12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in PA Pennsylvania 2022


Dirt Bike Trails in PA Pennsylvania: It’s a joy to ride your dirtbike around Pennsylvania. 

You’ll not only be able to enjoy the many excellent trails on your dirt bike but you will also be welcomed into great clubs and a community that encourages outdoor recreation. 

PA Pennsylvania

Many of the PA dirt bike trails can be shared with ATVs or even ORVs. But there is plenty of fun for everyone.

What are the best dirt bike trails in Pennsylvania? And what should you know about dirt biking in Pennsylvania?

These are the trails that we recommend:

  1. Burnt Mills ATV Trail
  2. Willow Creek Dirt Bike Tracks
  3. Bald Eagle Offroad Trails
  4. Mines and Meadows ATV & Dirt Bike Resort
  5. Breezewood Motocross Track
  6. Lost Trails
  7. Doubling Gap
  8. Switchback MX
  9. Sleepy Hollow MX Park
  10. Majestic Trails
  11. Dixon Miller Recreation Area
  12. Rocky Gap Trails

You will find the top trails and the most important FAQs here before you set off to dirt bike riding in Pennsylvania.

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails In Pennsylvania

1. Burnt Mills ATV Trail

Delaware State Forest is home to several trails that are ATV and dirt bike-friendly. This area is a great place for off-roaders to enjoy time with their families. 

The Burnt Mills ATV Trail, located near Scranton in Pennsylvania, is a popular destination for those who want to spend some time outside of the city.

The trailhead is accessible from Route 402, one mile south of Porters Lake.

2. Willow Creek Dirt Bike Tracks

Willow Creek Dirt Bike Tracks

Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest is another large forest area. It has many off-road trails and some of Pennsylvania’s best dirt bike tracks. Willow Creek track is an 11-mile loop that is open to quads and dirt bikes. 

This track is very scenic and accessible to all levels of riders. However, you will need to be prepared for serious climbs or descents.

You can only go one way on the trail, so be sure to check the signs and maps. Willow Creek is a beautiful place. It isn’t crowded due to its difficult nature so you can really enjoy it.

You can spend more time in the area by camping overnight at Willow Bay Campground. This scenic spot is right next to the waterside.

3. Bald Eagle Offroad Trails

Bald Eagle State Forest is open all year for dirt biking. You also have access to trails that are only open to ATVs and dirt bikes, so you will feel right at home. 

Bald Eagle’s trails are beautiful and offer many choices. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful dirt bike trails in Pennsylvania near Lewisburg, PA.

4. Mines and Meadows ATV & Dirt Bike Resort

This specialized resort is the best for off-road riders looking for a sanctuary. You can ride approximately 84 miles on their excellent recreational trails, spread over 877 acres.

Mines and Meadows Resort is located in Wampum (PA). It features an abandoned mine entrance and beautiful historic landscapes. 

You can also camp on site, including primitive sites and ones with electricity hook-ups. There are even cottages and cabins for rent.

You can ride the park until sunset each day.

5. Breezewood Motocross Park

Breezewood Proving Grounds, a private motocross riding area in Clearville, PA is ideal for getting on your bike and practicing before you take on a larger trip. 

If you are a beginner, you can camp at the site and rent your bike.

The park is currently open for 12 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

6. Lost Trails

Dunmore, PA is home to some of the most beautiful dirt bike trails in Pennsylvania. You can ride on over 2,000 acres of technical trails, including steep climbs and winding dirt roads. A small park is available for children to practice off-road riding.

Lost Trails are open year-round and are well-known for their unique groomed trails with many obstacles, mud pits, and 2,000-foot climbs. 

The fun is shared by dirt bikes and sport quads, but there’s a lot of family atmosphere and some amazing views.

Doublin Gap MX

7. Doublin Gap MX

Dublin GX, a motocross park, is located in Shippensburg.

There are specific days for open practice throughout the year. You can also race in competitive environments.

8. Switchback MX

Switchback MX Park has 72 acres dedicated to dirt bike riding, indoor and outdoor training on tracks. Indoor riding is possible even in bad weather.

Switchback MX is located in Butler, PA. You can find information about how to ride and opening hours on their website.

9. Sleepy Hollow MXPark

This is a great trail for beginners. Sleepy Hollow organizes events throughout the year. They are also involved in Fredericksburg, PA.

This track has a rich history dating back to 1977. It is worth a visit if you are ever in Pennsylvania on your bike.

10. Majestic Trails

Majestic Trails is a great off-road park for dirt bikes and ATVs. It also has a lot of mountain biking and hiking trails. 

It is located 1.5 hours east of Erie, PA. You can either purchase a day pass or an annual membership to return all year. The trails are amazing!

For ATV riders, two loops cover 40 miles of trails. Dirt bikers have 23 miles of single-track trails. You can enjoy the mud, obstacles, and scenery without worrying about traffic.

