12 Best Off Road Trails in Kentucky 2022

Trails in Kentucky: Kentucky is the Bluegrass State is a state which is known for its automobile production along with bluegrass music. 

It’s also a popular destination for off-roading, with its steep hills, varied forests, and beautiful mountains.

Trails in Kentucky

A number of the most scenic trails for off-roading can be found in Kentucky. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area has 150 miles of trails to explore. 

Also, there’s Rush Off-Road, which is perfect for off-road experts as well as newbies.

The top twelve off-road tracks within Kentucky are as the following:

  1. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area
  2. Rush Off-Road
  3. Turkey Bay OHV Area
  4. Daniel Boone ATV Trails
  5. Wilderness Trail-Off Road Park
  6. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park
  7. Earlington Loch Mary Lake ATV Park
  8. Redbird Crest Trails
  9. Blue Holler Offroad Park
  10. Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park
  11. Greasy Creek ATV Park
  12. Royal ATV Trails

12 Best Off-Road Trails in Kentucky

12 Best Off Road Trails in Kentucky

1. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area

With the OHV trail covering 7,000 acres system and 7,000 acres of OHV trail system, the Black Mountain off-road adventure area offers a variety of trails for you to explore. 

This 150-mile trail network is accessible to ATV, 4×4, and dirt bikers all year long.

The trails within the area of adventure are classified as difficult. They are steep with a few hills and elevations of between 1200 and 3000 feet. 

There are also moderate and easy trails suitable for those who are new to the sport. If you’re interested in an adventure of a different kind You can go on the canopy zipline.

2. Rush Off-Road

with 7000 acres of terrain, Rush Off-Road features more than 100 miles of trails that are designed to be used for off-roading. The trails offer a wonderful location for experienced and beginners. 

The off-road and ATV park in KY is also an excellent opportunity for drivers on off-roads to sharpen their abilities. Fans of off-roading come to this location to watch professionals take to the controls.

3. Turkey Bay OHV Area

This region is home to more than 100 miles of trail that are designed for vehicles of all kinds. 

The area is located in Lakes National Recreational Area and Lakes National Recreational Area and encompasses more than 170,000 acres of land.

Turkey Bay OHV area comprises primary, secondary, and tertiary trails that are classified as moderate. 

They are characterized by rocky gravel terrain and areas of muddy terrain. The loop trail is at an elevation of 211.4m.

In addition to off-roading, The 12.9 km trail can be used for birdwatching and nature walks since it is dotted with stunning wildflowers.

Daniel Boone ATV Trails

4. Daniel Boone ATV Trails

If you’re searching for a Kentucky ATV trail then the Daniel Boone ATV trail system provides beautiful areas to explore. 

The system is open all year and includes 100 miles of trails. They are also flanked by breathtaking landscapes and offer opportunities to observe wildlife.

If you’re coming out of Hyden, Ky, the most convenient way to get there is to take SR-421/80 west which is approximately 4 miles. The terrain has a bit of hardpack and loose dirt with a little dust. 

Riders should be prepared for some bumps and steep slopes. There are also intersections a few jumping points and a few crossings. 

The dangers are identified however it is recommended to be cautious. The elevation ranges from 900 feet up to 1500 feet.

5. Wilderness Trail-Off Road Park

In located in southeast Kentucky, located in southeast Kentucky, the Wilderness Trail is another off-road park located in Kentucky which is accessible for ATVs Jeeps, dirt bikes, trucks, and. With over 9,000 acres of land and 120 miles of terrain that is rocky ideal for those who are new to the sport.

The park is accessible all hours of the day and provides visitors with amazing panoramas of Pine as well as Cumberland Mountain ranges.

6. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by this 270-acre park located in Bedford, Kentucky. 

The trails system includes trails for all types of off-road vehicles, such as ATVs SXS, Buggys, and much more. 

Additionally, these off-roading trails are suitable for drivers of all types regardless of the level of experience they have.

To use this trail, you must wear to wear a DOT-certified helmet. Cabins are also available for rental.

7. Earlington ATV Park

For both novices and experienced riders, it is possible to learn new skills in this 600-acre  ATV Kentuckypark featuring 10 miles of trails for motorized vehicles. 

It is also home to Loch Mary Lake, making it an ideal spot to get out and explore the natural world when you go on an adventure by dirt biking or an ATV.

