14 Best Michigan ORV Trails and Parks 2022

Michigan ORV Trails and Parks: The state is known by the name of Great Lakes State, Michigan is home to a variety of off-roading locations that allow you to ride an ATV, Jeep dirt bike, truck. 

Michigan ORV Trails and Parks

The greatest aspect regarding Michigan ORV routes is the wide range of scenery and terrain, with a great mix of forest trails as well as lake views, and numerous clubs for off-roaders who are enthusiastic about fantastic trails and parks. 

Particularly the lower peninsula is home to many off-road trails and public land on which you can use an ORV licensed vehicle.

What are the top Michigan ORV trails to explore and enjoy? Some of the most popular destinations include:

  1. Twisted Trails Off-Road Park
  2. Big Bear Lake State Forest Campground
  3. AuSable River State Forest Campground
  4. Kalkaska Trail
  5. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park
  6. The Mounds
  7. Bundy Hill Off-Road Park
  8. Silver Lake State Park Scramble Area
  9. Baraga State Park
  10. Twin Lakes State Park
  11. Black Lake State Forest Campground
  12. Tin Cup ORV Trail
  13. Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park
  14. Ottawa National Forest

ORV tracks in Michigan are extremely popular, and many counties permit ORVs to use some roadways. 

There is information about all of these trails as well as off-road parks within Michigan directly through Michigan’s official tourist sites with online maps that show Michigan ORV trails that are very useful. Let’s take a look at the best fourteen ORV routes in Michigan!

14 Best Michigan ORV Trails

14 Best Michigan ORV Trails

1. Twisted Trails Off-Road Park

A favorite of the locals, Twisted Trails is located just 40 miles to the south of Traverse City, which is located in Copemish. It’s a dedicated off-road park with trails for all abilities and obstacles for you to test your riding skills on. 

There is a Dusters Off-Road Club that manages the park that covers 400 acres. It also has an area for camping that you can camp at for the evening. 

They also host a variety of events and festivals that aim to bring the entire family together and create a great experience for guests.

The best feature of Twisted Trails is that it’s totally free to use as well. It is open from May until October.

2. Big Bear Lake State Forest Campground

This forest state park is home to numerous avid dirt bikers and dual-sport enthusiasts and has an outstanding ORV trail that includes an 18-mile loop that is ideal for ATVs that are 50” wide or less, as well as off-road motorbikes. 

The campground at Big Bear Lake is very picturesque, situated close to Gaylord and Gaylord Vienna Township. 

It is possible to connect directly via the Crapo Creek Trail to add 17 miles of trail riding and connect to other ORV trails off Big Bear Trail. Big Bear Trail.

Big Bear Big Bear is well-known for its forest setting which means roots and difficult trails. 

There is a mixture of booked and first-come-first-served campsites. You are able to stay there for fifteen days at a time. Visit the official DNR Michigan website for maps and fees.

3. AuSable River State Forest Campground

AuSable River State Forest is the site of the Frederic Loop Trail, a 29-mile ATV trail, which is one of the most beautiful off-road Trailways within Michigan. Also, there is a full-sized 9-mile route for vehicles. 

The campground is rustic and has facilities and canoeing is well-known in the AuSable River as is fishing for trout. Explore the off-road Trail maps here as well as its links to the Kalkaska trail system.

4. Kalkaska Trail

The trail system is massive and includes more than 90 miles of Jeep or ATV trails to choose from. 

The location close to AuSable River State Forest Campground provides a perfect spot to start your journey before you hit the trails. Alternatively, you could start in downtown Grayling.

The ride is mostly sand with some dirt and roots and hilly terrain to provide as diverse a riding experience as is possible in the region. 

There are a variety of loops to choose from and you could take as long as 150 miles! Below is a great description and map.

5. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park

This off-road park is located near Harrison which covers over 200 acres of rocky and muddy trails that wind through flats and hills. 

The park has typical Michigan off-road trails suitable for Jeeps well-maintained so that 4×4 drivers can take in the breathtaking scenery and improve their abilities. There is a fee of $25 per car and driver to enter the park and $5 for every additional person. 

You can also purchase an annual membership for those who reside nearby. The park is open from April through October. There are also campsites that are rustic on weekends at the park for $15 per night.

Michigan ORV Trails and Parks

6. The Mounds

The Mounds is open all year long. Mounds is a well-known ORV park that allows all kinds of vehicles, except snowmobiles. 

