12 Best New Hampshire NH Snowmobile Trails 2022

New Hampshire NH Snowmobile Trails: New Hampshire has 7,000 miles worth of trails that can be maintained. This makes it a great place to snowmobile. 

NH Snowmobile Trails

A huge increase in winter sports and riding opportunities has been created by the conversion of old railroad lines into recreation areas. Where can you go snowmobiling in New Hampshire?

Explore the nearly 200-miles of groomed trails that make up the Pittsburg Snowmobile Trail System. You’ll find hidden spots and beautiful winter scenes if you follow experienced guides.

If you are lucky, you might even be able to catch the Sled Champion’s Championships. You can shop, eat at restaurants, or stay in hotels and cabins.

These are the top snowmobile trails in New Hampshire.

  1. Pittsburg Snowmobile Trail
  2. Concord Snowmobile Trails
  3. Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail
  4. Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail
  5. Cotton Valley Rail Trail
  6. Barrington Snowmobile Trails
  7. Northern Recreational Rail Trail
  8. Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail
  9. Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail
  10. Conway Branch Recreational Rail Trail
  11. Bear Notch Snowmobile Trail System
  12. Moultonboro Snowmobile Trails

Other fun activities in New Hampshire include zip-lining, pond skating, and other adventure sports. These trails in New Hampshire are sure to inspire you, no matter what your preference.

12 Best NH Snowmobile Trails

12 Best NH Snowmobile Trails

1. Pittsburg Snowmobile Trail System

One of the most popular snowmobile trails in New Hampshire is Pittsburg Snowmobile Trail Systems. You can take advantage of both club and state trails together with snowmobilers.

You can ride along the Nash stream within the Nash Stream State Park. Stub Hill is the highest peak in the region and can be fished, hunted, or hiked. 

The old Cold Spring Road hotel is still available. For a hassle-free adventure, make sure you check the New England trail conditions.

2. Concord Snowmobile Trails

Because of its speed limits, this seasonal playground is one of the most loved trails in New Hampshire. 

Turtletown Pond is the only spot in New Hampshire where snowmobilers are allowed to go up to 55 mph without getting ticketed. 

Warner, Andover, and Henniker are the best spots for snowmobiling in this region. Fans love the Concord to Lincoln Rail Corridor route (Exit 18/Canterbury to Exit 32/Lincoln). This section has exposed rails.

3. Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail

The combined length of the multi-use trail, which includes both the Fremont and Portsmouth branches, is 43 miles. 

The Fremont Trail is the most popular, running from Windham’s Depot Road. It passes through tranquil everglades and forests. The 25-mile Portsmouth Trail runs from Page Street, Manchester to Ash Swamp Road, Newfields.

4. Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail

This multi-purpose rail trail is one of the most popular Whitefield Snowmobile Trails in NH. It measures 19 miles in length and begins at Central Street in Woodsville. From there, it connects to Blackmount Trail (Woodsville-Haverhill). 

It ends at Industrial Park Road, Littleton. As you ride, the Ammonoosuc River offers stunning views. 

The 345-foot 1832 Thompson Covered Bridge in Bath, as well as the Lisbon Depot and Historical Society Museum, are all must-see points. 

The Woodsville trailhead can be reached via Exit 17 on I-91, while the Littleton trailhead can be reached via Exit 42 on I-93.

5. Cotton Valley Rail Trail

The 12-mile Cotton Valley Rail Trail runs from Depot Street in Wolfeboro to Lake Winnipesaukee’s Back Bay and ends in an archaic Old Boston and Maine Railroad Turntable Park, Wakefield. 

This four-season trail is the only one under DNCR management that has intact rails. Local rail car clubs use it recreationally.

It offers beautiful scenery, particularly around Crescent Lake and Lake Wentworth. As you get closer to the end, you will see glimpses of railroad history.

6. Barrington Snowmobile Trails

This trail system includes the Derry and Windham Rail Trails. They will soon be part of the Granite State Rail Trail which runs from Massachusetts to Vermont.

It is a 125-mile trail. Beautifully maintained trails run through the wetlands and wooded areas of southern New Hampshire from the Derry segment. They cross Beaver Brook and reach the Hood Park trailhead. 

The trails that run from Windham to the end follow the railbed, which was taken out of service in the 80s by the Boston and Maine Railroad.

7. Northern Recreational Rail Trail

The Bureau of Trails manages the longest recreational rail trail at 58 miles in western New Hampshire. In the first four miles, it crosses nine bridges over the Mascoma river between Enfield and Canaan.

It also uses the right of way of the Boston and Maine Railroad’s old Northern Line. The track is densely wooded for the first ten miles and then becomes more open mid-way. 

