12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails 2022

Tennessee ATV Trails: Tennessee is famous for its beautiful landscape, stunning parks along miles of trails.

It’s an ideal location to go on the new ATV adventure. There’s plenty to pick from, no matter if you’re a novice or a pro. What are the most popular Tennessee ATV trails?

Tennessee ATV Trails

Brimstone Recreation can be a popular location for ATV riding. There are plenty of thrilling trails, friendly people, and beautiful cabins. 

It is also possible to visit Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail and it is another fantastic location. You will find miles of rough terrain, with some difficult areas.

The top 12 ATV Trails in Tennessee are as the following:

  1. Brimstone Recreation
  2. Windrock Trail Head
  3. Wooly’s Off-Road Area
  4. Adventure Off-Road Park
  5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail
  6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area
  7. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area
  8. Prentice Cooper State Forest
  9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground
  10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground
  11. Wheelin’ In The Country
  12. Belle Ridge Retreat

If you’re looking to enjoy your ATV at Tennessee’s own private ATV-friendly parks or national forest OHV trails, or go to take guided ATV trail rides the Volunteer State offers fun and adventure for all the family.

Let’s take a look at the top ATV tracks in Tennessee.

12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails

12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails

1. Brimstone Recreation

Brimstone Recreation is among Tennessee’s ATV top places to visit. The off-road park has hundreds of miles of trails in forests and mountains. The trails are well-marked maintained, rated, and well-maintained.

The terrain is varied from the simple roads for logging up to steep hills to trail ruts. There are some streams that are shallow and muddy crossings on the trails.

Before heading for a trip to the parks, guests must register at their office near the town’s Main Street. 

Maps, permits for trail riding equipment, maps, as well as other accessories of a basic nature are offered in the office. 

ATVs and UTV rentals are available. Many different accommodations are readily available, from campsites to cabin rentals, to complete RV hookups.

It is accessible from Sundays through Fridays, from 9 am until 5 pm. The park is open on Saturdays, from 8 am until 5 pm. 

A Permit to Use the Land Use Permit is required to take the trails. Only dirt bikes, motorcycles 4 wheelers, UTV, and SXS are allowed on the trails.

Visit the site of the park to get more details regarding fees, passes, and much more.

2. Windrock Trail Head

Also known as Coal Creek OHV Area or Windrock ATV Club, Windrock Trail Head offers more than 300 miles of trails across over 73,000 acres. 

It is among the most popular off-road locations to the north in Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

The trails that are marked and marked are well-maintained and vary from simple gravel roads through forests to harder, more rocky trails. 

The trails are available for all OHVs, including dirt bikes, ATVs mountain bikes SxS, Jeeps buggies, 4x4s, and more. Rentals of UTVs are also available.

The campground amenities include cabins with furnishings with full hookup RV sites and campsites for tents. 

The park is open all year round. The park requires a land Use Permit is required to take a ride on the trails. For more details on the cost of passes and fees, go to this park’s website.

Best Tennessee ATV Trails

3. Woolies Off-Road Area

Wooly’s Off-Road Area provides many miles of trail that run through forest areas, with the steepest hill climbs, as well as stones, as well as small jumps. The park is closed on weekends and during holiday weekends. 

It is a good idea to contact the park prior to leaving. There’s no requirement to obtain a permit in order to travel on trails. Camping is permitted in established campsites only.

4. Adventure Off-Road Park

Adventure Off-Road Park also is known as Jackson Point, Goat Rock, Tate Cove Creek, Beene Cove, Fishtrap Point, Rogers Cove, and Ballard Point. 

The park is situated on 500 acres of forest that includes 120 miles marked well maintained, unrated trails suitable for all types of vehicles. 

The terrain ranges from rough and steep hills, mud pits, rock gardens to challenging obstacle courses that are unique. 

It also has a motocross track that is well-maintained and equipped with tabletops, jumps, broad turns, and smooth, speedy straightaways.

It is accessible from Friday through Sunday. It is possible to ride during the week on request. Be sure to contact us prior to leaving. 

Camping is permitted on developed camping areas only, with ample space for trailers and tents. Basic toiletries, auto parts, maps of trails, and clothes are all available at the office of the park. 

You can also get RV hookups that cost a cost, but this is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to contact prior to arrival for availability. 

Other amenities at the park include bathrooms that are clean and well-maintained. Visit this link to learn more regarding fees, permit fees, and other essential details.

5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail

The Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail is in the Cherokee National Forest. The only path in the region is accessible to ATVs. 

The 13-mile long lineament trail (that is one way into one way in, only one exit) is a small, fenced-off area of staging for daytime use only. 

The majority of the trail begins with a rocky climb from the staging area traversing through the forest and following a Buffalo Mountain ridgeline. 

