15 Best Maine ATV Trails Off-Road Riding ATV/UTV 2022

Maine ATV Trails: There’s nothing better to experience the great outdoors than to ride your ATV through The Pine Tree State. 

Be amazed by the beauty while you whirl through rugged mountains and lakes, pine groves, streams, bogs, and waterfalls. 

Maine ATV Trails Off-Road Riding

The majority of Maine’s ATV trails are multi-use, and are open all the year, with the exception of the mud season.

Maine offers a variety of options to take your ATV on. Take a trip to Moose Loop Trail for a challenging ride, where you’ll encounter some rock climbing as well as dirt holes. 

There’s the Saint John Valley Heritage Trail. Explore the stunning landscape of Aroostook County as you walk through wooded and farmland areas.

Here’s our top list of 15 ATV trails that are the best that you can ride in Maine:

  1. Pulpit Rock Trail
  2. Moose Loop Trail
  3. Four Seasons Adventure Trail
  4. Down East Sunrise Trail
  5. Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail
  6. Whistle Stop Rail-Trail
  7. Kennebec Valley Trail
  8. Saint John Valley Heritage Trail
  9. Houlton To Phair Junction Trail
  10. Sherman to Patten Trail
  11. Lagrange to Medford Trail
  12. Coburn Mountain ATV Riders
  13. Dixmont Trails
  14. Katahdin Lodge
  15. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park (RMTP)

It could be a leisurely ride, a full day of exploration, or an overnight trip in the remote countryside, ATV riding gives you an iconic Maine adventure you’ll certainly never forget.

Explore the trails with your ATV, and be amazed by the stunning views Maine is known for. Wildlife sightings along the way are beneficial.

Let’s take a look at the best ATV trail within Maine:

15 Best Maine ATV Trails

15 Best Maine ATV Trails

1. Pulpit Rock Trail

Pulpit Rock Trail is in North Waterford, Maine. It is a network of ATV trails that take visitors through a variety of breathtaking and beautiful locations within Stoneham, Waterford, Lovell, and Sweden. 

The trail links to that of the Norway network of trails. For more information on fees, rules and other events visit the webpage or the Facebook Page.

2. Moose Loop Trail

The Moose Loop Trail offers 138 miles of ATV trails. The trail, which is located in Northern Franklin County, passes through the picturesque towns of Stratton-Eustis Rangeley, Kingfield, Avon, Salem, Strong, Phillips, and Madrid. 

The villages are all ATV-friendly which means riders are able to access gas, food as well as accommodations for overnight stays.

The Moose Loop Trail takes riders through stunning views, terrains that provide challenging adventures as well as numerous opportunities to observe wildlife.

3. Four Seasons Adventure Trail

The 29.8-mile Four Seasons Adventure Trail is in the Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties. It’s a multi-use path that connects Newport, Corinna, Dexter, Sangerville, and Dover-Foxcroft. 

Also known as the Newport/Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail, it treats riders to incredible views of several lakes as it weaves through forests and farmlands.

ATV usage is at its highest on weekends in the summer, as are mountain bikers. In winter, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers are also on the trail. 

Dog sledding is also a possibility and snowshoeing in winter. The trail’s end and beginning connect to Maine’s Interconnected Trail System.

All motorized vehicles have to be registered legally. The trail is accessible all year round. Camping is located in designated areas and many accommodations offer direct access to trails.

4. Down East Sunrise Trail

It is the Down East Sunrise Trail that offers ATV enthusiasts the opportunity to explore 87 miles of nature that winds through lush forests and marshes where beavers, eagles and white-tail deer, wild turkeys, and moose make their home. 

The trail passes through charming coastal villages in southern Maine. It’s the longest off-road path along Maine’s East Coast Greenway. 

The rail corridor has now become an attractive trail that’s accessible to snowmobiles, ATVs, and bicycles, as well as hiking horses ski, cross-country skiing, as well as dog sledding.

