14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas 2022

Trails in Texas: Texas is known as the Lone Star State, is famous for its scorching weather and delicious BBQ and live music. 

It’s also among the biggest US states, with plenty of Texas dirt bike trails to discover.

14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area is an excellent dirt bike spot in Texas. It is well-maintained and has trails suitable for both beginners as well as experienced riders. 

It also has Sam Houston National Forest, one of the most popular for dirt bikers. Explore the stunning trails and scenic views.

Top 14 Dirt Bike Trails in Texas are as the following

  1. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
  2. Red River Trails for Motorcycles
  3. Sam Houston National Forest
  4. Gator RUN Offroad Park
  5. Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  6. Rio Bravo Motocross Park
  7. Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events Center
  8. Village Creek Motocross Park
  9. Trophy Club Park
  10. River Valley Motocross
  11. Emma Long Metropolitan Park
  12. Swan MX Raceway Park
  13. River Run ATV Park
  14. 3 Palms Action Sports Park

It’s impossible to go wrong choosing Texas as your destination for the next dirt bike ride. There are numerous trails to explore and challenging terrains to tackle. Learn more about the features that make these off-road parks in Texas amazing.

14 of the Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas

1. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

The trail is known as one of Texas’s most beautiful dirt bike trails this Motorcycle loop covers longer than 27 miles. There’s also a shorter, easy 16-mile trail for those who are new to the sport.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational covers approximately 1,850 acres of forest. The trails are fairly maintained and marked and are mostly well-packed dirt. 

Most of the trails are suitable for amateur dirt bikers however you’ll also find novice and expert-level trails to fit your needs. The terrain is huge enough.

You can stay for the whole day or for the whole weekend. Overnight accommodations are also available but you’ll need to reserve.

Barnwell Mountain is only open to dirt bikes and other offroad vehicles and they do not allow cyclists, hikers, or horses.

14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas

2. Red River Trails for Motorcycles

Nestled in the northeast of Texas The Red River Motorcycle Trails comprise a park that covers 2,700 acres for dirt bikes and ATVs. The park is rated as a beginner to expert level with clay, loose sand, and dirt, as well as steep ascents and downhills.

You’ll need to stick to the trails, therefore no trailblazing is permitted. Some of the most challenging trails in the country can be available here.

The park is open for RVs and camping, and they have power, but they do not have water. There are two cabins available for rental. They are open on weekends from 8 am until 8 pm. Weekdays can also be arranged by booking. It is a stunning place to take a hike or just relax.

3. Sam Houston National Forest

The trails for dirt bikes in the Sam Houston National Forest are located on the east bank of Lake Conroe. They’re part of multi-use trails that double as hiking. There are approximately 85 miles of trail.

The trails of the park’s national site are made of hard-packed with sand and mud, intersected by numerous streams. 

Since it is a public property it is accessible throughout the year, however, it is sometimes closed for weather-related reasons, ecological protection, or for other reasons. You make arrangements. Camping is permitted in the park, as are water sports facilities.

4. Gator Run Offroad Park

It is the Gator Run in Texas is considered to be the biggest off-road Park in Texas. There is a bulldozer at standby that is constantly creating new trails and Mud pits. They are open from Friday to Sunday from 8 am until 8 midnight. Any offroad vehicle is accepted. On weekdays you’ll have to call prior to your visit.

The park also hosts events. Visit the website to reserve a spot. RV and camping sites are accessible.

5. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

This is a privately-owned 3000-acre adventure park, with camping areas, RVs bunkhouses, bunkhouses, and even motels. 

The operation is well-organized. Check out Hidden Falls Park’s website Hidden Falls Park website and social media pages. They are via Facebook as well as Instagram. For those who want to experience the city in person go to their YouTube channel.

The trails are made of hard-packed soil with only a small amount of loose dirt. There are a lot of trees, rocks, along with steep hills. Most trails are single track, with few dangers that cater to dirt bike enthusiasts who are not experts. There are more than 240 kilometers of dirt trails that are off-road.

