12 Best Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails 2022

Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails: Minnesota has more than 22,000 miles of snowmobile trails and is a popular place to go for a ride in the winter. 

With its vast forest areas hillsides, rivers, and hills and lakes, you will find several of the most picturesque trails in the US Many of which maintain by volunteers as well as local clubs.

Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails

Minnesota winters can belong. They typically begin in November and last until April, which makes it a perfect time for snowmobiling. 

Are you looking for the most popular snowmobile trails are located in Minnesota?

We’ve compiled our best picks:

  1. Voyageur Trails
  2. The Paul Bunyan Trail
  3. The Blue Ox Trail
  4. The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail
  5. Arrowhead Trails
  6. The Iron Ore Trails
  7. Chisholm-Side Lake Trail
  8. Taconite State Trail
  9. Willard Munger Trail
  10. Le Sueur County Snow Trails
  11. Goodhue Pioneer State Trail
  12. Matthew Lourey State Trail

12 Best Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails

12 Best Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails

1. Voyageur Trails

The Voyageur Trails is among the most stunning and well-groomed trails in Minnesota. The iconic trail system is connected to many miles of marked Trailways for snowmobiles. 

From the north, it leads riders through Carlson Lake and into the town of Buyck. Then, you can continue towards Kabetogama State Forest. Kabetogama State Forest Then, you’ll be on the vast undiscovered!

Then, you can enjoy visiting and exploring the Voyageurs National Park and return to Buyck.

You can get specific details through the DNR on all Minnesota snowmobile trails by using this interactive map.

2. The Paul Bunyan Trail

If you’re searching for an extremely high-quality 100-mile ski trail in Minnesota The Paul Bunyan Trail is a great option for riders with all levels of skill starting from beginners to advanced. 

The well-groomed trail runs for miles and miles, starting from Bemidji on the north side up to Brainerd on the south side.

Usually, a multi-use trail well-known throughout the year the Paul Bunyan provides a variety of options for lodging along the trail, as well as towns along the trail that are welcoming to the traffic that passes by.

3. The Blue Ox Trail

Near to close to The Paul Bunyan Trail It is appropriately called Blue Ox Trail. It runs for 774 miles along an abandoned railroad line. 

It’s a great trail for those who are just beginning since you’ll be able to enjoy an enjoyable and scenic journey. Alongside black spruce and aspen trees, there is wildlife like eagles, beavers, bobcats, moose, and Wolfs.

4. The C.J. Ramstad / North Shore State Trail

The C.J. Ramstad or North Shore State Trail is a natural surface path that traverses St. Louis through the forest that overlooks Lake Superior. 

It was named in honor of photographer and journalist C.J. Ramstad the trail provides an incredible picture of Minnesota’s gorgeous landscape.

A significant portion of the trail’s 146 miles is located in an undiscovered and undeveloped region where you can experience stunning natural sights as you travel through rivers, lakes, and valleys. 

The trail also offers you the chance to meet wild animals like deer, fox, bears, wolves, or moose as well as songbirds.

North Shore State Trail

5. Arrowhead Trails

The Arrowhead State Trail is also an unpaved trail. It stretches for 135 miles, starting at the point of intersection of the Taconite State Trail up to three miles to the south from International Falls.

The trail is designed to be used in winter, specifically snowmobiling, making it ideal for riding during the winter months.

Certain sections of the path get too wet during the summer seasons. It has mountains, lakes, and streams in the south in addition to aspen, pine, and Ash trees in its north.

The autumn season is characterized by an explosion of colors across the region due to the trees. It’s worth visiting during the fall too.

6. The Iron Ore Trails

Iron Trail Iron Trail is used primarily for snowmobiles. It is located along an old railroad route that runs for 15 miles between two towns:

Tower as well as Embarrass. The snowmobiles travel through a beautiful landscape with lush forests and wetlands. Ponds, as well as lakes. It is definitely worth it!

7. Chisholm-Side Lake Trail

The Chisholm Trail meanders through rolling hills and forests. It joins the Shannon Lake State Forest Road and eventually on to Side Lake.