ATVs using the trail could be able to pass by through the Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower. The trail, which is mostly shaded, is marked, however, it is not rated and is not well maintained. 

The majority of the trail is made up of rocks, with dust and mud as well as steep hills and some berms. Due to these characteristics, it is not recommended for beginners. riders.

The trail is accessible from March through January. It is not required to have a permit to use the trail. 

Only dirt bikes, motorbikes, four-wheelers UTV, and SXS are allowed to ride on trails. There aren’t any camping facilities on the site.

If you need more details, please contact the Cherokee National Forest for more information. Unaka District Ranger District.

6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area

The 8600-acre Doe Mountain Recreation Area offers more than 60 miles of multi-use trails. The majority of the trails have been marked rated and maintained with minimal effort. 

The trails meander through densely forested areas, with some hills that are steep along with water crossings and berms.

The Doe Mountain Recreation Pass is required to travel on the trails. Only dirt bikes, motorcycles 4 wheelers, UTVs, and SXS are permitted. Camping is not allowed in the area but is accessible at the close by R&D Campground with direct rail access.

For more information For more details, check out the website.

Prentice Cooper State Forest

7. Prentice Cooper State Forest

Prentice Cooper State Forest offers 50 miles of well-maintained, marked ATV trails that are not rated. 

The vast trails, mostly packed with dirt, offer riders stunning perspectives across The Tennessee River. There are some water crossings, as well as high climbs up hills.

The trails are accessible between March 15 and the 19th of December. During the turkey nesting season, Tower Drive, Elder Point, Long Point, and Inman Point Trails are closed for OHVs from the late part of April to the beginning of July. 

As the dates change each year, it is best to call prior to bringing. Dirt bikes, motorcycles four-wheelers UTVs, SXS, SUVs, Jeeps dunes buggy, and Sandrail (4×4) are allowed to take advantage of the trails. There is no requirement to get a permit.

The campgrounds include two located in the State forest that has direct access to the trails. RVs and long trailers are more easily accommodated at the Hunters Check Station because there’s plenty of turnaround space.

Get in touch with the Director of the Forest at Prentice Cooper State Forest to know more.

8. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area

The North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area (NCWMA) has over 600 miles on Multi-Use Trail System. 

It’s accessible all hours of the day and camping is all over the region. Riders need the WMA permit or North Cumberland Special Use Permit. They are available through the internet or from licensed agents.

Three trail systems are interconnected three trail systems – the New River Unit, the Royal Blue Unit, and The Sundquist Unit. One permit per rider is required to be able to travel on the three.

9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort and Campground is also referred to by the names of Tacket Creek OHV, Cumberland Mountains as well as Sundquist Unit. 

It’s an ATV resort for families with more than 90 kilometers of trail. The trails that are the most difficult to pack can be marked with a rating, marked and well-maintained. 

The trail is amidst heavily forest areas and takes travelers through picturesque places, such as abandoned mines, massive boulders, and several waterfalls on the way. There are numerous water crossings, some rocky hills, and a handful of small jumps.

The trail is accessible every day of the season. The trail is open all year round. TWRA riding Permit will be required. 

Motorbikes, dirt bikes four-wheelers UTV, SXS, SUVs Jeeps, dune buggies, Jeeps, and 4×4 sandrails are able to take advantage of the trails.

The facilities of the resort comprise:

  • Rustic and decorated cabins
  • A recreation room
  • An outdoor volleyball court
  • 31 RV sites, all with full hookups
  • Plenty of room for tents

ATV as well as UTV renting is available. A general store is available offering food products, trail maps ATV-specific accessories, as well as riding permits. 

Campfires and camping can be conducted only on designated sites. Riders must wear orange vests that are blaze orange from November to January.

Go to the site of the resort for additional details on fees, passes, and other conditions.

10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground

The campground has immediate access to North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area that has more than 900 multi-use trails.

Stinking Creek ATV Campground offers many amenities for ATV riders along with their loved ones. 

They have pull-through and back-in campsites with full hookups, rental houses (2 bedrooms or three bedrooms). Ice and firewood are available on the premises. They also provide a guided tour.

Riders must obtain the TWRA Permit for use through the North Cumberland WMA Trails. All types of OHVs are permitted along the roads. Visit the site for more information.

11. Wheelin’ In The Country

Wheelin’ in the Country includes over 10 miles of trail that traverse more than 700 acres of forest areas. The various 4×4 tracks include deep mud pits, ravines, ponds as well as steep hill climbs.

Camping facilities for primitive camping are available for free. RV hookups are available at an additional fee. 

There are cabins as well as bunkhouses to rent. The park amenities include restrooms, heated showers, a snack stand as well as repair shops.

The park is owned by a private company and is accessible for rides on specific weekend hours. Contact the park prior to hauling. Any type of motor vehicle with the exception of 3-wheelers are allowed to ride on the trails. There is no permit required.

