16 Best New Mexico ATV Trails and Parks 2022

Mexico ATV Trails: New Mexico is known for its distinctive scenery and natural wonders. 

From the rock formations to flat deserts There’s nowhere better for your next ATV ride. What are the most popular places to visit?

Mexico ATV Trails

There are plenty of off-roading opportunities within New Mexico with large deserts and mesas that are rugged, steep slopes, rivers, and forests. 

If you’re not sure where you should go, make sure to visit Haystack Mountain OHVA. It’s a great place for people of all levels. There are numerous trails to discover.

Our best 16 ATV trails in New Mexico are as follows:

  1. Aden Hill OHV Area
  2. Benson Ridge
  3. Burro Mountain Homestead
  4. Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area
  5. Gallup OHV Park
  6. Glade Run Recreation Area
  7. Goose Creek Trail
  8. Greenie Peak OHV Loop
  9. Hackberry Lake OHV Area
  10. Haystack Mountain OHV Area
  11. Heaven Motorsports Park
  12. Hubbell Canyon
  13. Johnson’s Hill OHV Area
  14. Mescalero Sands
  15. Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail
  16. Red River OHV Area

There is no reason not to choose New Mexico for your next ATV adventure. You’ll find miles of trail to explore and amazing places to sharpen your abilities. 

If you’re a beginner you’ll find terrain that is suitable for your ability. Here are some of the top New Mexico off-road trails to help you get started.

16 Best New Mexico ATV Trails

 Best New Mexico ATV Trails

1. Aden Hill OHV Area

The OHV region located in Aden Hill is just 20 miles from downtown Las Cruces. The desert is a paradise that is perfect for ATV riders. 

It’s not overly crowded and offers more privacy when you are maximizing the potential the vehicle has to offer.

The greatest aspect? The entire area’s trails can be a long time, which is perfect for summer and holiday trips.

2. Benson Ridge

Benson Ridge is 2.3 miles within the Lincoln National Forest. It’s designed for advanced ATV riders and the vehicle must not be wider than 50 inches due to the fact that mountains bikes and horseback typically utilize the trail.

3. Burro Mountain Homestead

Burro Mountain Homestead is made to be used on UTVs as well as ATVs. It provides a thrilling off-roading experience, various activities, and tasty meals on the route.

Despite the many things to do, it can be quite quiet at times. This is due to the fact that Burro Mountain itself is in an area that is extremely remote. You could also face a difficult time dealing with the harsh weather.

4. Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area

Dunes Recreation Area is an 800-acre park that is free to OHV riders. It’s 1.5 miles from Farmington and provides stunning views. 

It’s been extensively used by off-roaders over more than 40 years and is a bit challenging Be ready.

There is a lot of trash in some areas which include broken glass that could cause damage to the tire. 

If you plan to stay the night in a camping area then you must select a place that is more private due to the constant road background noise.

5. Gallup OHV Park

Gallup Park is a 300-acre public park with a track that extends 1.2 miles, and ATV trails which are 10 miles in total. 

It’s often called”the” Red Rock Motorsports Club because it has maintained the area for a long time.

Remember that club members are only allowed to use the track. Therefore, if you plan to do nothing make sure you focus on ATV driving.

6. Glade Run Recreation Area

If you’re lucky enough to go to The Chokecherry Canon go to the Glade. This recreational area close to Farmington provides vast public land covering 19,000 acres. 

It’s filled with sandhills, rocks, and mountain trails ideal for horseback riding, jeeps motorbikes, mountain bikes, and ATVs.

Unfortunately, due to the vast landscape, certain areas aren’t being properly maintained. You may come across graffiti or garbage.

7. Goose Creek Trail

We’ve already discussed two of the national forest systems located in New Mexico. The other one is called one called the Carson National Forest, which includes Trail 65, also called Goose Creek.

This trail is ideal for any season. In summer, you can hike, explore the area on a horse or simply enjoy the ride of your ATV.

When the snow falls over the landscape, you are able to take advantage of a variety of winter-related activities.

8. Greenie Peak OHV Loop

Also known as The Midnight Meadows Trail, Greenie Peak is located inside the Carson National Forest. 

It’s most famous for winter sports, but it can also be great for summer too. It makes the bike, motorcycle ATV, horseback, and motorcycle exploring New Mexico much more exciting in warmer weather.

If you’re in search of the thrill of adrenaline, certain locations aren’t particularly challenging generally just bumpy.

