14 Best ATV Trails in Wisconsin 2022


ATV Trails in Wisconsin: Wisconsin is easily among the top places to go on ATVs in the United States, thanks to the wide range of terrain and landscapes and its vast network of organized trails. 

The majority of trails are officially categorized by Wisconsin tourist boards and ATV clubs across the state strive to preserve these trails throughout the year.

ATV Trails in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, the state that is Wisconsin the United States, also known as America’s Dairyland is also a great travel destination due to its closeness in the Great Lakes, nearby Lake Michigan, and exciting events such as snowmobile derbies during winter.

It is possible to combine ATV excursions with fishing hunting and camping as well as a myriad of other exciting outdoor activities.

Which are the top ATV trail in Wisconsin? With such fantastic ATV trails, it’s tough to choose!

These are the best 14 trails for ATVs located in Wisconsin:

  1. Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour
  2. Black River State Forest
  3. Tri-County Corridor Trail
  4. Burnett County ATV Trail System
  5. Embarrass River ATV Park
  6. Chippewa County ATV Trail
  7. Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park
  8. Iron County ATV Trails
  9. Cheese Country Trail System
  10. Barron County Trails
  11. Oconto County ATV Trail System
  12. Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest
  13. Neillsville Trails
  14. Pine Line Trail

Let’s look over these ATV trails that are top of the line and parks throughout Wisconsin.

14 Best ATV Trails in Wisconsin

1. Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour

One of the top ATV routes in Wisconsin is located on the Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour. 

It is possible to ride for 100 miles along these trails that include more than 35 attractions along the route. 

While riding, you’ll discover more about the history of the state and discover the remains of former structures, and take in your ride along the Namekagon River.

This is a hugely well-known tour that connects with Wild Rivers and Tuscobia State Trails and has a great infrastructure constructed around it to make it easier for tourists. 

You can rent ATVs if don’t have one, plenty of parking, dining options as well as lodging. It’s an ideal destination for autumn or summer.

2. Black River State Forest

There is the Black River State Forest ATV trail is another fantastic place to enjoy your ATV ride in Wisconsin. 

The trail is home to 68,000 acres of oak and pine forest situated in the central Wisconsin region near Black River Falls. Black River Falls, is only two hours to the south of Minneapolis. 

The forest is open throughout the time from 6 am until 11 pm. You’ll have to pay for an admission ticket for your vehicle at the end of which you’ll be able to wander the trails that are marked. 

The most memorable part of your journey is Wazee Lake which is the location of an old iron mine, where scuba diving is now extremely well-known.

 There is also an area for camping, and you could use it as your base to stay overnight.

Black River State Forest

3. Tri-County Corridor Trail

A Wisconsin‘s one of the most well-known natural attractions is Amnicon Falls, situated in the Amnicon Falls State Park. 

It is possible to take a ride to the falls via the picturesque Tri-County Corridor Trail (62 miles long) within Douglas County.

The trail runs 82 miles, which takes you to the best spots to park and walk to the Amnicon Falls, as well as The Big Manitou Falls. The most picturesque method to reach the latter is along the Saunder’s Grade Trail.

4. Burnett County ATV Trail System

As I mentioned earlier The benefit of Wisconsin ATV trail systems is the number of volunteers who help maintain huge trails at both the club and county level. 

This is especially true for Burnett County, where you’ll discover an area known as the Gandy Dancer Trail (49 miles in all) towards Danbury and the St.

Croix Trestle Bridge. The part that is located in Burnett County is especially great for riding on smooth surfaces and has crushed limestone surfaces. 

If that’s not charming and historic enough for your there are some amazing trails in the Namekagon Barrens State Wildlife Area. 

The views of the forest are breathtaking in this 6,450-acre state park, in which you’ll find the largest concentration of sharp-tailed and grouse within Wisconsin.

5. Embarrass River ATV Park

If you’re looking to experience a place specifically designed for ATVs, make sure you visit the Embarrass River ATV Park in Tigerton. 

The park is home to more than 30 miles of ATV trails suitable for all levels of riders, and also has a campground that is available from April through the close of October.

There is an entry fee for each day to access the park. It costs $10 in the week and $20 on weekends however, there are also seasonally and weekly passes as well. 

For this, you’ll receive clean paths, pits for mud, ponds, and amazing perspectives of the rivers which run across the entire park.

6. Chippewa County ATV Trail

The area is known for its challenging mountains and valleys Chippewa County is the ideal place to take your ATV along the remnants of glaciers that are retreating, and have left their marks on the region’s landscape.

 You’ll have access to three thousand acres of wooded when you travel around 19 miles on the trails that are steep and offers stunning views. 

Although this isn’t the longest trail that you can ride in Wisconsin it’s the breathtaking landscapes and technical difficulties that make it among the top sought-after ATV trails in the country.

 Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park

7. Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park

The park is an excellent combination of scenic trails, technical terrain, as well as activities beyond riding. 

There are over 20 miles of well-groomed trails to explore and a historic town that lets you see historic buildings and find out about the maritime history of Lake Michigan. 

Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park also provides facilities like bathrooms and picnic tables There’s plenty more available when you’re there, such as nearby parks, recreation facilities, and more.

8. Iron County ATV Trails

Iron County is an ATV-friendly playground due to the 250-mile network that was created through the government of Iron County, with the assistance of clubs operating in the region. The Northwoods is a natural paradise to discover, in addition to waterfalls and lakes. 

Furthermore, all the major towns within Iron County are connected by ATV trails, which means you don’t have to fret about finding accommodation or food. 

The ATV trails are filled with gas, food, and accommodation so that you can enjoy a long-lasting ATV-riding adventure in this area.

9. Cheese Country Trail System

Have you heard about Wisconsin being referred to as Dairyland? It’s true that the trail system that runs throughout this Driftless Area of Wisconsin makes the most of this fame, naming it”the Cheese Country Trail System. 

The area was not flattened by glaciers in the Ice Age, so you’ll see a lot of valleys and ridges.

This ATV trail was constructed upon an old railway line that spans 47 miles and passes over a 440-foot bridge over the Pecatonica River. 

The views of the river are sure to be awe-inspiring and the abundant trail food and lodging options are an added benefit, too.

10. Barron County Trails

Barron County has more than sixty miles of Wisconsin ATV trails that lie on the northwest of the state. It also has the bonus of a 30-acre intensive-use area just outside Almena and Almena, too. 

It’s a great place to learn jumps as well as twists and turns and for more extended rides, you can take the Cattail Trail and its extension as well as The Wild Rivers Trail.

11. Oconto County ATV Trail System

This is an extensive ATV system! If you live in Oconto County, you’ll have access to more than the 450 miles of trails interconnected extremely well-marked and maintained all through the year. 

It’s easy to get to them at the intersection between highways 32 and 64. Therefore, within a brief driving distance to Milwaukee and Green Bay, you can join one of the carefully located trailheads to enjoy miles of forest and stunning views. Find out more details on rules, regulations, and maps on this page.

12. Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest

Going back to the national forest to discover some of the wildlands There are extraordinary Wisconsin ATV routes located in Price County. 

There is a chance to see bears, grouse, deer, and bobcats as well as climb into the summit of Wisconsin the highest point in the state – Timms Hill. 

The entire county is known for its water sports and fishing as such, and these sports are a perfect complement to the riding you do within Price County.

Neillsville Trails

13. Neillsville Trails

Another excellent ATV trail system is waiting in Neillsville and you’ll have the opportunity to ride through the 5 Clark County Parks located directly on the trails. 

The area has also been home to an extremely moving memorial at Highground Veterans Memorial Park. 

There are a variety of campsites that allow you to stay for longer as well as trails, there are more than the 82 miles of trails available that you can connect to other trails.

14. Pine Line Trail

Last but not least The Pine Line Recreational Trail is a moderately-easy ATV road that follows a former railway bed 26.2 millimeters from Medford up to Prentice. 

It’s great to ride during winter as ATVs are permitted on this trail only when it is lower than 28 degrees. You can make this stop late in winter/fall and change between ATV to snowmobile as the snow starts to fall.

Conclusion: Enjoy ATV Riding All Year Round in Lovely Wisconsin!

What are the top 14 ATV tracks in Wisconsin? For review these trails, here they are again:

  1. Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour
  2. Black River State Forest
  3. Tri-County Corridor Trail
  4. Burnett County ATV Trail System
  5. Embarrass River ATV Park
  6. Chippewa County ATV Trail
  7. Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park
  8. Iron County ATV Trails
  9. Cheese Country Trail System
  10. Barron County Trails
  11. Oconto County ATV Trail System
  12. Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest
  13. Neillsville Trails
  14. Pine Line Trail

Wisconsin is a fantastic place to ride ATVs all through the year, starting from the forests and the tracks cut into railroad tracks to the amazing ATV parks. 

Additionally, it’s such an inviting place for ATV riders that you’ll be able to locate plenty of details, maps of trails for ATVs such as the one below as well ATV-friendly accommodations as well as places to eat.

You must ensure that you’re adhering to the ATV rules, particularly winter riding regulations, and take advantage of one of the numerous trails or parks as well as all the other activities to truly become acquainted with Wisconsin outside!

Are ATV trails open in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s ATV/UTV trails are closed or open during Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is pretty much black and white.

Are helmets required on ATV in Wisconsin?

All Wisconsin ATV riders should use an approved helmet when riding their ATV.