6. Rio Bravo Motocross Park

The Rio Bravo Motocross Park has created off-road trails since 1972. The park is a member-only system. If you’re not an existing current member contact the park prior to when you visit. 

The hours of operation are on Saturday, Friday, and Sunday. They are also are open on Wednesdays from 10 am until 10 pm.

Rio Bravo is a full-service family resort with barbecues and picnic areas bathrooms, restrooms, swimming pools, and a deck that is a view of the tracks.

Most of the trails comprise made of loose dirt and sand, with a few tiny and large jumps. They’re appropriate for both amateur and experienced dirt bike riders.

7. Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events Center

If you’re interested in getting married in a motocross track then this is the place to go. Cycle Ranch Motocross Park doubles as an event space for benefits, concerts as well as birthday parties, and weddings. It’s a sprawling 200-acre park and they have enough space to organize whatever they like.

The overall appearance is an attractive and well-kept park with mature oak trees. The park has a large pavilion and an eatery. The cafe serves food that is organic. There are bathrooms, showers, as well as an expert shop. Make contact with them to inquire about cabins, RVs, and reservations for camping.

They are composed of mostly dirt with lots of jumps, ideal for novice riders. Experienced riders and thrill-seekers may find their tracks to be a bit tame.

8. Village Creek Motocross Park

The ideal location to host events is Village Creek, which is the top motocross spot in north Texas. There are always activities going on. The calendar of events at the park is always packed.

Village Creek Motocross is a smaller park that has well-groomed lawns and six miles of trail. They’re well maintained, with many jumps, and cater to novice dirt bikers.

14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas

9. Trophy Club Park

If you’re in search of the perfect Dallas bike trail then it’s the Trophy Club Park isn’t too far away. 

It’s a golf-focused type of club, however, they offer all sorts of trails from horse trails to boats as well as dirt bike trails. The dirt bike trails are approximately six miles. They’re open all day.

The trails in Trophy Club Park are best for those who are new to the sport. It’s mostly mud and dirt There isn’t much hard-packed soil.

10. River Valley Motocross

The tiny park of 200 acres is situated within Boyd, Texas. The bike trails are loose dirt with additional jumps that can be identified. 

There’s plenty of room and only a few riders, great for those who want the area all to their own.

River Valley Motocross is known for its friendly staff and warm hospitality. It’s a great place to take one-day trips when you’re searching for MX tracks near Fort Worth.

11. Emma Long Metropolitan Park

The Emma Long Metropolitan Park is an Austin-based city park. Austin. They are open every day every week 7 am until 10 midnight. 

It’s a great place to go dirt biking, especially if you reside in the city, with approximately 9 miles of trails to explore. Camping is permitted, but you’ll need to make a reservation through the park’s management.

This loop is a one-track and double-track access trail. The soil is packed hard with packed-in rocks and softball-sized loose rocks scattered throughout the trail sections. The trails offer big rock steps-ups with steep faces, as well as vertical climbs designed for advanced and experienced riders. 

It’s a tranquil setting, exactly as you’d expect from a city park with lots of shade. The trails in Emma Long Metropolitan City Park vary from advanced to expert and are not suitable intended for novices.

12. Swan MX Raceway Park

Swan MX Raceway Park is the Disneyland for dirt bikers from Texas. With well-maintained and carefully designed trails, the park costs a fee that is a bit more than entry charges, but the value is worth it.

Swan MX is a paradise for veterans and amateurs alike and you should visit every single time in your lifetime. 

It is the most storied racetrack in Texas. They are the host of their annual race, the Annual Texas Pro-Am Challenge. Visit their website for their schedule of events.

13. River Run ATV Park

The park covers 22,000 acres of land owned by the private sector and has the Neches River flowing through it. This is the reason for its name “River Run ATV Park.”

It is a full-service park offering 39 cabins for rental as well as RVs and camping. Be sure to reserve your cabin.

There are 50 miles of biking trails made of dirt. Explore the woods and admire the view. The River Run ATV Park is ideal for all levels of experience from beginners to experts.