The area for scrambling is open from March 15 until May 15, however, outside of it, there are 118 acres of terrain with various terrain types for ATVs, Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. 

There is a cost of $10 per day that is only available to Genesee County residents, while non-residents must pay $15. Seasonal passes are also available.

7. Bundy Hill Off-Road Park

Bundy Hill is a massive 350-acre off-roading space that allows you to ride your ORV and bring the entire family. 

They’re proudly alcohol-free as well as family-friendly. It is important to note that they have stopped renting rooms.

Bundy Hill’s open hours run from Wednesday through Sunday. They have everything from dunes with sandy sand to hills, rocks, and even muddy trails. 

The map on their website has colored trails that are categorized according to the kind that you’re likely to encounter. 

You can also spend overnight in one of their campsites. For those who members are at a more beginner level and would like to lease an ORV, it is feasible through Bundy Hill.

8. Silver Lake State Park Scramble Area

Silver Lake State Park is an ideal spot for off-road trails within Michigan. They offer 22,000 acres of dunes made of sand that lie along the shores of Lake Michigan so that you can take dunes buggy rides, and there’s an ORV scramble area of 450 acres. 

The area is accessible from April 1st through October 31st. So if you’re in search of dunes buggy rides in Michigan be sure to visit this park.

ORV rentals, as well as guided tours and a variety of other services, are all available on the site. Find out more details here.

9. Baraga State Park

You’ll find a mostly level ORV trail with sand in Baraga State Park, which is about. 28 miles in length. 

Baraga County allows you to drive ORVs along county roads, and you can get an accurate route map at this site. 

It is the VVMapping website is a great source for every ORV trail within Michigan and you can also find out the type of vehicles that are permitted on each trail.

10. Twin Lakes State Park

Twin Lakes State Park located in Houghton County covers 175 acres and is situated between fascinating historical tourist destinations. 

The park is accessible to visitors via Historic Fort Wilkins, where you’ll witness a recreation about the life of people who lived in the area during the boom of mining of the 1840s. Alternatively, you can observe how the miners who first came to the area lived in Victoria or climb up into the Porcupine Mountains. 

There is The Bill Nicholls trail in the Park spans 41 miles is open to ORVs and takes you through the historic sites of the hardwood and pine forests.

11. Black Lake State Forest Campground

Visit the campsite that is rustic near Black Lake for a wonderful getaway in the forests. 

There are 35 campsites designed for ORV camping, with the ability to access many trails picnic tables fire circles, and much more! There’s an additional lower campground that offers access to smaller fishing boats and pleasure vessels.

Maps that are useful to help you navigate the Black Lake Trail (39 miles), as well as other routes, are available here.

12. Tin Cup ORV Trail

Go to Tin Cup. Tin Cup area in the Lakes County in between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to ride off-road into the woods or on an ATV along with the Tin Cup ORV Trail (20 miles long) or driving SUVs and Jeeps on the Tin Cup ORV Route (17 miles long).

Find maps and great images from the trails here.

13. Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park

Drummond Island is home to the off-road park located in Michigan which has 500 acres of riding available all year long and carved into the limestone that forms the island. 

It is possible to access the resort for just $30 per day, however, there is an annual pass available for 100 dollars for guests who do not resort residents (discounted by $50 when you’re a resort guest).

14. Ottawa National Forest

Then, last but not least, Ottawa National Forest has over 2300 kilometers of Forest Service road and trail access to motorcycles. It is free to access and you can obtain maps for free online or at the Forest Service offices. 

There are many ORV-friendly campgrounds that you can learn more information about by clicking here. Utilizing the listing of the trails that traverse through the forest national, you will be able to find them quickly via the VVMapping website.

Michigan ORV Trails

Conclusion – Michigan ORV Trails

What is the most popular Off-road trail in Michigan? To sum up, here is the list:

  1. Twisted Trails Off-Road Park
  2. Big Bear Lake State Forest Campground
  3. AuSable River State Forest Campground
  4. Kalkaska Trail
  5. Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park
  6. The Mounds
  7. Bundy Hill Off-Road Park
  8. Silver Lake State Park Scramble Area
  9. Baraga State Park
  10. Twin Lakes State Park
  11. Black Lake State Forest Campground
  12. Tin Cup ORV Trail
  13. Turtle Ridge Off-Road Park
  14. Ottawa National Forest

Michigan is the home of hundreds of acres of National Forests as well as parks that are dedicated to ORV riding, which makes it a great place to go off-roading any time of the season. 

