15 Best Colorado ATV Trails to Explore 2022

Colorado ATV Trails: Colorado is the Centennial State, Colorado, is blessed with an amazing combination of landscapes:

the white-iced Rocky Mountains, amazing deserts and plains, as well as forests on hillsides provide a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Colorado ATV Trails

What are the top ATV routes in Colorado? Based on your experience of adventure, your desire for adventure as well as your natural and historical interests There is a lot of to choose from. 

Here are a few most popular destinations to go ATV driving in Colorado:

  1. Lizard Head Trail
  2. Texas Creek ATV Trails
  3. Roaring Creek OHV Trail
  4. Wagon Wheel Trail System
  5. Taylor Park
  6. Crested Butte Areas
  7. St Mary’s Glacier
  8. Alpine Loop
  9. Ruby Jewel Route
  10. Bull Mountain
  11. Grand Mesa Trails
  12. Mendenhall Route
  13. Rainbow Falls Trails
  14. Hardscrabble Mountain
  15. Red Feather Lakes

Let’s review the top locations to search for the best ATV riding in Colorado and experience all Colorado offers outdoor enthusiasts.

15 Best Colorado ATV Trails

1. Lizard Head Trail

If you’re seeking a wilderness, drive 10 miles to the southwest of Telluride to discover this Lizard Head Wilderness which covers 41,496 acres. 

There are some impressive mountains that attract mountain hikers and climbers await there, including Mount Wilson and El Diente. 

For those who ride ATVs, There is an ATV trail called the Lizard Head Trail: 7.7 miles long. It runs across Lizard Head Pass into the wilderness recreation area, which is shared by hikers and horses. 

You can ride through aspen and spruce forests, walkthrough Bilk Creek Basin, and admire the scenic views of waterfalls. 

It’s not a long hike, but the views are spectacular and the trail offers an option to join Wilson Mesa Trail. Wilson Mesa Trail for onward travel. It’s not terribly technical and thus suitable for all kinds of ATV or ATV riders.

Colorado ATV

2. Texas Creek ATV Trails

Take a trip towards South Central Colorado You’ll find an amazing ATV trail network located at Texas Creek – an ideal playground for Jeep and ATV riders.

It is among the best places to go ATV driving throughout Colorado that encircles Table Mountain with a diversity of terrain suitable for all kinds of riders. The eastern slopes are best for a more gentle and easy ride while heading west for more rocky terrain and harder terrain.

There’s Texas Creek near the Royal Gorge region on Highway 50, about 30 miles to the east to Salida as well as 25 miles from Canon City. Riding ATVs in Colorado is at its best in this trail system accessible to all.

3. Roaring Creek OHV Trail

These trails remain closed however, it’s worth mentioning for their stunning views and straightforward access. 

It’s located close to Red Feather Lakes, and it’s accessible to ATVs between May and October. You can climb to 10,500 feet to admire the views from the top. After that, head back to the Roosevelt National Forest and find an idyllic camping spot.

4. Wagon Wheel Trail System

If you’re in the market for an extended day on an ATV through Colorado The Wagon Wheel Trail System offers more than 600 miles worth of trails that run throughout the White River National Forest and Rangely and includes a variety of interconnected loops that are suitable for every level of ATV riders. 

There’s also a place where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and fishing.

You can divide your ride between the East and West parts in the entire system. The Eastern part is a wonderful mixture of both natural and historical heritage, navigating the mountainous trail of White River National Forest and taking in historic places on the way. 

There are 250 miles of trail that comprise 16 loops interconnected are waiting for you. Furthermore, Meeker (the starting point) and Rio Blanco County are both OHV-friendly, allowing you to drive an ATV through city streets as well as designated roads that are country that makes it easy to travel around.

On the Western side, you can enjoy another 360 miles of ATV trails on trails of the White River Bureau of Land Management trails. The trails vary from mostly groomed to completely wild, and will test different kinds of experience and skill. Learn additional information on this website.

5. Taylor Park

In Gunnison National Forest Within the Gunnison National Forest, there is Taylor Park, whose trails run all around Taylor Park Reservoir – about 100 miles. Taylor Park is available from May until the end of November. Expect smooth and wide dirt roads, mixed with small, rocky trails.

There are numerous campgrounds that have direct access to trails within the park. In the reservoir, you can enjoy fishing and boating, too. The maps of the Park are here.

6. Crested Butte Areas

In the eastern and northern edges of the Crested Butte area, you are able to find numerous thrilling ATV trails that allow you for exploring the wilderness. It is the Northern Crested Butte Area is the home of a few easy trails such as Slate and Gothic Roads.

Slate as well as the Gothic Roads, offering great views that require little effort, as well as a trip towards Gunsight Pass and Schofield Pass for more challenging terrain. Find more details about the trails within the Northern Crested Butte Area here.

It is worth noting that the Eastern Crested Butte Area has many challenging trails for experienced ATV riders. The three main trails are connected to form a unison: Pearl Pass followed by Taylor Pass and Italian Creek Road. 

Taylor Pass is actually listed as one of the “top hazardous roads” because it’s among Colorado’s highest mountains, at an elevation of 11,948 feet over sea level. The 8.5 miles that lead to the summit are extremely difficult with steep drops and hairpin twists.

7. St Mary’s Glacier

There are two trails within the vicinity of St Mary’s Glacier: St Mary’s and Empire. The unique glacier is a must-see and takes in stunning views. St Mary’s trails are often smooth, and sometimes gorgeously and rocky, but always rewarding.

8. Alpine Loop

This circular trail is extremely well-known it travels through the popular Lake City, Ouray, and Silverton with high altitude passes and dramatic mountain views. 

