12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois MX Tracks & Parks 2022

Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois: Illinois, The Prairie State is known for its breathtaking scenery, the oak forest along deep valleys. 

It is not just an incredible state, but it’s also it is also a popular destination for dirt biking with many trails and parks to ride on. 

Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois

So, where can you find the most popular roads for riding dirt in Illinois?

Fox Valley Off-Road is an ideal choice for dirt biking in Illinois. It offers a wide range of trails suitable for riders of all levels. 

The Rocky Glen OHV Park is a great alternative. The trails are enjoyable and easy to navigate and the staff is extremely welcoming. Bring your whole family along for fun-filled weekends.

Below are the top 12 trails for dirt bikes within Illinois:

  1. Fox Valley Off-Road
  2. Rocky Glen OHV Park
  3. Joliet Motorsports MX Park
  4. Little Egypt Off-Road
  5. Williams Hill Pass
  6. Atkinson Motorsports Park
  7. Brushy Rifle Motorsports
  8. Byron Motosports Park
  9. Lincoln Trail Motosports
  10. Archview MX Park
  11. Sunset Ridge MX
  12. Muddy Waters MX

If you’re searching for dirt bike trails in Illinois There are plenty of options. Learn more about the trails and parks provided.

12 of the Best Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois

1. Fox Valley Off-Road

Fox Valley Off-Road is an excellent location to ride, with a great staff and well-maintained trails. There is a wide range of places that are suitable for riders of all levels. 

Bring your entire family, as there are plenty of activities for all. You can expect some creek beds, hills, and muddy areas.

The facilities, prices location, service, and professionalism of the employees and owners are all top-quality. Visit the website for more updates and details.

2. Rocky Glen OHV Park

The Rocky Glen OHV Park provides twenty miles of off-roading pleasure with an approximate area that is 120 acres. 

The park is surrounded by woodland areas, paths, and three tracks for riders of all abilities. Beginners have their own area.

Specific requirements, such as the current DNR label to Illinois as well as safety flags to be used on UTVs and ATVs are bought on-site and at the office of registration.

There are facilities for the convenience of visitors with huge bathrooms, parking spaces, and shower facilities. 

The park also has mostly hard-packed terrain, but also some trees and mud as well as some dust, sand, and even rocks.

3. Joliet Motorsports MX Park

If you’re in search of the Midwest’s largest peewee race you should look no further than Joliet Motorsports MX Park. The main trail is great to ride and consists of dust, sand, and dirt.

Only dirt bikes and motorcycles are permitted within the park. Other off-road vehicles such as ATVs UTVs Jeeps, jeeps, and dunes buggies are not permitted. 

Visitors can lease the space when there are no scheduled events. The reviews praise the management, as well as its family-friendly features and overall experience. Visit the site for more details.

4. Little Egypt Off-Road

Also known as The Crab Orchard Property, Little Egypt Off-Road Park is been transformed from an old strip mine. 

The park is vast with 50 miles of hilly terrain and woods trails, muddy pits, and two tracks designed for motocross riders.

Motorbikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs are all permitted at the entrance to the park. There are certain zones allowing UTVs. It is not permitted to use SUVs as well as dunes buggies are not permitted.

The facilities are maintained well, the prices are affordable and there’s plenty of room for camping and trails.

5. Williams Hill Pass

Williams Hill Pass is an off-road park that has a variety of tracks. In addition to taking a ride on the motocross track, you can also hike or fish.

Other amenities include RV parking, camping, and cabin rental. Visitors have access to a range of facilities, including hot showers, to picnic tables.

Dirt bikes, motorcycles UTVs, and ATVs are permitted in the park. However, Jeeps and dunes buggies aren’t.

The park covers an approximate area of 226 acres, with 15 miles of trails available and an estimated that ranges from 400 up to 600 feet. People have praised the park’s cleanliness, privacy, and cleanliness of the campgrounds as well as the kindness of the staff, as well as the experience of riding in the park.

6. Atkinson Motorsports Park

Atkinson Motorsports Park, otherwise called Gob Hill, has an approximate area of 216 acres.

There is an elevation of 700 feet to 630 feet and 10 miles of trails. The diverse terrain of the trails includes forests, hill climbs, and valleys. 

The trails themselves can be complex and narrow, but also large and relatively simple.

Motorbikes, dirt bikes UTVs, and ATVs are allowed in the park. However, SUVs and dunes buggies aren’t. 

