14 Best ATV Trails in Iowa 2022

ATV Trails in Iowa: Iowa is well-known for its flat plains, hardwood forests, rolling hills, and flat plains. 

It is a great place to take your ATV and explore the diverse terrain and scenic landscape.

ATV Trails In Iowa

Rathbun offers trails for all levels of skill. You can even test your ATV on the practice track. 

Riverview is another area worth exploring. You can enjoy a scenic ride at Lakeview OHV Park, which features beautiful forests and hills.

Iowa hosts many exciting events throughout each year, including festivals, dances, sports, and other activities. 

Bikers from all over the country join the RAGBRAI Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Around Iowa every July. The Iowa State Fair attracts over a million visitors to Des Moines every August.

These events are not necessarily open to the public. These Iowa ATV park trails are made for ATV riders and hawk-eyed adventurers.

These are the best ATV trails for Iowa:

  1. Rathbun OHV Park
  2. River Farm Recreation
  3. Gypsum City
  4. Bluff Creek OHV
  5. Riverview OOHV Park
  6. Lakeview OOHV Park
  7. River Ridge ATV Trails
  8. Hansen Hollows
  9. Hawkeye Downs Motocross Track
  10. Timber Ridge Ranch and Winery
  11. Nicholson–Ford OHV Park
  12. Tama County OHV Park
  13. River Valley OHV Park
  14. Cambridge Offroad Park

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and hosts many events and tourist attractions. These trails and parks will take you on less-traveled roads.

14 of the Best ATV Trails In Iowa

ATV Trails in Iowa

1. Rathbun OHV Park

Rathbun OHV is a good place to begin. It is located in Appanoose County and offers a variety of challenging and casual trails that are suitable for all levels of riders. It is approximately 10 miles long and runs through forests, hills, and borders a lakeshore.

If you need to take a break, the practice track and picnic area are available.

2. River Farm Recreation

River Farm Recreation is one of the best off-road parks in Iowa. There are four tracks for ATV riders to choose from:

The long track, the track through the woods, motocross, and the sand. A freestyle ramp is also available for riders.

River Farm offers kayak rentals and hiking trails as well as a camping area with its own beach. It’s a great place to stay and enjoy all of the amenities.

3. Gypsum City OHV park

Gypsum OHV Park can be found in Fort Dodge, Webster County. There are several trails available, each designed for different skill levels. 

Novice riders can learn as many skills as they wish on the flat prairie. Children can also learn safety on ATVs from a smaller track. 

For experienced riders, there is also a forest trail that crosses the water. Snowmobile riders can also use the park in winter.

Racing Unlimited is highly recommended if you’re looking for ATV dealers in Iowa. It’s also only 3 minutes from Gypsum City OHV Park. Their website is available here.

Bluff Creek OHV

4. Bluff Creek OHV

Bluff Creek is unique among the ATV Trails in Iowa. It was once a coal mine. The park has 20 miles of trails that include steep climbs and deep pits. 

The beginner’s trail is suitable for beginners, but experts can take the “gravity cavity trail”, which features the park’s most difficult terrain. Bluff Creek has a place for camping, fishing, picnicking, and other activities when you’re ready to wind down.

5. Riverview OHV Park

Riverview OHV Park’s name is derived from its riverside trails. There is a 4-mile route that runs along the Cedar River in Black Hawk County.

There are two trails for motocross and one track for beginners. To be allowed to enter, ATVs cannot exceed 65 inches in width.

6. Lakeview OHV park

All types of ATVs and UTVs are welcome at Lakeview OHV Park in Johnson County. There are trails for offroaders on 160 acres.

Some of these trails run through woods and hills while others have sand trails. Children and beginners can enjoy two trails. Experienced ATV riders will have fun in mud bogs or areas with ravines.

7. River Ridge ATV Trails

River Ridge is a great option if you are planning to visit the Maquoketa Caverns, State Park. This ATV Trail is located in the Whispering Meadows resort and is just 30 minutes from the park. 

You will enjoy a beautiful ride through the woods and a great view of the Maquoketa River. You can also visit the area with mountain bikers and hikers, and reserve a cabin for the night.

