12 Best NH Dirt Bike Trails New Hampshire 2022

NH Dirt Bike Trails New Hampshire: New Hampshire is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. 

Anywhere you’re within the country, you will discover a mountain, forest, or beach in less than one hour’s drive. The residents take steps to protect the beauty of the landscape.

Trails New Hampshire

There are numerous dirt bike trails accessible throughout New Hampshire and are maintained by dedicated clubs. 

There are many exciting trails in the Sugar River Recreation Trail or in the Pisgah State Park. There are track MX for riders looking to improve their skills.

These are the top 12 NH dirt trails for bikes:

  1. Rockingham Recreational Trail
  2. Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail
  3. New Durham Trails
  4. Sugar River Recreation Trail
  5. Pisgah State Park
  6. Blackmount Line
  7. Ammonoosuc Rail Trail
  8. Canaan Lions Motocross
  9. MX101
  10. Warren Recreational Rail Trail
  11. Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail
  12. The Rock Pile Motorsports Park

There’s a wealth in dirt biking trails throughout New Hampshire. Let’s take a look at the best trails in the state.

12 Best NH Dirt Bike Trails

12 Best NH Dirt Bike Trails

1. Rockingham Recreational Trail

Rockingham is without doubt the top trail within New Hampshire. The scenic forest trail stretches for an 18-mile stretch between Fremont up to Derry. 

It’s mostly level, with sandy trails and hard-packed dirt. It’s suitable for all levels of skill and age. 

You just need to be prepared to share the experience with hikers as well as horseback riders. It is also possible to see snowmobiles and ATVs in winter.

2. Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail

The multi-use trail system is often referred to as”the “Clough” as well as “Hop-Ev.” This trail includes twenty-four miles of trails that wind across the lake. 

The six loops are moderate to easy in difficulty because of the varied terrain. Some sections have steep hills, sections of rocky terrain, and stream crossings. Most of them provide great views across the lake.

This is a fantastic option for dirt bikes. Get prepared to share the trails with a variety of other riders.

3. New Durham Trails

ATV clubs frequently maintain the latest Hampshire dirt trails. It is the New Durham Valley ATV group is responsible for the trails, which cover 28 miles of the forest accessible from late May through November. 

You must be able to access it during the daytime due to two reasons. One, camping overnight, and cabins aren’t available on the property. 

The second reason is that it is a shame not to see the beautiful landscapes of the mountain ranges, forests,s, and lakes in the region. Take your dirt bike UTV, ATV UTV, or SXS and take a ride you’ll never forget!

4. Sugar River Recreation Trail

The sweetest memories are made on the Sugar River. This trail is part of the Sullivan County ATV Club presents one of the trails that are open throughout the year in New Hampshire. 

The 9-mile trail runs alongside the river and can be a simple ride for children. Stop for a break on their bridges and enjoy the views of the river and the forest. Since it is a multi-use trail you could encounter hikers or ATV-riders on the trail.

5. Pisgah State Park

With an impressive 13,300 acres of terrain, the park is one of the biggest in the state. Pisgah State Park located in Winchester offers six multi-use trails that meander through various sections within the forests. 

The trails are dirt and the roads are safe for the majority of automobiles. For experienced riders, they can ask for more difficult trails, including the ridge climbs, ponds, and ridges. Although it’s closed during the mud season, it is allowed to explore the forest when it is snowing.

6. Blackmount Line

It is a trail that is accessible throughout the year. Black Mountain Trail in Grafton County is able to accommodate most cars. 

With the vibrant wildflowers and birds you can spot, this rail trail is also popular with dogs and hikers. 

The five-mile gravel path runs through fields of corn, joining with its Ammonoosuc Rail Trail.

7. Ammonoosuc Rail Trail

Certain trails are best done slowly. This route takes you through various towns and bridges that overlook the river. 

Camping and overnight stays are permitted throughout the cities, beginning at Woodsville and concluding in Littleton. 

The terrain changes between sand, dirt ballast, and gravel. In addition to dirt bikes and ATVs dog sleds and skiers frequent the trail in the winter.

8. Canaan Lions Motocross

A few dirt bike tracks located in New Hampshire have been around since 1971 for instance, the Canaan Lions Motocross. 

The park is an abrasive clay track that has fast turns as well as jumps. It is usually used for training and racing during the motorcycle racing season. 

