12 Best Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails & Tracks 2022

Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails:  which is located in the Great Lakes, has a lot to offer dirt bike riders. 

Trails through wooded or rocky terrain are available for off-road enthusiasts. Combining this with hunting and fishing can make Wisconsin a truly outdoor-oriented destination. What are the best Wisconsin dirt bike trails and tracks?

Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails

These are 12 fantastic places to ride your dirtbike in Wisconsin:

  1. Nemadji State Forest
  2. Bong State Recreation Area
  3. Syracuse Mund Recreation ORV Area
  4. Pecatonica State Trail
  5. Cheese Country Trail
  6. Black River State Forest
  7. Cattail Trail
  8. Dead Horse Run Trail
  9. Knobby-Ridge Trail System
  10. Wild Rivers Trail
  11. Douglas County Off-Highway Motorcycle Trails
  12. Tri-County Corridor

These trails provide a variety of views and challenges. You will enjoy single-track, technical, or rolling terrain while enjoying some amazing new sights and experiences.

12 Best Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails & Tracks

Dirt Bike Trails & Tracks

1. Nemadji State Forest

This forest is situated near the borders between Wisconsin, Minnesota. It is home to 100 miles of trails for dirtbike enthusiasts ATV, ATV as well as OHV riders.

The 27-mile trails are single-track, which means only motorcycles or dirt bikes are allowed to ride these trails.

Nemadji State Forest offers the most challenging trails, with twists and tight curves that will test you.

The trails do not only go through forests in the states. You can also ride on these trails, including the Gandy Dancer Trail and Matthew Lourey Trail.

There is also the option to fish and hunt and camp dispersed. permitted.

2. Bong State Recreation Area

Richard Bong State Recreational Area located in Kenosha County, WI has 10 miles of dirt trails for bikers to use.

Three dirt loops are accessible to riders who want to cross prairies as well as wetlands. This is the most popular dirt bike trail within Wisconsin.

Bong State Recreational Area is an extensive space that extends all the way to east Brighton. It is managed as prairie.

It is home to magnificent birds like sandhill cranes and egrets here and numerous other outdoor activities like horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.

Bong State Recreation Area

3. Syracuse Mound Recreation ORV Area

There are two dirt bike trails within the Syracuse Mound Recreation ORV Area that cover eight miles on 250 acres.

The trails wind through forests, and there’s an extensive playing area with a mudbug and a peewee, supercross, and motocross track for extra excitement. 

Expect sandy and light muddy trails, and not a lot of climbing, which means there are some quick trails. 

There’s Syracuse Mound, which is just 15 miles to the south from Wisconsin Rapids, but make sure to check their Facebook page for details on opening hours and the rules.

4. Pecatonica State Trail

Some of the most beautiful parts of Wisconsin are in the vicinity of Calamine and Calamine, home to Calamine and the Pecatonica State Trail. 

This is at the top of many dirt bike lists and is a railroad route that runs through the 10 miles that twist and turn reaching the state’s former capital city. 

Pecatonica River is breathtakingly scenic and you’ll traverse through farmland and visit historic structures as well as enjoy an amazing journey through the past of Wisconsin. 

If you take the east route and arrive in Calamine and can join the 47 mile Cheese Country Trail.

If you follow the trail to the west of Calamine it will eventually end in Belmont and connect to the Mound View State Trail.

5. Cheese Country Trail

Wisconsin is known for its status as the Cheese Country due to its vast dairy farms which is why it is among the most recognizable symbols that people around the world will be able to associate with the state. It’s no wonder they have the Cheese Country Trail!

The trail spans 47 miles in Iowa, Lafayette, and Green counties and covers a variety of landscapes, from hills that roll down to forests and Bluffs. It’s also been described as “the mecca of dirt bike bliss”!

To make it more well-known camping facilities are available as well as several lodging, dining, and shopping choices on the trail. 

Additionally, you can attempt horseback riding, snowmobiling, and many other outdoor activities on the trail, too.

 Cheese Country Trail

6. Black River State Forest

33 miles of dirt and ATV bike trails within Wisconsin can be accessible within the Black River State Forest in Jackson and Clark counties. 

The trails are accessible all season and offer camping, picnic areas as well as shelters. 

Your motorcycle must have to be road legal to use these trails and be registered by the DNR as an off-highway vehicle (OHM). Learn more here.

7. Cattail Trail

Take a trip towards Polk County for 13 miles of riding along a gravel rail bed along the Cattail Trail. 

