14 Best Maine Snowmobile Trails 2022

Maine Snowmobile Trails: From stunning waterfalls to high-altitude trails and superb skiing conditions Maine offers a perfect location if you’re a lover of snowmobiling. 

Maine Snowmobile Trails

It’s the Pine Tree State is also called “Vacationland,” and for reasons that are well-founded: The mountains with a lot of forested vegetation offer a variety of views and also for its accessibility by snowmobiles.

Although Maine is known as the northernmost point of the Appalachian Trail and is the most densely forested state in the country It’s also an excellent spot to snowmobile. There are a variety of Maine snowmobile trails that you can explore.

These are our top fourteen snowmobiling trails within Maine are as the following:

  1. Burnt Meadow/Brownfield
  2. Embden
  3. Rangeley Lakes
  4. Levant
  5. Kennebec River Trails
  6. Bald Mountain Loop
  7. Grand Falls
  8. Bingham Wind Mills
  9. Greenville  the B-52 crash site
  10. Coburn Mountain
  11. Moosehead Lake
  12. Moxie Falls
  13. Lake Parlin
  14. White Mountain National Forest

Let’s take a review of the top spots to snowmobile in Maine and a few questions you might have about the snow trails of The Pine Tree State.

14 Best Maine Snowmobile Trails

1. Burnt Meadow/Brownfield

It is the Burnt Meadow Snowmobile Club maintains this trail system within Maine’s Western Mountains, on the border with New Hampshire. 

Brownfield snowmobile tracks are maintained by a small crew who organize events as well as keep track of the trails as well as their condition. 

Get stunning views of the mountains, meadows with sunshine as well as historical objects like old railroad tracks on these stunning trails.

2. Embden

Embden Travelers Snowmobile Club manages around forty miles of trail in Embden which connects to ITS 84.

It is surrounded by Kennebec as well as the Carrabassett Rivers, this area is full of stunning places to explore. Connect with Kennebec Valley Trail to the north. Kennebec Valley Trail to the north too.

3. Rangeley Lakes

The snowmobile club that maintains these trails in Rangeley Lakes does an excellent job of keeping up-to-date the trail and its conditions through the website. 

There are miles of trails that are suitable for everyone and numerous activities throughout the year, beginning with Thanksgiving. 

One of the most popular events on the calendar of snowmobiling occurs in Rangeley each January and is the Snodeo. Snodeo includes a variety of kids’ races, activities, fireworks, and many other fun activities.

14 Best Maine Snowmobile Trails

4. the Levant

It is situated within Penobscot County, ME, Levant, Maine’s town Levant is the starting point for many trails that are part of the Maine ITS (inter-connected system) network.

It is also the home of the Hungry Hollow 76ers snowmobile club which is responsible for maintaining the trails in the area.

5. Kennebec River Trails

You’ll be spoilt by your options in the Kennebec River Valley and its amazing snowmobile trails. 

The upper Kennebec Valley is considered the most snowmobile-friendly area across the Eastern United States, receiving 10 feet of snow each year. 

The trails go all the way into Rangeley Lakes connections in the west, and Forks along with Jackman to the east. This is a wildly popular region with a variety of guided snowmobiling excursions and specially designed log cabins to accommodate visitors.

Find five snowmobile routes throughout Kennebec Valley here.

6. Bald Mountain Loop

Near the Kennebec trails, you can also take advantage of this trail, the Bald Mountain Loop beginning at ITS 87, which you can follow north until you connect with ITS 86 to finally find Bald Mountain Trail. 

It is possible to loop it through to ITS 87. The route will take you past Moxie Lake, Bald Mountain, Pleasant Pond, and numerous other picturesque places on the route. 

If you take the complete loop, you can expect to travel around. 45 miles (check out the full guide suggested by Northern Outdoors here).