The trail is suitable for snowmobiles and ATVs that are up to 60 inches in width. When the trail is covered with snow in winter, ATVs and riding horses are not allowed. For more details go to this site.

5. Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail

The Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail was an old rail bed that’s now extensively used by ATVs cyclists, hikers, bicyclists cyclists, joggers, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers. 

It’s also a trail that is pet-friendly. It’s graded dirt and gravel that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Also known as “Railroad Trail,” the trail is located east of the town line of Lebanon and goes through Sanford. The trail runs through wooded areas and then passes through Deering Pond. 

There are four ways to enter the trail network within Springvale. They are Hanson Ridge Road, Oak Street, Main Street, and Pleasant Street.

6. Whistle Stop Rail-Trail

Whistle the Stop Rail Trail provides 14 miles of multi-use, one-way trails that link three cities. Riders enjoy stunning views of the countryside as well as fields that are dotted with stunning wildflowers. 

Its gentle curving hills of the trail meander through picturesque foothills and forest-covered Western Maine wetlands. 

The trail is open all year for all outdoor activities, including ATVs and snowmobiles, biking walking, cross-country skiing, walking and snowshoeing, horseback riding as well as dog sledding.

Leash walks for dogs are also acceptable. Be sure to tidy up afterward. For more details go to the following hyperlink.

7. Kennebec Valley Trail

Kennebec Valley Trail located in Somerset is a 14.5-mile rail-trail in the top ATV country. 

It also allows mountain biking, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. It is also open to hiking and cross-country ski. 

When you’re on the trail make sure you be sure to keep an eye and ear alert for the diverse wildlife that lives in the woods, rivers, and meadows around the trail. Watching the wildlife within their original surroundings is sure to be a delight!

ATVs, as well as mountain bikes, are allowed on the trail until the first snowfall. The trailhead is located on Goodrich Road on the southern side of Bingham.

8. Saint John Valley Heritage Trail

It is 16.9 miles Saint John Valley Heritage Trail is located in Aroostook County, which is the largest as well as the northernmost in Maine. 

“Aroostook” is a reference to “beautiful and ‘beautiful river’ within the Native American dialect. It’s only one of the trails in Northern Maine’s vast trail system, with more than a thousand miles of trail markers. The majority of Saint John Valley Heritage Trail traverses farmland and forests filled with rivers, lakes, and ponds. 

The rail trail is comprised of stone and is ideal for mountain biking, ATVs as well as hiking, and riding horses.

In winter, the trail is a paradise for snowmobiling, dog sledding cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. For more information, go to this website. Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands.

9. Houlton To Phair Junction Trail

It is a 37-mile Houlton from Phair Junction Trail is part of the Southern Bangor And Aroostook Trail. It begins at Houlton and traverses towns like Monticello, Bridgewater, and Mars Hill. 

The trail is an area of forested land and allows ATV riding as well as off-road cycling as well as hiking and horseback riding.

In winter, the trail comes full of cross-country skiers and snowmobiles. Snowshoeing is also a popular activity or dog-sledding. Only legally registered motorized vehicles as ATVs or snowmobiles are allowed to use multi-use trails.

The trail is accessible all year round but only during the season of mud. Visit this page for more details.

10. Sherman to Patten Trail

Sherman to Patten Trail Sherman to Patten Trail offers 6 miles of picturesque forests and fields to ATV drivers. 

In the past, the trail was a railway linking Bangor with Millinocket and then Houlton. The multi-use trail features an asphalt surface which is also suitable for riding horses, off-road cycling as well as hiking.

The trail is open in winter and allows cross-country ski as well as dog sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiles, and snowmobiles. 

The majority of the trail is around the entire perimeter of Thousand Acre Bog. It’ll take you through extremely remote areas which makes for a wonderful backcountry experience.

There are also a variety of trails that are accessible to ATV users that offer additional opportunities to explore beyond the rail line. 

Motorized vehicle permits need to be obtained. ATVs and snowmobiles have to be registered legally.