14. 3. Palms Action Sports Park

3 Palms is a dirt trail sports area, close to the highway. It has some thrilling trails and obstacles which are well-groomed and well-watered. There’s also a water feature in the park for cooling down.

3 Palms Action Sports Park is a well-organized park that is often hosting events. There are five dirt bike tracks for all levels of experience and two tracks that are suitable for beginners. 3 Palms also has camping and RV possibilities. 

They’re located close to the highway that you’ll also have access to nearby hotels.

14 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Texas


Conclusion – 14 of the Best Dirt Bike Trails to Ride in Texas

What are the best 14 dirt biking trails that are in Texas? To sum up, here is the list:

  1. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
  2. Roads to Red River for Motorbikes
  3. Sam Houston National Forest
  4. Gator RUN Offroad Park
  5. Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  6. Rio Bravo Motocross Park
  7. Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events Center
  8. Village Creek Motocross Park
  9. Trophy Club Park
  10. River Valley Motocross
  11. Emma Long Metropolitan Park
  12. Swan MX Raceway Park
  13. River Run ATV Park
  14. 3 Palms Action Sports Park

There is a myriad of dirt biking trails throughout Texas that are truly outstanding. Dirt bike trails like Austin Motocross Park, Canadian River ATV Park, Sabine ATV Park General Sam’s Offroad Park in Huntsville, and the Barnwell of the TMTC Mountain Rec are fantastic places to go dirt biking.

It doesn’t matter if it’s groomed human-made bicycle tracks or rough natural terrain, there’s the perfect trail within The Lone Star state.

Is there dirt biking in Texas?

There are many other trails for dirt bikes in Texas that are truly amazing. Dirt bike trails like Austin Motocross Park, Canadian River ATV Park, Sabine ATV Park, General Sam’s Offroad Park located in Huntsville, and The TMTC Barnwell Mountain Rec are amazing places to take a dirt bike.

Do you need a license for a dirt bike in Texas?

Do you require a license to use a dirt bike in Texas? Yes, however, you’ll need a Texas OHV decal to use your dirt bike if you plan to ride in OHV-friendly venues on public land and can be bought at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Are dirt bikes street legal in Texas?

Texas is similar to several other states regarding the street-legality of dirt bikes. This means there are mechanical modifications to make, as well as non-mechanical processes to have your dirt bike legally street legal.

Can you ride dirt bikes on Crystal Beach?

Can I drive my RTV on the beach? No. State law prohibits the use of any ATV or ROV on any public roadway, including any road on the Bolivar Peninsula. Additionally, it is unlawful to cross a dune to access the beach.

Trails in Texas FAQ

1. Where can you ride a dirt bike in Texas?

The most popular Texas dirt biking trails based on popularity are thought to include Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area and The Red River Cycle Trails, Sam Houston National Forest East Side, Sam Houston National Forest East Side, Alligator Run Park with Brushy creek Motor Farm.

2. Can you ride dirt bikes in national forests?

The majority of Forest Service roads in National Forests allow use by dirt bikes. Forest Service roads may be accessible to dirt bikes only during specific times of the year, and certain National Forests may restrict the types of activities the dirt biker is allowed to participate in.

3. Is a dirt bike an off-highway vehicle?

Off-highway vehicles (OHV) are motorized vehicles that can be used for off-highway transportation in summer or winter. The OHV’s are all-terrain cars (ATVs) four-wheelers, three-wheelers dirt bikes, motorbikes snowmobiles, and trail bikes.

4. Is a dirt bike considered an off-road vehicle?

The Board approved the off-highway recreation vehicles regulations in 1994. This rulemaking set emission standards and tests for off-highway cars (OHVs) such as off-road bikes (dirt motorcycles) along with all-terrain cars (ATVs) and engines employed in special vehicles go-karts, and golf carts.

5. Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in Texas?

No However, you’ll require a Texas OHV decal to use your dirt bike when you ride in OHV-friendly venues that are on public land. These can be bought at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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