Earlington ATV park was established in the year 2010 and is located in between Hwy 112 and Hwy 1337 in Earlington, Kentucky. 

The park is easy to access and family-friendly. So take your ATVs and dirt bikes to have some fun in the great outdoors.

8. Redbird Crest Trails

The moderate loop trails are part of the Daniel Boone National Forest. It covers 34 miles and is suitable for off-highway vehicle users mountain bikers and horseback riders throughout the year. The majority is rough, narrow, and rugged. It has an elevation gain of 2,451m.

This trail system offers the riders over 100 miles on a motorized trail as well as three staging areas that each have vault toilets. 

The majority part of it is pure singletrack. It is located 3 miles to the east of it passes through the Peabody Staging zone. 

The trail forms an entire loop that begins at Redbird District Office. Redbird District Office.

There are also two inner loops, as well as a trail that connects it with the private campground for vehicles. Every trailhead has a sign which indicates the type of usage that is permitted.

This trail is a great adventure for campers. In addition, it offers a variety of opportunities for bird watching mountain biking, nature excursions including wildflowers, walking dogs on leashes. To go on a ride it is necessary to have an access pass to the trail.

9. Blue Holler Offroad Park

Blue Holler Offroad Park is an expansive area with a variety of paths to take in. If you’re in search of trails for ATVs in Kentucky the Blue Holler Offroad Park is ideal for everyone’s skill level. 

The park is situated in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and offers amazing opportunities to view the Sand dunes cave, and then ride through it.

It is situated on 1000 acres of land that is home to huge and steep hills, as well as small Trailways for ATVs. 

Jeep drivers also have the opportunity to showcase their skills on the rocky jeep trails. The park permits camping primitively and includes a restroom with shower facilities, as well as a food truck.

The trail’s 35 miles are designated, they are not maintained. The terrain includes a few big jumps and water crossings. There is also the presence of a few berms, rocks, and dirt.

Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park

10. Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park

If you’re looking for marked trails that are rated, marked, and looped ATV trails that are marked, rated and looped in KY Then you have to go to Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park located on Highway 1098 in Hindman, KY. 

This park was opened in the year 2010 and features around 100 miles of trail that are suitable for UTVs or ATVs. The property also includes 32 miles of dirt bike trails and more than 100 miles worth of trails suitable for riding on horses.

The trails of this park can be used by riders of all levels. The green trails are suitable for beginners blue trails for intermediate riders and black trails for experienced riders who are willing to tackle a new challenge.

Camping in the traditional or modern style is possible with trailheads offering shower houses with water, as well as electric hookups. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, pack all your gear for camping and get treated to the amenities the park offers.

11. Greasy Creek ATV Park

Greasy Creek ATV Park is situated over 400 acres of undeveloped terrain and has a variety of terrains, such as mountains, mud bogs, and ponds. This terrain is ideal for ATV, UTV, and Motocross bike riders. 

The motorized trails are typically created to accommodate riders from all levels, no matter if they are beginner-intermediate, expert, or even expert.

The off-road trails of Kentucky are perfect for those who enjoy riding through steep hills and through the mud. 

Apart from riding, this park for families offers camping at a primitive level and fishing. There are also night rides for those looking for more excitement.

The trails wind through a picturesque forest and provide opportunities to see elk on The Elk View Drive or the ATV Training Center & Campground. It is possible to spot Elk in the morning and at sunset.

12. Royal ATV Trails

The trails at the Royal ATV are one of the most beautiful off-road parks in KY which include miles of trails that are wooded with mud bogs, mud trails, along two grassy drag strips. 

There’s also a motocross track, as well as an incredibly small water crossing. The trail system is located near Clarkson, KY, and is situated on privately owned commercial property.

The trail’s 20 miles is ideal for those who don’t mind climbing some steep hills and sandstones. 

The elevation ranges from 700 to 800 feet. It is not necessary to have a permit to ride in the park and riders can take an adventure from dawn until sunset. Additionally, the park offers ATV rental for riders.