8. Hansen Hollows

Hansen Hollows is a great option if you prefer to camp over staying in a cabin. You can see the Maquoketa River from Hansen Hollows, which is 6.5 miles away. 

It’s only open on weekends, but there are plenty of terrains to cover. The park has a flat ATV trail, hilly terrain, and lots of trees.

 Hansen Hollows

9. Hawkeye Downs Motocross Track

Iowa’s off-road parks are not for everyone. However, this park is popular with racing enthusiasts. From April through October, the Cedar Valley Trail Riders hosts the CVTR MX Championship Series, which features races for dirt bikes and 4x4s.

This particular ATV trail in Iowa is only available to members, but it’s open to the public during April-May.

10. Timber Ridge Ranch and Winery

Timber Ridge is a private property near Lake Icaria, Adams County. You can explore the site’s wooded trails, which include steep hills, mudbugs, and water crossings. You can also enjoy the rest facilities at the campgrounds after you have explored the trails. Timber Ridge offers a winery, picnic area, and swimming holes.

11. Nicholson-Ford OHV Park

Some ATV trails in Iowa allow you to cruise alongside rivers. However, you can drive through the river bottoms with this. 

The trails at Nicholson-Ford, Marshall county, were once river or creek beds. The trail takes you through peaceful forests, but you might encounter large rocks or climbs. It can also become muddy in the rain.

12. Tama County OHV Park

Tama City is the top-rated OHV park within Tama County. The trail, which runs 15 miles along the Iowa River, takes you through rolling hills and densely-packed soil. There is a track for motocross and another track for kids. There are 23 campsites available, with 10 offering electric amenities.

If you do decide to go on this trail, Toledo is a nearby city that you might want to visit. It is only 5 minutes from the park. 

The USS Polaris is another highly recommended ATV dealer in Iowa. Their website is available here.

13. River Valley OHV Park

River Valley was named for the Missouri River, which runs through Pottawattamie County. There are 23 miles of hills and sandy trails. 

Tourists love it for the stunning views and vantage points that you will see as you travel along the trails.

14. Cambridge Offroad Park

Cambridge Offroad Park has 30 acres of terrain that you can explore with your UTV or ATV. There are three tracks: a motocross track and a flat track.

The wooded area is also available. Although it is a small park with friendly staff, it is well-maintained and maintained. You’ll find trails for both beginners and professionals, so no matter your level of skill, you will enjoy it.

Conclusion – ATV Trails In Iowa

What are the best ATV trails for Iowa? Here they are again.

  1. Rathbun OHV Park
  2. River Farm Recreation
  3. Gypsum City
  4. Bluff Creek OHV
  5. Riverview OOH Park
  6. Lakeview OOHV Park
  7. River Ridge ATV Trails
  8. Hansen Hollows
  9. Hawkeye Downs Motocross Track
  10. Timber Ridge Ranch and Winery
  11. Nicholson–Ford OHV Park
  12. Tama County OHV Park
  13. River Valley OHV Park
  14. Cambridge Offroad Park

The Hawkeye State is home to many beautiful places, including low-lying prairies and cornfields. Iowa’s ATV trails offer the thrill of off-roading and take you to beautiful rivers, forests, adventurous hills, and coal mines. It’s worth a visit to Iowa’s off-road parks!

Where can I find local ATV trails?

ATVs—Here’s How to Find The Best Riding Trails
  1. StepOutside.org. Step Outside’s integrated map automatically pulls all of the nearby rider information near you. …
  2. RiderPlanet USA. Photograph by David Halsey (club president) …
  3. Ride Command. …
  4. Ride Command App. …
  5. U.S. Forest Service Interactive Trail Map. …
  6. Websites Of State Governments.

What state sells the most ATVs?

For ATVs, we can see that the highest selling price average was recorded in Alaska, where units were sold for $7,496. This compares to South Carolina, where units were sold for more than $2,000 less at $5,260. Alaska, Montana, Vermont, South Dakota, and New Mexico are all located in the top range.

