way. They offer fantastic access and breathtaking views. 

They are located on Nabesna Road and McCarthy Road and have clear signage to ensure you’re in the ATV-only trail. You can find all trailheads listed on the Alaska map of trails below.

3. the White Mountains National Recreation Area

The off-road route to the White Mountains offers excellent views of interior Alaska. In the year 2000, the Bureau of Land Management updated their access information using an updated geocached map that limits the use of winter and summer. 

It also lists the top trailheads and locations to go towards trails for ATV trails. Get the app right here or download their application to assist you in navigating even when you don’t have cell coverage.

4. Chena River State Recreation Area

It is situated close to Fairbanks in Alaska, this state park is a great location for a variety of outdoor activities including hiking and fishing camping, and most importantly, ATV riding. There are also public-use cabins for multiple-day excursions. 

You can plan your trip with the following Map and ensure you stay clear of winter-only trails.

5. Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

If you are driving along Denali Highway, you won’t be allowed to drive ATVs in Denali National Park. However, you can have accessibility to the following trails operated through the Department of Natural Resources:

Old Sevenmile Lake Trail, Old Sevenmile Lake Connector, and Maclaren Summit Trail. Enjoy the tundra crossing and breathtaking panoramas of Sevenmile Lake on these easy trail rides.

Furthermore, some of the best Alaska ATV riding options include Oscar Lake Trail and Swede Lake Trail. You can track them on the trail map that is georeferenced here.

6. Petersville

The town is situated 120 miles from Anchorage, Petersville is a multi-use park where off-roaders and hunters will be at ease. 

It is open throughout the year and is renowned for its waterlogged trails, swamps, and generally humid conditions.

The trails cover 75 miles accommodate any level of experience and offer breathtaking views of Mt Denali on a clear day. You can reach the Kroto Creek trailhead and follow the trail signs at this point.

7. Eureka Trails

Eureka Trails riding area is an ATV riding region that is located close to Anchorage It is higher than other trails with a height of 2,500 feet. 

This puts it over the tree line on most trails, providing stunning views all around and a variety of conditions.

Explore abandoned mining sites and glacier drainage areas, and then visit in winter to experience mud, and in the summer, for drier dusty conditions. The trailhead is just 2 miles to the east from Eureka Lodge, and you’ll be to be rewarded with 150 miles trails.

Great Alaska ATV Tours

Great Alaska ATV Tours

If you’re looking to have a professional guide you on the trails to ensure that you have the best experience exploring off-road, choosing some Alaska ATV excursions is a good idea. Here are some most popular options, based on the things you’d like to do for the day.

8. Alaska ATV Adventures

The firm has been in operation since 1992 and offers various fun ATV tours that specialize in Alaska ATV adventure like the name implies. 

Particularly fascinating are the Eklutna Lake UTV Tours and the Backcountry ATV Excursion that allow you will be able to explore Chugach Park and its beautiful forests. 

There is a chance to spot bears of black and brown and mountain goats and Dall sheep on the tour.

There are many kinds of customized trips in Chugach Park, allowing you to fully enjoy what the natural surroundings have to provide without the need to study the map by yourself. You can also lease ATVs for your own adventure as well.

9. 49th State Motor Tours

In Palmer located about 45 minutes to the north to Anchorage, 49th State Motor Tours provides ATV and UTV tours of and through the Alaskan backcountry. 

The groups are small and run by the company’s owner, Brian, or some other guides who are local and experienced. 

You can take part in amazing excursions, like the renowned Knik Glacier Experience, a 6-8-hour adventure that lets you travel through the sand dunes and cross lakes and creeks and capture amazing photographs throughout.

There is a lot of wildlife present on these ATV excursions. In the end, you can simply take an ATV for rent and get out on the road with some help from the friendly group that manages 49th State Motor Tours. However, taking any of the tours will make your Alaskan adventure.

10. Midnight Sun ATV Tours

In the wilds outside Fairbanks, There are a variety of exciting tours are available with Midnight Sun ATV tours. 

Your guide will meet you in the town before you take off into the deep forest, which is just 18 miles away in which you can enjoy an adventure trail of 32 miles through the boreal forest featuring wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of unexpected surprises.

You can choose between either a morning or evening tour and the latter running up to 11.30 after midnight. In August, it’s still dark August!

11. Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours

Explore glaciers that aren’t accessible by road on one of the most thrilling Anchorage ATV tours run through Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours. 

Going toward Alaska’s Knik Glacier, owners Matti and Dan will take you to explore the wilderness using ATVs in the summer, as well as on snowmachines during winter. 

The tours include a short instruction session for those who are not comfortable with ATVs.

Additionally, you can choose the vehicle which best matches your skills level. For full-day tours, you’ll ride up to the top of Knik Glacier and get to enjoy lunch in an area that is one of the stunning places on earth.

12. Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt Tour

It is impossible to visit Alaska and not take an ATV ride in the Denali National Park. The thrill that is offered with The Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt Tour is located just outside Denali (as there is no way to use ATVs within Denali itself) and takes you through the stunning mining region.

The goal is to uncover the highlights throughout the four-hour geocaching adventure. When you’re done, get ready for a feast in the style of a camp to commemorate your accomplishments. 

The company was the first to provide ATV tours of Denali and has been providing great experiences since the beginning.

Alaska ATV Adventures For All Tastes

Enjoying the best the Alaskan wilderness can offer with a variety of wildlife, breathtaking scenery and exclusive destinations are all accessible in the most unique ATV trails in the state as well as through the excellent guided ATV tours and experiences. 

There are plenty of adventures to be had in the magnificent forests that offer stunning views, the thrill of various levels of ATV riding, and some friends and accommodating tour guides too. 

Take a look when you next visit Alaska and prepare to explore the wilderness!

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