16 Best OHV Trails Utah 2022

OHV Trails Utah: Utah is famous for its mountains, canyons, and ridges that offer stunning views everywhere you travel. The sandy desert and the rough terrain make it a great place to go off-roading. 

OHV Trails Utah

If you’re looking to experience something new go on a trip along Utah’s OHV trails Utah offers.

Utah provides a wealth of places to go off-roading, for riders of all levels. Explore deserts, high elevations, and scorching summers while you travel on one of the best picturesque roads across the US.

The top 16 off-road tracks that are located in Utah are as the following:

  1. Lizzie & Charlie’s RV/ATV Park
  2. Hells Revenge Trailhead
  3. Mill Canyon OHV Trails
  4. Strawberry OHV Trail System
  5. Bountiful Peak ATV Trail
  6. Paiute ATV Trail
  7. Forest Lake Trail
  8. Wasatch Mountain State Park
  9. Wasatch Excursion
  10. Sand Hollow State Park
  11. Little Sahara Recreation Area
  12. White Wash Sand Dunes Recreation Area
  13. Fins & Things 4×4 Trail
  14. Gemini Bridges Trails
  15. Dixie National Forest
  16. Poison Spider Mesa

It’s not a bad idea to choose Utah to go on your next adventure. When you go off-roading in Utah you’ll be stunned by the breathtaking landscapes. There’s nothing better than experiencing the scenery.

16 Best OHV Trails Utah

16 Best OHV Trails Utah

1. Lizzie & Charlie’s RV/ATV Park

This park follows the Paiute trail that is 238 miles of a loop. It takes you through 3 mountain ranges and rugged canyons and deserts, providing an unforgettable excursion into the beautiful scenery Utah offers.

Lizzie & Charlie is located at the center of the Paiute ATV trail system. They offer RV parking as well as cabins and campgrounds. There’s also a rental facility nearby which you can lease ATVs or UTVs.

2. Hells Revenge Trailhead

Hell’s Revenge 4×4 Trail is perfect for experienced riders however, it can be dangerous for novices. The trail covers 6.5 miles of treacherous terrain and can take 2 to three hours to complete.

Trails are marked for your safety and you shouldn’t wander off from them. It is important to note that the Trailhead is a property owned by the government located in the Moab region, and the Bureau of Land Management asks users not to harm the water or plants within the area.

3. Mill Canyon OHV Trails

Mill Canyon Mill Canyon is around 75 miles of OHV trails however, some sources suggest that you’ll be able to use 43 miles. The trails aren’t always marked and you’ll be traversing the wilderness. You can expect to see wild animals.

Mill Canyon Trails are in the State Park where visitors contact and pay fees to Wasatch State Park and the Forest Service for a day pass. A reservation is required.

4. Strawberry OHV Trail System

It’s the Strawberry OHV Trail System is located at the Strawberry Reservoir, outside Herber City. It’s a single-track mountain trail that runs through a National Forest. It is ideal for those who are new to the sport and provides stunning views. 

Make sure to contact the Cedar City Ranger District to determine if the park is accessible. Camping spots are available at the park.

5. Bountiful Peak ATV Trail

Bountiful Peak Trail can be described as an adventure that is both up and downhill. The trail covers about fifty miles, mostly dirt roads. 

There’s a rattlesnake danger in this area be aware. Be prepared for large rocks and other obstructions.

The trails are accessible to vehicles of all kinds and there are no costs. There is an OHV trail that is a reputable one in the area, called that’s the Old Ward Canyon.

At the highest point on the ATV track in Utah, you can observe Salt Lake City at a distance. Bountiful Peak can be visited from the month of May through October.

6. Paiute ATV Trail

Trails for ATVs in Paiute Utah have a length of 275 miles looped trail. It is considered to be one of the top ATV routes in the nation, Paiute is worth checking out. 

The main routes are clearly marked as well as more than 1100 miles of off-road trails as well as well-marked.

The main loop can take about 25 hours to cover. If you plan your trip in three to four days you’ll be able to complete the majority of the route. Make sure to include this route on the ATV trail Utah checklist.

 Paiute ATV Trail

7. Forest Lake Trail

It’s the Forest Lake Utah OHV trails are located in the Uinta Wasatch-Cache National Forest. 

It’s a comparatively short trail of 3 miles which ends at Forest Lake. The trail follows an unimportant creek, then traverses rocky and rough terrain that is ideal for a four-wheel drive. 

