12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in VA Virginia 2022

Trails in VA Virginia: Virginia, The Old Dominion is famous as the home of the Coastal Plain, Blue Ridge Mountains, and diverse terrain. 

The gorgeous scenery is ideal for dirt biking. If you’re brand new to the sport or already have experience there are plenty of interesting trails to discover. 

Trails in VA Virginia

So, what are the most popular trail for dirt bikes in Virginia?

Take a trip towards Taskers Gap in Fort Valley which is a beautiful area with great trails to explore. 

There are some spots that are rocky as well as a fantastic beginner’s course. It is also possible to try South Pedlar in Elon, in which you’ll encounter plenty of jumping and dirt terrain.

The top twelve dirt biking trails we have in Virginia areas are in the following order:

  1. Taskers Gap Trail
  2. South Pedlar Trail
  3. Peters Mill Run Trail
  4. Patterson Mountain Trail
  5. Spearhead Trails
  6. Rocky Run Trail
  7. Charles City Dirt Riders
  8. Lake Sugar Tree Motorsports Park
  9. Slades Park
  10. South Fork Motocross Park
  11. Robert’s Track and Trail
  12. Birch Creek Motorsports

Virginia is a great place to go on your dirtbike ride. There are plenty of places to go. Get ready to go on a tour of these dirt bike trails in Virginia. They are here in full detail.

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in VA

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in VA

1. Taskers Gap Trail

The top spot to go dirt biking in Virginia is the Taskers Gap Trail. It is one of two trails offered through the Lee Ranger District, and roughly 13.5 miles long. 

This trail can be moderately challenging to travel in the best of circumstances and has some rough and loose terrain.

The trail is accessible to all users, both motorized and non-motorized on weekends, and there is an influx of motorized users. 

Motorcycle and ATV riders, along with 4 wheel drivers, can take advantage of the trails. Mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians can also take advantage of the trails for their pursuits.

Take State Route 675 located in the southeast corner of Edinburg, Virginia, to get to Taskers Gap.

2. South Pedlar Trail

Two trails comprise two trails that make up the South Pedlar Trail System: the Terrapin trail and the Rattlesnake trail. 

It is situated at the junction of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Elon Road, Monroe, Virginia 24574, is a twisted network of trails within the Bedford region, which covers 19 miles. 

There are narrow, difficult, and winding paths in addition to extensive and relaxing trails.

The trail can be used by ATVs, motorbikes, and mountain bikes. Panorama views, mountain laurel flowers, massive trees, and a beautiful forest canopy await bikers and bikers along the South Pedlar Trail.

From April until November, the trail’s season of openness. The hours of operation are between sunrise and sunset. 

The route requires a permit for recreation. The vehicle must not weigh more than 1500 pounds, and it must not be over 50 inches the width.

3. Peters Mill Run Trail

The trail is situated in Fort Valley, Virginia, the Peter’s Mill Run OHV Trail extends for 7.9 miles, with a light amount of traffic. 

There is a view of wildlife as well, and the trail is considered to be of moderate difficulty. 

This trail is mostly designed for off-road and OHV vehicles and is renowned for its top features from March through January. The route also boasts 360 meters, using the point-to-point route.

4. Patterson Mountain Trail

Patterson Creek Trail Patterson Creek Trail is a challenging trail with a lot of difficult climbs, however, its isolation is essential to enjoy the stunning views of ridgetops as well as downhill runs. 

As for length, it is more than 9 miles. It is also planned for the trail to be additional 20 miles of mountain biking.

Patterson Creek Trail Patterson Creek Trail is off Route 606 about 10 miles north of Fincastle. It is located in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest. 

In addition, the Roanoke IMBA group has been putting in an enormous amount of effort to keep and build an expansive Price-Patterson Mountain Trail System.

5. Spearhead Trails

Spearhead Trails Spearhead Trails are renowned for the off-road adventures they provide due to their uniqueness and challenge. 