The trail is believed to begin at Lake City, and the total distance is about 65 miles. It takes you through interesting historical sites like those ghost towns in Animas Forks and Capitol City, mining camps, and buildings.

In addition to the main trail, You can also go off to side trails such as California Gulch. California Gulch and many others allow you to spend long hours on your ATV in this region.

9. Ruby Jewel Route

The trail is situated close to Walden located near Walden, this six-mile path is located near Walden. It is open throughout the year and is able to be driven one way during summer, and even further to by up to 8 miles in winter. 

Begin from the parking lot near the Ruby Jewel Yurt, and you’ll arrive at 9,146 feet, where the trailhead for hiking starts which allows you to explore further the area.

10. Bull Mountain

The trail follows an old logging road that was once a logging road, this trail lets you ascend to the summit of Bull Mountain in a one-way 7 miles in summer. 

In winter, it is possible to access the North Michigan Reservoir at 4 miles by dividing from the right side of the trail. The trail is paved and groomed to allow snowmobiling in the winter snow.

11. Grand Mesa Trails

The trails are off-road trails close to Grand Junction are great ATV riding trails that wind through thick forests, lakes, and meadows. There are numerous trails and interconnections however since it’s a national forest, you’ll need to be cautious of the signs and adhere to those specifically marked for ATV use.

 Grand Mesa Trails

12. Mendenhall Route

It is a popular option for those who hunt The trail is miles long and leads visitors up to Medicine Bow Trail, Route NF, and the N. Sand Dunes. 

It’s a steep climb when you climb 2,000 feet breathtaking views await visitors at the summit of the ridge when it is clear that you can look really far away.

13. Rainbow Falls Trails

Its Rainbow Falls riding area is situated in the middle of Pike National Forest, with 20 miles of trails on which ATVs are welcome. It is a popular location, with trails that are moderately suitable for all levels of ability. 

The terrain is generally soft and smooth, which makes the perfect terrain for speedy riding. It is important to remember not to travel through camping areas and are wearing a Colorado OTV permit in all instances.

14. Hardscrabble Mountain

Go to visit the Hardscrabble Special Recreation Management Area between Gypsum and Eagle for a thrilling ride on the ATV trails that wind around Hardscrabble Mountain. 

The marked ATV trails are situated near Gypsum in the western portion of the region.

15. Red Feather Lakes

The Roosevelt National Forest has an impressive section of more than 100 miles of ATV-riding trails that lie to the west from Fort Collins at Red Feather Lakes. 

There are various levels of difficulty for riding for all types of riders.

Conclusion – Colorado, a Trail Riding Paradise

Where can you find the most popular Colorado ATV tracks? For review these trails, here’s one more:

  1. Lizard Head Trail
  2. Texas Creek ATV Trails
  3. Roaring Creek OHV Trail
  4. Wagon Wheel Trail System
  5. Taylor Park
  6. Crested Butte Areas
  7. St Mary’s Glacier
  8. Alpine Loop
  9. Ruby Jewel Route
  10. Bull Mountain
  11. Grand Mesa Trails
  12. Mendenhall Route
  13. Rainbow Falls Trails
  14. Hardscrabble Mountain
  15. Red Feather Lakes

It’s not a surprise that a place like Colorado is renowned for its outdoor pursuits and outdoor activities, has a lot to offer to those who ride ATVs. 

The trails are vast and interconnecting trails allow for long, long days or trips that last for a long time, based on your ability and enthusiasm for adventure.

If you’re on vacation and searching for ATV trails close to Colorado Springs as well as looking for more riders from the past through the mining ghost towns near Silverton There’s something for everyone’s interests as well as the many campgrounds and towns that allow OHVs, and other services. Have fun riding!

Can you ride ATV in National Forest in Colorado?

ATVs. The use of the ATV while on public land, including national forest trails and roads, requires a Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Permit. Apply for permit applications and pay the fee in the Colorado State Parks Registration Unit to obtain a permit to put on the ATV. The sticker is required to be renewed each year in March.

Can you have a passenger on an ATV in Colorado?

Colorado does not recognize ATVs as street legal. A vehicle that is off-highway and where people are seated side-by-side. UTVs larger than 50 inches wide are not permitted in the Forest Service ATV trails.

Where can you go 4 wheel in Colorado?

Roosevelt National Forest is home to more than 100 miles of ATV trails across the woods, passing the lakes and massive rocks. Most of the trails are designed for single-use dirt bikes and motorcycles. However, a large part of the trails to the west of the lakes on Deadman Road is fantastic for ATVs.

Colorado ATV Trails FAQ

1. Where can I drive my ATV in Colorado?

ATVs can be ridden throughout Colorado only on specific trails and roads as well as on private property. Colorado permits ATVs within specific areas of those of the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests, for instance.

2. How many miles are ATV trails in Colorado?

The forest has more than 2 million acres as well as more than 2500 miles of ATV trails ready to explore by your preferred RZR, UTV, or ATV. Ten of Colorado’s most famous 14ers are located in the White River National Forest including Mt.

3. Can you drive an RZR on the street in Colorado?

The most common rule for Colorado states that it is illegal to operate UTVs or ATVs in public streets or highways.

4. Can an ATV be street legal in Colorado?

Colorado does not recognize ATVs as street legal. A vehicle off the highway where two people are seated side-by-side. UTVs larger than 50 inches in size are not permitted to be used on Forest Service ATV trails. Colorado does not recognize most UTVs as street legal.

5. What do I need to ride my ATV in Colorado?

OHVs have to have registration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. All OHVs that are owned and operated within Colorado must have current registration labels when they are in an OHV staging area, or operating on trails or routes that are designated. OOHs that are not from the state must also have a current Colorado OTV use permit.

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