Can you walk on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

The area is accessible by both ATV and snowmobile routes. You can access the trailhead. Although the trail can be used for walking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing, it is not maintained and must be shared with snowmobiles.

How long are ATV trails open in Wisconsin?

The Chippewa County ATV Trail can be used by ATV riders from May 1, 2015, to November 15, each year. This two-way trail is dangerous. You never know what might be around the corner or up the hill.

Can you drive ATV on public road in Wisconsin?

Is it legal to ride an ATV/UTV on public roads or highways in Wisconsin? While UTV and ATV use is permitted on designated routes in Wisconsin, it is prohibited on any public streets or highways that are not designated as Routes.

Is ATV insurance required in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin ATV laws

Wisconsin requires that ATVs be registered. However, riders don’t need insurance like regular motorcycles or cars. All ATVs must be registered with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources.

Can you ride double on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

Passenger riding on an ATV/UTV is now illegal unless it was specifically designed and manufactured for them. Legal aftermarket seats are not allowed. All ATVs with a bolted-on second passenger seat are unlawful.

Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Wisconsin?

Snowmobile trails. You cannot ride your ATV on a Wisconsin snowmobile trail during winter unless it’s a joint-use trail which is very rare. It is often illegal to ride an ATV on a snowmobile trail.

Can you ride ATVs at night in Wisconsin?

Previously, ATVs and UTVs had to have a lighted taillamp and headlamp during dark hours or when they were within sight of a highway. UTVs and ATVs must have a lighted tail lamp and headlamp.

Can you get a DUI on a ATV in Wisconsin?

Operating a boat, vehicle, snowmobile, ATV, or UTV while under alcohol is a separate offence in Wisconsin. Some legislators believe that this creates an exemption for drunk drivers.

Do I need a license plate on my ATV in Wisconsin?

Make your Fun. Now, Wisconsin State Law, ATVs and UTVs must have license plates at the rear of their ATVs. UTV plates are made from aluminium with no stickers Wisconsin ATV. You can choose from pre-designed plates or create your message. Make it fun!

Can passengers drink alcohol in a UTV in Wisconsin?

It is illegal to operate an ATV, UTV or OHM with any detectable level of restricted controlled substances in your blood. The maximum alcohol content limit in Wisconsin is strictly enforced. Operators under 21 years old are subject to a 0.08% limit.

Can you have a passenger on an ATV in Wisconsin?

It was illegal to drive an ATV with passengers on the roads unless it was explicitly designed for them. This requirement is now applicable to all areas. Operators of ATVs cannot allow passengers to ride in or on parts of ATVs that are not intended or designed for passenger use.

Do you need a drivers license to drive a UTV in Wisconsin?

An ATV license for Wisconsin is not required. Operators must have the Safety Certificate while riding, and they must also show it to law enforcement officers upon request.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a UTV in Wisconsin?

All ATV/UTV operators must have helmets approved by the DOT. This requirement does not apply to bicycle helmets. The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet provides more information about helmet requirements and possible exemptions.

Are three wheelers legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has changed the driving requirements for three-wheelers to “autocycles” and allows Wisconsin residents to drive these vehicles with a standard driver’s license. Wisconsin used to require riders to hold a endorsement motorcycle license. Polaris Industries Inc.

ATV Trails in Wisconsin FAQ

1. Are the ATV trails open in Wisconsin?

The entire Winter ATV and Snowmobile trails are accessible, with the exception of Trail 45 which runs from Trail 150 until Trail 150 to Polk County line. Trails are beginning to decline Be aware that the conditions are fair. If we don’t get snow anytime soon further trails could be closed Check back often for updates.

2. Are helmets required on ATV in Wisconsin?

ATV or motorcycle helmets are mandatory for ATV/UTV operators as well as passengers who are younger than 18 years old. Bicycle helmets don’t comply with the requirements of this rule. For more information about helmet requirements and potential exceptions check out the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet.

3. Can you walk on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

1 January 1988, you must take the ATV safety course in order to use the public trails of Wisconsin. ATV owners must purchase a Wisconsin trail pass prior to riding on state trails.  If you’re visiting Wisconsin in less than 15 consecutive days and would like to utilize the state’s trails system it is possible to apply for a non-resident trail pass.

4. Can you ride double on ATV trails in Wisconsin?

It’s currently illegal to allow people who ride an ATV/UTV unless it was specifically designed and built specifically for a passenger. … Every ATV that features a bolted-on seat for a second person is now prohibited. This is not the case when you’re on private property.

5. Where can I ride my ATV in the winter in Wisconsin?

All motorized vehicles are able to be driven through the waterways of Wisconsin provided that it’s frozen and there’s an accessible public waterway. But, some municipalities have ordinances that restrict the use of motorized ice vehicles.

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