11. Lagrange to Medford Trail

The 11.4-mile Lagrange to Medford Trail gives a remote experience for ATV enthusiasts. Within Medford Center, the route for snowmobiles and ATVs runs north to an isolated Schoodic Lake. 

The trailhead is located in South Lagrange, the trail winds north through an area with a lot of woods, providing the riders a glimpse of houses or farms that are small in size. The trail passes across the city of Lagrange which is an old mill town. 

There is a general shop and a service station that can be found at a town road crossing. Town Road crossing.

The trail that is not well-known provides glimpses of beavers waterfowls and moose as well as other animals that inhabit the region. 

Because the trail runs to the wilderness the hikers are advised to take their own provisions, such as insect repellents that are effective especially in the spring and the beginning of summer. 

Others who use the trail include mountain bikes, horses snowmobiles, snowshoers cross-country skiers, and dogsleds in winter. The trail is accessible all time, with the exception of the muddy season.

12. Coburn Mountain ATV Riders

Coburn Mountain ATV Riders are one of the largest trails in northern Maine. In summer, it’s accessible to snowmobiles and ATVs, while snowmobiles ride it across the trails in winter.

A number of lodging options offer direct access to the trails. The trails are open all year but only during the dry season.

Apart from snowmobiles and ATVs, UTVs and SXS are allowed. The vehicles must have a Maine ATV registration for use on the trails. Camping is permitted on designated campsites only.

13. Dixmont Trails

Dixmont Trails treat ATV riders with around 20 miles of thrilling routes that tend to be sand and packed with hard-packed. The trails are suitable for all kinds of abilities. The majority of the routes are classified intermediate.

Apart from ATVs motorcycles UTVs, as well as SXS, are also allowed. However, SUVs, Jeeps dunes buggy, and 4x4s with sandrails aren’t allowed. The trails include two areas for staging and are open every day, except during the mud season. 

The vehicle must not be more than 60 inches wide as well as be registered with Maine.

For more details, go to the official website that is maintained by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

14. Katahdin Lodge

Katahdin Lodge provides easy access to numerous miles of ATV trails that weave through picturesque panoramas of lush forests streams, waterfalls, stream crossings as well as gravel pits. The trails link directly to Aroostook County ATV Trail System.

ATVs are allowed on trails from May until the end of fall. Dirt bikes, motorcycles UTVs, SXS, SUVs Jeeps, Dune Buggies, and sand rails 4x4s are also allowed on the trails provided they are equipped with a Maine registration for OHV. 

Motorcycles and ATVs must be registered with a valid Maine registration. For more information on accommodations, go to Katahdin Lodge’s website. Katahdin Lodge website.

15. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park (RMTP)

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park has 700 acres of stunning trails that are wooded. There are many difficult hills to climb with, a few tiny jumps and berms, and several big jumps. 

It is accessible to ATVs dirt bikes, motorcycles, UTVs SXS and SUVs. Dune buggies, Jeeps, and Sand rails.

A permit is not required to use the trail, however, there are charges for using the trail and riding at the campground. According to the website, the RMPT is open daily and at night for off-road activities.

Conclusion: 15 Best Maine ATV Trails

Maine ATV Trails

What are the top ATV tracks in Maine? In the end, Here are the best trails to consider:

  1. Pulpit Rock Trail
  2. Moose Loop Trail
  3. Four Seasons Adventure Trail
  4. Down East Sunrise Trail
  5. Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail
  6. Whistle Stop Rail-Trail
  7. Kennebec Valley Trail
  8. Saint John Valley Heritage Trail
  9. Houlton To Phair Junction Trail
  10. Sherman to Patten Trail
  11. Lagrange to Medford Trail
  12. Coburn Mountain ATV Riders
  13. Dixmont Trails
  14. Katahdin Lodge
  15. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park (RMTP)

Maine is the most network of interconnected ATV network of trails across the nation. If you’re looking for a full-day excursion or a multi-day trip, Maine offers some of the best multi-use trails that you are likely to find in the United States. 