They aren’t just only motor-driven and OTV experiences, however, Spearhead Trails offer trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

It’s a world-renowned spot to be in, with over 500 miles of trails by more than six trails that can be adapted to any level.

6. Rocky Run Trail

The trail is a straightforward one that has its lower portion joining the Darlington Trail right before the Rocky Run Trail reaches Chester Creek. 

The trail’s upper part traverses open meadows that are below granite farm estates Retirement Community and runs through the woods of County property as well as fair Acres Complex and connects directly to Lima Estates Retirement Community and its Tyler Arboretum trail web.

Then, it connects to Ridley Creek State Park trails. The majority of the trail is on the Natural Lands Trust’s property The course is an approximate length of 2.5 miles and is marked with the trail marked in white. 

Rocky Run is one of the most appealing rivers located in Delaware County, runs parallel to the trail’s downstream segment.

The steep slopes, the rocky stream landscapes, and old-growth forests await off-roaders who are ready to go on an adventure.

7. Charles City Dirt Riders

Charles City Dirt Riders is an exclusive motocross club with many motocross tracks:

  • A pair of tracks for beginners
  • Flat track
  • An enduro cross track
  • A Tracks for TT
  • Six miles of trails through woodland

Access to the internet is available all year round. However, it is not without exception. during the season of hunting, which is the normal time frame that runs from the months of November and January. 

The club allows riders to use motorcycles as well as dirt motorcycles. However, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, Jeeps as well as Dune Buggies are not allowed.

8. Lake Sugar Tree Motorsports Park

Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park has a long tradition and has been a motorcycle and ATV tradition that has been a part of Southern Virginia for more than three decades. 

It is located east of Mississippi It was the very first motocross facility to be constructed. Today, the track hosts a variety of exciting events for the riders and their fans.

The track is undergoing some changes include the development and construction of a stadium-like track as well as the electric lighting installation to allow nighttime racing and a variety of races scheduled and the possibility for bikers to test their skills make the course impressive as it is.

9. Slades Park

Slades Park has more to provide than just a spot to get rid of the dirt biking adrenaline. A thrilling mix of sandy trails and woodlands as well as deep mud bogs Berms, and a huge play area are all available to enjoy. 

Camping is possible with the essential amenities to access.

A concession stand is open to selling cold drinks, bags of ice, and other essential components and equipment on weekends. 

The park also has a dragstrip and numerous dirt drag races all through all year. Helmets are required and pets aren’t allowed.

The park, although susceptible to weather changes is open daily from dawn until sunset. Although ATVs as also UTVs are allowed, however, the use of SUVs and Jeeps are not.

Dune Buggies aren’t allowed. Slades Park is at an estimated 300 acres and has 12 miles of trails that are a climate that is characterized by forests.

10. South Fork Motocross Park

The South Fork Motocross Park opens on Wednesdays from 3:30 until dark and on weekends between 10-4. It’s open to motorcycles and dirt bikes of 85cc, 2-stroke, and over. 

There are currently quad bike training sessions on Sundays and Saturdays. The area is approximately 40 acres of land with the majority of the tracks being made of loose dirt.

11. Robert’s Track and Trail

Robert’s Track and Trail boasts approximately 12 miles of wooded trails, as well as a motocross track that is about 1.5 miles long. 

The well-maintained and watered motocross track is made up of sand, clay along with hard-packed. The tracks are narrow and have lots of turns and twists, but they are wide.

The park is open on weekends, provided the weather cooperates between 9:00 AM and 5 pm. 

The property has restrooms and shaded parking spots and picnic spots available for visitors to use. Although membership is not required there are guest passes for guests.

Motorbikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs are permitted, in some places, they are allowed UTVs. Automobiles (SUVs), Jeeps, and Dune Buggies are not allowed.