With so many trails and parks being open the year-long and many of them free It’s no wonder why Michigan is regarded as one of the best locations to go on trails designed for ORVs for ATVs, Jeeps, and many more. 

There are plenty of great sources for parks and trails from the official Michigan DNR sources, too including where you can take a ride and information about campgrounds. 

This demonstrates how well-known ORV riding is actually in the state, and you’ll find yourself riding through the forest and sand dunes in the area! If you’re planning to get off-roading, explore Michigan’s ORV trails Michigan offers.

Are ORV trails open in Michigan?

In the entire state, thousands of miles of forest roads are now accessible for ORV for use.

Are ATVs allowed in Michigan state parks?

States Game Zones The motorized activity is restricted except for roads open to the public. Some roads that are forest within state game areas allow ORVs. To learn more about state game areas that will enable ORVs to go to this page on the Michigan DNR website.

Can you camp on ORV trails in Michigan?

Bring your vehicle and set up an ideal base camp to explore Northern Michigan’s trails, wilderness and backroads within Clare County while staying in an easy-to-find campsite. Duggan’s Campground is conveniently located if you’re looking to ride locally or ride your time on the State Trails towards Houghton Lake.

Can you drive an ORV on the road in Michigan?Titling ORVs or ATVs?

In Michigan, the moment you purchase or lease an ORV or ATV, You are given an “off-road title.” The title proves that you have ownership of the vehicle. Off-road championships mean that the car cannot be used on public streets since it was specifically designed for off-road use and does not have the necessary safety equipment.

Are Michigan snowmobile trails open to ORV?

During the snowmobile time (Dec. 1-March 31), It is preferred to have ORV riders take trails or roads that aren’t open for snowmobilers. ORVs aren’t legal on snowmobile trails located on federal and private land. Snowmobile trail groomers make pathways that are safe for snowmobiles.

Can you ride UTV on snowmobile trails in Michigan?

Can you drive An ATV along snowmobile routes within Michigan? You cannot ride your snowmobile on the trails that have been approved by the State’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR). There are, however, trails that are off-road vehicles (ORV) routes that permit ATVs. Before you ride, make sure to check for the DNR site and the trail signs to confirm.

Are helmets required for UTV in Michigan?

For Michigan, all ATV and UTV operators and passengers must wear the appropriate helmet. We highly recommend the O’Neal helm as an extremely high-quality helmet that is affordable. If your helmet isn’t outfitted with a face protector, it is legally required to put on goggles.

Are helmets required on ATVs in Michigan?

Michigan law stipulates that every ATV or ORV user uses the U.S. Department of Transportation approved helmet. If the helmet doesn’t include a face shield, it is recommended to wear high-quality glasses to keep debris from getting in the eyes of the driver.

Can you ride dirt bikes on the side of the road in Michigan?

A new law in the state which was was signed by Governor. Jennifer Granholm, in July, permits the northern Michigan counties the ability to open the shoulders and sides of local roads for four-wheelers and dirt-bike riders.

Can you drive on seasonal roads in Michigan?

Michigan has an act that outlines how seasonal roads are managed by the local road commission. The law states that a seasonal highway should not be maintained from November to April. In addition, it says that seasonal roads are not accessible to the traffic of all kinds during this period. We don’t make any closures.

Michigan ORV Trails and Parks FAQ

1. Are Michigan ORV trails open?

All across the states, thousands of miles of forest roads in the state are now open for ORV for use.

2. Is there a speed limit on Michigan ORV trails?

Speed limits aren’t displayed on ORV trails designated by states however, you are allowed to use an ORV only at a speed that is more than acceptable and appropriate in the current conditions.

3. Can you ride side by side on the road in Michigan?

( Michigan law does allow an exemption for ATVs and ORVs that have been legally modified, and then renamed to allow on-road use as an assembly vehicle.) According to Michigan statute, certain side-by-side off-road utility vehicles can be retitled as assembled vehicles to be used on the road.

4. Can you drive on seasonal roads in Michigan?

Roads that are seasonal aren’t built to accommodate a large amount of traffic and therefore require slower speeds for those who travel through. Michigan has laws that outline the way seasonal roads are maintained by roads commissions in the local area.  Additionally, they won’t be accessible to the public at the time.

5. Can you drive a golf cart on ORV trails in Michigan?

According to the Michigan Vehicle Code, golf carts are subject to approval from the legislature, and in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) An oratory is needed to allow for the utilization of ORVs/ATVs.

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