Dirt bikes can be ridden here during the summer, spring, and fall. You can link to Sawmill County Trail, Sterling County ATV Trail, and Gandy Dancer State Trail which are all of which are maintained by Polk County officials.

What distinguishes Cattail Trail special is the variety of wildlife that you’ll see as you travel between Amery towards Almena. 

The trail is also multi-use which means you should keep an eye for other riders riding mountain bikes!

8. Dead Horse Run Trail

It is the Dead Horse Run Trail is 56 miles long and runs through Price, Ashland, and Sawyer counties. 

It is accessible from May 1st until March 14th each year. It offers two entry points two of which are The Camp Loretta Trail Head near Loretta, WI, and the Dead Horse Slough Trail Head located on the north end of State Highway 77, beside Dead Horse Slough. 

The map is excellent and additional information about the amenities at the end of the trail is here.

You can expect beautiful forest trails and smooth terrain for your dirt biking adventures within the Chequamegon-Nicolet Forest. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to connect with two other fantastic trails like Tuscobia State Trail, Flambeau Trail. Tuscobia State Trail and Flambeau Trail.

9. Knobby Ridge Trail System

It’s another top spot with dirt bikes in Wisconsin. It is located within Clark County, the Knobby Ridge Trail System offers 16 miles of trails that loop through the forest. And it’s open only to dirt bikes, which means it’s a trial by you.

You can also camp at the County Forest, and there are restrooms and picnic areas located on the site, too. 

Trails are open from May 15th until October 31st, and again between December 15th and March 15th. Find more information about the requirements for riding rides and the maps on this page.

10. Wild Rivers Trail

It is the Wild Rivers Trail is another fantastic dirt bike trail: It is 104 miles long runs through Douglas, Washburn, and Barron counties in northwest Wisconsin, and provides a variety of wildlife and scenery on the way. 

It is possible to ride on the trail throughout the year The trail is also accessible to snowmobiles and horseback riders according to the season. 

It’s free to ride and an easy ride from an engineering perspective however, it’s rewarding due to the beautiful landscape you see as well as the numerous other sports that you can participate in while there.

The Wisconsin DNR has put together several useful tips, including guidelines for trail use, which you can read here for an up-to-date level on sharing the trail with other people and taking pleasure in the experience.

11. Douglas County Off-Highway Motorcycle Trails

Douglas County maintains a great network of trails for dirt biking covering 5 miles located in the middle of other trails stretching up to 45 miles, and leading you into Montana too. 

It is a popular location for riding dirt throughout Wisconsin due to the great conditions for riding and also the fact that it puts you in close proximity to facilities and trails.

The booklet along with a trail the map here and additional details about the condition of the trails, as well as their opening hours.

12. Tri-County Corridor

The top trails for dirt bikes located in Wisconsin are named in honor of the fact that it runs through Ashland, Bayfield, and Douglas counties over its 62 miles. 

It is accessible in Ashland or at the Ashland Marina or via The Osaugie Trail in Itasca.

Expect an assortment of terrain that is rocky and paved sections and you’ll share the trail with cyclists, ATVs as well as horseback riders. 

It’s a quiet, tranquil trail, with plenty of wildlife. It also crosses beautiful forests and rivers.

The advantage of this trail for dirt bikes is you could connect with the Osaugie Trail to continue to the west after you’ve finished the trail. 

This Tri-County Corridor trail doesn’t have many amenities, so you should be ready with a few extra meals and equipment.

Conclusion: Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails Are Hard to Beat

To refresh the best trails, this is our list of the best 12 Wisconsin road trails for dirt biking:

  1. Nemadji State Forest
  2. Bong State Recreation Area
  3. Syracuse Mound Recreation ORV Area
  4. Pecatonica State Trail
  5. Cheese Country Trail
  6. Black River State Forest
  7. Cattail Trail
  8. Dead Horse Run Trail
  9. Knobby Ridge Trail System
  10. Wild Rivers Trail
  11. Douglas County Off-Highway Motorcycle Trails
  12. Tri-County Corridor

With this combination of stunning views, a decent amount of amenities, and a welcoming environment, Wisconsin is hard to beat for a great dirt-biking adventure. 

You’ll be able to take in a wide range of outdoor pursuits when you head out for a trip on holiday however, you’ll also be challenged by the trails for dirt bikes and not get too difficult that you’re not having fun.

There’s something to suit everyone including the old trails to the modern and well-maintained trails within state forests.

Which state has the best dirt bike trails?

The top US dirt biking trails based on the popularity of the sport can be located throughout California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Washington.