To find Maine ATV trail maps, visit the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry website.

Can you ride side by sides in Maine?

Sixty inches is the current norm for the state-wide trail system, though this width isn’t set in the statute. Around 10 per cent of ATVs registered to Maine in 2019 were over sixty inches in width. It is possible to use side-by-sides with a width of more than 65 inches or greater than 2,000 pounds if not registered until August.

Are UTVS street legal in Maine?

Similarly, ATV or UTV operations are generally banned on all public streets within Maine.

Can you drive an ATV on the road in Maine?

An ATV can be used on roads and public roadways during occasions of a limited duration that are conducted under the pre-arranged schedule and authorization from the government unit that has the authority.

Where are the ATV trails in Maine?

Maine ATV maps of trails are available at ATVMaine by calling 207-287-5058 or 888-386-388. Maine has a recreational law that is favourable (Title 14 M.R.S.A.

Are ATV trails open in Maine?

The 2021 season for The Forks ATV tracks in The Forks, Maine, began with Memorial Day Weekend and ended on November 3, 2021. The opening dates on Maine’s trails differ across the state and depend on the weather conditions. Still, nobody should be expecting that any course will be open before May 15, generally speaking.

Are helmets required on Maine ATV trails?

Maine describes all-terrain vehicles (ATV) as motor-driven, off-road recreation vehicles that can be used on snow, sand and ice, or any other natural terrains. … Anyone operating or riding an ATV must wear a helmet.

Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Maine?

Maine is a stunning network of trails that make it possible for snowmobile and ATV riders to traverse thousands of miles throughout the entire state. The courses are enabled thanks to many generous landowners. Be aware that Interconnected Trail System (ITS) trails are not always accessible for ATV use.

Do you need to insure an ATV in Maine?

Certain states have insurance requirements for motor vehicles operating on land owned by the state. In Maine, there is no requirement for insurance. In Maine, you’re not required to purchase an ATV policy.

Can you drive an ATV on the road?

Can I drive a quad bike or ATV on the roads? The majority of quad bikes, as well as ATVs (ATVs), have been built exclusively for use off-road. They are not only missing numbers plates, indicators and safety features that are found on regular road vehicles, but they’re also specifically designed for mud and grass instead of asphalt.

Can you ride dirt bikes on Maine ATV trails?

Maine is the ideal destination for dirt bike, ATV and snowmobile riders because the state is dotted with miles of trails available all year round. … In contrast to others, many of Maine’s municipal and state parks have courses that are open to ATVs as well as dirt bikes.

Maine ATV Trails FAQ

1. Can you drive an ATV on the road in Maine?

A properly registered ATV can be used on public roads just the distance that is necessary and in the event of a violation, not exceeding 500 yards in the direction of the most extreme right-hand side of the road to cross as close as is feasible, a public route bridge, bridge sidewalk, underpass, walkway or culvert for as in the event that it is possible to make …

2. Can you walk on ATV trails in Maine?

Multi-use Rail Trails are available for both motorized and non-motorized usage and are required to adhere to the following rules: Non-motorized use can refer to hiking, walking and horseback riding, bicycling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, dog sledding, and skiing.

3. How many miles of ATV trails are in Maine?

ATV Maine. Maine is the largest among all New England states, and ATV enthusiasts know that Maine is home to thousands of kilometers of trails that range from the pine forests, through large open plains that can be used with side by sides and four runners.

4. Are helmets required on Maine ATV trails?

Maine describes all-terrain vehicles (ATV) as motor-driven off-road vehicles you can ride on snow, sand, and ice, or any other natural terrains. … Anyone operating or riding ATVs must wear a helmet. ATV must wear an appropriate helmet.

5. Are dirt bikes allowed in Maine?

Dirt bikes can be legal in most areas where ATVs can be. Make sure that you have registered your bike so that it’s still considered an “ATV.” My brother and I were pulled over at Dover Foxcroft last summer by an officer.

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