This traditional venue is ideal for racers and novices who want to improve their abilities.

Their site has official schedules as well as suggested activities nearby. You can find it on their website here.

9. MX101

If you’re thinking about stepping up to become a racer then this New England Dragway and Motocross Park is the place for you. 

MX101 hosts several training tracks located situated in Epping to accommodate dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATV riders. On Wednesdays and weekends, they offer track access as well as optional classes. 

Beginners and children have access to peewee tracks as well as experienced riders who have an extended track that includes whoops. To view the full schedule, go to the site and their Facebook pages.

10. Warren Recreational Rail Trail

What’s the most surprising thing you’d think of out of New Hampshire dirt bike trails? The Warren Trail includes 70-foot NASA missiles an icon. 

The 1970 Redstone Missile serves as the iconic beginning point for the 4-mile rail trail. Although it isn’t the longest trail it isn’t with a bad view of the view. 

The gravel trail is hard-packed and gives the best views of the serene Black Brook stream. Although there are some bumpy spots motorbikes and dirt bikes are able to rip through.

11. Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail

Nothing beats a stroll through a picturesque rural landscape. This 7.8-mile rail trail will take you to three towns within Hillsborough county. 

Take a walk along the woods that run along with the Contoocook River on a dirt and gravel trail. Be careful – certain sections have soft sand which could make it difficult for novices.

12. The Rock Pile Motorsports Park

The RPM Motocross Park in Warren is well-maintained and has a track designed specifically for dirt bikes. Visit the park on Wednesdays and on weekends and test your skills. 

The track is one mile long and features twists and turns that will definitely improve your abilities. 

While they don’t permit campers on the track There are several campsites close by so that you can relax after a long day. Check out the track’s website on Facebook to keep up-to-date.

Conclusion – 12 Best NH Dirt Bike Trails

To sum up, again these are the best NH dirt bike trails in New Hampshire.

  1. Rockingham Recreational Trail
  2. Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail
  3. New Durham Trails
  4. Sugar River Recreation Trail
  5. Pisgah State Park
  6. Blackmount Line
  7. Ammonoosuc Rail Trail
  8. Canaan Lions Motocross
  9. MX101
  10. Warren Recreational Rail Trail
  11. Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail
  12. The Rock Pile Motorsports Park

Remember the fact that New Hampshire has state-wide rules for offroading. The first is that both residents and non-residents are required to wear an OHRV sticker from the state of New Hampshire. 

Then, the majority of trails have a limit on noise. For your safety, it’s recommended to use an acoustic silencer or spark arrestor in the exhaust. 

Additionally, trails are typically closed during the mud season. They typically have their doors open in the months of May to October.

There are a lot of additional New Hampshire dirt bike trails. If you’re looking to learn more about parks and trails that are suitable for ATVs, find out more here.

Where can I ride a dirtbike in New Hampshire?

12 Best NH Dirt Bike Trails: New Hampshire
  • Rockingham Recreational Trail.
  • Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail.
  • New Durham Trails.
  • Sugar River Recreation Trail.
  • Pisgah State Park.
  • Blackmount Line.
  • Ammonoosuc Rail Trail.
  • Canaan Lions Motocross.

Can you ride a dirtbike in NH?

Located in New Hampshire in the US, the dirt biking trails in New Hampshire offer over fifteen trails for dirt bikes. The top New Hampshire dirt biking based on popularity are said as Rockingham Recreation Trail, Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail, Little Monadnock Family Trails, New Durham Trails, as well as Pisgah State Park.

Are dirt bikes allowed on ATV trails in NH?

The NH Bureau of Trails assists in the maintenance of trails. The trail is open to ATVs/UTVs. The path is not available to Bikes allowed.

Can you ride ATVs on snowmobile trails in New Hampshire?

Another benefit of an ATV track is that you can identify your ATV as a snowmobile and then ride every snowmobile trail throughout New Hampshire. Some clubs organize winter events. The New Hampshire ATV Club does group rides throughout the winter.

Can an ATV be street legal in NH?

You are allowed to use ATVs on private property and designated Trailways on public property throughout New Hampshire. The operation of ATVs along public roads is not permitt

Can you carry a gun on an ATV in NH?

New Hampshire House voted to allow the carrying of loaded firearms on their ATVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other off-highway recreational vehicles. A bill to lift restrictions was approved by 181 votes to 148. However, it will require Senate approval before going into effect.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike NH?

