15 Best ATV Parks in Mississippi 2022

ATV Parks in Mississippi: Mississippi is The Hospitality State. It’s known for its blues music and beautiful forests. 

The state is also home to Elvis Presley. There are miles of trails and ATV parks that can be explored.

ATV Parks in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to many riversides and forest trails. Three different trails loop around the Desoto National Forest. BMB and Wild Country Off-Road are also great options for mud riding.

Although some parks are only open on weekends, they are well worth the effort. Visit their website for more information, including hours, rules, and trail conditions.

These are the 15 Best ATV Parks In Mississippi:

  1. Mudslingers Off-Road Trails
  2. Rattlesnake Bay Trail ATV Trail
  3. Bethel ATV Trail
  4. Tiger Creek ORV
  5. Trace State Park ORV Trails
  6. Red Creek Off-Road Park
  7. Burden’s Creek ATV Park
  8. South Mississippi Off-Road & Park
  9. BMB Offroad
  10. Warfield Point Park ATV Trails
  11. Rocks Bottom Offroad Park
  12. The Creek Acres
  13. Wild Country Off-Road
  14. Delta Multiple-Use Trails
  15. Chickasaw ATV Trail

If you don’t check out ATV parks in Mississippi, you are missing out. We’ve narrowed down the best places to visit, with so many options. Find out more about the best parks and trails.

15 Best ATV Parks Mississippi

1. Mudslangers Off-Road Trails

Off-road riding in Mississippi is a must. Woodland Mudslangers will provide a thrilling experience, as you climb up and down in mud or sandpits. 

You can also relax by the duck pond or grab food at their concession stand and crawfish truck during your downtime.

You can bring your UTV, UTV, or SXS ATV, UTV, SXS motorcycle, or dirtbike. They are only open from March through October on alternate weekends. You can check their official Facebook page to confirm their availability.

2. Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail

Many ATV trails in Mississippi can be found in the Desoto National Forest. The Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail is located in New Augusta to the north. The forest is home to three loop trails that run 31 miles. 

Although you won’t be scaling cliffs or jumping off hills, you will be following well-packed, smooth trails. These loops can be ridden on a dirt bike, motorbike, ATV, or SXS less than 50 feet.

It may be used by the military for training exercises in May or September. Before you leave, make sure to call.

3. Bethel ATV Trail

The Bethel OHV Trail is located in Saucier, in the south-central part of the forest. There are two loops that can be ridden, both for beginners and cruisers. You can enjoy the hardwood flats and swamps of Tuxachanie Creek.

You can take time to admire the variety of plant life between the pine trees. You are welcome to visit as long as your motorcycle, dirtbike, or ATV is less than 50 inches.

The hunting season is between October and January in this area. For more information, call the US Forestry Department.

4. Tiger Creek ORV

Desoto National Forest also has a trail to offer. Little Tiger ATV trail is located in the Chickasawhay Ranger District of Laurel. 

Although the ORV routes are shorter than those of the others, camping and picnicking can be done in this area. 

There are three trails through the woods, totaling 12 miles, that you can use to go mudding in wet weather.

5. Trails for ORVs in Trace State Park

You can find an ATV Trail within 30 minutes of Elvis Presley’s Tupelo birthplace. Trace State Park offers 35 miles of dirt and gravel paths that are open to ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and UTVs with a maximum height of 50 feet. Horseback riders and hikers also use the area to observe wildlife.

Trace State Park welcomes you to spend the night in one of their cottages or cabins. You will find RV hookups, a playground, boating, and fishing facilities. You can check their regulations and get safety permits by clicking.

15 Best ATV Parks

6. Red Creek Off-Road Park

Red Creek Off-Road Park in Mississippi is the best place to go if you want to have a great weekend with your family. There are 20 miles of trails and two motocross tracks. They also have a peewee track.

You will find creeks, sandbars, and plenty of mud to suit all vehicles on the 500-acre property. The concession stand offers food and swimming. You can rent a cabin or stay in a primitive campsite for an overnight stay.

They usually open on Fridays and Sundays, but you can also check in to make a weekday appointment at the.

7. Burden’s Creek ATV Park

Mount Olive, a small community, has a 400-acre park that is available for ATVs. Burden’s Creek offers creek crossings, mud pits, and ponds on their woods trails. All types of vehicles are welcome for day and night rides.

 There are several events throughout the year. They may give you free entry to your ATV or overnight camping during these events. Only one requirement is that you sign a waiver on theirs.

8. South Mississippi Off-Road & Park

South Mississippi Off-Road RV Park and South Mississippi Off-Road are great options for weekend getaways. 

Formerly known as Muddy Joe’s, the network now includes 7 trails that span 377 acres in Perkinston. Some trails are muddy and others are sandy. All types of vehicles can be brought here.

Other recreational activities are also offered at the park. The park offers many recreational activities, including swimming at the beach or in the pool and slurping in the lake.

You can also chill out in the game room. Apart from renting cabins, they offer hookups and RV camping.

9. BMB Offroad

When it was established, BMB Offroad in Fulton had a different name. The park was originally called Barnyard Mudboggers.

However, the park and the community have grown over the years. The park now covers 715 acres and has 60 trails. All skill levels and vehicles are welcome to ride the park’s 60 trails.

