12 Best West Virginia ATV Trails 2022

West Virginia ATV Trails: If you’re looking for AVT trails within America, US, West Virginia easily is at the top of the list due to its well-known trail system known as the Hatfield-McCoy.

It’s not just one of the top places to ride in West Virginia however, it’s also among the top three in the entire United States! 

West Virginia ATV Trails

The “Trail Heaven” continues to expand, with numerous sub-systems of extremely unique trails.

And it has also created many opportunities for rivalry within the state, with other offroad parks and trails.

What are the most popular ATV tracks that you can ride in West Virginia? Here are twelve of the best trails you can enjoy:

  1. Bearwallow Trails
  2. Buffalo Mountain Trail System
  3. Good Evening Ranch
  4. Chaos Offroad Park
  5. Little Coal River ATV Trails
  6. Burning Rock Offroad Park
  7. Pocahontas Trail System
  8. Mountwood ATV Trails
  9. Pinnacle Creek
  10. Indian Ridge
  11. Rockhouse Trail System
  12. Warrior Trails

Although many of these belong to the Hatfield-McCoy System, each one of the trails has its own distinctness.

You will find plenty to enjoy if you choose to stick only with one trail at a time. 

Furthermore, these ATV parks located in West Virginia are great for organizing a getaway that’s all-inclusive with camping facilities, on-site stores, and facilities.

12 Best West Virginia ATV Trails

This is a must-read guide on the best places for the best ATV trails of the state.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System – An All-Encompassing ATV Trail Heaven

It’s firstly worth stopping to take an extended look at the Hatfield-McCoy trails. This trail system, which is dedicated to the use of ATVs throughout West Virginia, was developed in 1996 by the West Virginia Legislature to provide recreational trails in nine counties. 

When it was first opened in 2000 the state had more than 300 miles of trail open for riders. 

It has continued evolving and expanding ever since. Presently, there are six major trail systems, the final plan is to include Wayne, Lincoln, Mingo, Logan, Boone, Kanawha, Wyoming, McDowell, and Mercer. The final trail will be more than 2,000 miles!

The trails of Hatfield-McCoy are designed to be easily accessed from local towns, which allows you to be close to all facilities and excellent lodging options when you are on the trails. In addition, Bramwell is a favorite location, with ATV retailers, ATV tour planners, and many more.

 Bramwell is also the home of the most recent trail system that is part of Hatfield-McCoy. the Pocahontas.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails Rules

It is necessary to purchase a license to travel on the trail, but it’s worth it when taking into consideration that you can purchase a trail permit from Hatfield-McCoy at a cost of $50 as non-residents of West Virginia, and this allows you to use all the sub-systems.

The rules and regulations applicable to Trails Heaven aka Hatfield-McCoy trails include riding with an adult under the age of 16 and must be at minimum six years old to be an adult passenger, riding only in daylight, not carrying or drinking alcohol riding the trail. Also, there is no camping permitted on trails. The rules can be found on this page.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail Maps

With the multitude of ATV trails to navigate it is important to know the fullness of the trail system in the future as well as all options to connect between the trails and systems. 

There are great maps available at the website of official ATV trails here however, you can download an application that contains a wealth of details about the trails as well as the community at large.


West Virginia ATV parks each have their own events, however, there is just one National TrailFest! 

The offroad ride that is held at Gilbert, WV, every October is located on the trail system of the Hatfield-McCoy. It has something for every rider and for Side by Side, ATV, and dirt bike lovers alike.

There is not only live music and races as well, but there’s also a scavenger hunt, a variety of demonstrations a parade, and plenty of prize giveaways. Find out more information and reserve your place for next year here…

12 Best West Virginia ATV Trails

1. Bearwallow Trails

Bearwallow is part of the Hatfield-McCoy trail system, which officially began operation in the month of October 2000. 

It is famous for single-track rides and the most difficult trails that is why it draws numerous avid ATV enthusiasts.

