14 Best Off Road Trails in CT Connecticut 2022

Trails in CT Connecticut: Connecticut is renowned for its stunning landscape, from sparkling waterfalls and gorgeous lakes to thick forests and rough hills. 

Connecticut is the Constitution State that offers some of the most exciting and challenging off-road adventures. 

Trails in CT Connecticut

It may be challenging to find places where you can ride, however, the available locations offer thrilling adventures for riders of all levels.

There are several state forests within CT However, just Pachaug State Forest, Cockaponset State Forest, as well as Shenipsit State Forest, permit off-road vehicles during certain dates during the season. 

As policies and regulations could change, it’s an excellent idea to confirm with the state forest you are planning to visit before you leave.

There was a time when Shenipsit State Forest and Cockaponset State Forest used to have trails for 4x4s. However, they have since been shut off, barring ATVs and 4x4s. 

The destruction by motors and non-motorized vehicles of trails has caused numerous closures, which makes it illegal to ride on them.

Our recommendations for the 14 most popular Off-road trails within Connecticut are as below:

  1. Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park
  2. North Tower Hill Road
  3. Filley and Jericho Roads
  4. Pachaug State Forest
  5. Turkey Hill Marsh
  6. Pine Ledge
  7. Spruce Ledge
  8. Mottled Road
  9. East Beach Sand Trail
  10. Thomaston Dam
  11. Cockaponset State Forest
  12. Beartown State Park
  13. Milford Riders MX Club
  14. Shenipsit State Forest

With limited off-road options, there are still exciting and thrilling adventures in CT off-road trails. Let’s look over the top off-road routes within CT.

14 Best Off-Road Trails in CT

14 Best Off Road Trails in CT

1. Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park

The park is located in Whitehall, NY, Mettowee provides 70 trails on over 200 acres. The attractions for off-roading comprise rock crawling, log trenches, tire trench, Mud bogging, and many others. 

The park is a must for all off-roaders from novices to intermediate to experts.

ATVs, UTVs, trucks/SUVs, Jeeps, and OHVs as well as bikes are all allowed along the paths. The park is available for off-roading on weekends from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Camping facilities to stay overnight are available in the park. The park, which is family-friendly, is the most popular location for sports competitions. Go to their Facebook page for additional details.

2. North Tower Hill Road

In Killingworth, CT, this rough forest road is easy to navigate and is not long. The well-maintained road weaves through forest areas. 

Mud patches are abundant following rain and add more flavor to the off-road experience.

3. Filley and Jericho Roads

These dirt roads traverse portions of the Cockaponset State Forest in Haddam, CT. Jericho Road provides a variety of obstacles and dirt roads for off-roading fun.

4. Pachaug State Forest

The Forest of Pachaug’s greater than 22,000 acres stretch across Voluntown, Sterling, Plainfield, Griswold, North Stonington, and Preston.

It’s the largest forest in the state of Connecticut that offers more than 58 miles of trails suitable for dirt and motorcycles. 

The trails are a long loop with moderate to light changes in elevation. The designated staging-off zone is located on Spaulding Road.

Camping facilities are available in the close proximity to Mt. Misery Campground and include 22 picnic tables, a barbecue ring, as well as many vault toilets and water spigots. Be sure to book your reservation on the internet.

Trails are color-coded – with red arrows for motorized usage blue for hikers and orange for use by horses. Although the trail is accessible all year round it’s best to make a call before you head out. Trail closures may occur in the mud season.

There is no permit requirement however, users must be licensed or licensed. Motorcycles must also be road legal. 

Only motorcycles and dirt bikes can access the trails. For more information, contact Pachaug State Forest for more details.

5. Turkey Hill Marsh

In Haddam, CT, the trails in the marsh require a winch and strap to recover. Additionally, having a traveling companion is highly recommended for these trails.

Off-roaders must remain on the marked paths. Beware of forests since they are not allowed. Turkey Hill Marsh connects with Jericho Road.

6. Pine Ledge

With rock crawling and mud, Pine Ledge is not for the faint of heart. It’s recommended to drive this trail with a companion. The trail is accessible to ATVs as well as Jeeps or other 4WD vehicles.

