16 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida 2022

Trails in Florida: The stunning Florida climate and varied terrain make Florida among the top locations for enthusiasts of dirt bikes. 

There is a wide array of tracks and parks that allow off-roading on private and public terrains. A lot of them are family-friendly and offer excellent camping opportunities.

Trails in Florida

Take a ride around this part of the Sunshine State with your dirt bike! It doesn’t matter if it’s a single-day trip or a weekend adventure, Florida has among the most scenic dirt bike trails in the world.

Here are the top 16 roads for dirt biking in Florida:

  1. 74MX and Offroad
  2. Apalachicola National Forest
  3. Big Scrub Recreational Area
  4. Croom Motorcycle Area (CMA)
  5. Florida Cracker Ranch
  6. Florida Cycle Park
  7. Gatorback Cycle Park
  8. Hardrock Cycle Park
  9. Ocala National Forest and Trail System
  10. Osceola National Forest
  11. Pax Trax Motocross Park
  12. Quick Track MX
  13. Sandlot Off-Road Adventures Park
  14. Spyder MX Action Sports Complex
  15. Tates Hell OHV Trail System
  16. Wandering Wiregrass Trail

Let’s look over some of the best dirt bike trails in Florida for riders of all levels for the most enjoyable off-roading adventure.

16 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida

1. 74MX and Offroad

74MX is a motocross park for families which has a variety of tracks, and approximately 5 miles of tracks that are suitable for all levels of skill. The trails are filled with big and small jumps as well as Berms.

There is no requirement for a permit to travel the trails. It is accessible on Wednesdays and Thursdays (11 am to 6 pm) and also on weekends (9 11 am to 6 pm). In addition to motorcycles and dirt bikes, ATVs are also accepted. 

UTV as well as SXS are allowed in designated trails and only in the mud area. Visit the site for costs and permits to ride, enter, and camp. Members enjoy discounts on memberships.

2. Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola National Forest offers over 100 miles of fantastic dirt bike trails and is among the most popular places to ride dirt bikes. 

The trailheads include four however Silver Lake and Springhill are most popular due to the fact that they are spacious enough for large trailers to turn. 

There aren’t any camping facilities on Silver Lake, but there are picnic tables and shaded spots to use for the day.

The riders must obtain the Apalachicola National Forest OHV Pass. Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV SXS, as well as SXS, are allowed. You must have proof of Ownership in accordance with Florida law.

Additionally, there are fees for parking and access to the trails. The trails are open all the year, however, it is a good idea to contact the Apalachicola National Forest and the Apalachicola Ranger District prior to heading out as there might be a sudden closing during or following bad weather.

3. Big Scrub Recreational Area

The nearly two-and-a-half acres Big Scrub Recreational Area is well-known for its huge camping area and its direct connection to the Ocala Adventure Trail, where there are miles of Florida dirt bike trails suitable for dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV SXS, as well as SXS.

An OTV Trail Pass is required and there are charges for camping and riding. Make sure you have evidence of ownership whenever operating an OHV on public property according to Florida law.

The trails, which are mostly sand, are amidst forested areas and are lined with numerous berms. 

The number of riders is high particularly during the holiday weekend so it’s recommended to contact O the National Forest and Seminole Ranger District at least a week ahead of the time to make reservations.

4. Croom Motorcycle Area (CMA)

The sprawling 2,600-acre Croom Motorcycle Area offers dirt bikes, UTV, and UTX enthusiasts over 40 miles on single track trails which weave through cypress and pine forest. 

Pits, bogs with high drop-offs small jumps, as well as dirt bogs along the dirt trails will keep your adrenaline flowing. There’s also a peewee trail for beginner riders in the Hammock day-use park.

The park for families is open all week long, and the hours of riding are 8 am until 5 pm. Camping is permitted in established campsites only. 

However, the Buttgenbach Campground is very popular for campers due to its RV campsites with showers, restrooms, and restrooms. Note that pets aren’t allowed in the campground and park.

5. Florida Cracker Ranch

If you’re in search of amazing private dirt bike trails to ride, check out Florida Cracker Ranch. 

The off-road park covers more than 1000 acres and several miles of trails that are suitable for all skill levels and is just about a half-hour to the north of Daytona Beach, Florida. It doesn’t require an OHV permit to enjoy the trails. 