Before reaching Boscawen, you’ll pass the Potter Place Railroad Station in Andover, as well as the museum of the depot and the Blackwater River.

Northern Recreational Rail Trail

8. Ashuelot Recreational Railroad Trail

Nancy Priest Wakefield was inspired by the views surrounding this trail when she wrote: “Over the River” (April 1860). 

The Ashuelot Railroad corridor served the region from 1851 to 1983. This trail covers 21.5 miles. 

The rail trail starts in Keene as an asphalt path. It crosses the Ashuelot River 0.3 mi near West Swanzey and then passes east past Pisgah State Park, many other old mills, and historical landmarks before reaching a trailhead on NH 63. 

You can continue your ride to Brattleboro by taking the Fort Hill Recreational Railroad Trail, which is located near Keene.

9. Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail

The trail runs 42 miles from North Walpole through Fitzwilliam. It is part of Rindge NH snowmobile trails, and one of the two longest recreational rail-trails within the state. 

The Walpole section from the center of Keene is more difficult due to many steep inclines and turns that can be hard to see. Here are also three other trails, including Ashuelot Recreational Trail. 

The southern section is easier and more remote from town. Nine miles from Troy, you’ll find restaurants and railroad relics. The trail ends in the outskirts of Fitzwilliam at the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border.

10. Conway Branch Recreational Rail Trail

Conway Snowmobile Trails extend 21 miles from Polly’s Crossing, Ossipee, to West Main Street, Conway. There are many areas of interest. This trail is part of the Barrington snowmobile trails.

It is used primarily for local rail cars and trains. There are seasonal active tracks running between Silver Lake in Madison and Boulder Road. There are parking spots at White Lake State Park, Route 28 in Ossipee, and elsewhere.

11. Bear Notch Snowmobile Trail

Bear Notch Trail is one of the most unique trail systems in the White Mountain Region. It is also the most family-friendly. It is a 50-mile network of 11 trails that runs in a closed-loop system. This makes it difficult for novice riders to lose their way. 

You can enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range from one of the scenic overlooks. You will then travel to the Railroad via Sawyer River Trails, Owl’s Cliff, and Albany Brook.

12. Moultonboro Snowmobile Trails

This section of the NH Lakes Region includes the Castle in Clouds. The landscape is covered in sparkling snow and invites you to enjoy your snowy vacation. You can ride over 100 miles on trails, or make a detour to hike Red Hill and the Ossipee Mountain Range. 

You can enjoy beautiful views while you wait. You can also ski in the nearby Sunapee and Bartlett. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, it is important to have an NH snowmobile map – which can be found at convenience stores all over the region.

New Hampshire Snowmobiling Requirements

Although a trail pass is not necessary, registration is required for snowmobiles and other OHRVs that are used outside the property. You can obtain it through the Fish and Game Department of the state.

Apart from the registration requirement, all operators aged 12 and older must have a valid Motor Vehicle Driver’s License. Online Information about online and in-person classes and the requirements are available.

New Hampshire Snowmobile registration process

Register in person at any of the online registration agents, at Fish and Game headquarters, Concord, or by mail.

You can download an application form from their site. After completing the application, you will be issued a white certificate and two stickers. 

The registration certificate must be carried with you at all times. You should also properly attach the decals to your snowmobile or OHRV. 

Like Wisconsin, NH registrations can be used from the date of issue until June 30 of the next year. Depending on where you live and your club membership, registration fees can range from $66 up to $116.

A Temporary 10-Day OHRV registration is only available to non-residents who choose to ride an OHRV instead of a snowmobile. It can be obtained at selected agents between May and October. 

This registration, which is named after the OHRV, is valid for ten consecutive calendar days starting at the specified start date and time. A valid driver’s license from an out-of-state state is required and it is not transferable.

NH Snowmobile Trail Map App

Map of the NH Snowmobile Trail App

The New Hampshire Snowmobile TrailMap by GPS Trailmasters and the NH Snowmobile Trails 2020 created by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, are two popular apps. 

The first comes preloaded with MicroSD cards and can be installed on smartphones, tablets, computers, and Garmin GPS. This app color code trails to identify corridor, secondary, or club trails. 

Unique line styles help identify lakes crossings, plowed roads, closed and ungroomed trails. You can also find information about fuel, lodging, and food in the “Where to” section.

You can use the NH Snowmobile Trails 2020 App anywhere you are, even without data coverage. You can view nearby restaurants, gas stations, and hotels as well as other conveniences using GPS. 

It also allows you to see the distance between your location and a particular point on the trail. It is easy to load and save your itineraries.

Conclusion – NH Snowmobile Trails

What are the best NH snowmobile trails to ride? Here they are again.

