15 reasons why you should date a barista

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee each morning. Unless, which, it’s the smell of fresh coffee existence produced by the man or lady you have always wanted. We asked all of our friends at Costa to share 15 explanations why matchmaking a barista is always advisable

1. We’ve got an Italian heritage

That Italian passion is in our very own jeans…we mean genetics.

2. We handcraft our drinks at Costa

So we’re great with the arms. Enough stated.

3. We usually have a faint whiff of Eau de Coffee

You’ll always wake up smelling the coffee. Virtually.

4. …And while we’re on that subject

You’ll always get a fantastic cup handcrafted coffee each day.

5. We are very enthusiastic and always have actually a spring within our step

Or at least, we’re very caffeinated.

6. We are going to constantly atart exercising . sweetness your life

Especially from the various flavoured latte options.

7. Latte art is actually enjoyable to craft and challenging master

But you will also have our <3

8. There is not no problem with a bit of amount and grind

A Costa dose and grind check ensures all of our coffee will be top-notch. Precisely what do you might think we created? Notice out of the gutter!

9. With so many consumer sales and what to remember

You can assure we’ll always remember your own birthday celebration

10. We’re a smiley, chatty bunch

So will surely log on to together with your friends.

11. We’ve seen a great deal built milk

We you should not often weep on it.

12. With different move patterns

We’re regularly being versatile.

13. We are always there to possess a coffee and meal with you

Especially important in times of requirement.

14. We are fantastic on per night out once we’re constantly up for an extra shot

You don’t need to ask all of us two times.

15. It doesn’t matter if it’s Primo, Medio or Massimo, it really is what is actually inside that matters.

We never ever believe one dimensions matches all.