The trail is classified as moderate to easy with hairpins and steep hills to maneuver and navigate.

8. Taconite State Trail

The trail extends 165 miles west from Ely up to Grand Rapids, this is another of the most famous ski trails of Minnesota.

The Taconite Trail is always highly regarded on the Minnesota Map of Snowmobile Trails Map The Taconite trail is well-maintained through the Minnesota DNR and serves as an important snowmobile route.

linking many other trails that are maintained by local clubs for snowmobiling, along with Arrowhead State Trail. Arrowhead State Trail.

Explore the winding path through forests of birch pine, and aspen. You will also be able to enjoy the stunning views of the many streams and lakes on the way.

Willard Munger Trail

9. Willard Munger Trail

Another iconic Minnesota snowmobile trail is frequently included in the top three trails of the nation. It runs for 70 miles beginning at the start point in Hinckley just north of Duluth located in Lake Superior.

The greatest part about the trail is it’s extremely easy to get on and is only about an hour away distance from Twin Cities; however, it leads you into the woods to give you a truly wild experience. 

In addition, it connects with numerous well-maintained trails that are managed by local clubs, allowing for additional kilometers of riding.

The Willard Munger Expect to find plenty of fuel and food stops, plenty of wildlife, and stunning views all around.

10. Le Sueur County Snow Trails

The tracks are managed by the Le Sueur County Snowmobile Trail Association and stretch for 180 miles and are kept in good condition by volunteers. 

They are among the best maintained independently snowmobile tracks within Minnesota and an excellent opportunity to see this area of Minnesota. This is a thorough route diagram.

11. Goodhue Pioneer State Trail

Another route you can take close to in the Twin Cities region, the Goodhue Pioneer State Trail, is a full day biking through Minnesota farms and towns.

It’s not as well-known as other places to snowmobile in the state. This means it’s possible to have the entire trail and come across some rare nature. 

The trail is just 47 miles, however, there is plenty of action and views. There is a town called Mazeppa where MotoProz is headquartered. MotoProz and a host of excellent bars and delis that have inviting menus.

Plan your trip using this Map of DNR’s interactive and you will also be able to access the vital MN DNR snowmobile trails conditions.

12. Matthew Lourey State Trail

It’s an 8-mile path that explores the forests that connect St Croix State Park with Chengwatana, St Croix, and Nemadji state forests. 

It’s accessible for snowmobiling as well as hiking and is dedicated to those who have passed away. Matthew Lourey, a Minnesota native who was killed in Iraq in 2005.

You can expect whitetail deer Raccoons, red foxes beavers, porcupines, and muskrats in the region. If you’re lucky, you may be lucky enough to spot an elusive wild black bear… But be aware!

Conclusion – 12 Best Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails

MN Snowmobile Trails

To give you a review of the best trails, here are our recommendations for the top trail for snowmobiles that you can find in Minnesota:

  1. Voyageur Trails
  2. The Paul Bunyan Trail
  3. The Blue Ox Trail
  4. The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail
  5. Arrowhead Trails
  6. The Iron Ore Trails
  7. Chisholm-Side Lake Trail
  8. Taconite State Trail
  9. Willard Munger Trail
  10. Le Sueur County Snow Trails
  11. Goodhue Pioneer State Trail
  12. Matthew Lourey State Trail

If you’re looking to explore lesser-known trails located in the south of Minnesota or traveling to northerly MN trail systems that the best riders are familiar with There’s something to suit everyone who rides within MN, the North Star State.

Due to the abundant snowfall that they experience each year Minnesota has snowmobilers in abundance with a fantastic infrastructure, which is backed by DNR and augmented by the assistance of a variety of local clubs and associations. 

Find out more details about the conditions of the trails and the weather at all times via the interactive map and apps as well.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll love snowmobile trails in Minnesota! ski trails that are located throughout Minnesota!

Where are the best snowmobile trails in Minnesota?

Best Places to Snowmobile in Minnesota
  • North Shore State Trail.
  • Superior National Forest.
  • Willard Munger Trail.
  • Big Sandy Lake/Aitkin County.
  • Soo Line South Trail.