  1. Pittsburg Snowmobile Trail
  2. Concord Snowmobile Trails
  3. Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail
  4. Ammonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail
  5. Cotton Valley Rail Trail
  6. Barrington Snowmobile Trails
  7. Northern Recreational Rail Trail
  8. Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail
  9. Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail
  10. Conway Branch Recreational Rail Trail
  11. Bear Notch Snowmobile Trail
  12. Moultonboro Snowmobile Trails

New Hampshire has many other snowmobile trails that offer amazing rides. It all depends on your personal preference and what you enjoy. Maybe you prefer sightseeing to longer distances. 

Some locations, such as Laconia Notch, are only suitable for skiing because of their steep slopes which make it too dangerous to drive a snowmobile. The landowners of these areas have chosen to keep the natural beauty of the area private and prohibited public access.

You have many options for snowmobiling in NH. Make sure you check the conditions of the NH trails before you go. Have fun!

Can you hike on snowmobile trails in NH?

It is unlawful to remove, damage, deface or block markings and signs on trails or private property. The violation of this law is an infraction that is a misdemeanour. Without the landowner’s consent, the trail system we have would not offer numerous miles of riding enjoyment. Please respect private property and stick to the trails!

How many miles of snowmobile trails does New Hampshire have?

7000 miles

With more than 7,000 miles of trails for snowmobiles and not a single route connecting to your office, It has turned into a New Hampshire lifestyle for the snowmobile enthusiast.

Which state has the most miles of snowmobile trails?

(WKOW) (WKOW) Wisconsin hosts more than 250,000 km of snowmobile tracks. they’re listed among the top three trails in the United States.

What state has the most snowmobiles?

With 219,157 snowmobiles, the most significant number of registrations occurred in Wisconsin. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) announced more than 1.2 million snowmobile registrations across the United States.

Where is the best snowmobiling right now?

5 Best Destinations for Snowmobiling in North America
  • West Yellowstone, Montana. Billed as “an outdoor adventure paradise,” West Yellowstone boasts hundreds of miles of groomed trails, a vast network that extends into neighboring Idaho and Wyoming. …
  • Priest Lake, Idaho. …
  • Heber City, Utah. …
  • St. …
  • Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.

What is a good snowmobile for trail riding?

Its the Polaris Indy XC, Cat’s 6000 Limited and Yamaha’s completely revamped 2020 Viper are each worthy of consideration. They all offer great power for trail riding as well as fuel efficiency and an the ability to go faster than average for trail riding.

What is the top selling snowmobile?

2021 Best-selling Snowmobile models and snow machines:
  • Polaris 850 Switchback Assault: …
  • Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme 850 E-TEC: …
  • Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE. …
  • Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One: …
  • Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC: …
  • Polaris 600 Indy XC 129. …
  • Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE:

Where are the best snowmobile trails?

11 Best Places To Go Snowmobiling in the US
  • West Yellowstone, Montana. …
  • Moran, Wyoming. …
  • Priest Lake, Idaho. …
  • Camp Hale, Colorado. …
  • Pittsburg, New Hampshire. …
  • Heber City, Utah. …
  • Mount Snow, Vermont. …
  • Black Hills, South Dakota.

Do you need insurance on a snowmobile in NH?

Although the insurance requirement isn’t a must under the law to operate a snowmobile however it’s good to have compensation if you fall on an unintentional stump that is hidden by snow.

Do you have to wear a helmet on an ATV in NH?

New Hampshire law does make it mandatory for anyone who is younger than 18 to wear an eye-protection helmet and helmet while riding on an ATV. The state doesn’t set any restrictions on the age you must be to ride or drive in one, at the very least not on state or private property trails.

New Hampshire NH Snowmobile Trails FAQ

1. Are the ATV trails open in Pittsburg NH?

Trails open in late May. There are more than 100 miles of trails. Only ATVs/no trail bikes. Parking: Pittsburg, Route 3, to Back Lake Road (by Hicks Lumber).

2. Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in NH?

Many snowmobile trails in NH ban 4 wheelers. A few years back, you could ride in Canada on a snowmobile or ATV. The trail system runs snowmobiles and ATV side-by-side along the trail, separated by piled snow. Each has its own designated lane

3. Is the Kancamagus Highway open right now?

The highway is open all year. However, Bear Notch Road (which connects the highway with the town of Bartlett) is closed during the winter months.

4. Can you walk on snowmobile trails in Maine?

Maine law has been modified to require non-resident snowmobile owners to register in the state. … Imprudent operation does not have to be limited to state-maintained trails. It is now forbidden on any trial.

5. Can you ride a snowmobile on the road?

Snowmobiles can be operated on public streets if an emergency has been declared by the government agency in charge. You can also legally ride on the streets for any event that is permitted by the governmental agency.

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