7. Grand Falls

Grand Falls waterfall in West Forks, ME, is one of the most thrilling snowmobiling locations in the state because it’s not just beautiful, but it’s also far from the main roads and, therefore, further “into the wild.”

You can take an all-around snowmobiling adventure from Northern Outdoors and run 70 miles and a lot of enjoyment. Learn more about the attractions and suggested routes here…

8. Bingham Wind Mills

Near The Forks, you’ll find the Bingham Wind Farm on the Kingsbury Plantation, a popular snowmobiling location. 

It’s Maine’s biggest wind energy farm and boasts 56 towers that are 308 feet high and you’re sure to be amazed.

9. Greenville – the B-52 crash site

The location of the B-52 plane accident in Elephant Mountain by riding your snowmobile for 50 miles to Northern Outdoors located in the Greenville region in Maine. 

It’s located just 15 minutes to the west of Greenville in the southernmost point of Moosehead Lake and makes an interesting historical visit along your snow trails. 

A huge memorial is located on the spot as well as a few parts of the plane that visitors can look at and even photograph in the present. There is more information about the fascinating details about the accident here.

10. Coburn Mountain

The Peak of Maine Snowmobiling” at 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile route in Maine. 

The mountain trail is a dead-end trail with a distance of just 2 miles however it ascends at 2,500 feet, which means you can expect to be a steep climb! There’s a gap between two sections, where you can turn back when you’re not feeling ready to take on the climb. 

In the first mile, you’ll get to the tower of radio repetition via the trail, which is suitable for riders of all levels. 

The second mile is recommended for experienced snowmobile riders since it’s narrow, steep, and winding. Additionally, grooming is only done in the event of good weather. Be aware of the possibility of the trail becoming overcrowded on a good day!

Look over this blog by Northern Outdoors about what the trail is like, including pictures.

 Moosehead Lake

11. Moosehead Lake

Another Greenville snowmobile trail, Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in Maine and has the 37-mile trail that runs leading up towards Big Moose Mountain overlooking it. 

There are numerous interconnected trails that allow the user to go onto Jackman or Greenville or further.

12. Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls is Maine’s tallest waterfall. It is located just a little about 10 miles away from Northern Outdoors resort. 

It is possible to access Moxie Falls by taking the trail from West Forks by following ITS 86 eastwards before taking an exit to the left on Moxie Falls spur trail.

Moxie Falls spur trail. The trail is approximately 3 miles long and it takes you very near the waterfall and enjoys stunning views.

13. Lake Parlin

The lodge and cabin complex located on Parlin Pond is an excellent base for snowmobiling in Maine. 

The lodge is situated at 1700 feet elevation and will be able to take enjoyment of the famed Maine snowfall that is up to 10 feet each year. 

The trails are groomed right next to the cabins as well. Coburn Mountain is only 5 miles away. It is possible to rent snowmobiles from here if you’re a novice in the field.

14. White Mountain National Forest

Its White Mountain National Forest straddles the New Hampshire/Maine border, providing 35 miles of well-groomed trails for snowmobiling to take advantage of. 

The forest offers a view of Mount Washington, enjoy 8 acres of alpine forest, and attempt your hand at other winter sports like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. 

The trails are connected with the ITS system, which means you can expand your riding however you like.

Maine Snowmobile Trails

Conclusion – Maine Snowmobile Trails

What are the best 14 trails for snowmobiling that you can find in Maine? To sum up, here is the list:

  1. Burnt Meadow/Brownfield
  2. Embden
  3. Rangeley Lakes
  4. Levant
  5. Kennebec River Trails
  6. Bald Mountain Loop
  7. Grand Falls
  8. Bingham Wind Mills
  9. Greenville  the B-52 crash site
  10. Coburn Mountain
  11. Moosehead Lake
  12. Moxie Falls
  13. Lake Parlin
  14. White Mountain National Forest

With the perfect temperatures and conditions for snow, Maine enjoys fantastic wintertime for snowmobiling each year. This has led to some of its spots becoming bucket list destinations for keen riders. 

