16 Best Oregon Off Road Trails ❤️️ 2022

Oregon Off-Road Trails: Oregon is famous for its stunning natural scenery, including dense forests, windswept dunes, and stunning rivers. 

Oregon Off Road Trails

If you’re looking for Oregon off-road trails they’ll be easy to locate. You’ll be able to explore a variety of terrains and experience incredible adventures.

Explore the trails of Tillamook Forest or enjoy the sandy Oregon Dunes. Offroading in Oregon is ideal for those looking to explore different terrains, as there are plenty of possibilities. If you’re just starting out or an experienced driver there’s a trail to suit you.

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We have compiled our top sixteen off-road tracks within Oregon are as the following:

  1. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
  2. Sand Lake Recreation Area
  3. Browns Camp OHV Trail
  4. La Dee Flats OHV Staging Area
  5. Shotgun OHV Trail System
  6. Cline Buttes OHV Area
  7. Diamond Mill OHV Staging Area
  8. North Barr Trailhead
  9. Barlow Trail
  10. Sand Lake Recreation Area
  11. Blue Mountain OHV Trail
  12. Morrow-Grant County
  13. Bennett Pass Road
  14. Noonday Trail
  15. Crooked Finger OHV Trails
  16. Rim Butte OHV Trail

Oregon is a bit more stringent in regards to off-road permits and rules. Every driver must possess an Oregon off-road permit which includes ATVs, Jeeps, and motorbikes. Permits last for two years.

They are transferable to other states, so long as they comply with this Oregon permit. Additionally, you’ll require an ATV Safety Card. When you’re ready you’re all set to go on some off-road Oregon trails.

16 Best Oregon Off-Road Trails

16 Best Oregon Off Road Trails

1. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers more than forty miles that you can explore. You will encounter mostly steep hills and sand. There are some extremely high dunes. One, Banshee Hill, is 500 feet high. 

The off-road park is located just to the north of Coos River, and all off-road vehicles are welcome.

ATVs are available for rent in the region for guests who don’t own their own. Here’s a comprehensive diagram for the area to help you understand. 

Oregon Dunes is popular, however, the area is large enough that you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of room. You can race up hills with buddies or take some amazing leaps!

Oregon is required that all OHVs must be equipped with flags for riding on dunes. The flag must have a width of 8 inches and a length of 12 inches. The color must be visible and bright like orange or yellow.

2. Sand Lake Recreation Area

Sand Lake Recreation Area covers 1,076 acres of dunes made of sand and is surrounded by forests across the Pacific Ocean.

Off-road driving is extremely popular with miles of dunes to discover. There are campgrounds that are open all year round. open.

It’s an ideal place to start riding for those who are new. Bring the family and have a great time on the weekend.

3. Browns Camp OHV Trail

Browns Camp in Tillamook State Forest is an easy loop trail that includes a waterfall as well as stunning views. 

It’s a great place to spend an upcoming holiday weekend when you can camp and take advantage of the amenities it offers.

Off-road vehicles that can be used on this trail include quads, dirt bikes and side by sides, and 4-wheel drive. A few riders prefer to ride in the rain because it helps keep the dust at bay.

4. La Dee Flats OHV Staging Area

Enjoy more than 35 miles in this stunning forest, with stunning views. The majority of the trail is Forest Service Trails, with some more challenging trails.

It is mostly hard-packed with dirt that is loose. There is mud, high hills as well as water crossings. There are areas that are rocky with some serious puddles but it’s enjoyable and simple to navigate.

Dirtbikes, ATVs UTVs, and Jeeps are all allowed in this area.

5. Shotgun OHV Trail System

This trail provides 34 miles of OHV-managed routes. Take advantage of the forest with an assortment of terrain suitable for experienced riders. 

There’s some rough dirt and mud and a lot of steep hills. You’ll also encounter water crossings, as well as a variety of other challenges.

