14 Best ATV Trails in PA Pennsylvania 2022

ATV Trails PA Pennsylvania: offers ATV enthusiasts a variety of trails and recreation areas. This is due to the state’s landscape diversity, mountains, hills, and ridges, and the dedication to maintaining good conditions.

It’s a wonderful way to discover the Keystone State’s natural world. You will also be able to learn about some amazing places by riding on an ATV trail in Pennsylvania. 

ATV Trails in PA Pennsylvania

You can also enjoy the ride and see some of the most beautiful views. What are the best ATV trails for Pennsylvania?

These are our top 14 ATV trails through Pennsylvania:

  1. Marienville Trail
  2. Allegheny National Forest Trail ATV Trails
  3. Rock Run Recreation Area
  4. Darkwater OOHV Trail
  5. Mountain Ridge ATV Park
  6. The Lost Trails ATV Adventures
  7. Mines Meadows ATV/RV Resort
  8. Famous Reading Outdoors
  9. East Kettle ATV Trail
  10. Burnt Mills
  11. Bloody Skillet ATV Trail
  12. Bayview OHV Area
  13. Haleyville ATV Trails
  14. Indian Creek Valley ATV Club

There are many public ATV trails throughout Pennsylvania. You can also find great ATV parks or clubs on private property. 

Pennsylvania is a state that loves the outdoors and where off-road riding can bring out the best in you. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots for PA ATV trails.

14 Best ATV Trails in PA

14 of the Best ATV Trails in PA

1. Marienville Trail

The Marienville Trail is located in the Allegheny National Forest and can be easily accessed via the trailhead, 10.5 miles northeast of Marienville, PA. Access to the entire Allegheny National Forest trail system is possible from the trailhead.

Marienville Trail represents 14.2 miles of the more than 100 miles of ATV trails in the forest. You can connect to other trails, such as Penske Trail or Timberline Trail, on either side.

2. Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails

Marienville and Penoke are all part of the Allegheny National Forest’s southern trails, but there’s more to the north with Rocky Gap Trails and Willow Creek Trails.

They cover 50 miles and are the most challenging side of ratings. This will make them an exciting challenge. 

You can find out more information about Allegheny National Forest ATV trails including maps and contact details.

Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails

3. Rock Run Recreation Area

In this park, which is located in Northern Cambria or Southern Clearfield counties, you will find over 140 miles of dedicated ATV trails. You can see the trail maps to help you understand what to expect.

To ride in the park, you will need to pay $15.00 Wednesday and Thursday, $22.00 Friday and Sunday per driver.

They are open from April through October. You should check their website for the latest information.

Rock Run allows you to climb up to the top of the Allegheny Mountains for spectacular views. 

There are many other events at the park throughout the year. The highlight is the ATV Summer Blast, which takes place every August and features demos, fun rides, and raffles.

4. Darkwater OHV Trail

For the 30-mile trail that runs from Pottsville, PA to Pittsburgh, PA, you’ll need to head over.

It offers open and woody areas, twisting trails, and lots of variety. Be prepared to climb as you’ll be climbing up to 3,000 feet throughout the trail.

5. Mountain Ridge ATV Park

Another dedicated PA ATV trail paradise is Mountain Ridge Park. It has over 140 miles of trails through beautiful forest scenery, near Reels Corner in Eastern Somerset County. There are six easy trails and six moderate ones.

Four of the four are marked as difficult. You can also camp on primitive campsites or at spots with electricity hook-ups. Or rent a rustic cabin for your stay.

Park fees are charged and vary depending on the weekday. However, you can enjoy great facilities and riding while you’re there. Mountain Ridge organizes night rides and other events throughout each year.

It’s worth staying for more than just one day. This is the place to go if you are looking for ATV parks throughout Pennsylvania.

6. The Lost Trails ATV Adventures

This park is open all year and is located just 25 minutes north of the Ponoco Mountains of Dunmore, PA. They offer excellent ATV trails on the 2,000-acre property. 

It is difficult to ride here, and the terrain is varied. Climbing to the peak of the Ponoco Mountains will give you stunning views. All trails can be mapped and marked.

A children’s riding area is available with several places for them while they are young.

ATV rentals and other guided adventures are also offered by the park. There is also a variety of lodging options available.

7. Mines Meadows ATV/RV Resort

For your next Pennsylvania visit, why not consider an ATV resort? Mines Meadows calls their ATV Trail Park, which features 84 miles worth of recreational trails and resides on 877 acres in Western PA. You can also ride underground at this ATV park!