* To drive on designated roads, you must have: a valid driver’s license or valid safety certificate and be in the company of an adult with a minimum age of 25 years period with an active driver’s license.

Are side by sides street legal in NH?

It’s dual registered and can be used both on and off the road. We must register it with DMV and get a plate. We also have to declare it an utv for trail use and whether you can utilize trails or not. You can travel on roads as long as 10 miles away from home so that the maximum speed is mph or less.

Can you carry a loaded gun in your car in NH?

Can You Have a Loaded Gun in Your Car in New Hampshire? Yes, anyone who is at the age of 18 and not prohibited by law from carrying a firearm is allowed to take a loaded gun inside a vehicle without having a permit.

Can a non resident carry a gun in NH?

Any person, even non-residents, can carry a concealed firearm with or without having a permit, provided that the person isn’t prohibited from carrying guns under federal law as well as New Hampshire law. People who want to get authorization to carry can continue to have, but.

Can a 13 year old drive a dirt bike?

Are 13-year-olds allowed to ride dirt bikes? Absolute. No license is required (In the U.S. or other big countries I’ve heard of) to use dirt bikes off-road. I began riding when I was seven, so 13 is certainly not too young of a time to start biking (or not too old! ).

How do you make a dirtbike street legal in NH?

How to Title and Plate a Dirt Bike in NH
  1. Conformity Report. •You will need to print out (RSA: 215-A:35-39) form: …
  2. VIN Verification. •You will need to print out this form: …
  3. OHRV Registration Agents: You will need to purchase an Off-Road Registration sticker. …
  4. Bill of sale. • …
  5. Going to Town Hall.

Do you have to wear a helmet on an ATV in NH?

New Hampshire law does make it mandatory for anyone who is younger than 18 to wear the proper helmet and eye protection while riding the ATV. The state does not set any age limit on how old you need to be to drive or ride in one, at the very least not on private property or state trails.

Does NH require ATV insurance?

While New Hampshire does not make it mandatory for owners of ATVs to buy insurance, however, an New Hampshire ATV insurance policy is the best way to protect any investment that you’ve put into your off-road automobile.

Can you open carry in a bar in NH?

Bars and restaurants: You can open carry-in bars and restaurants which do not have signs that prohibit the carrying of firearms on their premises…

Are brass knuckles legal in NH?

It is unlawful to sell or carry brass knuckles within New Hampshire. Infractions to this law are an infraction punishable through fines of up to $2000 and the possibility of up to one year of imprisonment.

Can a felon own a gun in NH?

It is against the law for anyone who has been found guilty of a felony the possession of weapons located in New Hampshire. Persons who are victims of a court protective order may be ordered to surrender all ammunition and firearms.

NH Dirt Bike Trails New Hampshire FAQ

1. Can you ride dirt bikes in NH?

In the US The dirt biking trails in New Hampshire offer over fifteen trails for dirt bikes. The top New Hampshire dirt biking based on popularity are said as Rockingham Recreation Trail, Hopkinton Everett Multi-Use Trail, Little Monadnock Family Trails, New Durham Trails as well as Pisgah State Park.

2. Can you ride dirt bikes on ATV trails in NH?

Riding Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles (ATV’s UTV’s, trail bikes, and ATVs) are becoming more popular usage of trails throughout New Hampshire. About 1200 kilometers of trail are available for summertime OHRV riding. For trail maps or information about conditions, call the NH Trails Bureau (603) 271-3254.

3. What is considered a trail bike in NH?

A Trail Bicycle: Any motor-driven wheeled vehicle that has seating or a saddle for the driver and/or passenger intended to travel off roads that are maintained. … Any legally-registered motorized vehicles that are used off the road to fulfilling these requirements will be considered an OHRV.

4. Can an ATV be street legal in NH?

You are allowed to drive ATVs on private property or designated public trails throughout New Hampshire. The operation of ATVs in public roadways is not permitted unless it is specifically authorized and posted for use by OHRV.

5. Can you drive side by side on the road in NH?

It’s two-registered and is able to be used on road as well as offroad. We must register it with DMV and also have a license plate and declare it an utv for trails depending on whether they are suitable or not. It is possible to travel on roads as long as 10 miles away from where we live, as long as the maximum speed in miles or less.

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