12. Birch Creek Motorsports

Birch Creek Motorsports Park has nature-based terrain and an AMA sanctioned Motocross track, and the lit ATV TT National track stretches 1.5 miles. It’s mostly made of red clay. However, there are also sand, tabletops, other areas, and a few whoops.

Take advantage of events that are which are sanctioned through AMA and ATVA including the ATV Motocross National Championship Series, Loretta Lynn Regional and Area Qualifiers Grand Championship Series, Caroline Ultra Series, US Eastern Spring Series, and the Eastern Four-Stroke National Series.

Although motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs are allowed, UTVs, SUVs, Jeeps as well as Dune Buggies are not. 

The park’s terrain is 100 acres. The risks aren’t too numerous but they are well-marked.

Conclusion – The 12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in VA

Best Dirt Bike Trails in VA

So, where do you find the top trail for dirt bikes in Virginia? To sum up, here again:

  1. Taskers Gap Trail
  2. South Pedlar Trail
  3. Peters Mill Run Trail
  4. Patterson Mountain Trail
  5. Spearhead Trails
  6. Rocky Run Trail
  7. Charles City Dirt Riders
  8. Lake Sugar Tree Motorsports Park
  9. Slades Park
  10. South Fork Motocross Park
  11. Robert’s Track and Trail
  12. Birch Creek Motorsports

Trails for dirt bikes in Virginia are easy to locate. They provide a variety of experiences landscapes, sights, and experiences that add to the beauty of Virginia and its fun. 

The dirt bike trails in Virginia an excursion will definitely be worthwhile.

Can you ride dirt bikes in Virginia?

They require the issuance of a permit before riding. Elkhorn Lake and Campground in Java, Va allows dirt bikes and ATVs, and side-x sides (restricted use of trails). They offer 31 miles of trails spread across 560 acres. Moto Cove in Gore, VA, accepts dirt bikes or ATVs as well as side-x-sides.

What is the best state to ride dirt bikes?

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the US
  • Sand Dunes: Dumont Dunes OHV Area, California. …
  • Sandstone: Moab, Utah. …
  • Forest: The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. …
  • Private Park: Arizona Cycle Park, Arizona. …
  • Desert: The Mojave Road, California and Nevada.

Does Virginia have ATV trails?

In The Southwest Corner of Virginia, Spearhead Trails is an excellent place for dirt bikes, ATVs, mountain bikes, and hikers who want to explore thousands of kilometers of connected trails in the rugged terrain.

What state sells the most dirt bikes?

In 2020, California reported the highest number of registered commercial and private motorcycles across the United States. California is one of the U.S. states with the most motorcycles; it’s one of the states with the highest population in the U.S. overall, representing approximately 11% of its overall population.

Can you offroad in Shenandoah National Park?

There aren’t any authorized trails for off-roading or four-wheeling in this park. It is possible to consider the National Forrests within the region. The National forests are more flexible in this regard.

Where is the biggest ATV park at?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. It is located in the south-central region of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail is the most prominent in America and is regularly ranked first among the top five ATV trails in the United States.

Do you have to wear a helmet on spearhead trails?

Unless stated otherwise in the regulations, everyone shall wear a DOT, SNELL, or any other authorized helmet. Trails are open from dawn to sunset, unless expressly stated. Courses are subject to closure or rerouted at any time deemed necessary or to maintain safety or maintenance reasons. Be sure to dress appropriately for the conditions.

Is the Tuscarora Trail part of the Appalachian Trail?

The Tuscarora Trail is a branch part of the Appalachian Trail (AT) that runs through four states and offers a variety of trekking opportunities of its own. The trail is located in Pennsylvania’s Ridge and Valley Region from Maryland to the south of McConnellsburg and then joins it with the Appalachian Trail north of Carlisle.

Which state has the best ATV trails?

10 Best ATV/UTV Trails for Off-Road Riding in the U.S.
  1. Moab, Utah. Moab is a great place to ride! …
  2. The Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. …
  3. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia. …
  4. Imperial Sand Dunes, California. …
  5. Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee. …
  6. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee. …
  7. Maine. …
  8. Joe State Park, Missouri.

