12 Best Colorado Dirt Bike Trails 2022


Colorado Dirt Bike Trails: Colorado is a great place to off-road, with its beautiful mountain scenery and high-altitude passes that will test your endurance as well as your head for heights. 

It’s possible to travel the trails on a dirt bike, ATV, or Jeep. The varied terrain makes Colorado a wonderful vacation spot. 

colorado dirt bike trails

There are many trails that offer a variety of terrains, including easy, well-maintained trails, to steep, rocky sections that will challenge your skills and bike.

What are the best Colorado dirtbike trails? How can you get the most out of Colorado’s Centennial State? These are our top picks.

  1. Rampart Range
  2. Pole Creek Trail
  3. Rainbow Falls OOHV Area
  4. Texas Creek
  5. Stillwater Pass
  6. Hartman Rocks
  7. Pearl Pass
  8. Wolford Mountain
  9. Indian Creek Trail
  10. Flat Top OOHV Staging Area
  11. Bocco Mountain
  12. Bangs Canyon Trails

Continue reading to learn more about the best Colorado dirt bike trails.

12 Best Colorado Dirt Bike Trails

12 Best Colorado Dirt Bike Trails

1. Rampart Range

Rampart range is the most well-known and popular of all Colorado’s dirt bike trails. It can get crowded during summer, especially in good weather. 

There are 200 miles of trails that offer great riding opportunities and an assortment of terrain, so anyone can enjoy the ride. 

Rampart Range is located just 35 miles from Denver and nestled within the Pike-San Isabel National Forest.

2. Pole Creek Trail

The Pole Creek Trail is a favorite among adventure riders. Although it’s not a popular trail for dirt bikes, it is a great place to wander through the forest. 

This trail is only 6 miles in length, which makes it unique. You can ride in the middle of nature, as it’s not crowded. 

The trailhead is located southwest of Pueblo, and north of Gardiner within the San Isabel National Forest.

3. Rainbow Falls OHV Area

Rampart Range may have whetted your appetite for miles upon miles of fantastic Colorado dirt biking trails.

You can also stay in the area and explore the Rainbow Falls OOHV Area west of Castle Rock. You will encounter some steep hills, open areas, and loose sections that can make it more difficult. 

This is the second most visited dirt biking spot in Colorado, after Rampart Range. You’ll also meet many other avid off-roaders on ATVs, including some who are from this area.

The North Divide Trail System is also nearby, which is a popular off-roading network that offers many single-track trails.

4. Texas Creek

Texas Creek is another great spot for dirt biking in Colorado. It’s open to both ATV and dirtbike riders. 

It’s great for beginners as most trails are intermediate and easy. Texas Creek offers more variety than other Colorado dirt bike tracks.

It is located in the high desert, so you will have more options for your riding. You should be ready for hot, dry riding without too much water knowledge.

These trails are closed in the winter and early autumn due to the high altitude. To be permitted on these trails, you must first locate them.

5. Stillwater Pass

Stillwater Pass

You can ride several miles on dirt bikes through the wilderness by heading to the Arapaho Forest. Bears and bobcats are possible, especially in the later summer afternoons. Be careful!

You can find the trailhead north of Granby, and northwest of Grand Lake. The trails will be shared with other OHVs and can get quite busy so it is best to go during the week.

6. Hartman Rocks

Hartman Rocks, another great Colorado dirtbike trail, is very popular due to the 85 miles of trails maintained and maintained by Gunnison County. 

You can go during the week, but be aware that you will be sharing the trails and other vehicles because it is a multi-use area. The plus side is that the atmosphere and amenities are well-maintained.

7. Pearl Pass

What better way to explore a 40-mile trail that features rugged riding and is located between Aspen & Butte? This is a tough ride and should not be attempted by beginners.

It is best done with a group. Take a look at the adventure, where you will be climbing up to 12,705 feet.

8. Wolford Mountain

If you want to return to the easier trails, Routt National Forest has some open areas.

Within the Wolford Mountain section of the forest, there are a number of unmarked and marked dirt bike trails. There are approximately 120 miles of trails available.