Another OHV route that runs from Shaffer Fork up to Forest Lake, is approximately 8 miles long, and more suitable for beginners.

Forest Lake in the National Forest is a very picturesque place to camp in. If you’re in search of Utah off-road trails, make sure to check out our Forest Lake.

8. Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch Mountain can be described as a well-known state park that is a popular place to visit for Moab Utah off-road enthusiasts located in Salt Lake City. 

The park is situated right next to Salt Lake, and it is often crowded on weekends. In addition to ATV trails, the park also offers snowmobile and water sports in winter.

These ATV trails are about 30 miles of singletrack. Snowmobiles follow the same trails during winter. These trails have been marked, but not maintained and are suitable for those who are new to the sport. Camping is permitted with a fee.

9. Wasatch Excursion

Wasatch Excursion is a business that is authorized to provide guided tours of UTVs and ATVs in Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Wasatch Mountain State Park. If you’re searching for Moab Utah jeep rentals, go here first. There are off-road excursions for all levels of experience Some trails can reach up to 11,000 feet in elevation. You can also do the hike without the assistance of a guide.

The company also offers rental services and shuttle services for free from Park City and the nearby Heber Valley. The location of the company is the clubhouse near the base of the Wasatch Mountains.

10. Sand Hollow State Park

It’s a state park that has some of the most permissive Utah jeep tracks. There’s not much vegetation with a majority of red sandy sand and a few rocks. 

includes an area of beach with a large reservoir. The campsite is situated on the banks of the lake.

11. Little Sahara Recreation Area

Little Sahara is a vast area covering 60,000 acres of BLM area, located only two hours away from Salt Lake City. They’ve got hills and flats and a wide selection of ATV trails in Utah. 

The majority of Trailways consist of sand dunes and some trails are open to trailblazing. The park has a visitor area, campsites, as well as facilities. Little Sahara is very popular on weekends and during holiday weekends.

12. White Wash Sand Dunes Recreation Area

The White Wash Sand Dunes is a vast open space that is marked with desert trails. Dunes that are suitable for OHVs have been fenced off, which means there’s a designated area to be used by motorized vehicles. 

The areas around are restricted to private land and the trails are marked, but rarely maintained. This is a great place to start for novices.

13. Fins & Things 4×4 Trail

Fins and Things is a 9.4-mile one-way trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It’s often suggested as a Moab Utah jeep trail since it’s near Moab. 

The terrain is sand-colored and rocky and has well-maintained trails. Fins and Things are for a moderate level of experience. For advanced levels, head to Hells Revenge Trail, which is also located in the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Gemini Bridges Trails

14. Gemini Bridges Trails

Another notable trail within the Moab region The Gemini Bridges trail is 13 miles long and is well-known for its stunning scenery. 

The OHV trail can be described as rocky as well as dusty, sandy, and sandy. There are some steep hills with Slickrock. There are cliffs, and they can be hazardous when you are in two-way traffic.

15. Dixie National Forest

There is a Dixie National Forest that has its headquarters in Cedar City, the park comprises 2 million acres. 

There’s a designated space to allow riding OHVs in the Dixie National Forest as part of the land-management policy.

16. Poison Spider Mesa

The Poison Spider is a renowned Moab offroad trail, with stunning landscape characteristics of Utah. It’s about 9 miles long and has high sandhills and steep climbs. 

The majority of the trail is covered in Slickrock, while a lesser amount of it is plain rock. 

The trail is marked, but not maintained, which means it is possible to get lost. Contact the Moab headquarters for additional details. Be aware that they could shut down due to weather or policy modifications.

Conclusion – OHV Trails Utah

What are the top 16 trails for OHVs in Utah? In the shortlist, here are the 16 trails:

  1. Lizzie & Charlie’s RV/ATV Park
  2. Hells Revenge Trailhead
  3. Mill Canyon OHV Trails
  4. Strawberry OHV Trail System
  5. Bountiful Peak ATV Trail
  6. Paiute ATV Trail
  7. Forest Lake Trail
  8. Wasatch Mountain State Park
  9. Wasatch Excursion
  10. Sand Hollow State Park
  11. Little Sahara Recreation Area
  12. White Wash Sand Dunes Recreation Area
  13. Fins & Things 4×4 Trail
  14. Gemini Bridges Trails
  15. Dixie National Forest
  16. Poison Spider Mesa

Utah offers almost free access to motorcycle riders. There are no fees if any and the trails are not identified. Choose a moderate or easy trail that is suitable for your abilities. 