Where is the biggest ATV park?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. It is located in the south-central region of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail network is the biggest ATV trail in America and is regularly ranked first among the top five ATV trails in the United States.

Does Iowa have ATV trails?

Of all off-road parks in Iowa, River Farm Recreation could have the most activities to provide. ATV drivers have four trails to pick from, including the longer track, one in the woods and the motocross track, and the Sand track.

What makes a dirt bike street legal in Iowa?

You’ll need to purchase one of the 2007 KTM ExC or a 06 or later Husky, which are legal for 50 states, if you wish to buy an official dirt bicycle in Iowa. I’m thinking of calling it custom-built; you’ll need to take the brakes, and other “safety items off, then visit DMV and tell them it’s one of the American Chopper bikes. It will fly straight through.

Can you make an ATV street legal in Iowa?

Kaufmann stated that ATVs are permitted on roadways of the 22 states. Additionally, the majority of Iowa counties have local ordinances that permit ATVs on local roads and roads.

Are Arctic Cats good ATVs?

Arctic Cat vehicles are also well-known for having the power and features of rivals with higher prices a lower prices. A few of the more adored Arctic Cat ATVs are the Alterra 300. Due to its stable suspension and low mass, it’s an excellent ATV for younger or novice drivers.

How do you convert ATV hours to miles?

Multiply the number of hours your engine is running with 60. The number you get to figure out the number of miles on your engine. For instance, 1235 hours of engine time equates to approximately 74,100 miles.

What ATV has the most ground clearance?

For those who want to master the off-roading adventure at high-speed, take a look at this year’s Scrambler XP 1000S, which is considered the world’s largest ATV. With the 14.5-inch ground clearance and a 55-inch wide stance, there’s no need to tee over rubble, rocks, or fallen trees.

Can you ride a dirt bike on ATV trails in Maine?

Maine can be the perfect destination for dirt bikes, ATVs, and snowmobile enthusiasts because the state is dotted with hundreds of miles of trail available all year long. Trails vary from well-maintained wide gravel trails to dirt trails that are remote in the northern forests in the northern part of Maine.

Does Iowa have ATV trails?

Of all the off-road parks located in Iowa, River Farm Recreation might have the most fun to provide. ATV drivers can choose four trails, including the lengthy track, the trail in the woods as well as the motocross track, and the Sand track.

Do you have to register a 4 wheeler in Iowa?

A valid account is needed for Iowa residents. A nonresident user’s permits are required for state riders. When registrations are required in a non-resident home state, the registration must be visible at the time of registration on the device.

Who makes the engines for Arctic Cat ATVs?

Suzuki provides been providing engines to Arctic Cat since 1976. It was a major shareholder in June 1988when it paid $12.8 million for a 33 percent stake in the company. It was then called the Arctic. In 1988, Arctco was preparing to reject an acquisition proposal of $25 million from Polaris, a Medina-based competitor. Polaris.

ATV Trails in Iowa FAQ

1. Are ATVs allowed in Iowa state parks?

Notification: All ATVs dirt bikes and ORVs have to be registered for use at these OHV Parks Non-resident users require an Iowa non-resident permit. Just right in time for your summer plans, the camping area in Gypsum City OHV Park is accessible for visitors.

2. Where can I find local ATV trails?

To locate the opportunities for riding as well as maps and regulations for the area you reside, conduct an internet search, on your computer for “(your state’s) DNR ATV Trails.” One of the most efficient methods to find the most popular ATV trails in your region is to join an ATV local club and guide you and your family for guided rides.

3. What does it cost to register a UTV in Iowa?

The Recorder’s office collaborates with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to identify and register ATVs and snowmobiles. Washington County residents. The registration deadline is December 31st of every year. The cost of an annual registration costs $17.75.

4. Is the 350 legend legal in Iowa?

The. 350 Legend is legal for deer hunting in Iowa.

5. Are ATV streets legal in Iowa?

The general rule is that you are not permitted to use an ATV or UTV on the public road within Iowa. However, cities or counties can make streets within their authority that are suitable for UTV and ATV UTV operation.

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