9. Hackberry Lake OHV Area

A lot bigger than Glade Run, Hackberry Lake is a huge 55,000-acre expanse. It is possible to enjoy the dunes of sand and the 90-mile trail, which is sandy and rough.

10. Haystack Mountain OHV Area

The recreation area on Haystack Mountain is a decent location for large recreation automobiles (RVs). In addition, there are special areas for ATVs, OHVs, and motorcycles.

Overall, this area is rough, with a few areas that offer stunning landscapes along the Pecos River. The trails cover over 1,920 acres.

They’re suitable for beginners as well as advanced riders as they’re either sandy or rough. There are hills as well as gullies.

If you’re considering taking your mountain bike to the area and riding through the sand, the looseness of the area can make it difficult for you to ride more smoothly. 

In addition, despite the costs or costs, you must pay, the place does not offer any other options for activities.

11. Heaven Motorsports Park

Although the main track at Heaven Motorsports Park isn’t for ATVs The 10-acre trail system in the park is. The peewee track, too, is available for smaller ATVs.

This 1.1-mile track is worth exploring but it’s not for everyone. It’s fun with its numerous turns and erratic slopes.

12. Hubbell Canyon

It is also known as Trail 9277 within the Lincoln National Forest, the Hubbell Canyon’s OHV zone is 3.1 miles. It begins at the end that is the Wills Canyon up to Forest Road 64.

The trail is only open to ATVs that are narrower than 50 inches. This is because it was originally designed intended for riders and hikers on horses, motorcycles, or mountain bikes.

13. Johnson’s Hill OHV Area

The OHV zone of Gordy’s Hill, or Johnson’s Hill is quite vast as it covers more than 6,000 acres. 

It’s a great spot that is ideal for ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts because it offers a stunning view of Bosque, the Bosque town Bosque as well as overlooks the Rio Grande Valley.

It is important to know that the areas of sand could be more saline than you’re familiar with. Make sure that you’re prepared for the difficult task.

14. Mescalero Sands

Mescalero Sands offers 610 acres of desert paradise, with high dunes. It’s the perfect spot to ride your ATV sand rail or the dune buggy. 

Take in the beautiful soft sandy terrain and the thriving cottonwood trees as you ride through the gorgeous sandy sands.

If you plan to stay overnight RV camping is permissible in the south, north, and middle parking lots. There are facilities available for your stay including barbecues, picnic tables, and bathrooms.

15. Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail

The Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail, also known as T5002 within the Lincoln National Forest, is 2.6 miles. It is open to OHVs, horses mountain bikes, motorcycles as well as hikers.

Like most trails in the national forests of New Mexico, the trail can only be used by smaller ATVs. The width of the vehicle should not exceed 50 inches.

16. Red River OHV Area

Red River offers miles of difficult trails suitable for ATV riding. It’s a relatively unused region with lots of stunning nature and scenic views to take in. If you don’t own an ATV There are rental companies offering tours.

Make sure you walk gently to safeguard the natural resources of the land. Find out the details regarding Red River New Mexico ATV trails here. 

There is more information about the region’s history, as well as local horror stories when you explore the cabins and mines.

Conclusion – 16 Best New Mexico ATV Trails

16 Best New Mexico ATV Trails

To summarise this, here are the top sixteen ATV tracks within New Mexico:

  1. Aden Hill OHV Area
  2. Benson Ridge
  3. Burro Mountain Homestead
  4. Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area
  5. Gallup OHV Park
  6. Glade Run Recreation Area
  7. Goose Creek Trail
  8. Greenie Peak OHV Loop
  9. Hackberry Lake OHV Area
  10. Haystack Mountain OHV Area
  11. Heaven Motorsports Park
  12. Hubbell Canyon
  13. Johnson’s Hill OHV Area
  14. Mescalero Sands
  15. Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail
  16. Red River OHV Area

When you’re looking for your new New Mexico ATV trail to explore, be sure to investigate beforehand and then check the website of the park. 

They will provide details on conditions, terrain permits, conditions, and so on. Also, grab an off-road New Mexico map and make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

The ATV experience on the roads of New Mexico is a blast. There’s so much to see and a variety of terrains to explore. 

Hope this list has narrowed down the choices of which trails you’d like to take on first.

Are UTVs street legal in New Mexico?

It is not legally operating an ATV, ROV or another vehicle on a paved road without a local authority or the commission for transportation in the state has passed an ordinance permitting this type of use on roads in specific communities.

Are there ATV trails in Zion National Park?

ATVs aren’t allowed inside Zion National Park. However, there are plenty of excellent trails on public and private land adjacent to the park. The most beautiful riding spots are located on dunes in two Utah State parks: Sand Hollow and Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

Is there an app for ATV trails?