ATVs and buggies are allowed, however, membership is restricted and requires a minimum of membership which is why it’s advised to join as soon as you can. 

The campground is designated and has ample parking including restrooms, showers, and restrooms along with a shower and spray washing area.

You will see many trees, lots of bogs of mud as well as a few big and small jumps along the trails. 

There are designated areas for horseback riding, hiking mountain bikes, as well as the vast majority of 300 acres to swamp buggies. For more details go to this website.

6. Florida Cycle Park

The sprawling 22 acres of Florida Cycle Park includes three tracks Peewee, beginner along with the main one. 

The park also hosts races and motocross classes. There is no permit requirement however only dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are allowed.

It is accessible on Tuesdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 at night. Camping is permitted in the designated sites only. 

This mostly sandy track features several small jumps as well as big jumps. Membership is required. permits for day and annual passes are also available.

7. Gatorback Cycle Park

The Northeast region in Newberry, Florida, is an off-road motorcycle park well-known among enthusiasts of off-road motorcycles. Gatorback Cycle Park offers a supercross and vet track. 

The mostly clay and sand terrain features berms, as well as large and small jumps. The tracks are mostly intended for the amateur, but there are also tracks designed for experienced and novice riders.

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are permitted within the park. For more information about fees, passes, and other pertinent details, visit the park’s Facebook page.

8. Hardrock Cycle Park

Its 100-acre Hardrock Motocross Park offers a number of thrilling and enjoyable adventures for riders on dirt bikes. 

It’s among the most visited parks in Florida since motorcycle enthusiasts are able to experience a variety of tracks for motocross, ranging from the main motocross course to roller coasters as well as freestyle track for motocross. 

There are around five miles worth of trails that are most tightly packed woven through mostly wooded terrain. There are numerous tiny berms and jumps along with some steep climbs and big jumps.

ATVs UTV, SXS, SUVs, Jeeps, dune buggies, or swamp buggies can be all allowed in certain zones. There is no need for permits to use these trails. They are accessible every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

9. Ocala National Forest and Trail System

The vast Ocala National Forest and Trail System provide more than 125 miles of trails for dirt bikes, motorbikes ATVs UTVs along with SXS. 

Dune buggies, Jeeps, and SUVs or swamp buggies can be all allowed in certain regions. The mostly flat and sandy terrain is dotted with trees, berms, and a few small jumps. 

If you’re looking for pure single-track parking spaces are available near the Motorcycle Loop Trailhead.

You can apply for an operating permit from any staging area as well as the campsite. The trails are accessible daily all year round from dawn until sunset. 

Camping is permitted in established campsites only. Visit the Ocala National Forest and the Lake George Ranger District for more details regarding fees and passes which include the annual OTV Trail pass.

10. Osceola National Forest

Part of the Osceola National Forest, it has approximately 100 miles of trails for dirt bikes, motorbikes ATVs, UTVs SXS Jeeps, SUVs, dunes buggy, and swamp buggy. 

There are a variety of ways to access the trails, however, the most well-known option is Mount Carrie Road. Access to the trails directly and camping with primitive facilities are offered in Wiggins or Seventeen Mile Campground for a cost. 

The nearby Ocean Pond Campground has RV hookups. However, since there’s no direct trail access and there is no need for a truck to carry the equipment between trails.

All OHVs have to be licensed and registered to use the trails. A permit is not required or required, and there are no charges for parking or access. 

The trails that are lined with trees are open all year long. The waterlogged trail is mostly mud and comes with numerous water crossings. 

For more information, call the Osceola National Forest Osceola Ranger District. Osceola Ranger District.

11. Pax Trax Motocross Park

The huge 640-acre Pax Trax MX Park covers 640 acres. It is a privately owned MX track featuring three distinct tracks which include peewee, intermediate, and the main. 

With its moderate shifts in elevation as well as wide turns The peewee track has been specially designed for novices. 

The MX track is 1 mile long. includes the usual obstacles and mostly consists of sandy soil and loamy.

There’s no requirement to obtain a permit in order to use the trails, which are accessible on Tuesdays (12 6 pm to 8 at night) and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm, and on Sundays (10 am to 4 pm). 

Open practice usually takes place on weekends, however, it is recommended to call ahead before going out. A temporary closure with very short notice can occur due to weather-related issues.