Get in touch with Wheelin in the Country for additional information on fees for camping, riding, etc.

12. Bell Ridge Retreat

The sprawling 700 acres Bell Ridge Retreat has 10 miles of unrated, marked trails that are well-maintained. This is one of the most recent campgrounds that was become accessible for public use. 

The trails, which are mostly hard-packed, run through the gorgeous Tennessee countryside, exposing ATV riders to breathtaking views of mountains and hills and waterfalls, as well as ponds and lakes. 

The trails are open only to UTVs and ATVs. There is no permit required and camping is permitted on designated sites only.

The spacious campground of the park can accommodate more than 50 RVs with full hookups, 30 campsites for tents, and 12 cabins. Additional amenities offered by the park include a bathroom, laundry along with a store on-site, as well as golf cart rental.

The trails are open only when the weather is dry So it’s best to confirm the conditions before setting out.

Conclusion: 12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails

To summarise, our choices for the best 12 ATV tracks that are located in Tennessee are as the following:

  1. Brimstone Recreation
  2. Windrock Trail Head
  3. Woolies Off-Road Area
  4. Adventure Off-Road Park
  5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail
  6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area
  7. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area
  8. Prentice Cooper State Forest
  9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground
  10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground
  11. Wheelin’ In The Country
  12. Belle Ridge Retreat

A ride on your ATV through thrilling Tennessee terrain is the most thrilling adventure. If you’re in search of an easy-going trail or adrenaline-inducing ATV trail in Tennessee there’s no better way to spend an entire weekend than taking in Tennessee’s mud pits, dirt roads, and ravines.

Does Tennessee have ATV trails?

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy your ATV at the private ATV parks of Tennessee and National Forest OHV trail or go for guided ATV trails. The Volunteer State offers fun and adventures for the entire family.

Can you ride ATVs in the Smoky Mountains?

ATV rides in the Smokies provide endless thrilling trails within the Smoky Mountains. You can hire an ATV at Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Townsend. There are a variety of courses in which ATVs are allowed—one of my favorite trails is Cades Cove Loop Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Can you ride ATV in Tennessee state parks?

Tennessee State Parks do not have any trails for ATVs or OHVs. Tennessee State Parks are often situated next to or next to forests that are part of the state.

Can you ride side by sides on the road in Tennessee?

If your UTV is legally registered for use on public roads, and you can drive it on roads with paved surfaces on state land, you’re limited to roads that are not paved.

Do you have to register ATV in Tennessee?

If you own an ATV In Tennessee, you aren’t required to declare for your car or obtain an additional license to drive it. However, you must apply a unique identification plate or sticker on your vehicle to prove that you have the certificate of title.

Is it illegal to ride a four wheeler in a neighborhood in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a state that Tennessee permits ATVs only to travel on roads at 90 degrees. In other words, you are allowed only to use public roads. Driving on the streets is not legal.

How do you stop an ATV rider?

Demand for the ATV riders to stay off the land. Notify ATV riders whenever they come close or enter the property that the property is private and is not meant for public recreation use. Place prominent signage—place “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” warnings all around the perimeter of your property. Could you post them in visible areas?

Can you make a dirt bike street legal in Tennessee?

Suppose it was issued a title in Tennessee as an off-road car, no. If you own an existing title from another state and it doesn’t have “Off Highway” anywhere, then yes. There’s a 50/50 chance you do not have a title even if you do; however, this isn’t worth the effort.

Tennessee ATV Trails FAQ

1. Can you ride ATV in Tennessee state parks?

Tennessee State Parks do not have any trails for ATVs or OHVs. … ATV/OHV owners looking to ride on any of the forests in Tennessee that are managed through the Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry. Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry should first contact the forest department to obtain more information about how to use the trails. Check out Tennessee State Forests to find additional information.

2. Where is Tackett Creek in Tennessee?

Tackett Creek Unit Tackett Creek Unit is located close to those of the Sundquist, New River, and Royal Blue units of the NCWMA and is a significant expansion of the area managed by the NCWMA.

3. Do you have to register ATV in Tennessee?

If you own an ATV In Tennessee, you aren’t required to identify your car or obtain an exclusive license to drive it. However, you are required to apply a unique identification plate or sticker on your vehicle to prove that you have an official certificate of title for it.

4. What license do I need to ride UTV in Tennessee?

The occupants of a vehicle should have a legal annual hunting permit and a WMA permit or permit for High Impact Habitat Conservation is required. The use of a DOT-certified helmet must be worn by all riders less than 18 years old. Licenses and permits are bought locally from license agents or on the internet.

5. Can you ride at night at Royal blue?

The permit covers all of the TWMA North Cumberland not only that of the Sunquist Unit (Royal Blue). No problem at night. The trails are fun and fairly well marked.

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