The views will always be stunning. Utah OTV riders say the same thing: you’ll enjoy the view, but do not forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle. The off-roading in Utah can be hot and sweaty.

Off-road routes that are found in Utah are mostly sand-based and rocky and have very little shade. There are trails near reservoirs and streams, but generally and throughout the year it is a scorching hot place. 

It’s one of the few places to experience Utah ATV tracks through dunes in the United States. The majority of OHV trails are accessible all of the time because they’re public land managed by the government and/or BLM property. Take a look at these Jeep 4×4 ATV, 4×4, as well as UTV, trails Utah offers.

What is an OHV in Utah?

Off-Highway Vehicles

Off-highway motorbikes can be empowered as street legal when inspected for safety and insured. OHV registrations expire every year on the day that is the end of the month in which the OHV bought.

Where can I drive my UTV in Utah?

ATVs and UTVs registered off-highway in Utah can be used on public streets, trails, or highways marked with a sign or maps or descriptions as being accessible for off-highway vehicle use.

What does OHV stand for in trails?

Various and diverse possibilities to enjoy Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation are offered on public lands managed by BLM. Trails and open spaces await all types of OHV lovers.

Can I ride my dirt bike on the road in Utah?

You need a motorcycle driver’s licence or permit to use your street-legal dirt bike on roads.

Is there an app for ATV trails?

OnX Offroad is one of the top widely-used off-road applications among Android people. Utilizing your tablet or phone as a GPS device, onX Offroad will show you the roads and trails campsites, detailed satellite images and much more, even when you’re not in access to them.

How do I get my OHV in Utah?

To obtain a non-resident’s OHV permit, you must prove residency outside the state of residence and confirm that the OHV you want to use is not owned by Utah residents. The cost for a non-resident OHV permit is $30 and will be valid until 12 months following the date of the purchase. If you purchase this permit on the internet, there will be an additional fee of $5.

How do I register my OHV in Utah?

Registering Your OHV

  1. If you operate or transport an OHV in public areas such as roads, trails, or roads, It must be registered as a recreation vehicle.
  2. To sign up for registration with an OHV, you must visit your local Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (UDMV) office, where you’ll fill out an application request and pay the registration fee.

How old do you have to be to ride an ATV in Utah?

In Utah, the state of Utah, young drivers between the age of 8 and 15 must have an OHV educational certificate to be able for them to be allowed to use an OHV in any public roads, land or trails. Riders who are 16 or over can operate an OHV if they possess a valid driver’s license or a good education certificate.

Is it legal to drive an ATV on the road in Utah?

Operators of street-legal ATVs or UTVs are permitted to drive their vehicle anywhere in Utah, but they are not allowed to exceed the speed limit posted or the speed limit of 50 mph…

Do you have to wear a helmet in a side by side Utah?

All ATV riders must wear an approved helmet when they ride their ATV regardless of age or previous experience. For Utah, a helmet is required for all ATV users (operators and passengers) younger than 18. Helmets should have at the minimum a “DOT Approved” safety rating for use on motor vehicles.

What’s the meaning of OHV?

Also available In Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. OHV. Off-Highway Vehicle.

What do OHV mean?

An Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) can be described as one type of vehicle made specifically for off-road usage. Some can be driven on roads, but the vast majority of drivers keep their OHVs for recreation in areas where regular vehicles cannot be able to.

OHV Trails Utah FAQ

1. What does OHV mean for trails?

Many opportunities exist for off-highway vehicle (OHV), recreation on BLM-managed public land. All types of OHV enthusiasts will find miles of trails and open spaces.

2. How many miles are ATV trails in Utah?

Although most of the 600+ mile Arapeen Trail is open to all vehicles, a few trails are reserved for 50′ and 66′ machines. These trails total about 62 miles and 80 miles.

3. How do I get my OHV in Utah?

To be eligible for a non-resident OHV license, must show proof of out-of-state residency. Non-resident OHV permits are $30. They are valid for 12 months. Online orders incur an additional $5 fee.

4. Is a jeep an OHV in Utah?

A machine that is not registered in Utah will need a Utah nonresident OHV permit for use on trails. Only registered vehicles (Jeep Tacoma Land Rover, Land Rover, etc.) are exempt from this rule. Street-legal motorcycles.

5. Can I ride my dirt bike on the road in Utah?

You will need a motorcycle permit or a motorcycle driver’s license to drive your street legal dirtbike on the roads.

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