This area is also closed in heavy snowfall so you should visit it between April and May. These coordinates will allow you to get on the trails from Kremmling: N40 04.196, W106 21.560

9. Indian Creek Trail

This trailhead can be linked to many others such as Dodgeton or Baker Trails. It is located in the Pike National Forests and San Isabel National Forests. 

This loop trail is easy and probably the most accessible dirt biking trail near Colorado Springs.

10. Flat Top OHV Staging Area

This dirt bike trail is located in Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area. It’s quite different from other mountain forest sections. 

There are fewer technical trails, but you can still enjoy the scenery and go fast. If it rains, you can expect a very muddy ride.

11. Bocco Mountain

Bocco Mountain

Near Wolcott is the Bocco Mountains Recreation Area which has 18 miles worth of single-track trails that are great for challenging rides on your dirtbike. 

Vail and Eagle offer stunning views. These trails are also popular with locals. You can also take a look at shared OHV trails. These trails are popular with locals.

Bocco Mountain is closed from December through April. It’s a great spot for summer.

12. Bangs Canyon Trails

For an all-sport package, visit Bangs Canyon where you can enjoy dirt biking and hiking in beautiful spots. 

Tabeguache Trail and Billings Canyon Jeep Trail are the sections that can be used for dirt biking. Third Flats ATV system is also available. 

You can see from the names that you will need to be mindful of sharing with other vehicles. 

These trails offer great views of Grand Mesa, Grand Valley, and other areas. There are varying difficulty levels so that everyone can enjoy them.

The motorized trails begin at Bangs Canyon Trailhead near Grand Junction.

Colorado Dirt Bike Rentals

You can rent a dirtbike from many places before you buy one. It’s hard to find better terrain than the breathtaking locations in Colorado Springs.

These are some dirtbike rentals Colorado deals:

  • Extreme Rentals in Lakewood CO – Offering all types of off-road vehicles including excellent dirt bikes to rent. Also, discounts are available for multiple-day rentals.
  • Adrenaline Driven Adventures in Grand Junction, CO is a family-owned company that offers thrilling tours along excellent trails and through the desert. Here you can rent UTVs and dirt bikes as well as slingshots.
  • Mountain Moto in Denver, CO – There are many dirt bikes and tours available within the Denver region. You can also find a lot of gear to help you get started.

Conclusion – 12 Best Colorado Dirt Bike Trails

Here are our top picks for the second time:

  1. Rampart Range
  2. Pole Creek Trail
  3. Rainbow Falls OOHV Area
  4. Texas Creek
  5. Stillwater Pass
  6. Hartman Rocks
  7. Pearl Pass
  8. Wolford Mountain
  9. Indian Creek Trail
  10. Flat Top OOHV Staging Area
  11. Bocco Mountain
  12. Bangs Canyon Trails

You can ride your Colorado dirt bikes in the mountains, whether it’s your first time or you have been riding for years.

There are so many places to explore around mountain resorts. These 12 Colorado dirt bike trails offer incredible views, challenging terrain, and unusual riding opportunities. 

Make sure to check the trail status and to see what dirt bike rental deals are available. Then, head out with an open mind and you will have the time of all your lives.

Where can you ride dirt bikes Colorado?

Best ATV and Dirt Bike Trails in Colorado
  • Cinnamon Pass. The 19.5-mile Cinnamon Pass belongs to the historic Alpine Loop Trail and is one of Colorado’s most scenic off-road drives. …
  • Engineer Pass. …
  • Argentine Pass. …
  • Bangs Canyon. …
  • Bocco Mountain. …
  • Bonanza OHV. …
  • Bunce School Road. …
  • Cannibal Plateau.

What state has the best dirt bike tracks?

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the US
  • Sand Dunes: Dumont Dunes OHV Area, California. …
  • Sandstone: Moab, Utah. …
  • Forest: The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. …
  • Private Park: Arizona Cycle Park, Arizona. …
  • Desert: The Mojave Road, California and Nevada.

Where can I ride my dirt bike in northern Colorado?