7. Spruce Ledge

It is also known under the name “All Mud Trail,” mudding lovers will surely enjoy the adrenaline-pumping off-roading adventure of this trail.

8. Mottland Road

If you’re in search of an off-roading experience that is truly unique look no further than Mottland Road with your off-road equipment. 

It is located in the middle of Higganum, CT, Mottland Road provides off-roaders with a variety of terrain, ranging from different slopes, including dirt/mud, hills, as well as certain rock formations. Always stick to trails marked and stay clear of the unexplored.

Mottland Road

9. East Beach Sand Trail

Nearby right next to Hartford, CT, is East Beach Sand Trail in Rhode Island. This beach-side 4×4 road lies close to the Ninigret Conservation area, offering three miles of excellent off-roading adventure.

Before you leave, be sure you’re aware of the guidelines and rules set forth by The Rhode Island Parks department. 

All off-road vehicles have to be equipped with a Barrier Beach pass. In the summer months, the beach parking fee is charged to any vehicle that uses the East Beach Sand Trail unless registered at one of the East Beach campsites.

10. Thomaston Dam

Thomaston Dam located on the Naugatuck River in Thomaston, CT provides 800 acres of land that is open to the public for various activities. The trail is 12 miles long. trails only for motorbikes. 

The use of 4-wheel and 3-wheel drive vehicles is not allowed. The trail is a technical one and a few short, rocky slopes, ruts, and sharp cutbacks.

It’s generally accessible during summer and on weekends. The tracks in winter are used for cross-country and snowmobiling. skiing.

There is a requirement to get a CT All Terrain Registration (DMV) prior to riding. The opening and closing of the bike path will depend on the level of water to ensure the safety of the public. Make sure you check the levels of water in the dam before you head out.

At the moment, the recreation areas are currently closed to cars. There is no access for pedestrians. Visit this park’s Facebook page for any updates.

11. Cockaponset State Forest

Cockaponset State Forest is the second-largest forest in Connecticut with its 17000 acres. It covers Hartford, Chester, Essex, Old Saybrook, Meriden, Danbury, Norwalk, Stamford, and Bridgeport.

Enduro races organized by motorcycle clubs take place in this area at least once per year. Motorcycle enthusiasts who love dirt can take part in these races, which are usually one-day events. All drivers must have a license and the motorcycles need to be road legal and registered.

Cockaponset State Forest also has four trails in the cross-country for mountain bikes: Conk, NosillA, Blue Trail as well as Green Trail.

12. Beartown State Park

The park is located in Monterey, Massachusetts, Beartown State Park is just an hour from Hartford, CT. The park has 25 miles of trails, which are suitable for ATVs and off-highly motorcycles to use during daylight hours.

The trails have rocky hills, mud puddles, and a muddy pond and are open from May until November. Make sure to call ahead as only 75 permits for free riding are given out every day. Also, closures of trails can result from wet conditions.

13. Milford Riders MX Club

This track is accessible to members of the club only. It’s among the best dirt trails in CT. There’s a vast selection of terrain appropriate for cyclists of every level. 

There are some rocky areas with elevated sections, as well as the trails can become wet in rain.

14. Shenipsit State Forest

Shenipsit State Forest Shenipsit State Forest is smaller in terms of size than Pachaug as well as Cockaponset State Forests. 

It has trails for dirt bikes as well as other outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, horseback riding hiking, skiing, and hiking in winter. 

It is also used for races that take place annually. Be sure that your dirt bike is licensed in Connecticut.

The Shenipsit is located in the northern part of Connecticut. It has stunning sights and features prehistoric rock formations that were in existence before the Ice Age, scattered along the trails.

Conclusion: 14 Best Off-Road Trails in Connecticut

Best Off-Road Trails

What is the best off-road trail in CT? In a nutshell Here are our top picks for the next time around:

  1. Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park
  2. North Tower Hill Road
  3. Filley and Jericho Roads
  4. Pachaug State Forest
  5. Turkey Hill Marsh
  6. Pine Ledge
  7. Spruce Ledge
  8. Mottled Road
  9. East Beach Sand Trail
  10. Thomaston Dam
  11. Cockaponset State Forest
  12. Beartown State Park
  13. Milford Riders MX Club
  14. Shenipsit State Forest

In fact, Connecticut may have limited off-road options however, the trails and parks which are accessible to off-road vehicles can offer you thrilling adventures that will satisfy your thirst for an adrenaline rush.

