16 Best Arizona Off Road Trails 2022

Arizona Off-Road Trails: Arizona The state of Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State, is well-known for its scorching mountains, deserts, and canyons. 

Arizona Off Road Trails

The stunning views and scenery are worth seeing, especially when you’re interested in off-roading. There are numerous Arizona off-road trails to explore.

If you are looking for a short, easy hike, check out Broken Arrow Trail. It is also possible to go toward Bulldog Canyon and explore its five off-road trails. 

If you want to test yourself, drive with your four-wheeler towards Chiva Falls, where you will be confronted with a lot of rough terrain and steep hills.

We have compiled a list of the top 16 trails in Arizona. Arizona off-road trails in Arizona:

  1. Broken Arrow Trail
  2. Boulders OHV Area
  3. White Pocket
  4. Bulldog Canyon OHV Area
  5. Arizona Peace Trail
  6. Schnebly Hill Road
  7. Box Canyon OHV Trail
  8. Montana Mountain / Queen Valley OHV
  9. Backway to Crown King
  10. Castle Hot Springs Road
  11. Devil’s Bridge Trail
  12. Alto Pit OHV
  13. Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area
  14. Coyote Buttes South
  15. Chiva Falls
  16. The Great Western Trail

The top 16 off-road routes in Arizona are scattered across the state. Each trail highlights Arizona’s beauty Copper State in different ways. 

From hidden waterfalls to deserts beginners and experienced offroaders alike will have something to discover and enjoy! Explore these off-road trails Arizona offers.

16 Best Arizona Off-Road Trails

16 Best Arizona Off Road Trails

1. Broken Arrow Trail

This trail back runs 2.8 miles within the Coconino National Forest, one of Arizona’s top off-road trails. 

It’s open to all bikes, cars, or hikers as well as mountain climbers. If you’re looking to learn more There are tour guides that will be happy to accompany you and lead you through the trail.

Although it’s a popular and short trial, it’s moderately difficult. There’s a difficult section referred to as “The Steps,” but those with high clearance OHVs are able to easily navigate.

2. Boulders OHV Area

Are you not familiar with off-roading? Arizona off-road trails aren’t without challenges however this one features lots of flat terrain and an area specifically designed for novices to begin learning.

Boulders The OHV trail can be up to 26 miles and is situated within the Hieroglyphics Mountain Range. There are plenty of things to see and animals. 

Anyone is welcome provided you have the Ohio Highway Vehicle decal for your vehicle as well as a State Land Recreation Permit to make use of the facilities. Find out more information about the permit and cost here.

3. White Pocket

Of all the Arizona off-roading trails, this is considered to be among the top stunning places to see. It is widely believed that “pictures cannot do it justice.”

It is located in Marble Canyon It is a trail that is accessible for all levels of experience and also for families with dogs. 

It also has a camping spot which allows you to have more time to explore and view the various red patterns of the rocks, formations, and buttes.

Although it’s usually simple to get around this terrain advise using a 4×4 that has a high clearance. The final section of the trail features sandy tracks that can cause vehicles to become stuck.

Bulldog Canyon OHV Area

4. Bulldog Canyon OHV Area

Bulldog Canyon is like a vast playground for those who love to be outdoors. There are five trails for off-road vehicles and more accessible if you walk on foot.

Today Arizona off-road trails are typically accessible for free, but certain trails, such as this one need permits. 

Since they are part of the Tonto National Forest, you have to obtain a license that permits motor vehicles. 

The advantage is that this permit is valid for a period of six months. It also allows you to take part in events and activities which are happening in the region, for example, horseback riding!

5. Arizona Peace Trail

The majority of off-road routes within Arizona can be done within a day’s time. However, the complete Arizona Peace Trail takes you five days to complete the entire loop! The 675-mile loop is a long distance that encompasses several cities and counties. 

The entire trail is managed by the respective government agencies, as well as a few off-roading organizations. 

Don’t worry there are plenty of motel and restaurant accommodations on the trail. It is possible to download their maps here. by clicking here.

If you’re looking to take to spend a whole week on vacation, walking through abandoned towns and ghost mines, and observing wild animals such as deer and antelopes the trail is there to enjoy.

6. Schnebly Hill Road

The trail is incredibly picturesque and is 11.8 miles within Sedona, Arizona. Apart from the enjoyable and rocky hike, climbing to the top of the mountain gives you stunning views of the forest surrounding it along with the red rocks buttes. Many choose to stay in camp and stay the night.

Although it is open for the majority of the time it’s closed in the winter months, so be sure you go to it prior to its closing.

7. Box Canyon OHV Trail

The unique box canyons of Arizona were named after their appearance exactly like an actual box. 

