12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Georgia 2022


Trails in Georgia: Georgia The state of Georgia, also known as the Peach State renowned for its stunning landscape, majestic mountains, and gorgeous beaches, which makes it a perfect place to go dirt biking. 

Trails in Georgia

Explore the varied terrain while you ride through the well-maintained parks as well as the rugged trails. So, which are the most popular roads for dirt biking in Georgia?

There are a variety of interesting trails and parks to explore with your dirtbike in Georgia. 

Discover the beautiful terrain in Durhamtown or take a ride on the well-groomed tracks in Alma MX Park. If you’re just starting out or an experienced rider, Alma MX Park has something to suit your needs.

These are our top 12 trails for dirt bikes within Georgia are as the following:

  1. Durhamtown Plantation
  2. Highland Park Resort
  3. Scrubndirt Mx
  4. Alma MX Park
  5. Houston Valley OHV Trails
  6. Live Oak Motorpark
  7. Oakey Mountain Trail
  8. Sunnyside Paradise
  9. Talking Rock Arena
  10. Town Creek OHV Trail
  11. Whissenhunt Trail OHV
  12. Windy Gap OHV Trail System

From wooded trails and trails to uphill tracks that have steep slopes, crossings of water the bogs, ruts, and much more, Georgia is a fantastic location to ride bikes. 

We’ll take a look at the trails for dirt bikes in Georgia.

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Georgia

1. Durhamtown Plantation

Durhamtown Plantation is an offroad park with 150 miles of one-way marked trails, over 40 miles of trails 4×4 along with numerous play areas and obstacles that are suitable for all kinds of vehicles. 

Many motocross parks are designed to test the skill of any level of rider and types of machines. The trails, which are mostly hard-packed, are well-maintained. 

There are some hills that are steep small jumps, big jumps, and numerous berms. 

Camping facilities are readily available that range from basic campsites to cabin/RV rentals as well as RV hookups.

There’s no requirement to obtain a permit from the state to use the trails, which are accessible daily in the summer between 9 am and 6 pm, and from 9 hours from 9 am to 5 pm in winter. 

Make sure to call before you go out. Visit the site to find more details.

2. Highland Park Resort

The resort is also known under the name “KTM World,” Highland Park Resort has over 90 miles of trails marked including 40 miles of single-way trails single-track trails as well as two motocross tracks that are on natural terrain. 

There’s an additional peewee track for novices. The majority of the tracks wind through forest areas, featuring many tiny jumps, crossings of water with bridges as well as a few big jumps and Berms.

It is accessible between 9 am and 5:30 pm, except on the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas Day. 

In winter, the trails are open from 9 am to 5 after 5 pm. The well-maintained trails have been rated on a scale of 1-5 diamonds of difficulty.

They are accessible to dirt bikes and motorcycles. Certain areas permit four-wheelers, UTVs, and SXS as well as Jeeps, SUVs, dune buggies as well as 4×4 sand rails for 4×4 are not permitted. Camping is allowed on developed campsites only. 

There isn’t any need to obtain a permit, however, there are charges for camping and riding. Visit this website to find out more.

3. Scrubndirt Mx

Scrubndirt provides a one-mile track for dirt bikes, as well as a track for peewees. The mostly loose dirt tracks are filled with tiny jumps and berms as well as some huge jumps.

The motocross park is accessible on Tuesdays and Thursdays (11 am to dark) and Saturdays (111 am to 4 pm) and on Sundays (12 5 pm to 6 at 5 pm). There are lessons in motocross on request.

4. Alma MX Park

Alma Motocross Park has a 1-mile clay track for dirt bikes, motorcycles, and four-wheelers. UTV, SXS, SUVs and Jeeps, Dune Buggies, and sand rails are all prohibited. 

Park hours are from weekends 8 am to 5 pm. Permits are not necessary to enjoy the trails, however, there is the cost for riding.

This well-maintained track is comprised of good quality, soft soil. It features 16 jumps per lap and is designed to accommodate intermediate to beginner levels of riders. 

There are tables, doubles and singles, step-ups along with rolling hoops. The park is full of trees. Additionally, you can find 12 RV campsites that have 30-amp power.