Only dirt bikes and motorcycles are allowed on the trails. Camping is accessible. There’s also a cafe as well as a parts store bathrooms, and shower facilities. 

For more details on charges, passes, and other important issues you can click this button.

12. Quick Track MX

It is 50 acres Quick Track MX has a main track that is designed with all the essentials that are standard, such as jumps, whoops deep sandy berms tabletops and massive sweepers. 

Even the best riders will find the mostly loamy and sand course to be an obstacle however, it’s safe enough for beginner and novice riders as well. There’s also a peewee trail and several tree-lined play trails. It also has a huge parking lot with a variety of shaded spots.

The park is accessible all year and is not required to have the need for a permit for users. Only dirt bikes and motorcycles are allowed to ride in the park.

13. Sandlot Off-Road Adventures Park

Sandlot Off-Road Adventures Park has more than 30 miles of single-way, Off-road tracks that are lined with numerous small jumps, mud bogs, or berms, as well as large jumps. 

Four professionally-designed motocross tracks provide excellent riding adventures for all skill levels — from peewees to pros. The majority of the tracks are hard-packed, one-way traffic tracks wind through forest areas.

The park is only open on weekends between 8 am to 6 pm. Motorcycles dirt bikes, ATVs UTV, and SXS are allowed in the park’s trails. 

There are also play areas designated to accommodate SUVs Jeeps Dune Buggies or swamp buggies. Go to the park’s website for more details.

14. Spyder MX Action Sports Complex

The 100-acre Spyder MX Action Sports Complex has groomed motocross supercross, peewee, SXS/Quad tracks.

They also have an inclined track, as well as wood trails. They offer large and small jumps and berms suitable for all levels of skill.

Park amenities comprise a space to camp, restrooms, and food concessions. The vet school is offered on Tuesdays (9 12 noon to 5 midnight) as well as a motocross training school on Saturdays (9 12 noon to 5 midnight).

There is no requirement to obtain a permit in order to use the trails that are open every day from 9 am to 3 pm. ATVs, UTV, and SXS are allowed on some trails, however, the use of SUVs, Jeeps, Dune Buggy as well as Swamp Buggy are prohibited. Check out the website for additional information.

15. Tates Hell OHV Trail System

The Tates Hell OHV Trail System offers more than 150 miles of marked trails that are suitable for off-highway bikes (OHM) ATVs, as well as ROVs, which are recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs). 

The mostly hard-packed and flat dirt roads meander through dense swamps of the forest, Pine Flatwoods forest, and a variety of ecosystems. 

You can expect to see an array of wildlife species, from wading birds to bald-eagles to panthers, gopher tortoises to deer to black bears.

This is the very first OHV trail that was created as part of the Mark Schmidt Off-Highway Vehicle Safety and Recreation Act of 2002. 

The trail’s staging area includes ample parking with restrooms picnic tables, as well as an automated kiosk for self-pay.

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV, as well as SXS, are allowed within the region. A Florida OHV Permit is required to use the trails.

16. Wandering Wiregrass Trail

Wandering Wiregrass Trail offers a 17-mile dirt biking track in Florida that winds through picturesque longleaf pine trees in the Southeastern portion of the Ocala National Forest. The mostly sandy track is lined with berms. 

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTX SXS, as well as SXS are allowed to use the trail. A valid OHV Trail Pass has to be secured prior to riding the trails.

The park is open all day from dawn to dusk. Camping is not allowed within the park, but there are camping spots for primitive camping near the Alexander Springs Recreation Area. 

Go to this website to find more details regarding the trail passes and fees for riding. Parking and entry are free.

Conclusion – 16 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Florida

Trails in Florida

What is the top trail for dirt bikes in Florida? In the end, Here are the most popular trails:

  1. 74MX and Offroad
  2. Apalachicola National Forest
  3. Big Scrub Recreational Area
  4. Croom Motorcycle Area (CMA)
  5. Florida Cracker Ranch
  6. Florida Cycle Park
  7. Gatorback Cycle Park
  8. Hardrock Cycle Park
  9. Ocala National Forest and Trail System
  10. Osceola National Forest
  11. Pax Trax Motocross Park
  12. Quick Track MX
  13. Sandlot Off-Road Adventures Park
  14. Spyder MX Action Sports Complex
  15. Tates Hell OHV Trail System
  16. Wandering Wiregrass Trail

The trails for dirt bikes in Florida are certainly worth exploring. If you’re in the market for thrilling dirt bike rides through beautiful forests and the diverse Florida landscape, look into the dirt bike trails that are on the list.