Conclusion – Off-Road Trails in Kentucky

What are the top 12 off-road trails in Kentucky? For a quick summary of these trails, here’s a second look:

  1. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area
  2. Rush Off-Road
  3. Turkey Bay OHV Area
  4. Daniel Boone ATV Trails
  5. Wilderness Trail-Off Road Park
  6. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park
  7. Earlington Loch Mary Lake ATV Park
  8. Redbird Crest Trails
  9. Blue Holler Offroad Park
  10. Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park
  11. Greasy Creek ATV Park
  12. Royal ATV Trails

Kentucky is, no doubt an off-road paradise due to its thrilling trail and terrain. If you’re seeking to discover this state and enjoy yourself in the process visit one of these off-road parks in Kentucky Then, you can create unforgettable memories.

Where can I go Overlanding in Kentucky?

  • Mammoth Cave National Park.
  • Cumberland Falls State Park.
  • Daniel Boone National Forest.
  • Natural Bridge State Park.
  • Carter Caves State Resort Park.
  • Clifty Wilderness.
  • Jefferson National Forest.
  • John James Audubon State Park.

Where are the best off road trails?

America’s Best Off-Road Trips
  • Mojave Road, Arizona & California. …
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. …
  • Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. …
  • Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. …
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska. …
  • Rubicon Trail, California. …
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. …
  • El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona.

Where can you ride 4 wheelers in Kentucky?

10 Best Places to ride ATVs: Kentucky Edition
  1. Wright’s Area 252 Riding Park. …
  2. Black Mountain Off Road Adventure. …
  3. Big Dog OHV Route. …
  4. Blue Holler Offroad Park. …
  5. Eagle Creek Hare Scramble Park. …
  6. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park. …
  7. Earlington Loch Mary Lake ATV Park. …
  8. Hollerwood Park.

Where does the Kentucky Adventure Trail start?

The first section of the complex is located within Powell County in a valley to the west of Natural Bridge State Park. It starts and ends along KY Highway 1639.

Can you make a Rzr street legal in Kentucky?

It is generally accepted that there is no way for an operator to use an ATV and UTV on any roadway, public highway or right-of-way of any road or public road within Kentucky.

Can you ride ATVS on the road in Kentucky?

A all-terrain vehicle (ATV) cannot be used on any roadway, highway or public road or in the right-of-way any highway or public road.

Where can I ride my dirt bike in Kentucky?

5 Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Kentucky
  1. Dirty Turtle Offroad Park, Bedford, KY. …
  2. Wildcat Adventures Offroad Park, Bernstadt, KY. …
  3. SoggyBottom MotorCross, Greenup, KY. …
  4. Nickota Motorsports Park, Bedford, KY. …
  5. Willie Rays MX Track, London, KY.

Are Go Karts street legal in Kentucky?

You can drive go-karts legally provided that it is a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV), and the Kart is recognized as such. It is essential to ensure that it is equipped with the appropriate equipment, is within the weight limits and has a top speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour.

Is there a helmet law in Kentucky?

Kentucky law states that all people under the age of 21 rides on a motorbike or use a sidecar attached to it to wear the helmet. Also, helmets must be worn by motorists who are issued a motorcycle instruction permit and those who have had their motorcycle operating license for less than one year.

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV in Kentucky?

A person who is younger than 16 can operate an adult-sized ATV. Adult-sized ATVs (engine capacity of more than 90cc) are permitted to be used on public land only by people who are 16 or older.

Trails in Kentucky FAQ

1. Can you make an Rzr street legal in Kentucky?

KY is not a title for ATVs or SXSs so you cannot declare them street legal.

2. How many waterfalls are in Kentucky?

Eastern Kentucky features the Appalachian Mountains as well as the Cumberland Plateau which are responsible for many waterfalls throughout other states, however, Brainy Geography only lists 11 waterfalls for Kentucky among them eleven falls, I was able to find information about six of them.

3. Are dirt bikes street legal in Kentucky?

Mini-bikes, motorbikes, or any other smaller vehicles are not allowed to be driven on roads or streets throughout Kentucky without first meeting the operational conditions for motor vehicles like an identification plate. … Motorcycles have to have rear-view mirrors.

4. Are Rzr street legal in Kentucky?

The general rule is that there is no way to be allowed for an operator to use an ATV and UTV in any public roadway, highway, or right-of-way of any roadway or highway that is public in Kentucky.

5. Is lane splitting legal in Kentucky?

Kentucky as with the other states that are left doesn’t mention the splitting of lanes in any traffic laws. Also, it is neither specifically legal nor illegal.  For instance, if an officer of the police believes the lane split was dangerous driving, the police may be able to stop you for it.

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