The terrain is fairly flat, but it also has high, almost vertical walls. However, don’t get fooled by this it can make it difficult since sections of the canyon get narrow. It is mostly used by 4x4s.

As thrilling as it is, you need to know the weather conditions before deciding to take the trail. The trail could be shut down if there is massive flooding.

8. Montana Mountain/Queen Valley OHV

Mountain or desert? If you’re not able to choose just one, then try Montana Mountain and Queen Valley. Queen Valley OHV trail. It is a 43.8-mile trail is located within the White Canyon Wilderness of Gold Canyon, Arizona. 

Off-road trails that are this long are worth waking up to at the beginning of your day. The journey can take some time, and the traffic can get a bit crowded later in the morning. Once you get to the top, you’ll get a stunning view of the desert as well as mountains.

Although it is suggested for 4x4s, it’s also popular with dirt bikes.

9. Backway to Crown King

Within the Lake Pleasant off-road trails, this is among the top. It’s also famous for the famous stopover – CK rock.

The majority of people can hike all the way to this point. The remainder of the trail was designed for 4x4s equipped with the highest clearance and experienced offroaders. 

Although the trail is just 27 miles long, it can take as long as 8 hours to finish. It is difficult because of its rugged surface, deep grooves, and massive boulders. For the brave who travel through, you can take in the changing scenery from mountain to desert and from dry ground to forests.

10. Castle Hot Springs Road

The refreshing oasis is a scorching desert. One can see it as you travel along Castle Hot Springs Road. Castle Hot Springs Road.

This is the perfect trail preference if you’re looking for an extended, relaxing ride. This OHV trail is a great one with stunning perspectives across the Sonoran Desert and its wildlife. 

It’s accessible to all levels of skill when it comes to the off-road routes of Arizona there are times when you may lose the GPS signal. Luckily, this won’t be an issue here.

If you’d like to stay over for the night, there’s an actual resort located in the Castle Hot Springs area. But, you’ll need to reserve a room through reservation.

11. Devil’s Bridge Trail

Another tourist attraction that is a hit Another popular tourist destination, this Arizona off-road trail is well-known for its huge natural sandstone arch that is known as The Devil’s Bridge. 

With 4.2 miles it’s one of the trails that are shorter, but it’s also brimming with many things to see.

In The Coconino National Forest, you will discover a wide variety of wildflowers as well as forms of sandstone, and an easy hiking trail once you walk down the trail.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

12. Alto Pit OHV

In Arizona, Off-road trails are often adorned with vibrant rocks in red. Additionally, Alto Pit boasts its iconic granite pit as well as a thrilling trail that is populated with wildlife. There are also other visitors in their camping areas.

It’s available to people of all levels, but it could present a challenge. It’s also only open to dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTVs in addition to SXS vehicles.

13. Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area

This OHV trail is found in Coconino National Forest, but it’s located close to Flagstaff, Arizona. 

It’s a 13-mile path with the landscape being hilly, with the craters and volcanic cones. Because of the volcanic activity that has occurred before that has occurred, the terrain tends to be a bit sandy.

All kinds of vehicles are allowed within the area, with the exception of motorbikes equipped with 2-stroke engines.

14. Coyote Buttes South

Arizona off-road trails are quite scenic. However, those who love nature will require a permit for access to this website.

Coyote Buttes South of Marble Canyon is a spectacular perspective of the formations of the buttes, such that it’s been a popular spot for photographers. 

In the course of BLM’s conservation efforts, only 20 visitors are permitted to visit the site each day. If you’re one of those lucky people ensure that you truly enjoy the area’s rock formations’ distinctive colors and patterns.

To reach this trail, you’ll require the right 4×4 vehicle with good clearance as well as an appropriate backpack for the hike since there aren’t any facilities in the vicinity.

15. Chiva Falls

The 10-mile trail is within the Coronado National Forest. It’s got wide trails designed for OHVs with high clearances, but cyclists and hikers (with their pets) can also visit the area from March through December.

It’s a strenuous trail that has some creeks, high-rock ledges, and narrow trails of sandstone. However, any effort is rewarded when you are able to enjoy the stunning views of the waterfall and the mountains surrounding it. Relax and have a picnic after you reach the waterfall!

16. The Great Western Trail

The trail is so famous that it has an Arizona off-road trails publication dedicated entirely to this trail. The book actually has four editions up to 2020!

“Driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona” is a guide to each of its 12 segments. This trail’s “great” because it spans Mexico up to Utah. 

In Arizona, it passes through Phoenix all the way until and through the Arizona Mountains forests. 

The trail passes through four different forest types and ends at Kaibab National Forest near the Grand Canyon. If you plan to embark on a long hike be sure to get your State Lands to permit.