What state has the best snowmobile trails?

10 Best Places for Snowmobiling in the U.S.
  • West Yellowstone, Montana. …
  • Moran, Wyoming. …
  • Priest Lake, Idaho. …
  • Seeley Lake, Montana. …
  • Mount Snow, Vermont. …
  • Heber City, Utah. …
  • Katahdin Region of Maine. …
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Are there any snowmobile trails open in Minnesota?

The snowmobile trails in Minnesota officially opened in December.One each year, regardless of the weather. Despite the date on the calendar, there are a few conditions that need to be met before trails can be groomed. The snow must be completely frozen.

How many miles of snowmobile trails are there in Minnesota?

22,000 miles

Enjoy Minnesota’s extensive trail network! There are more than 222,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. There are more than 21,000 miles of trails maintained by volunteers from local snowmobile clubs.

Do you pay sales tax on a used snowmobile in Minnesota?

When an individual or business purchases taxable items or services, and the seller doesn’t require Minnesota sales tax for the item, they are liable for tax on use for the value for the product. If an individual purchase an ATV, snowmobile or watercraft but does have to pay tax on sales at the time of purchase, they are liable for the use tax when they register the vehicle…

Is it legal to drive an ATV on the road in Minnesota?

The legality of operation in public roadways is not permitted. ATVs and UTVs may be driven on public roads and, in particular public rights-of-way, under two distinct sets of state statutes that regulate the vehicles. 1.) The operation on local roads is permitted with special permits.

Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Minnesota in summer?

It may seem harmless to use an ATV on an official snowmobile trail during the summer. But, snowmobile trails often traverse private property with the landowner’s permission. This permission is only valid for winter, and the landowner is in the right to cancel the license.

How do I transfer ownership of a snowmobile in Minnesota?

When you transfer a snowmobile registered in Minnesota, it is required to submit a statement of sale signed by both the owner who is registered and the buyer. All the details of the vehicle should be included.

The owner has to offer:

  1. Make.
  2. Model.
  3. Year.
  4. Serial number.
  5. The size of the engine is measured in HP (or cubic centimetres) (cc’s)

Is there sales tax on used trailers in Minnesota?

Tax Imposition

Motor vehicle sales tax, also known as the MVST, is a tax of 6.5 per cent that is applied to the purchase of used and new motor vehicles that are registered within Minnesota. The rate is calculated based on the purchase price instead of the general state sales tax.

Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Minnesota?

ATVs and snowmobiles are both permitted to take shared-use trails during winter! To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all and to ensure the safety of our environment, please comply with all winter trail rules as well as rules of conduct when riding on the Matthew Lourey State Trail and the Nemadji and St.

Minnesota MN Snowmobile Trails FAQ

1. Are snowmobile trails open in MN?

The snowmobile trails in Minnesota officially begin in December. 1 each year regardless of the weather. In spite of the date on the calendar, there are a few conditions that must be met prior to trails being groomed. The surface must be snow-free.

2. Are there snowmobile trails in Minnesota?

Enjoy the vast network of trails in Minnesota! There are more than 22,000 miles of ski trails that are groomed and more than 21,000 miles of trails maintained by volunteers from local snowmobile clubs.

3. How long does snowmobile season last?

More than two million people across the United States participate in the sport every year. If you’re a snowmobiling enthusiast seeking information on the time when trails for snowmobiling are open then you are in the right spot. Trails for snowmobiling are open from November 18th to remain up to March 12 on average.

4. Are helmets required for snowmobiles in Minnesota?

The person who owns or is who is legally in control of the snowmobile is jointly accountable for the violation of laws by a minor riding the snowmobile. Anyone who is less than 18 years old should wear a helmet with a valid certification. Any person who is a resident of Minnesota born on or after the 31st of December, 1976 must be wearing a snowmobile safety certification in order to drive a motorized snowmobile within Minnesota.

5. Do snowmobiles have titles?

A snowmobile doesn’t come with a Title. The Registration that is signed by the owner is the Ownership Document. It is used with the Bill of Sale for transfer. The registration process is carried out annually on a seasonally-based basis.

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