16 Best Michigan Snowmobile Trails 2022

Michigan Snowmobile Trails: Michigan is known for its perfect location and snowmobiling conditions. 

The Upper Peninsula has excellent snowmobile trails, and the infrastructure to help you find the right information and where to go before you travel to Michigan. 

Michigan Snowmobile Trails

Michigan has more than 200,000 registered snowmobiles. This shows how popular the sport in this area is and how easy it is to find great clubs (110 of them!). 

Routes that are well maintained. You may now be curious about the best Michigan snowmobile trails.

Where is the best place to snowmobile in Michigan? These are our top picks:

  • Upper Peninsula
    • Paradise
    • Marquette
    • Munising
    • Sault Ste Marie
    • Lake Gogebic
    • Brimley
    • Drummond Island
    • Grand Marais
  • Lower Peninsula
    • Allegan County
    • Gaylord
    • Sanilac County
    • Cadillac
    • Cheboygan
    • Rose City
    • New Buffalo
    • Deckerville

Michigan’s passion for snowmobiling makes it a great place to learn the sport. Snowmobiling in Michigan is an unforgettable experience.

From detailed Michigan snowmobile trail reports to dedicated clubs that maintain a great network, to miles of trails through beautiful scenery, it truly is something you will never forget.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trails, as well as other useful facts.

Upper Peninsula Michigan Snowmobile Trails

Upper Peninsula Michigan Snowmobile Trails

There are more than 3,000 miles worth of snowmobiling trails in the Upper Peninsula. The riding conditions are perfect for most of the winter, and the views are breathtaking. 

While the state parks and lakeshore are the main destinations, you can add additional trips such as visits to ice caves (Eben Ice Caves, Grand Island Ice Caves).

These are the top spots for snowmobiling in Upper Peninsula.


This is a fantastic name for a snowmobile network. You can find Tahquamenon Falls State Park 10 miles away. Here you will be able to visit the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi. 

Paradise offers hundreds of miles of trails and welcomes riders. You can start in Paradise, where you can buy food and gas. Then make your way north to the Whitefish Point Lighthouse.


This area has six groomed trails and is known for its excellent snow quality. You can enjoy all winter sports here.

Look out for the 2020 Sled Dog Race and other highlights. These interactive snowmobile trail maps will give you ideas on where to go.


Munising is the Midwest’s “Snowmobile Capital” and it’s not hard to see why. The 10 trails in Alger County cover more than 300 miles, and they are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever have the chance to ride. 

You’ll have endless opportunities to snowmobile ride between Shingleton and Grand Marais, Manistique Rapid River, Marquette, and Manistique.

Sault Ste Marie

Sault Ste Marie is the center of snowmobiling, hosting the largest race on snowmobiles covering 500 miles along a track measuring 1 mile. 

The Annual International 500 Snowmobile Race attracts professionals from all over the globe to Sault Ste Marie. But you don’t need to wait for this race to take place to enjoy the network of trails.

Lake Gogebic

Ontonagon, Gogebic, and Gogebic Counties are located around Lake Gogebic in UP Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula. This is one of the “best-kept secrets” snowmobile trails. 

You’ll find hundreds of miles of trails through these forests, with an average snowfall of 200 inches. This means that you will always have powdery snow.


This is located on the eastern shore of the Upper Peninsula at Whitefish Bay’s south end. 

Stay in Brimley to explore miles of trails that connect you to Sault Ste Marie, to the northeast. Enjoy stunning lakeside views and high-quality snow.

Drummond Island

Another excellent spot for snowmobiling is the easternmost part of UP Michigan. It boasts a fantastic snowmobiling infrastructure. 

This map can be used as inspiration. You will have an unforgettable few days.

Grand Marais

The Grand Marais region is located east of Munising, Central UP, and just a few miles from Lake Superior’s shores. 

These trails are maintained by the Grand Marais Sno-Trails Association, which is dedicated to making them enjoyable for everyone.

Lower Peninsula Michigan Snowmobile Trails

 Michigan Snowmobile Trails

While the most well-known snowmobile trails in UP Michigan are the most popular, there are many beautiful trails throughout the Lower Peninsula. 

The snow conditions are great here, and snowmobile clubs are equally dedicated to maintaining the trails.

These areas are ideal for your next snowmobile ride.

Allegan County

Allegan is a great place to base your snowmobiling trip across the 98 miles worth of groomed trails that run through this county. Allegan hosts amazing events throughout the year, and snow conditions are often excellent. 

This historic spot is located on the banks of the Kalamazoo River and features sights like the Old Iron Bridge, which was built in 1886. For more information about the trails and events, visit the website of Allegan County Snowmobile Club.


Gaylord, located in Northern Lower Michigan’s Snowbelt is likely to be one of the most sought-after snowmobiling spots in the Lower Peninsula. The trails receive around 180 inches of snow each year. 