 It’s also a favored trail due to the breathtaking landscapes you’ll see on it and its easy setup near ATV-friendly Logan. 

It is within reach of water, gas, and food all the way the entire trail, and there’s a wide range of options for lodging.

The Bearwallow trails are accessible to ORVs ATVs, ORVs, and off-road motorcycles. In all, the distance of the trail is about.

100 miles. Recently, there was an added track to connect to Chapmanville, WV, another town that is stocked with gas, food, and lodging choices.

2. Buffalo Mountain Trail System

Buffalo Mountain ATV trails are also under the Hatfield-McCoy umbrella, which includes more than 95 miles, of which the single-track trails are well-known and also offer demanding ATV riding possibilities. 

It is also the oldest trails system found within West Virginia, relevant for as it was the site that was the site of both the Hatfield-McCoy Feud as well as the Massacre of Matewan.

There are a lot of “More Difficult” trails, and you can join trails like the Devil Anse and Rockhouse Trail Systems within the larger network. 

The trail system is located near three towns where you could get yourself set up prior to or after your ride: Matewan, Delbarton, and Williamson, WV.

3. Good Evening Ranch

It is a family-friendly offroad park for families located in Canvas, WV, extends more than 400 acres of varied terrain that includes lakes, green pastures, and, of course, clean ATV trails.

 It is possible to rent rustic cabins or camping sites as well as playgrounds, horse stables, chances to hike and bike, and an eatery and bar within the park.

It is a great location for all the family to be involved in the great outdoors. It is specifically designed intended for ATV fans, the park has trails for all levels of experience and plenty of range.

4. Chaos Offroad Park

The offroad area located in Capon Bridge, WV, is specifically designed for 4×4 riding and is a warm and family-friendly space. They maintain 400 acres of fantastic riding, and also offer courses for training and a shop for parts for Jeeps and ATVs.

The trails here vary from mud pits and rocky sections, as well as miles of mountain trails that are challenging. 

The park is more limited because you must make reservations in advance and are only able to visit the park on certain dates (mostly because of the scheduled programs and tours that are conducted on-site).

5. Little Coal River ATV Trails

This group of trails was once part of the system Hatfield-McCoy and is listed in some sources but it’s now owned by a private company. In spite of this, there’s still access to ATVs as well as other off-road vehicles on the trails.

Additionally, there is no charge to use the trails. These trails cover 41 miles located near Danville Madison and Danville. Madison.

This is a fantastic spot to go to for those who are new to the area since most paths can be described as “green” or easy level.

Little Coal River ATV Trails

6. Burning Rock Offroad Park

Burning Rock is an incredible ATV-friendly park located in West Virginia, only 3.5 miles from Sophia and offering the possibility of 100 miles from beginner to advanced difficulty trails. ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, and off-road bicycles are all welcomed here.

It’s another of the best WV ATV rental spots and you can also pick up the best Polaris RZR that you can enjoy a ride around the park.

The park offers a wide choice of accommodation options on-site and a general store on-site. They also host annually scheduled events, which are worth a look at.

7. Pocahontas Trail System

It is the most modern track system within the range of Hatfield-McCoy situated near the beautiful Bramwell town. Bramwell. 

The location lets you easily connect to three different trails which include it is connected to the Pinnacle Creek. 

Indian Ridge as well as the Warrior trails are accessible, and can greatly increase your experience on your ATV. It is actually the longest continuous stretch of trails to the east from the Mississippi!

The majority of the trails are located in the Most Difficult range It’s worth it for the breathtaking views and diversity of the landscapes you’ll experience… and the thrill.

8. Mountwood ATV Trails

An additional West Virginia offroad park, Mountwood Mountwood, offers approximately 23 miles of ATV-rated trails that are open all day long. 

ATV riding is part of the larger network of hiking, horseback riding biking as well as other outdoor activities which can be enjoyed at Mountwood. 