The trail is accessible to dirt bikes ATVs, UTVs, as well as Jeeps However UTVs, UTVs as well as Jeeps, are not permitted in certain areas.

Explore the thrill of going Off-road at Shotgun Creek.

6. Cline Buttes OHV Area

This 15.3-mile trail in Redmond, Oregon, is an ideal off-road trail to be dusty, However, be sure to take plenty of water. It’s also a great camping area for OHVs which has rough trails.

Enjoy this gentle trail with many views of wildlife and enjoy time with many people who like to wheel.

Diamond Mill OHV Staging Area

7. Diamond Mill OHV Staging Area

This is a fantastic trail for all levels, with the beginner and advanced sections to pick from. There are many hills with steep slopes as well as muddy areas along with water-based crossings.

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming hole, but it may be packed on weekends.

It’s a good location for camping and riding over the entire weekend.

8. North Barr Trailhead

North Barr Trailhead is an ideal spot to bike and enjoys a day out with your family and friends. There are plenty of obstacles and the breathtaking panoramas of the Cascade Mountains are hard to beat.

The trail is accessible all year round however the most ideal time to visit is between October and May because the summer months can be very dusty.

There are trails that are suitable for any level of skill. Test your off-road abilities on the OHV trails located at the bottom, or go upwards to the ridges for an adventure.

Barlow Trail

9. Barlow Trail

If you’re looking for a path that offers a stunning view of nature and a stunning view, then you must try Barlow Trail. It’s located to the south of Mt. 

Hood and offers a stunning sandy camping site. There is also a meadow nearby that’s worth visiting.

Barlow Trail is extremely well-known for its hiking trails and 4x4s. So expect a lot of trucks and jeeps on the trail. It’s generally a fairly simple trail, but rain and mud could make it more difficult. 

Certain sections are rocky and difficult to get through also. The entire trail is difficult, so make sure you are equipped with extra tires!

10. Sand Lake Recreation Area

The other option to drive off-road on the beach is Sand Lake Recreation Area, situated along the Oregon Coast between Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda. 

It is 15 miles long with three campsites. However, you may need to make reservations months ahead if you plan to stay at the campground.

Sand Lake is open all time of the year with the temperature pleasant all around. The summers are cool and winters are moderate. The availability of services is limited, however, it is best to be prepared for the weather.

It has 1,076 acres, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean, this place is perfect for racing and shredding high dunes!

Similar to Oregon Dunes, the flag is mandatory on every vehicle. No night riding is permitted and it is prohibited to ride between 10 pm and 6 am. 

Police and Rangers will periodically patrol the area, therefore, don’t forget your off-road license and permit.

11. Blue Mountain OHV Trail

In the middle of the Wallowa-Whitman Forest, there is a 50-mile off-road trail known as Blue Mountain Trailhead. 

The terrain is compacted and the hike is fairly simple. The campgrounds include three available which is locations from where you can get to the trails. 

There are fishing spots also available, perfect to go on a weekend trip with your buddies.

This trail is open only to motorbikes and ATVs. Jeeps and 4x4s aren’t permitted in this area. There is a mixture of grasslands, forests, and streams on the trail.

12. Morrow-Grant County

The park is located on the border between Morrow and Grant You can enjoy an enormous 9,000-acre area of the park for all kinds of vehicles. 

There is a myriad of loops, slopes, and hills. The region is so large that many say you could be greeted with rain in one spot and dry, dry weather in another. 

Campgrounds are available on-site and cabins, restaurants, and wash areas for your cars.

The nature of the terrain can be difficult. Certain parts are simple and are appropriate for novices. Certain areas that are difficult like rocky trails as well as steep slopes, would be ideal for experienced cyclists. 

Some trails aren’t well-defined and may have branches that get in the way too.

13. Bennett Pass Road

Near Mt. Hood Meadows, there’s an 11-mile stretch of trail that’s full of alpine forest and wildflowers. 