Does Florida have dirt bike trails?

February 3, 2020. The location is in America. In the US, the dirt biking trail in Florida includes more than 15 dirt bike trails. The most popular Florida dirt biking trails according to popularity are the Croom Motorcycle Area, Hard Rock Cycle Park, Wandering Wiregrass Trail, Osceola National Forest and Ocala North Trail System.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in Florida?

A dirt bike can be described as a motorbike that can legally operate on roads only if it has the right equipment, is registered and titled, and has a valid driver’s license and the proper motorcycle license.

Can you ride dirt bikes in Florida state parks?

The following are the three official Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) areas located in Florida state forests, which offer numerous miles of trails to explore the Clear Creek Ohio Riding Area located in Blackwater River State Forest, Croom Motorcycle Area at Withlacoochee State Forest and the OHV trails system in Tate’s Hell State Forest.

How do I register my dirt bike in Florida?

To title and register an LSV, take the following documents to a Motor Vehicle Service Center:
  1. Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin;
  2. Form HSMV 82040 (Application for Title);
  3. Proof of Florida insurance (minimum $10,000 PDL and $10, 000 PIP);
  4. Identification – driver license, ID card or passport; and.
  5. Applicable fees.

Can you ride dirt bikes in Ocala National Forest?

The Ocala North OHV Trail System provides more than 125 miles of trails, which includes a 14-mile bike-only trail; 35 miles of trails that are accessible to motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Utilities (UTVs) smaller than 50 inches in width; and 76 miles that are classified in “mixed-use,” which means OHVs share the trail with licensed …

Can a 13 year old ride a yz125?

At 13, he’s much more at ease on the bike today. The power is excellent. However, they need to possess decent throttle control and the clutch to check that the cycle is in the correct gear. Be prepared to change the plates on the cylinder, as well as all the other things that a bike this old requires.

Can you ride ATVS in Osceola National Forest?

Electric bikes can be ridden to be used on “any road, path or way that is open to bicycle travel.” This means that they can be used on roads (except restricted access highways), bicycle lanes or multi-use trails, bike pathways, and sidewalks.

Can you ride ATVS in Jennings state Forest?

Where do I ride an ATV/OHV in Jennings, FL? Three state forest areas are located in Florida with dedicated OHV trails, including Tate’s Hell, Blackwater River, and Withlacoochee. For riding in the three regions, the rider must obtain permits from the place you plan to visit.

Can you ride ATVs in Apalachicola National Forest?

Apalachicola National Forest has a wealth of activities for people of all types of motorized vehicles, from four-wheel drive jeeps and trucks to ATVs, motorcycles, and even ATVs. Every motorized vehicle has to be located on the designated trail or road. If a course is marked in the specified system, it will be closed.

Trails in Florida FAQ

1. What dirt bike should a 16-year-old ride?

It is suggested that only teenagers who are age 16 and up are encouraged to consider riding the 250cc dirt bicycle. But you should only contemplate this bike for your child when they are taller than their age. They also have the skills and the strength to master the 250cc dirt bike.

2. Can you drive a dirt bike in Florida?

A dirt bike can be described as a motorbike that can be legally driven on the road if it has the right equipment, is licensed and registered, and the owner has a driver’s license and the proper motorcycle license.

3. How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in Florida?

​​​​​Anyone less than 16 years old age is legally allowed to operate or be authorized for any one of these three or two-wheel motor vehicles in Florida streets, roads, or highways: motorbikes, mopeds, motor-driven bicycles motorized scooters, electric helper-motor bikes according to the s. 316.003(2) F.S.

4. Can you ride ATVs in Osceola National Forest?

Osceola National Forest has no designated OHV trails and it does not require a permit. The Apalachicola has more than 100 miles of trails evenly divided between motorcycle-only use and ATV/UTV-only use. The trail is located just outside Tallahassee, the capital of the state of Tallahassee The trails offer you the ease of living within a short distance to a major town.

5. Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom in Florida?

Yes, you require a motorcycle permit and it must be insured and registered.

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