The ITS trails are well-maintained and well documented as well as some well-groomed trails that connect resorts and areas, so it’s a lot easier than most locations to move out and enjoy the fluffy winter snow riding on your ski.

With these best snowmobiling trails that you’re looking at you’re sure to enjoy amazing adventures in Maine. Get ready to experience some trail snowmobiling Maine offers.

Where is the best snowmobiling in Maine?

The best snowmobiling spots are Jackman-Moose river, Moosehead Lake, Rangeley Lakes, Millinocket and the Katahdin region and Aroostook County. Fuel up or stop for lunch or take part in a group event run by volunteers who manage the trails.

Is there a speed limit on snowmobile trails in Maine?

Speed: There are no speed restrictions in Maine tracks. Sledders are judged based on the standards for “reasonable and prudent speed for the existing conditions”. Reasonable refers to the fact that many families are riding with their children, having fun in the great outdoors.

How many miles of snowmobile trails does Maine have?

Take a trip to a cabin or condo or a room located in The Forks, and connect to Maine’s 14,000 miles of trails that are groomed.

Can you snowmobile in Portland Maine?

The Maine snowmobile trails system comprises more than 14,000 miles of trail, which includes 3,500 miles on the main course, referred to under the Interconnected Trail System (ITS), which allows riders to begin at any point and then go to another in the system while enjoying forests water bodies, arid terrains and amazingly well-groomed routes.

When can you start snowmobiling in Maine?

Maine Snowmobiling Season: Northern Outdoors Opens December 29th. On Wednesday, December 29th 2021, at 2 pm. This is when our brewpub and our resort will be open to the public for Maine winter snowmobiling!

Can you hike on snowmobile trails in Maine?

Maine is a stunning network of trails that make it possible for snowmobile and ATV riders to travel miles of trails across Maine. Access the paths possible due to the many landowners who are generous to private landowners.

Do you need a title for a snowmobile in Maine?

Registration is not necessary for snowmobiles operating on snow on the land on which an owner lives, or where the owner’s domicile is provided that the snowmobile isn’t used elsewhere that is within the State’s jurisdiction.

Is there an app for snowmobile trails in Maine?

This Maine snowmobile trails map, in KMZ format is designed intended for people who need an essential navigation aid to explore the trails of the club and its snowmobile trails across Maine. Maine. It is a Maine snowmobile map is able to be imported into Guru Maps Pro for iPhone and Locus Maps or Guru Maps Pro Android.

Maine Snowmobiling FAQs

1. When will snowmobile tracks be open within Maine?

You can follow up when snowmobiling trails are opening in Maine by checking out the Maine Snowmobile Association trail conditions page here or by following the latest news posted on the Maine.gov website.

2. What is the best place to get a Maine ski trail Map?
There are numerous snowmobile trail maps for Maine such as these as well as the local and regional maps. Since it is the case that the ITS system is established and is accessible to discover the map on Google Maps. This is also a great pdf map that you can download and print.

3. What are the conditions of snow on Maine roads for snowmobiles?
You can find out about Maine snowmobile trails conditions for snow through the official Maine Snowmobile Association website as well as with the snowmobile clubs in your area that you can locate here.

4. Does anyone have an app that provides Maine information about snowmobiling?
A lot of apps provide rapid access to maps as well as conditions for snow on trails. A great review website like Snowmobile.com will provide a summary of the most current information.

5. What are the limits of speed for Maine roads for snowmobiles?
There aren’t any speed limitations on designated snowmobiling routes in Maine. But, it is recommended to follow the “reasonable and prudent speed for the existing conditions.” Of course, there are a lot of multi-use trails that you may meet cross-country skiers and hikers and you should be aware of them and respectful of your fellow snowmobilers. This complete set of Maine snowmobile laws can be found located on the Maine Snowmobile Association’s website.

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