The park is dotted with trees, and a few hilly areas that are muddy, steep slopes along with water bridges.

People love the moderate and beginner-friendly trails. It is also a family-friendly park.

Brushy Ridge Motosports

7. Brushy Ridge Motorsports

Also known by the name of Harris Branch, Brushy Ridge Motorsports is home to 200 acres and 20 miles of trails available to explore. 

It provides easy access to amenities for the park, a helpful staff, and an array of spots to relax.

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles are permitted within the park. The terrain is rough, dusty, and rocky with little sandy areas.

8. Byron Motosports Park

To be able to ride in Byron Motorsports Park, a person must be a part of the course. The park, with around 20 acres and an elevation of between 750 and 850 feet, also has separate tracks for ATVs and motorcycles. 

Jeeps, UTVs, and dune buggies aren’t permitted within the park. Check out the park’s site for more details.

9. Lincoln Trail Motosports

The Lincoln Trail Motosports is where you should visit if you are looking for dirt bike tracks in Illinois that encourage speed and elevation changes. 

There are five miles of wooded trails within the park’s 280 acres that range from 500 feet to 600 feet. 

Motocross tracks include a vet track and a practice track as well as a peewee track, and a peewee.

Membership is required for access. The park is only accessible to ATVs, motorbikes dirt bikes are permitted within the park. 

The park is also dotted with jumps of varying sizes and lengths and includes a variety of trees well as berms as well as loose dirt.

The park’s trails are popular with visitors as well as cabins, facilities, and maintaining the park’s overall condition.

10. Archview MX Park

Archview MX Park has approximately 20 acres and an elevation of 425 feet to 430 feet. It provides 1.5 miles of tracks that are sandy and very loamy terrain. While dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are all allowed but UTVs, jeeps, and dunes buggies aren’t.

The track’s reviews have improved considerably, the track is currently described as having the track to hold water very well and has an excellent facility.

11. Sunset Ridge MX

Sunset Ridge MX has approximately 100 acres, with an elevation range of 675 feet up to 700 feet. 

Motorcycles, as well as dirt bikes, are allowed ATVs are permitted only on specific days. 

Parks, for the largest part, is open on Wednesdays to practice. It features extensive, long, and speedy tracks. Staff and facilities are well-liked.

12. Muddy Waters MX

Muddy Waters MX consists of one main track as well as a smaller one that caters to a variety of levels. 

Dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes can use the tracks, however, jeeps and SUVs might not.

The track is estimated to have a size of 20 acres that ranges from 660 feet up from 660 feet to 680 feet. 

This track can be wet and has some trees along with it. It’s a good place to have fun with friendly and helpful staff.

Conclusion The Conclusion Best dirt bike trails in Illinois

  1. Fox Valley Off-Road
  2. Rocky Glen OHV Park
  3. Joliet Motorsports MX Park
  4. Little Egypt Off-Road
  5. Williams Hill Pass
  6. Atkinson Motorsports Park
  7. Brushy The Ridge Motorsports
  8. Byron Motosports Park
  9. Lincoln Trail Motosports
  10. Archview MX Park
  11. Sunset Ridge MX
  12. Muddy Waters MX

Illinois has plenty of dirt bike trails to choose from for riding. Make sure you check the websites of every park and trail before you set out to get details on the conditions as well as restrictions and hours.

There are a variety of Illinois trail trails for dirt bikes for you to take advantage of, so put on your riding gear and go going.

Can I ride my dirt bike in Illinois?

Illinois offers 18 offroad motorcycling routes.

In the US, The dirt biking trails in Illinois are an excellent option for more than 15 dirt bikes. The top Illinois dirt biking spots based on popularity are Fox Valley Off-Road, Rocky Glen OHV Park, Joliet Motorsports MX Park, Little Egypt Off-Road, and Williams Hill Pass.

Where can I ride side by side in Illinois?

The Best ATV & UTV Parks and Trails in Illinois
  1. Mill Creek Park. …
  2. Sunset Ridge MX. …
  3. South Fork Dirt Riders. …
  4. Byron Motorsports Park. …
  5. The Bike Barn. …
  6. Hillbillie Ranch. …
  7. Lincoln Trail Motosports. …
  8. Muddy Waters MX.

What is an OHV sticker in Illinois?