You will have many thrills and different perspectives in the park’s mines. It is an amazing experience. 

A $ 25-day pass can be purchased, or you can stay the night to enjoy one of the many camping options. You shouldn’t miss any of their events!

8. Famous Reading Outdoors

This coal mining company has opened its property to ATV riding. There are many trails that go up hills, open areas, valleys, and steep climbs. 

Many trails run on old mining roads, which will transport you back in history a bit.

Famous Reading Outdoors is open all year. However, hunters are welcome in winter. You should wear brightly colored clothing. You will need a permit to ride here. This permit can be ordered online.

9. ATV Trail through East Kettle

This 16-mile trail is located in Bald Eagle State forest. It allows you to enjoy mixed hardwood forest scenery and a mostly easy trail. Although the terrain is mostly hardpacked, it’s great for beginners.

There are also side trails that present more challenges and some gravel sections. You can ride your ATV here as long as you have insurance and the vehicle is registered. Learn more about getting there.

 East Kettle ATV Trail

10. Burnt Mills

Burnt Mills ATV trails run 7 miles and are located in Delaware State Forest. The trail, which is mostly flat and hardpacked, is beautiful and easy to ride. 

It’s ideal for beginners because it doesn’t have a long trail and it’s open all year, except during deer hunting season.

11. Bloody Skillet ATV Trail

Another section of an old coal-mining road has been converted ATV Trail. Bloody Skillet is located in Sproul State Forest.

It takes you into the woods, over small creek crossings, and bridges. You will find wild turkey, bears, and deer when you ride here.

Except for hunting season, the trail is accessible. You can enjoy it even in winter. What’s the story behind the name? It is believed that the name was associated with an old farm and a slaughterhouse, which were used in coal mining.

12. Bayview OHV Area

For the area that has 200 acres of ATV trails along its western shores, head to Shenango River Lake. Although there are some hill climbs and mud holes, the trails are generally easy and friendly for beginners. 

There is also the option to stay at Shenango Campground, which is just a few miles from the trailhead. These trails are only open from Memorial Day weekend through October 1.

13. Haneyville ATV Trails

These trails, located in Tiadaghon state forest, are free to ride. They offer amazing riding conditions and varied terrain on old log roads that stretch over 17 miles. These ATV trails are easy to follow and mark. Learn more.

14. Indian Creek Valley ATV Club

Indian Creek Valley ATV Club maintains 40 miles of ATV trails in a private area. The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

There are many levels of difficulty on these trails. The downside to riding here is that you must be a member.

ATV riding in Pennsylvania – Some Quick Notes

You’ll need proof of liability and your certificate of registration before you can get on your ATV. If your ATV has an unlimited registration, you’ll need to ensure that it is registered with expiration stickers.

Public ATV trails are open to anyone aged 8-15 with a valid safety certificate.

This page contains information about ATV trails within PA state parks, forests, and other public lands. You can also find suggestions for places to ride. The DCNR website is another excellent resource for trail information.

You should also check with the websites of the state and national parks to see if you require a permit in order to ride on their trails. This is required for Allegheny National Forest trails. 

Be aware that ATVs in Pennsylvania are often shared with motorbikes, dirtbikes, and sometimes hikers with their dogs. Be extra careful if you see this sign at the trailhead.

 ATV Trails

Conclusion – ATV Trails In Pennsylvania

What are the best ATV trails in PA, you ask? Here they are again.

  1. Marienville Trail
  2. Allegheny National Forest Trail ATV Trails
  3. Rock Run Recreation Area
  4. Darkwater OOHV Trail
  5. Mountain Ridge ATV Park
  6. The Lost Trails ATV Adventures
  7. Mines Meadows ATV/RV Resort
  8. Famous Reading Outdoors
  9. East Kettle ATV Trail
  10. Burnt Mills
  11. Bloody Skillet ATV Trail
  12. Bayview OHV Area
  13. Haleyville ATV Trails
  14. Indian Creek Valley ATV Club

Pennsylvania offers many trails, both free and paid, for ATV trips. If you are more adventurous, there are plenty of parks where you can practice your skills. 

PA ATV trails are a great option for a holiday because of the fantastic camping facilities, as well as all the outdoor activities and sports you can do simultaneously.

What is the longest trail in Pennsylvania?