Can you ride dirt bikes on Wisconsin trails?

Dirt bikes aren’t allowed on ATV trails however, they are permitted to ride on singletrack trails that stretch for 26 miles. trails.

Can you ride dirt bike on road in Wisconsin?

Dual-sport OHMs that want to operate on designated trails and roads have to register with DNR and be licensed by WisDOT. ” Not all ATV trails and routes are available to off-highway motorcycles that are legal,” Eddy said.

Which state has the best dirt bike trails?

The top US dirt biking trails based on popularity are located throughout California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Washington.

Can a child ride on a motorcycle in Wisconsin?

Minimum age of 18: Wisconsin residents under 18 years old need to prove they have completed their driver education and completed the basic rider training course to be eligible to get an M Class license.

Can you ride mini bikes on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

A. It is true. As long that the forest road isn’t designated as an ATV trail that is closed to automobiles and other motor motorcycles. If the roadway is an ATV path accessible to OHMs, your dual-sport motor-cycle is also required to obtain DNR registration to use the trail.

Are Black River Falls ATV trails open?

Trails for ATVs are accessible to UTVs beginning May 15 to Oct. 15. UTVs aren’t allowed to use the trails until the 15th of December

Are dirt bikes allowed on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

Dirt bikes aren’t permitted in ATV tracks However, they are permitted on trails that are singletrack. There are 26 miles of trails.

Are the snowmobile trails open in Monroe County Wisconsin?

All trails within Monroe County are open except for Trail 51 from intersection 45 east to Juneau County and Eagles Nest, which will remain inaccessible until further notice due to…

Are Chippewa County ATV trails open?

This Chippewa County ATV Trail is generally open for ATV/UTV riders from May 1st through November 15th every year; except in emergencies, the County could close the trail and install a gate. Be aware because you never know what’s coming around the next corner or down the next hill on this two-way trail!

What are 3 items should be in the on position when starting an ATV?

What three things are to be “on” when you start your car and ATV? Choke the engine stop switch along with the throttle valve for fuel.

Is 60 too old to ride a motorcycle?

When riders must stop riding their motorcycles is contingent on their mental, physical and overall health. Most motorcycle riders stop riding their motorbike at the age of 60 to 85 depending on how confident they are as well as how skilled they feel as well as the local regulations.

What do you call a person who rides a motorcycle?

Motorcyclist A politically correct and all-encompassing word for those who use motorcycles, usually used by that outside of the realm of riding. As with “biker,” some riders do not mind being described as motorcyclists. Others aren’t.

Which state sells the most dirt bikes?

In 2020, California reported the most registered motorcycles for commercial and private use in the nation. Not just are California among the U.S. state with the most motorcycles; it’s additionally the largest state of the U.S. overall, representing approximately 11% of the nation’s overall population.

Do helmets save lives on motorcycles?

The cost of a motorcycle crash is high. However, they are preventable. The most efficient method for states to save lives and money is to have an all-inclusive helmet law. Helmets saved 1,859 lives in the year 2016. If all motorcyclists had been wearing Helmets during 2016, 802 lives could have been saved.

Are more or less people riding motorcycles?

Eight per cent of U.S. households had at minimum one bike in the year 2018, which was the highest recorded in the history of surveying conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council. Motorcycle-related households increased by 6.94 per cent in 2014 (the last comprehensive survey) to a new record 8.02 per cent in 2018. an increase of over 1.5 million homes.Jan 23 2019, 2019

Wisconsin Dirt Bike Trails FAQ

1. Are dirt bikes allowed on trails in Wisconsin?

Dirt bikes cannot be used on ATV trails but are permitted on 26 miles of singletrack.

2. Are Dirtbikes street legal in Wisconsin?

You cannot get a dirtbike license in WI if you don’t have a street legal title. You can avoid this if you don’t have a title but have a certificate proving your origin. A friend who is trustworthy and sympathetic in Michigan will be your best friend. You will “sell” your friend the bike.

3. Which state has the best dirt bike trails?

Based on popularity, the best dirt biking in America can be found in California and Washington.

4. Can you ride mini bikes on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

 Yes. So long as the forest road doesn’t have an ATV trail that is closed for motor vehicles or OHMs, then yes. If the forest road is an OHM-accessible ATV trail, your dual-sport motorcycle will need DNR registration to be able to ride on it.

5. Can you register a dirt bike in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin DNR offers registration services for off-highway bikes. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (exit DNR) issues titles and/or registrations (license plates) for motorcycles used on highways.

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