Bennett Pass is an excellent spot for those who are new to riding and looking for a straightforward and scenic trail. It’s recommended to

visit in the spring and summer months since the area fills up with snow fast in winter. But, you can visit skiing when winter is earlier.

The road typically sees moderate traffic, which means parking can be a little difficult. While it’s an easy route, certain areas could be a bit shady in the rain. 

Get your supplies ready before heading out. There are plenty of camping options if you are planning an overnight stay.

14. Noonday Trail

In the hills to the west of Cottage Grove, Oregon, there is The Noonday Trail. It features a variety of switchbacks as well as difficult climbs. 

While all vehicles are allowed, however, big four-wheelers aren’t advised. The trail is only six miles long, however, it can take hours due to the steep climb and the narrow trails.

It’s a difficult trail, and it can become more difficult when the ground gets wet. It’s not the ideal route to go on if this is the first time you’ve gone off-road. 

However, it’s worthwhile when you reach the tip and take in the stunning panorama. You’ll see a number of waterfalls along the way up.

Be cautious on the way down as there are many massive rocks that line the trail.

15. Crooked Finger OHV Trails

Close to Camp Dakota, you can enjoy ATV riding at Crooked Finger, which is a 12-mile track. The park is 600 acres,

and also has numerous recreational opportunities like zip lines high ropes, high ropes, treasure hunting, camping, and more! There are many loops that go around it that allow off-road driving.

The trails in this area are considered to be moderately difficult which means they might not be suitable for beginners. It has a lot of plains flat, with only a few difficult climbs that are perfect for a challenge.

Only dirt bikes and ATVs are permitted, however. UTVs as well as Jeeps are prohibited. 

The area is said to be extremely flammable and therefore spark arrestors must be fitted to all vehicles. The trail also can occasionally be closed during the fire season.

16. Rim Butte OHV Trails

To experience an incredibly challenging hike visit Rim Butte Trails. The trail is located within Deschutes County, Rim Butte offers 14 miles of tense trails, sharp rocks as well as stunning views. 

Be ready before you embark on this trail! The path was created to minimize the impact on the environment.

This is why these distinctive and challenging trails were constructed. The lava rocks that make up the path are all jagged and make for an exciting journey.

It is important to have spare tires as there’s an excellent chance you’ll require them. 

It’s also advisable to have a second person along and carry water in the event that there is a problem along the road. The road isn’t well defined which means that navigation could be a little difficult.

Best Off-Road Trails in Oregon

Off-roading in a Jeep can be one of the most entertaining things you can do! Oregon has some great off-road trails that are perfect for taking your Jeep out on. If you are looking for anything Jeep-related to get you prepared for taking on some Oregon offroad trails, stop by Renton Jeep Ram Dodge Chrysler Fiat! We have TONS of Jeep accessories, have great deals on new Jeeps, and can provide amazing service on your Jeeps too! For now, let’s take a look at some of the best off-road trails in Oregon!

Bennett Pass Road Out-and-Back

Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

Difficulty: Easy

Bennett Pass Road is an out-and-back trail that is great for Jeeps! Located in the Mount Hood National Forest near Mount Hood Parkdale, this trail is great for all skill levels as it is only about 5 miles long with about 730 feet of elevation gain throughout it. You’ll see some beautiful wildflowers along the way as well as other people! Make sure you be careful because mountain bikers, hikers, bird watchers, and wildlife can be on the trails!

Succor Creek via Leslie Gulch Road

Jordan Valley, Oregon

Difficulty: Moderate

Succor Creek via Leslie Gulch Road is a 28.7-mile trail that is perfect for off-roading, especially in your Jeep 4×4! This location is filled with beautiful views that include towering rock structures and a lake. This moderately rated trail can be difficult for some as there are about 3,800 feet of elevation gain throughout the trail. The best time to experience this off-road trail is between April and November, so stop by during this time period!