5. Houston Valley OHV Trails

Houston Valley OHV Trails has 25 miles of marked, rated, and maintained ATV trails that range from easy to difficult. The trails meander through diverse terrains, ranging from smooth and hard-packed to steep, rugged climbs. 

Some deep mud puddles, as well as water crossings, are also scattered throughout the trails.

It is accessible from April through December 31, but closing could occur following significant rain, so make sure to call ahead of time before you begin your haul. 

Riders need to obtain the OHV Trail Permit found at the kiosk for self-pay. Local ranger stations sell annual passes. The trails are accessible to dirt bikes, motorcycles 4 wheelers, UTVs, and SXS only.

There are three locations that are available to disperse camping. The main staging area has been paved. It can accommodate big trailers. 

There’s a vaulted toilet ramp for loading as well as a water fountain and a kiosk for maps in the vicinity. For more information, please contact Chattahoochee Oconee National Forest — Conasauga District.

6. Live Oak Motorpark

Live Oak Motorpark offers 20 miles of single-track trail for dirt bikes, motorcycles, and 4-wheelers, UTVs, and SXS.

There’s one mile of motocross track as well as an additional track for youth. The main track features regular obstacles that include tabletops, whoops, triples and doubles. It’s made of red clay and sand mixture and is regularly groomed and hydrated. 

It has a huge pit area that is able to accommodate around 25 RV sites as well as 30 campsites for tents.

There is no requirement to obtain an OHV permit, however, there are charges for admission passes, riding, and camping. Make sure to call ahead before you start hauling.

Dirt Bike Trails in Georgia

7. Oakey Mountain Trail

Oakey Mountain Trail Oakey Mountain Trail is also commonly referred to as Rasper Mountain Raod, Long Gap Road, Oakey Mountain Campground, Crow Mountain, Shoal Ridge, Moates Knob, and various other names local to the area. 

It is home to 9 miles of two distinct ATV trails which pass through Oakey Mountain and Moates Knob. 

The dirt trails, which are mostly loose, are amidst wooded areas and are characterized by high berms, steep hills as well as a number of sharp switchbacks.

The trail is accessible from March 15 through December 31. A permit for OHV trail use and a fee for riding is required.

Annual passes are available at the Chattooga River Ranger District. Only dirt bikes, motorcycles, and 4-wheelers are allowed.

Camping is accessible on Oakey Mountain Campground in the northern region of the system. 

There are six pull-through campsites that are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The main entry point is narrow and steep and therefore, avoid bringing big trailers. 

The trails are closed for a short period of time. can occur with very short notice due to bad weather.

8. Sunnyside Paradise

Also known as ‘The Sandbox Also known as ‘The Sandbox,’ Sunnyside Paradise is an ATV park that has an area of 900 acres and 50 miles of trail that are suitable for riders of all levels. 

The trails are accessible to dirt bikes, motorcycles four-wheelers, UTVs along with SXS only. The trails, which are mostly hard-packed, are clearly marked and there are numerous trees that line the trails. 

There are some high hills, sandpits, gravel, and mud bogs. There are also water crossings, large and small jumps, and Berms.

Camping is permitted and there’s plenty of space for trailers and RVs. There are concessions with outdoor showers, vault, flush toilets, and the spray washing station. The park is only open on weekends, from 9 am to 30 minutes after sunset. 

Be sure to contact the park prior to bringing your vehicle particularly if you’re coming on Friday. You don’t need an OHV Permit However, there are charges in the entry fee, for riding and camping. Check out this site of the park for more details.

9. Talking Rock Arena

Also known as Mud Creek, Antioch Church Road, or North Georgia Mountains, Talking Rock Arena has six miles of mostly loose dirt trails. It includes two main tracks and the peewee track. Both are maintained and groomed frequently. 

The majority of the tracks are suitable for beginners however, some are designed for advanced and novices. The trails are lined with trees and are dotted with small and big jumps. Only dirt bikes and motorcycles are allowed to ride on the trails. 

The OHV permit is not required, however, you have to inquire about the hours of operation because the park will only be accessible for riding when there is enough rain to groom the trails. The riding hours are 10 am to 4 pm.

10. Town Creek OHV Trail

It is the Town Creek OHV Trail system includes 15 miles of trail. There are two loops that can be used as one-way. Trail loop A is designed suitable for dirt bikes and motorcycles trail loop B is specifically designed for ATVs. 