This trail infrastructure is amazing, connecting to the Upper Peninsula as well as allowing you to explore other communities around the Lower Peninsula.

Sanilac County

All of the snowmobile trails in Sanilac County have been maintained on private land. You can ride 100 miles of trails and there are many other activities and places you can visit like Port Sanilac Lighthouse or Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve.


Cadillac’s snowmobiling trails run north-south for more than 200 miles. The White Pine Trail is 92 miles long and can be found in Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park.


This section of Michigan offers 500 miles of snowmobile trails. It also connects to the Gaylord area. 

A particularly popular section of trails in the Black Mountain Recreation Area is extremely popular among snowmobile enthusiasts.

Rose City

For more trails maintained by the Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club, head to Rose City. 

There are many great suggestions on their website, including itineraries that run under 100 miles and more. They start at Frank Alley Memorial Park.

New Buffalo

The Snowbusters Snowmobile Club maintains a well-marked skimobile trail in the New Buffalo area. It starts at M-239 and Wilson Road and runs to the Indiana/Michigan border. 

You can also connect to other trails that run through beautiful rural areas. You can find more information about the various rallying points available for riders.


To learn more about these trails, which connect with the Sanilac County trail system, get in touch with Thumbs up Snowmobile Club

Common Questions about Snowmobiling in Michigan


Where are the best snowmobile trails in Michigan?

Best Of Michigan: Snowmobile Trails
  • 1Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A journey on a snowmobile across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula should be on every snowmobile enthusiast’s bucket list. …
  • 2White Pine Trail. …
  • 3Thumbs Up Snowmobile Trail. …
  • 4Grand Marais. …
  • 5Northeast Michigan and Presque Isle.

What’s the speed limit on Michigan snowmobile trails?

The same rule applies to open ditches and road shoulders still within the right-of-way. There is a 10-mph speed restriction at junctions with trails and parking lots and when crossing trail grooming equipment. The speed limit is 45 mph unless otherwise stated.

Are the snowmobile trails open in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

Updated 7 March 2022 The Upper Peninsula snowmobile trails officially opened on December 1st. They will be being groomed (weather permitting) up to April 31st.

Where is the snowmobile capital of the world?

Officially designated to be”the” Snowmobile Capital of the World, Eagle River, Wisconsin, is home to the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby and the World Snowmobile Headquarters.

Which state has the best snowmobile trails?

1. West Yellowstone, Montana. With an average of 143 inches between November to mid-April, West Yellowstone, next to Yellowstone National Park, offers 400 miles of groomed and stunning snowmobile trails.

Are helmets required on snowmobiles in Michigan?

Helmets: All persons operating or riding on snowmobiles must be wearing an approved Department of Transportation approved crash helmet. Lights: Snowmobiles should be equipped with a light for the head and taillight during all times of the operation.

Are snowmobile cans illegal in Michigan?

Following Michigan law, the muffler on snowmobiles must be in good condition and, when it is in continuous operation, the noise level must not exceed 88 decibels when a distance of 13.1 feet as determined using 2004 Society of Automotive Engineers standard J2567 for stationary snowmobiles made from July 1st the year 1980.

Can you get a DUI on a snowmobile in Michigan?

People typically identify drunk driving with conventional vehicles such as trucks and cars; However, it is essential to be aware that driving a snowmobile when under the influence is impaired driving.

Can you conceal carry on a snowmobile in Michigan?

Anyone with a valid concealed pistol permit (CPL) can carry uncased and loaded pistols; however, not a longarm such as a rifle, or shotgun, mounted on a snowmobile

Michigan Snowmobile Trails FAQ

1. When are Michigan’s snowmobile trails opening?

Officially open December 1st, state-designated trails are generally accessible until March 31st. They are groomed when there is snow.

2. Do you need a snowmobile trail permit in Michigan?

You will need a Michigan snowmobile pass to get one. Then, you’ll need a Michigan snowmobile permit.

3. What is the Michigan snowmobile speed limit?

Although there is no snowmobile speed limit you should be aware of the limits for each trail. If you are riding on a road, be sure to follow the speed limits.

55 mph is the normal speed limit on unsigned roads, where you will often be riding. There may also be speed limits for lakes that are not advertised.

4. Where can you find a map showing snowmobile trails in Michigan,

You can find a variety of interactive online maps that you can use to plan your trip. You can also find tourist boards in Michigan. Also, you can check out the official maps for your starting point.

The Department of Natural Resources also maintains a wonderful list of maps. For a Michigan snowmobile trail map app, you can visit Snowmobiling Michigan.

5. Where can I get information about snowmobile trails and snow reports?

Many websites provide useful information about snow and trail conditions. This website provides details by region as well as a detailed view with maps that you can zoom in to get more detail. The Michigan Snowmobile & ORV Association also has a great snowmobile trail report.

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