With over 985 million acres of public land , and more than 550,000 miles of accessible trails, including opening dates and restrictions on widths, onX Offroad is an essential app for anyone who is a motorized enthusiast. Make sure you use the most reliable and precise GPS topo and satellite trail mapping application.

Where is the biggest ATV park?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. It is located in the south-central region of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail is the most extensive in America and is regularly ranked first among the top five ATV trails in the United States. 

Are ATVs street legal in Mexico?

Are ATVs legal to use in Mexico? If the ATV you own is registered and licensed with the U.S. or Canada, it is street legal in Mexico. If you’re driving on the roads of conventional use in Mexico, you must be insured for liability by a Mexican company. 

How do you make a UTV street legal in New Mexico?

Other requirements are required, such as The vehicle must be equipped with at least one headlight and taillights, brakes and mirrors, and mufflers. The driver must possess a valid driver’s licenses and instruction permit or insurance, as well as an off-highway security license that permits minors to drive using goggles and helmets.

Is there a helmet law in New Mexico?

New Mexico legislation states that all under 18 years must wear a safety helmet while riding or operating an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle (ATV).New Mexico legislation states that all under 18 years must wear a safety helmet while riding or operating an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle (ATV).

Can you drive UTV in Zion National Park?

Utah is among the states with the highest OHV acceptance in America. On November 1st, we are allowed to ride our UTVs within Utah’s renowned National Parks – Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Zion as well as Glen Canyon National Recreation Area! Glen Canyon National Recreation Area!

What is the number one ATV?

This 2021 Polaris Sportsman 570 is among the top ATVs for 2021. Based on U.S. News, it is priced at $6,999. It’s a beast as is. It is. However, ATV Trail Rider recommends the 2021 Polaris Sportsman 570 Ultimate Trail Le model.

Where is the best place to ride UTVS in the United States?

The most renowned and well-known ATV trail in the United States is Hatfield-McCoy Trails (HMT). This trail is accessible to all riders throughout the year and lets you explore this part of the Appalachian Mountains in a whole different way.

What do you wear to ATV in Mexico?

Long pants, as well as shoes with a cover, are mandatory. You will get highly dusty during the hike. You put on a bandana to cover your face when you ride on a stretch of trail, where it gets the dirt up—lots of fun.

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV in New Mexico?

They must be under the immediate supervision of a responsible adult unless they are thirteen years of age and possess an official motorcycle license. They are at minimum 15 years old and have an official driver’s license.

Is a motorcycle license required in New Mexico?

To drive the motorcycle on the New Mexico highway, a driver must possess an active license and the motorcycle (W, Z or Y) endorsement.

Do motorcycles need mirrors in New Mexico?

The mirror law in New Mexico stipulates that each motor vehicle, including motorcycles, has mirrors so placed to provide the rear view of the road for a minimum of 200 yards.

Mexico ATV Trails FAQ

1. Can you ride four-wheelers in Mexico?

Experience the thrill of racing across the desert riding an ATV, with the force of the engine fully at your fingertips as you admire the stunning desert landscape. Learn more about the top locations to take an ATV ride in Mexico! 

2. How much is a 4 wheeler in Mexico?

It retails at 33,000-38,000 pesos. It’s an automatic vehicle with a reverse and a maximum speed of 45km and a tank that holds 8 liters with an estimated 212km of range per tank of gasoline. ATV 180. It is available for sale at 34,000 to 38,000 pesos.

3. Where can I go to ATV in New Mexico?

The top New Mexico ATV routes, based on their popularity, are deemed to include Red River OHV Area, Haystack Mountain OHV Recreation Area, Johnson-Hill, Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area, and Mescalero Sands North Dunes OHV Area.

4. Are UTV streets legal in Mexico?

The vehicle(s) are legally street legal or registered and licensed to be registered in either the US or Canada. It is based on the State. certain registrations are deemed ‘Off-Road or Off-Highway. ‘ It is a valid registration and is insured to use the road while in Mexico.

5. Do you need a driver’s license to drive an ATV in Mexico?

Hello, you must prove that you’re at least 16 years old in order to be able to drive. but not necessarily the driver’s license.

6. What do you need to take an ATV to Mexico?

You will require an identity card, passport, credit card, driver’s license, and all your vehicle registration. If your car is being leased out, then you need the lease agreement as well as legal notarized authorization to transport the car into Mexico regardless of whether you own the business. It is better to do this document in Spanish.

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