The area where you can park on each trail provides easy access to trails. Trail loop A is a dirt bike trail that takes riders through some difficult sections, with the ruts surrounded by deep water, huge tree roots, and narrow and narrow turns.

Also, there’s a long wooden bridge that one must traverse through to traverse the muddy swamp. Trail loop B is an easy, but fun trail for ATV enthusiasts.

The trails are open from January through October. The trails are well-marked and maintained. 

They’re mostly packed with forests, rocks with berms, some difficult hills, water crossings, and some small jumps. For more details, please contact us at Chattahoochee National Forest The Chattahoochee National Forest Oconee District Ranger District.

11. Whissenhunt OHV Trail

The Whisenhunt OHV trail system has over 11 miles of trails that are well marked that weave through beautiful mountains and forests. The majority of the trails which wind through forests are well maintained, with some steep hills, as well as some Berms.

An OHV Trail Permit is required to use the trails that are open between mid-March and December 31. 

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles, and four-wheelers (maximum width of 48 inches) are allowed. Camping is not allowed. For passes, fees as well as other details, please contact the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forests — Blue Ridge District.

12. Windy Gap OHV Trail System

This trail is located in The Chattahoochee National Forest. It is home to 12 miles of trails that are challenging that including two ATV trails as well as one motorcycle trail for the more experienced riders. 

The rough ATV trails are rocky and have gravel sections and creek crossings. However, the motorbike trail that runs along the line can take riders on quite steep hills large boulders, narrow switchbacks, and a lot of trees.

The trails are accessible between April and December 31. Four-wheelers are allowed to ride on certain trails, but UTVs SXS and SUVs Jeeps and dune buggies, and sand rails are not permitted. Camping is permitted on developed campsites only. 

There are no charges for parking and riding however there is a cost for camping. Please contact Chattahoochee National Forest for more information. Conasauga District for more information

Conclusion: 12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Georgia


 Dirt Bike Trails in Georgia


What are the top 12 roads for dirt biking in GA? For a quick summary these best trails to ride:

  1. Durhamtown Plantation
  2. Highland Park Resort
  3. Scrubndirt Mx
  4. Alma MX Park
  5. Houston Valley OHV Trails
  6. Live Oak Motorpark
  7. Oakey Mountain Trail
  8. Sunnyside Paradise
  9. Talking Rock Arena
  10. Town Creek OHV Trail
  11. Whissenhunt Trail OHV
  12. Windy Gap OHV Trail System

Dirt biking in GA is sure to provide an experience that is unlike anything else. Choose from the rough trails of the national forest or the well-groomed motocross tracks. 

There’s a trail for everyone who is seeking thrilling and exciting journeys through Georgia’s beautiful terrain.

Can you ride a dirtbike in Georgia?

If you’re on your property, you can use a dirt bicycle without a helmet; however, when you’re riding in a public park, you’ll probably have to wear a helmet at the entrance to the park. Also, you’ll be required to wear a helmet when you’re on roads or streets that are public.

What state has the best dirt bike tracks?

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the US
  • Sand Dunes: Dumont Dunes OHV Area, California. …
  • Sandstone: Moab, Utah. …
  • Forest: The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. …
  • Private Park: Arizona Cycle Park, Arizona. …
  • Desert: The Mojave Road, California and Nevada.

Can 13 year olds ride dirt bikes?

Are 13-year-olds allowed to ride on a dirt bike? Absolute. No license is required (In the U.S. or other big countries I’ve heard of) to use an off-road dirt bike. I started riding at age seven, so 13 is certainly not too young of an age to begin biking (or not too old! ).

Which state sells the most dirt bikes?

In 2020, California reported the highest number of registered motorcycles for commercial and private use in the nation. Not just it is California one of the U.S. states with the most motorcycles. Still, it’s additionally the largest state of the U.S. overall, representing approximately twelve percent of the nation’s total population.

Can a 12-year-old ride a 125cc dirt bike?

Engine Dimensions: Most 12-year-old children can handle a 125cc bicycle perfectly. It may take some time to become comfortable with it, and you’ll have to provide them with all the education they need; however, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to use a bike with 125cc capacity.

Do you have to register a dirtbike in Georgia?