There are stunning views, the chance to camp at the campsite and many other services as well.

9. Pinnacle Creek

Back to the Hatfield McCoy trail, Pinnacle Creek connects to Indian Ridge, Warrior, and Pocahontas trails to create an unbeatable, long trail system you can continue to ride. 

It’s located near Mullens as well as Pineville and is known for its stunning views. 

Along the Pinnacle Creek trails, it is also close to areas where you can whitewater rafts and slopes for skiing.

 This means that you can combine outdoor activities and the weather may even permit you to ride these trails as well as ski one day! 

There are numerous other simple trails in the system (up to one-third) and is great for all types of skiers.

10. Indian Ridge

It is located close to Ashland, WV, the Indian Ridge trail system is a wonderful combination of trails that are of different difficulty levels. It’s ideal for connecting with other routes as well.

11. Rockhouse Trail System

The third of the original trail systems of Hatfield and McCoy, Rockhouse welcomes all levels of ATV riders with a mix of easy trails at 31 with 29% moderately difficult and the remaining difficult. 

The Rockhouse trail has also earned it an image of “extreme” riding with more advanced off-roaders.

12. Warrior Trails

Explore West Virginia’s largest and most southern city, the City of Wars, to locate these trails that are great for easy riding and offer great scenic views. 

The trail system will also take users to the ATVs-friendly City of Gary and connect to Pinnacle Creek, Pocahontas, and Indian Ridge.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Hatfield-McCoy Trails of West Virginia, and More!

Trails of West Virginia

What are the best 12 West Virginia ATV trails? For a quick summary, here is the list:

  1. Bearwallow Trails
  2. Buffalo Mountain Trail System
  3. Good Evening Ranch
  4. Chaos Offroad Park
  5. Little Coal River ATV Trails
  6. Burning Rock Offroad Park
  7. Pocahontas Trail System
  8. Mountwood ATV Trails
  9. Pinnacle Creek
  10. Indian Ridge
  11. Rockhouse Trail System
  12. Warrior Trails

You’ve got it: West Virginia is dominated by the trails of the Hatfield-McCoy system for ATVs.

It is the area where a number of ATV dealers, rentals of WV ATVs, and other services have emerged. 

The ATV-friendly towns around the trails are a fantastic place to take a trip around for a few days to explore an old feud, thrilling riding, and breathtaking landscapes.

There are many more things to West Virginia than just Hatfield-McCoy and you can find out in the designated ATV parks throughout the state. 

Whatever you decide to do you’ll be taken care of during your off-road adventures.

West Virginia ATV Trails FAQ

1. Can you drive a four-wheeler on the road in West Virginia?

It is a general rule that it is not allowed to use an ATV, or UTV on a street that is public within West Virginia. This includes all highways and any street that has a centerline and more than two lanes. This means that you can use either an ATV or UTV on the roads with a single or two-lane without having a centerline.

2. Do you have to register an ATV in West Virginia?

West Virginia law requires owners to register their ATVs for use on public land. If you plan to ride the ATV, or UTV in public areas then you must register it as a “street-legal special-purpose automobile” under the new law, which was approved in March 2020.

3. Do you have to register at ATVs in VA?

Are you required to title or Register your UTV/TV in Virginia? All new ATVs that exceed 50cc must be registered to Virginia. You can also request an official title for an old ATV in order to obtain a loan or to prove ownership.

4. What towns are ATV friendly in West Virginia?

Traveler Tips There are towns in Gilbert, Man, Matewan, Delbarton, and Williamson are all “ATVFriendly Communities” which means that residents and visitors are able to ride ATVs, dirt bikes, and UTVs all the way from daylight until darkness (11 p.m. for Gilbert) within the city limits.

5. Is a bill of sale required in West Virginia?

In the State of West Virginia, you’ll require a signed Bill of Sale in the event that you purchased the vehicle at a price less than 50 percent of its NADA Clean Loan Book value and want to transfer it to the state.

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