Is a YZ125 good for trails?

The public who rides doesn’t have its head in the idea that the 125 is an excellent trail bike–not only for children, however, it is suitable for all. Its weight and its handling make riders appear like Superman.

Are side by sides street legal in Virginia?

In general, you are not allowed to operate an ATV and UTV on the state of Virginia on public roads, or any other public property provided it is authorized by the appropriate authorities. You cannot run an ATV and UTV on the private property of another person unless you have authorization in writing from the property owner.

Do you have to wear a helmet at top trails?

Helmets are required for drivers of motorcycles and 4-wheelers. Helmets are recommended for riders riding tandems.

Are 4 strokes good for trails?

When it comes to the trail riding experience, the four-strokes tend to be much more comfortable for long distances over the blacktop than a similar two-stroke. They also consume more energy, making it essential in places with no gasoline station on the corner.

Is a KX250F a good trail bike?

The KX250F’s power delivery was smooth and ideal for the trail I rode. Comfort has always been a critical factor for me when it comes to bike setup, and the KX250F certainly provides in this area, making motos on the track or long rides on trails less tiresome as well as more pleasurable.

Where can I ride my off road motorcycle?

Places to ride dirt bike in Cape Town, Paarl, Knysna, George, Plettenberg Bay, Melkbosstrand and Clanwilliam.
  • Atlantis Dunes. Atlantis Dunes. …
  • Bonniedale Farm. Bonniedale Farm. …
  • Dirt & Dust. Dirt & Dust. …
  • Gordons Bay Track. …
  • Melkbos 4X4. …
  • Parklands / Sunningdale Open Trails. …
  • Pronkie’s Holiday Farm. …
  • Sandown Road Open Trails.

Where in California can I ride my dirt bike?

California offers 85 offroad motorcycling routes.

Located in the US, The dirt biking trail in California has more than fifty trails for dirt bikes that you can choose from. The top California dirt biking trails based on popularity include Foresthill OOH, Corral Canyon, San Gabriel Canyon OHV, Alamo Mountain Loop, and Wildomar.

Why you should get your kid a dirt bike?

Dirt bikes are a great physical activity that stimulates your entire body and brain. Inform the parents of your children that their reflexes will increase and you’ll be able to have plenty of exercises, and your brain will improve (plus using fancy words such as which will be a big hit with them).

Trails in VA Virginia FAQ

1. Are dirt bikes legal in Virginia?

All-terrain vehicles, as well as off-road motorcycles, do not have to be registered..  All-terrain vehicle operators are required to be at least 16. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 can operate all-terrain vehicles if they are powered by engines that have not more than 90 cubic centimeters in displacement.

2. Are golf carts street legal in Virginia?

Every person operating a golf cart, or utility vehicle on a public highway must have in their possession a valid driver’s license. All golf carts and utility vehicles operating on public roads must be equipped with a slow-moving emblem that is in accordance with the Code of Virginia SS46.2-1081

3. Are dune buggies street legal in Virginia?

Short story, the Goblin will be called”Dune Buggy. “Dune Buggy” and, since 2009, dune buggies cannot be registered for road usage within Virginia.

4. What is considered a low-speed vehicle in Virginia?

Low-speed vehicles are permitted to operate on public roads where the speed limit is not greater than 35 miles/hour however, this restriction will not hinder the operation of low-speed vehicles at intersections that connect to highways whose speeds are greater than 35 miles/hour.

5. How much does it cost to title a motorcycle in Virginia?

How to Register a Motorcycle. You will need evidence of your motorcycle’s liability insurance or pay a $500 uninsured motorist’s fee. Then, you must complete your Virginia Vehicle Registration Application. Make a payment of an amount of $28.75 motorbike registration cost as well as any other fees applicable to you.

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