Where can you go off-roading in CT?

4 Great Connecticut Spots for Off-Roading and Motorcycling
  • Pachaug State Forest. Located in Voluntown, this forest has over 22,000 acres of public land. …
  • Cockaponset State Forest. …
  • Shenipsit State Forest. …
  • Thomaston Dam.

Where are the best off-road trails?

America’s Best Off-Road Trips
  • Mojave Road, Arizona & California. …
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. …
  • Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. …
  • Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. …
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska. …
  • Rubicon Trail, California. …
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. …
  • El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona.

Where can you ride an ATV in CT?

Connecticut ATV Trails
  • Backyard Adventure UTV Tours. Status: Open. …
  • Central Cycle Club Inc. Type: Track (Privately Owned / Commercial) …
  • Milford Riders Motorcycle Club. Type: Track (Privately Owned / Commercial) …
  • Pachaug State Forest. Status: Open. …
  • Thomaston Dam. …
  • Connecticut River MX. …
  • Groton Pits. …
  • Motown USA.

What do you call the oldest person in the family?

You’ve got it -the matriarch. Although the word patriarch is explicitly a reference to a masculine head of the household, it may more broadly refer to any older respectable male.

Where can you legally ride a dirt bike in CT?

Here are the 6 best dirt bike trails in Connecticut:
  • Thomaston Dam.
  • Pachaug State Forest.
  • Milford Riders MX Club.
  • Cockaponset State Forest.
  • Shenipsit State Forest.
  • Central Cycle Club.

Are ATVs street legal in CT?

ATVs are not allowed to be driven on any public roadway or highway within Connecticut. Connecticut. You can travel on any public road at 90 degrees if you are a certified driver of a motor vehicle. ATVs are permitted to be driven on private roads only if you are granted written permission by the owner.

Can you register ATV in CT?

Connecticut residents must register their ATVs that they own and plan to operate on property within the state they do not lease or own. The cost for registration is $20 for two years of the roster, which includes the $5 fee for plates and the $10 fee for the federal Clean Air Act fee. … The owner has to show an identification code on every side of the front of the ATV.

Are pocket bikes legal in CT?

Mini-motorcycles (Pocket Bikes) cannot be registered and will be restricted from usage on any road or sidewalk. These bikes have seat heights of lower than 26 inches.

How much does it cost to register a motorcycle in Connecticut?

Payment: A registration for a motorcycle having a new plate (and without lien) costs 133 dollars. (There is an added fee of $10 when processing a car with the lien). Additionally, sales tax will be assessed on newly purchased vehicles.

Can you drive an ATV on the road?

Yes, and you need to use it on public roads. The law says that “Quad bikes have to be registered, approved and taxed as well as having an MOT (if required) for use on the roads. A majority of bikes aren’t driven on roads as they don’t comply with road safety standards.

Trails in CT Connecticut FAQ

1. Can you ride a dirtbike on the road in CT?

Connecticut law requires all-terrain vehicles that are operated within the state to be registered in the state unless operating on land that is owned or leased by the proprietor of the ATV.  As per the DEEP website, Connecticut does not currently have any public spaces accessible for quads.

2. Are there any ATV trails in CT?

At present, Connecticut does not have any public spaces that are accessible to quads. Furthermore, there are no state-managed trails that are open to dirt bikes, though it is possible to use the Army Corps of Engineers facility located at Thomaston Dam is available for two-wheeled trail bikes.

3. How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in CT?

A person who is younger than 10 cannot operate a vehicle for recreation under any circumstance. A person who is younger than 16 and a half can operate a recreational vehicle on the public road.

4. What are the bunkers at top trails for?

The property contains 138 bunkers made of concrete which were used to store ammunition throughout World War II.

5. What did top trails use to be?

It’s a “Coosa River Storage Annex’ that is utilized as an outdoor play area named “Top Trails which was opened in the year 2012. The park’s only full-time employee, Wes Pope, 55 told us that he lived in Talladega but didn’t know anything about the park.

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