Georgia does not issue a title or registration for those vehicles listed below: mopedsCarts with motorsAll-terrain vehicles.

Are electric dirt bikes street legal?

There isn’t a Federal law prohibiting electronic bicycles on public roads. However, the rules for electric bikes usually fall to local and state governments. Before purchasing one, make sure you check in your local state’s Vehicle Code to see if they’re allowed on roads of the state or not.

How do I get a title for a dirtbike in Georgia?

A fully-filled application for a Motorbike Title/Tag. Notarized Affidavits in Fact for a Motorbike. The motorcycle’s title or registration papers or certification of origin to confirm that you legally possess the vehicle. Documentation of the minimum liability insurance in Georgia. Georgia.

How old does a vehicle have to be to not have a title in Georgia?

According to the law, cars that are 20 years old or older are not covered by or require a Georgia title, just the bill of sale. You’ll need to complete some paperwork and then run your VIN through the sheriff’s office to verify that your vehicle isn’t taken; however, the absence of titles in Georgia isn’t an issue. It’s just standard operating procedure.

What company sells the most dirt bikes?

Off-Road Motorcycles Sales Figures

The sales of dirt bikes have increased by an astounding 42.4 percent compared to during the initial six-month period of the year, and the ATV/SSV sales are going bonkers in the form of 50.9 percent. 50.9 percent increase. Yamaha has been able to take over the top spot from Honda in terms of motorcycles that are off-road.

Can you drive a mini bike on the road in Georgia?

Due to their lack of the power of the other vehicles on roads, mopeds cannot legally operate on public roads when they can travel at speeds higher than 35 miles/hour. To operate a moped in Georgia you must be at the age of 15 and possess a valid permit to learn and a driver’s permit.

How did Blood Mountain in Georgia get its name?

Blood Mountain is the highest summit in Georgia’s Appalachian Trail. The name is believed to originate out of a bloody fight between the Cherokee and the Creek before the time that white people came to the region. Some theories suggest that the name derives from Catawba lichen or red lichen. Rhododendron grows on the summit of the rocky mountain.

Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in Georgia?

Is it legal to ride Dirt Bikes Street Legal in Georgia? It’s not the norm, but they could be when they are equipped with: MirrorsHeadlights

Are Dune Buggies street legal in Georgia?

I visited my neighborhood Tag office today and was informed that GA does not issue titles for Dune Buggies. They are not licensed for street use…

How long can you drive without a tag in Georgia?

“In Georgia, the Georgia state, Georgia you are not able to drive in the streets without an official vehicle.” If the buyer of a vehicle cannot obtain an official title seven days after purchase, the buyer must visit the tag offices in the county to make the necessary registrations for the vehicle.

Does a bill of sale need to be notarized in Georgia?

Do bills of sale need to be signed by a notary in Georgia? It is not required to present the bill of sale of the vehicle notarized by the state of Georgia.

Can I ride my dirt bike in my neighborhood in Georgia?

If you’re on your property, which is yours alone, you can use a dirt bike with or without a helmet; however, when you’re at a private area, you will likely have to wear a helmet in you enter the park. Also, you’ll need to wear a helmet in the event you are riding on roads or streets that are public.

Trails in Georgia FAQ

1. Are Dirtbikes illegal in Atlanta?

McCoy explained that it is illegal for a person to use four-wheelers or dirt bikes on roads without the appropriate tags and items such as brake lights, headlights turn signals, mirrors.

2. Can I ride my dirt bike in my neighborhood in Georgia?

Absolutely, you can make it legal in certain situations to use a dirt bike on the streets of cities. Even without an inspection certificate.

3. Do you need a license to ride a dirt bike in Georgia?

This means that riders must have an official motorbike license and be properly insured. Motorcycles don’t have to be insured or registered in Georgia However, riders require a learner’s permit or a drivers’ license in order to legally operate one.

4. Are ATV streets legal in Georgia?

ATVs and UTVs cannot legally be operated on public streets highways, roadways, or roads including the shoulders of highways or roads within Georgia. In the state of Georgia. … ATVs and UTVs may only be legally used on private property or on trails and roads that are clearly designated for off-road use.

5. Where is Durham town Georgia?

Durham Town is a hamlet located in Georgia. Durham Town is situated east of Temperance Bell, and north of Jacksonville.

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