You can either camp here, or you can book space in the log home, cabin, or bunkhouse. The park is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm and closes between November 23rd and December 13.

11. Dixon Miller Recreation Area

This area is home to miles of dirt bike and ATV riding trails in the Delaware State Forest. 

Find Dixon Miller Recreation Area close to Albrightsville or Stroudsburg, and take the 15-miles of trails. Enjoy stunning scenery and many challenges.

12. Rocky Gap Trails

Another great place to go off-road in Allegheny National Forest is the Rocky Gap Trails. 

The trail is more than 20 miles long and is open to dirt bikes and ATVs. This trail is difficult to navigate, so you will need to be more experienced. However, the views and quality of the trail are well worth it.

Conclusion: For exceptional dirt bike rides, head to the Quaker State

Dirt Bike Rides

Here are our top picks for dirt bike trails in Pennsylvania:

  1. Burnt Mills ATV Trail
  2. Willow Creek Dirt Bike Tracks
  3. Bald Eagle Offroad Trails
  4. Mines and Meadows ATV & Dirt Bike Resort
  5. Breezewood Motocross Track
  6. Lost Trails
  7. Doubling Gap
  8. Switchback MX
  9. Sleepy Hollow MX Park
  10. Majestic Trails
  11. Dixon Miller Recreation Area
  12. Rocky Gap Trails

You should take full advantage of Pennsylvania’s vast off-roading trails and national forests.

They offer great views, a great atmosphere and lots of mud. Pennsylvania has a number of motocross tracks and tracks that host regular races and events.

There are also some great off-roading private parks that you can use all year.

All of the best PA dirt bike trails are easily accessible and well worth a visit on your next adventure!

Can you ride dirt bikes in Pa state?

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Do you need a license for a dirt bike in PA?

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Where can I go 4 wheeling in PA?

11 Best Off Road Trails in PA
  1. Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. …
  2. Mountain Ridge ATV Trails. …
  3. Breezewood Proving Grounds. …
  4. Deaf Run Trail. …
  5. Darkwater OHV Trail. …
  6. Top of the World / Lost Trails ATV Park. …
  7. Rock Run Recreation Area. …
  8. Nemacolin Woodlands Offroad Course.

Can you ride dirt bikes on ATV trails in PA?

It is against the law within the State of Pennsylvania to use dirt bikes or all-terrain vehicles, known as ATVs, on the streets of cities

Are mini bikes street legal in PA?

Also referred to as “mini-motorcycles,” these popular bicycles are available in various auto-parts stores, and of course, via the Internet. For Pennsylvania, three types of three-wheeled or two-wheeled automobiles are allowed for use on the streets, and their classification is based mostly on the size of the engine and horsepower.

Can you ride ATVs on PA State Game Lands?

ATV riding is permitted only on trails within Pennsylvania State forests. State forests State parks, state forests, and state game areas are unsuitable for ATVs.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike on road?

Motorized vehicles are not permitted on public roads.

To drive a scrambler electric scooter, buzz board mini-moto, or quad on a public highway, you must be at the age of 16 and have a driving license.

Are dirt bikes street legal in Philadelphia?

Riding dirt bikes or all-terrain vehicles such as dune buggies along Philadelphia street is now prohibited. In a unanimous vote this Thursday, Philadelphia City Council amended the traffic code to include dirt bikes and Dune Buggies as illegal vehicles.

Can you ride a dirt bike on the street in Pennsylvania?

By regulations, ATVs are not permitted on roads of Pennsylvania. Certain dirt bikes may be considered motorcycles, but to be street legal, they’ll need to get insured and inspected, and registered with a plate.

FAQs about Dirt Biking in Pennsylvania

1. Is it legal to ride my dirtbike on the streets of Pennsylvania?

It is illegal to ride an unregistered dirt bike or ATV on city streets. These can only be ridden on trails or in private gardens.

2. What are the steps to make my dirtbike street legal in Pennsylvania?

Dirt bike laws in PA are quite strict. A headlight, brake light, and DOT-approved tires are all required. If dirt bikes will be used on the roads, they must also have a license plate.

3. What age do you need to be to own a dirtbike in Pennsylvania?

To ride a dirtbike on your own, you must be at least 16 years of age. You can also ride a dirt bike earlier if you have a safety certification and are under the direct supervision of someone over 18 years.

4. Can you ride dirt bikes in Pa state?

ATV trails designated for forests owned by the state are open beginning on Friday prior to Memorial Day through the last full weekend of September. … ATV riding is restricted to designated trails within Pennsylvania State Forests. State forests along with state parks as well as the state game lands aren’t accessible to ATVs.

5. Do you need a license for a dirt bike in PA?

To use it on streets you must have a motorcycle’s license for riding the bike on trails or private land, you don’t need one.

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