Browns Camp Area Loop Trail

Tillamook State Forest, Oregon

Difficulty: Moderate

Located near Tillamook, Oregon in the Tillamook National Forest, Browns Camp Area Loop Trail is another great off-road trail to check out in your Jeep. This 6.5-mile-long loop trail features views of a waterfall, river, wildflowers, and various wildlife, making it quite a scenic drive. The road you’ll be taking on can be quite muddy, overgrown, and rocky, giving you quite an interesting and fun ride! This trail can also be used to hike, bird watch, and walk dogs, so be aware of this while you are on the trail!

Breitenbush Lake OHV Trail

Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Difficulty: Hard

Breitenbush Lake OHV Trail is a 15-mile out and back trail located near Detroit, Oregon in the Willamette National Forest. This is the most difficult trail on the list as it can get pretty steep at some points due to it having around 2,000 feet of elevation gain. The roads can sometimes become log-jammed and slick, making it a difficult but fun ride. The end of the trail is extremely beautiful according to those who have completed the drive and you will also get some great forest and lake views along the way!

Oregon Dunes NRA

Florence, Oregon

Difficulty: Moderate

Oregon Dunes NRA is a beautiful location to do some off-roading! You can traverse some of the most impressive dunes in the west at the Oregon Dunes NRA. Located near Florence, Oregon, this 4.2-mile trail is pretty close to the coast as there is a thin strip of trees that separate the dunes from the coast itself! People also come to hike here, so be aware of them while you are driving! The best time of the year to visit Oregon Dunes NRA in your Jeep is from March until November.

Conclusion – Oregon Off-Road Trails

What are the best off-road Trailways in Oregon? In a nutshell, here are the 16 trails again:

  1. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
  2. Sand Lake Recreation Area
  3. Browns Camp OHV Trail
  4. La Dee Flats OHV Staging Area
  5. Shotgun OHV Trail System
  6. Cline Buttes OHV Area
  7. Diamond Mill OHV Staging Area
  8. North Barr Trailhead
  9. Barlow Trail
  10. Sand Lake Recreation Area
  11. Blue Mountain OHV Trail
  12. Morrow-Grant County
  13. Bennett Pass Road
  14. Noonday Trail
  15. Crooked Finger OHV Trails
  16. Rim Butte OHV Trail

Oregon is home to a variety of natural beauty spots and natural wonders. It is possible to explore a range of different trails in this state, from desert to mountain. 

In addition, every ride will reward the rider with an incredible panoramic view each time!

Make sure you possess an Oregon off-road permit You must have stickers and permits in hand. Certain areas have a security guard to verify your license and you should be ready.

Oregon Off-Road Trails FAQ

1. Are offroad trails worth it?

This is, in our opinion, well worth the effort. Every trail is detailed with a trail video, waypoints, photos, difficulty level, and trail reviews. A wealth of information is available for a few dollars a month. Trails Offroad writers work hard to keep the trail data current.

2. Can you drive a quad on the road in Oregon?

Oregon prohibits ATVs, including UTVs, from being street legal. ATVs are not permitted to use two-lane gravel roads or paved roads. However, ATVs can use gravel roads that are one-half to one-half lanes wide or less.

3. Are Big Bear off-road trails open?

This seasonal road is open from spring to fall. It can be difficult so a high-clearance vehicle is necessary. You can also check the road conditions at the Ranger Station at 909-382-2700. This trail leads to Bluff Lake Reserve and the Champion Lodgepole Trail.

4. Is there an app for ATV trails?

Offroad has more than 985 million acres of public land and 550,000+ miles of open roads and trails with open dates and width restrictions. It is the ultimate app for motorcyclists. The most reliable and accurate GPS satellite/topo trail mapping app.

5. Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Oregon?

Yes. No matter what class of ATV the operator uses, he must have either an Oregon ATV Operating Permit (see the previous question), or an out-of-state permit to operate an ATV on Oregon public lands. How do I obtain a permit to use my snowmobile?

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