OHV Trail Riding Areas
  • Boulder Ranger District, west of Boulder. …
  • Lefthand OHV Trailhead.
  • Canyon Lakes Ranger District, west of Fort Collins. …
  • Donner Pass Trail (#926)
  • Killpecker Trail (#956)
  • Lookout Mountain Trail (#934)
  • Swamp Creek Cutoff (#970)
  • Sulphur Ranger District, near Winter Park & Granby.

What dirt bike is best for trails?

1. KTM 250SX-F The Overall best trail motorcycle. It is praised for its powerful engine and compact design. KTM 250 SX-F is the top dirt bike used four times for riding trails. It’s dynamic in every aspect.

Are dirt bikes street legal in Colorado?

But, Colorado does require that vehicles be “licensed” on a majority of local, state, and county routes. Making your dirt bike “Street Legal” and getting the registration and title is much simpler than you think!

Can you ride dirt bikes on the Colorado Trail?

Rampart Range

Of all the dirt-biking tracks available in Colorado, Rampart Range is most likely the most well-known and well-loved. This means it can get busy in the summer months, particularly in great weather. It has 200 miles of fantastic trails and a wide range of terrain so that everyone can enjoy enjoying a ride.

What off road trails are open in Colorado?

Colorado’s Best Off-Road Jeep Trails
  1. Wagon Wheel Trail System. Wagon Wheel Trail System. …
  2. Central City/Saint Mary’s. Yankee Hill 4×4 trail. …
  3. Colorado State Forest. Colorado State Forest 4×4 trail. …
  4. Alpine Loop. Alpine Loop 4×4 scenic road. …
  5. Grand Mesa Trails. …
  6. Red Feather Lakes. …
  7. Mount Baldy. …
  8. Imogene Pass.

Do you have to register dirt bikes in Colorado?

If you are within Colorado, your Dirt Bike ATV, Side-By-Side, or Side-By-Side must be registered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Out-Of-State” visitors require an OHV permit. This is the only place street-legal licensed or plated vehicles must have the OHV license.

Do you need a motorcycle license in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado requires a motorcycle license. All drivers of motorcycles must have active permission to drive within the state. If you are a driver with an out-of-state permit, Colorado will accept the endorsement of your out-of-state license. You are legally able to drive the out-of-state motorcycle license within Colorado. The state of Colorado.

Are three wheelers legal in Colorado?

“3” endorsement “3” endorsement permits the driver to only drive three-wheeled automobiles. … In Colorado, the law states that motorcycles cannot overtake a car in the same lane the vehicle that is being overtaken or a motorcycle operate in traffic lanes as well as rows of automobiles.

Are helmets required on ATVs in Colorado?

Do You Have to wear Helmets on ATVs in Colorado? It is only necessary to be wearing a helmet when riding the ATVs in Colorado if you are less than 18 years old. The riders who are 17 or younger are required to wear helmets with safety features that meet the department of transportation’s security guidelines.

Where is Cinnamon Pass in Colorado?

Lake City
Along Colorado’s famous Alpine Loop, Cinnamon Pass is situated 12,640 feet over the San Juan Mountains. An off-road vehicle must travel the pass; however, the stunning views on the long and challenging road will be worth the trek.

Can you drive a RZR on the street in Colorado?

The most common rule for Colorado states that you are not allowed to drive UTVs or ATVs on roads, public streets, and highways…

Do I need a 4 wheel drive in Colorado?

There is no need for an SUV for Denver and other cities. It’s not necessary for commuting to work. If you plan to live on the top of the mountain or work on the top of it in the future, then yes, you’ll require 4WD. It may be helpful during wintertime in certain mountains or rural areas.

Do you need a permit to off road in Colorado?

It is a Colorado OTV Permit will be required on all plate street-legal vehicles (resident as well as a nonresident) while traveling on any designated OHV trails or open space for recreation use on public lands.

Can you drive OHV in Colorado?

Colorado State Law allows the operation of OHVs having an active Colorado OHV registration or permit by those ten years old or older (under the direct supervision of licensed drivers) or by those who are 16 or older.

Can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit in Colorado?

In addition to these conditions, motorcycle riders under 18 years old can only be with an adult at the age of 21 and have a driver’s license–and the adult must be accompanied by the minor’s parents or guardians.

Is there a helmet law in Colorado?