Mid State Trail Mid State Trail

“Known by many people, it is a popular destination. Mid State truly deserves this distinction.” It is the Mid State Trail is Pennsylvania’s longest trail. Its 327 miles meander through the most beautiful and remote areas and extend from Maryland’s borders to the New York border.

What is the most popular state park in Pennsylvania?

1. Ohiopyle State Park. Ohiopyle State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s biggest state parks. It is situated within the Laurel Highlands. It is a popular destination for white water rafting, as well as paddling on the Youghiogheny River.

Where does the Appalachian Trail go through Pennsylvania?

Five Appalachian Conservation Society’s more remarkable than forty Appalachian Trail Communities are in Pennsylvania: Boiling Springs in Cumberland County, Delaware Water Gap in Monroe County, Duncannon in Perry County, Waynesboro in Franklin County and Wind Gap in Northampton County.

Why are there no national parks in Pennsylvania?

8. Re What’s the reason why there’s no National Park in Pennsylvania? The reason lies because National Parks were established to protect huge wilderness regions that were discovered within the American west when those regions were being settled. In the meantime, the East Coast was already developed when the concept was first introduced.

What is Pennsylvania known for?

Pennsylvania is among the major industrial hubs for steel, coal, and railroads, in particular before War World II. Pennsylvania is also known for its top mushroom production, which is 425 million pounds a year, with $330 million.

Are PA state parks free?

There are no entry fees or day-use charges for state parks within Pennsylvania. Reserve online anytime. Call toll-free at 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757) for reservations and information on the state park 7:07 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day along with the New Year’s Day holidays.

What are 2 nicknames for Pennsylvania?

The divide between rural and urban Pennsylvania is accurate and has the reason for one of Pennsylvania’s most well-known names: Pennsyltucky. It’s a mix of “Pennsylvania” and “Kentucky,” a somewhat condescending way of describing the vast expanse of countryside and conservative land that divides the two cities of Pennsylvania.

What is the name of the beach in Pennsylvania?

1. Beltzville State Park Beach — Lehighton. With 525 feet of sandy coastline, Beltzville State Park Beach is one of the best beaches for families in Pennsylvania, providing many exciting activities for all the family.

Are there mountain lions in Pennsylvania?

Isolated males of young age have been discovered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. The young males are seeking a new home and cannot stay in areas that do not have females. There are no wild cougars that have been discovered in Pennsylvania after their disappearance in 1871…

Does Pennsylvania border the ocean?

It is the 33rd largest state in the United States. Pennsylvania is home to the most extensive coastline in America, with 51 miles (82 km) of coastline along Lake Erie and 57 miles (92 km) of shoreline along the Delaware Estuary. From the initial Thirteen Colonies, Pennsylvania is the only one that isn’t bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the most visited state park in Pennsylvania?

1. Presque Isle State Park, Erie – Home to Pennsylvania’s only beach, This state park of 3,200 acres has a border with Lake Erie. In 2019, the park recorded the highest number of visitors to all state parks in Pennsylvania with 3,719,182 guests! 2.

Why are there no national parks in Pennsylvania?

8. Re What is the reason there isn’t the designation of a National Park in Pennsylvania? The reason lies because National Parks were established to protect large wilderness zones found throughout the American west as these regions were being settled. It is also because the East Coast was already developed before the time the idea began to take shape.

ATV Trails PA Pennsylvania FAQ

1. Do you need a license to drive an ATV in PA?

In Pennsylvania state, you are legally required to identify and register your ATV and UTV at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources unless the ATV or UTV is used solely as a business or farm vehicle.

2. Can you ride an ATV on the road in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania, the State Police are in charge of the regulation of ATVs. … Riding ATVs on the street or highway is not permitted unless the roadway is designated as an ATV roadway or the driver has to traverse.

3. Are PA state ATV trails open?

ATV trails that are designated on the state forest land are accessible starting on the Friday prior to Memorial Day through the last full weekend of September.

4. Is ATV insurance required in PA?

The State of Pennsylvania requires that all ATVs must be registered and carried an insurance policy for liability. There is no minimum liability coverage required however you must show proof of insurance when you are using your all-terrain car.

5. How do you stop an ATV rider?

Request for the ATV riders to cease riding in your area. Inform the ATV riders whenever they come close to or enter the property that it is private property and is not meant for public recreation use. Place prominent signage. Put up “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” warnings all around the perimeter and boundaries of the property. Place them in prominent locations.

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