Every other weekend, they are open from Friday through Sunday. You can visit their website to see some of the best ATV dealers in Mississippi.

10. Warfield Point Park ATV Trails

The Mississippi ATV Park allows you to get up close and personal with the Mississippi River. 

You can ride your ATV, dirt bike, or motorcycle through 8 miles worth of wood trails and then relax along the riverbank. For a 360-degree view of the park, and the river, you can climb their observation tower.

They have RV hookups and the trails are maintained well. There are also grills, playgrounds, and a golf course.

11. Rocks Bottom Offroad Park

Rocks Bottom in Forest is more than just a walk through the forest. The 30-mile trail also passes through swamplands, mud bogs, hills, ponds, creeks, and sandbars. 

Although the park covers 670 acres, it is accessible to all vehicles. However, it has a moderate difficulty rating. On weekends, you can camp on the site.

12. The Creek Acres

Mississippi also offers nighttime ATV parks. Up the Creek is the place to go if you enjoy off-road night riding. The park is located in Carriere and has 15 miles of trails that run through the woods or along the creekside.

You have the option to either play in the mud pits or speed through the drag strip and dirt track. You can still ride after dusk, even though they have a call for sleeping campers.

The Creek Acres is open throughout the year to all vehicles. You can use the facilities for toilets and showers, as well as swimming, fishing, and camping.

13. Wild Country Off-Road

The Mississippi isn’t the only river in Mississippi. Wild Country Off-Road, located in Leakesville, has the Chickasawhay River on its 1,100 acres. Here you can take all types of off-road vehicles along their well-packed trails.

 You can also ride along river sandbars and mud bogs as well as water holes. The 900-foot racing track is used for mega truck races.

It’s a great idea to stay overnight as there is so much to see. On their website, you can find information about the camping and cabin amenities in the area. They allow fishing and have a restaurant on site.

14. Delta Multiple-Use Trails

There are 20 multi-use trails in the vicinity of the Delta National Forest. There are a variety of routes, ranging in length from 0.75 to 4.5 miles. All vehicles are allowed, provided they are 48 inches wide or less.

You can enjoy your day in the hardwood forest, or out in open areas with rivers and reservoirs. 

Ask about boating and fishing in the lakes and ponds. Give them a call to learn more about their camping amenities and reservations.

15. Chickasaw ATV Trail

Some Mississippi ATV trails are more leisurely than others, like the Chickasaw ATV Trail located in the Tombigbee National Forest.

You will find 12 miles of trails that run through pine and hardwood forests. You can enjoy the tranquil views from your ATV, dirt bike, or motorcycle.

Chickasaw is open for daytime rides from April through October. For more information about the trail, and their schedule, contact the Tombigbee Ranger District.

Conclusion: The Best 15 ATV Parks In Mississippi

ATV Parks in Mississippi

Here are the 15 Best ATV Parks of Mississippi.

  1. Mudslingers Off-Road Trails
  2. Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail
  3. Bethel ATV Trail
  4. Tiger Creek ORV
  5. Trace State Park ORV Trails
  6. Red Creek Off-Road Park
  7. Burden’s Creek ATV Park
  8. South Mississippi Off-Road & Park
  9. BMB Offroad
  10. Warfield Point Park ATV Trails
  11. Rocks Bottom Offroad Park
  12. The Creek Acres
  13. Wild Country Off-Road
  14. Delta Multiple-Use Trails
  15. Chickasaw ATV Trail

Mississippi might not be your first choice for ATV riding. But their parks and friendly residents will make your experience one of the best.

For any additional information, you might need, contact them before your trip to make the most of your experience.

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What animal represents Mississippi?

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ATV Parks in Mississippi FAQ

1. Where can I ride my ATV in Mississippi?

The most popular Mississippi ATV trails, according to their popularity are Bethel ATV Trail, Trace State Park Rattlesnake Beach ATV Trail, Tiger Creek ORV along Red Creek Off-Road Park.

2. Is UTV street legal in Mississippi?

Some other examples of offroad vehicles are dirt bikes as well as side-by-side Utilities (UTVs). We now know the definition of an ATV, how do we apply its guidelines? … ATVs are not allowed to are allowed to be used on highways or public roads in Mississippi. The only way is to convert an ATV to “street lawful.”

3. Where is Red Creek in Mississippi?

Red Creek originates in Lamar County and flows southeastward through Pearl River, Forrest, Stone, George, and Jackson counties. Within Jackson County, Red Creek joins Black Creek before flowing into the Pascagoula River. The total length of the creek is the equivalent of 80 miles (130 km).

4. What is the sales tax on an ATV in Mississippi?

You’ll be charged: State sales tax of 4.225 percent and any local sales tax that is due on the cost of purchase (the amount of purchase price less the trade-in allowance or any other allowance (if there is one). Local sales tax documents are determined by the rate at which you reside, not by where you purchased the ATV.

5. Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in Mississippi?

Mississippi law permits vehicles with all-terrain tires to be driven on public land with two conditions. “You must either possess valid driver’s licenses or take a safety class which is required by the Mississippi state Mississippi and the federal government.” Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson stated.

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