Conclusion – Arizona Off-Road Trails

To give you a quick overview of these trails, here are some of the most popular Arizona off-road trails:

  1. Broken Arrow Trail
  2. Boulders OHV Area
  3. White Pocket
  4. Bulldog Canyon OHV Area
  5. Arizona Peace Trail
  6. Schnebly Hill Road
  7. Box Canyon OHV Trail
  8. Montana Mountain / Queen Valley OHV
  9. Backway to Crown King
  10. Castle Hot Springs Road
  11. Devil’s Bridge Trail
  12. Alto Pit OHV
  13. Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area
  14. Coyote Buttes South
  15. Chiva Falls
  16. The Great Western Trail

With the many unique locations to go to for everyone’s level, You can’t go wrong when you choose Arizona as your destination for the next off-roading adventure!

Can you offroad in Arizona?

Arizona The state of Arizona, also known as one of the Grand Canyon states, is famous for its hot desert, mountains and canyons. The spectacular views and the landscape are worth seeing, particularly for those who love off-roading. There are numerous Arizona off-road trails that you can explore. For a quick and easy ride, check out Broken Arrow Trail.

Is there an app for off road trails?

Gaia GPS – Trail Maps for Every Adventure

This is the most popular app for most enthusiasts who love off-roading. It lets you look up off-road trails in your region, create waypoints, create routes and save them for offline use.

Where are the best off road trails?

America’s Best Off-Road Trips
  • Mojave Road, Arizona & California. …
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. …
  • Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. …
  • Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. …
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska. …
  • Rubicon Trail, California. …
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. …
  • El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona.

Can you ride ATVs on the road in Arizona?

Is ATVs Street Legal in Arizona? The possibility exists to legally street-legalize an ATV in Arizona. However, they need to be registered for use on highways. For an ATV to legally operate on roads that are regularly used, it has to be fitted with specific equipment and the driver should be insured for liability.

How do you make a Rzr street legal in Arizona?

The ATV can be made UTV street-legal within Arizona by registering them for on-highway use. To be street-legal, your ATV needs to be outfitted with specific equipment, and you must have evidence in the form of an insurance policy for risk.

How difficult is the Arizona Peace Trail?

Arizona Peace Trail West The Arizona Peace Trail West is a 92.4-mile point-to-point trail in Quartzsite, Arizona, that offers stunning scenery and is classified with a moderate rating. The course is mainly used for off-road driving.

Where is the best place to ride UTVS in the United States?

Ride Royal Blue Resort in Tennessee is the ideal spot for you. The resort is widely regarded as one of the top UTV locations in the United States. Enjoy thrilling rides on more than 600 miles of trail with waterfalls and other wildlife. Also, there is a broad range of trail conditions, from easy and relaxing to the most technical.

Do I need OHV sticker in Arizona?

The OHVs designed by the manufacturer specifically to be used on unimproved terrain that weighs less than 2,500 pounds are legally required to wear an approved Arizona OHV decal to be used on state trust and public areas in Arizona. Non-residents and residents alike must buy an OHV decal for every machine.

Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in Arizona?

If you plan to use the vehicles on private land, you do not require any license in any way. If you plan to use them on any public roadway or public property, you’ll need a motorcycle license for dirt bikes and a driver’s licence for an ATV.

Arizona Off-Road Trails FAQ

1. How difficult is the Arizona Peace Trail?

Arizona Peace Trail West Arizona Peace Trail West is a 92.4-mile point-to-point trail that is located in Quartzsite, Arizona that offers beautiful scenery and is classified by the AA as moderate. The trail is mostly used to drive off-road.

2. How long does it take to do the Arizona Peace Trail?

The first ride by the founders was seven days long, however, it’s possible to complete the route can be completed in just five days or even spend the whole winter to take in the hundreds of miles of trails in Arizona that are connected with the AZPT.

3. Are ATVs street legal in Arizona?

 There is a way to legally street-legalize an ATV in Arizona. But, they must be registered for use on highways. To allow an ATV to be legally used on roads that are regularly used they must be equipped with specific gear, as well as the driver must be insured for liability.

4. Are helmets required for UTV in Arizona?

As per Arizona laws, you do not require an oar in the event that you operate an OHV for someone who is years older or older. Only passengers and operators less than 18 are required to wear helmets that protect them when riding on the state or public property. The law doesn’t apply when riding an OHV that is privately owned property.

5. Are dune buggies street legal in Arizona?

Anyone who wants to take a ride on better as well-maintained roads (streets highways, highways, as well as Forest Service roads) your OHV is able to be registered to permit “street legally” usage in Arizona. Your vehicle first needs to be titled and to meet all road equipment specifications.

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