Helmets: Although they have been proved to protect lives, riders age 18 or over are not obliged to wear helmets when traveling in Colorado. But, if the motorcyclist or their passengers are under 18 years old, they must wear helmets that are DOT-approved.

Are mirrors required on motorcycles in Colorado?

Colorado law stipulates that motorcycles must have a mirror and a muffler. Additionally, the states also have noise limits that apply to motorcycles. Colorado does not have any restrictions on the age of the passenger and turns signals for helmets, speakers in helmets, and the handlebars.

Can you ride ATV in Silverton Colorado?

OHVs can be used on specific streets in the Silverton Business District and all streets within the town boundaries in Lake City.

Do snowmobiles have titles in Colorado?

Colorado residents must be registered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to provide evidence of ownership. Non-residents do not have to declare their vehicles (but could decide to write).

Do you need insurance on a dirt bike Colorado?

Ensuring your vehicle is a must in Colorado is a requirement. Still, it isn’t necessary to be expensive. … The cost of insurance for motorcycles within Colorado is $619 annually and $52 per month.

Do you need a motorcycle license for dirt bike Colorado?

An easy way to connect routes, run out for errands, or explore back roads is to use dirt bikes. But, Colorado requires that vehicles be “licensed” on most local, state, and county routes.

Can you hunt from a vehicle in Colorado?

You can carry guns ( except handguns) on off-highway vehicles (OHV) during pronghorn, deer, elk, and bear season except when they are not loaded in the magazine and chamber. … Shoot from or utilize an automobile such as a motorcycle, all-terrain car, or snowmobile to hunt, hound, or transport animals.

How difficult is Cinnamon Pass in Colorado?

Take a look at this 25.80-mile out-and-back trail close to Lake City, Colorado. It is generally regarded as a moderately difficult trail, and it can take several weeks to finish. This is a very popular trail for off-road driving. However, you can have a quiet time during periods of more undisturbed hours of the morning.

What is the Alpine Loop in Colorado?

Alpine Loop Alpine Loop is an arc-shaped route that passes along the top of Cinnamon Pass and Engineer Pass in the San Juan Mountains. The road connects towns Silverton and Ouray to Lake City, where it is usually thought to start (and to end).

Can I make a side-by-side street legal in Colorado?

Colorado does not permit the use of ATVs in a street-legal manner. It recognizes UTVs for street-legal use. Two-wheeled motor vehicles where the two wheels aren’t side-by-side but are in the same line. Motorcycles are legally legal on the street or as OHVs.

Do side by sides have titles in Colorado?

Senate Bill 13-280, Titling off Highway Vehicles (OHV), in effect from July 1st, 2014, has created the possibility to allow Highway Vehicles and Snowmobiles to be named. Senate Bill 13-280 only applies to the titling process for OHV; however, registration for OHV is not yet completed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Do cars last longer in Colorado?

Drivers from metro Denver can be 1.2 higher than drivers nationwide to keep the cars they purchased new for 15 or more years by an upcoming study by iSeeCars.com.

Colorado Dirt Bike Trails FAQ

1. Are dirt bikes allowed on the Colorado Trail?

The majority of the time, The Colorado Trail is open to mountain bikes. However, they are banned in the wilderness areas that the CT traverses. The cyclists must make detours around every wilderness area. The Official Colorado Trail, Guidebook, and Colorado Trail Databook include maps as well as descriptions of these detours.

2. Do you need a license for a dirt bike in Colorado?

An easy way to connect routes, on errands, or explore backcountry roads is by riding the dirt bicycle. But, Colorado requires that the vehicle be “licensed” for most routes, including state, county, and local routes.

3. How hard is the Colorado Trail to bike?

Yes. As with many states, Colorado just recently passed a three-tier classification law for E-Bikes that allows a lot of E-bike riders to ride on the same trails bicycle riders currently use.

4. Are our mini bikes legal in Colorado?

To operate a moped within Colorado, the State of Colorado the driver must possess an active driver’s license or a minor driver’s license. As opposed to a motorcycle you don’t require any special license to operate mopeds. … The only requirement is that you have to be able to register your moped in order to use it on roads that are public.

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