Illinois law requires that the annual OHV Usage Stamp be purchased and prominently displayed on the front half of off-highway vehicles, which includes ATVs (ATVs) and off-highway motorcycles, as well as other motor-driven recreational vehicles that can travel cross-country on natural terrains.

Do you need a title for a dirt bike in Illinois?

All vehicles operating in Illinois highways must be appropriately titled and registered. If a car, motorcycle or an all-terrain car (ATV) or motorized bicycle isn’t adequately constructed or designed to be used on the general highway as required by law, it will not be registered. However, it can be issued a unique certificate of Title.

How do I get a title for a motorcycle in Illinois?

Application for Registration or Title. Tax Form RUT-50 with the amount due by an order for money or check.

A First Registration Procedure for motorcycles

  1. The VIN is the number assigned to the vehicle. (VIN)
  2. Model, make, year of manufacturing.
  3. A present odometer reading.

Can you drive an ATV on the road in Illinois?

In all cases, it’s illegal to use ATVs on any street or highway within Illinois. There is only one exception when the rider is crossing the road directly at a 90deg angle, and there aren’t any obstacles that might hinder their journey.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in Illinois?

It is required to be at a minimum of 16 to drive a motorbike in Illinois. All drivers, both 17 and 16, must pass an approved driver’s education program and take a written test before applying for the 24-month instructional permit.

How do I get a title for a dirtbike in Illinois?

Anyone who owns an off-highway or all-terrain motorcycle bought on or after the 1st of January 1998 must apply to the Secretary of State to obtain an official certificate of title. Applications for tags can be obtained from the neighborhood Secretary of State’s Driver Services Facility or by calling 217-782-6306.

What do I need to get license plates in Illinois?

What You’ll Need to Register your Vehicle in Illinois
  1. Completed Application for Vehicle Transaction (Form VSD 190) (available through the Electronic Registration and Title system or at SOS office; only valid for 7 days following online completion)
  2. Proof of Illinois residency.
  3. Proof of ownership. …
  4. Description of vehicle.

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Illinois?

Are our motorcycle insurance requirements required in Illinois? Yes, insurance for motorcycles is mandatory, and you have to show proof of your insurance before registering your bike. If you drive without insurance, it could result in different penalties like fines or suspension of your license.

Do you need a motorcycle license to buy a motorcycle in Illinois?

There is no require a motorcycle license to purchase the motorcycle. There aren’t any regulations or laws governing the same, and you are free to buy the number of motorcycles that you like without getting the license before you can purchase.

Do you have to register a 4 wheeler in Illinois?

No – SS3-402 – Illinois doesn’t require an ATV to be registered if used only for private use. If the ATV will use in public roadways or on land that is the tenure of your property the vehicle must be registered under the Access Decal for Public Access Decal.

Is there a grace period for license plate stickers in Illinois?

When it is determined that Illinois Secretary of State’s Driver Services facilities do reopen, residents will have up to 90 calendar days to renew expiring registrations for their vehicles.

Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois FAQ

1. Can I ride my dirt bike in Illinois?

The dirt biking in Illinois is located in the US and offers more than fifteen dirt bike trails. Based on popularity, the best dirt biking in Illinois is Fox Valley Off-Road and Rocky Glen OHV Park. Joliet Motorsports MX Park, Little Egypt Off-Road, and Williams Hill Pass are also considered to be the most popular.

2. Can you drive dirt bikes on the road in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires you to obtain an Illinois motorcycle license if you intend to ride any type of motor-driven bike, including dirt bikes and Hogs. A motorcycle license is not required for motor-driven bikes with a displacement of 50cc or lower.

3. What is an OHV sticker in Illinois?

Illinois law requires that an annual OHV Usage Stamp must be purchased and prominently displayed on the forward halves of off-highway vehicles. This includes all-terrain vehicles, ATVs, off-highway motorcycles, and motor-driven recreational vehicles that can cross-country travel on rough terrain.

4. Do dirt bikes have titles in Illinois?

All vehicles that are operated on Illinois’ public roads must have a title and be registered. A motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or motor-driven bike that isn’t properly manufactured or equipped for general highway usage as required by law is not eligible to register. However, a Certificate of Title will be issued.

5. How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in Illinois?

To ride a motorcycle in Illinois, you must be at 16. Before applying for the 24-month instructional permit, both 16-year-olds and 17-year olds must have completed an approved driver’s training program and passed a written exam.

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