18 Best OHV Trails MN Minnesota 2022

OHV Trails MN Minnesota: Minnesota’s forests, rolling terrain, and stunning scenery provide an array of off-road activities for all skill levels. 

Certain parts within Minnesota’s North Star State are exceptional for ORVs, ATVs, or OHMs.

18 Best OHV Trails MN Minnesota

Some of the most scenic off-road trails can be found in Minnesota.

Below are the best off-road trails in Minnesota

  1. Appleton Area Recreational Park
  2. Chisholm Trail
  3. Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area (OHVRA)
  4. Nemadji State Forest Trails
  5. Spider Lake Trails
  6. St. Croix State Forest Trails
  7. Meadow Valley MX
  8. Snake Creek Trail
  9. Timber Trails System
  10. Meeker County OHV Park
  11. Red Top Trail
  12. Warroad/Roseau Trails
  13. Bemis Hill Trails
  14. Soo Line South Trail
  15. Straight Arrows Trail
  16. Matthew Lourey State Trail OHV
  17. Thistledew ATV Trail
  18. Moose Run Trail

Off-roading is a thrilling way to experience stunning Minnesota. The long trails and rough hills make it one of the most picturesque OHV routes that off-roaders are sure to appreciate. 

Certain trails can lead trail users deep in Minnesota’s wilderness, through bogs and some of the most remote areas. Let’s look at the best 18 off-road trails MN offers:

18 Best OHV Trails MN

18 Best OHV Trails MN

1. Appleton Area Recreational Park

Appleton Minnesota off-road park was an old gravel mine but is now a huge 330-acre Park for OHVs. 

It has 20 miles of Minnesota off-road trails that are suitable for any level of experience. There’s a 10-mile track for trucks with 4x4s, 15 miles of trails for ATV/OHM, and a 2.5-mile track to use for OHM training.

The park also provides the following services:

  • Tech-savvy and beginner-friendly ATV tracks
  • A track for practice in motocross
  • Hill climbs, rock climbs, and jumps
  • The water pit is a mud hole, as well as a muddy pit.
  • Sand dunes
  • Three enduro tracks
  • ATV course for youngsters
  • Youth practice track for OHV
  • Snowmobile trails
  • Hiking trail
  • Play in areas
  • Picnic areas

Appleton Area Recreational Park is accessible all year round from sunrise until sunset. Camping is now permitted in the park, however close by Appleton Municipal Campground is popular for families. 

It is open to the public for free. For more information on permits and other regulations visit the park’s site.

2. Chisholm Trail

Chisholm is a 15.7-mile trail that weaves through forests and rolling hills. It’s a moderately challenging trail that is dotted with hairpin bends and hills. 

Trails designed for beginners are the most well-developed and have only a handful of obstacles and there aren’t any steep hills to climb.

The communities around Chisholm as well as Side Lake are ATV-friendly communities This means ATVs are permitted on city streets and off-road riders are able to travel from their hotel to Chisholm on Chisholm trail without trailering.

This trail will be closed in deer hunting seasons. For those who aren’t from Minnesota, it is necessary to obtain a trail pass. For more information, go to the DNR Minnesota website.

3. Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area (OHVRA)

Iron Range OHVRA holds the honor of being Minnesota’s first off-road park. It has 36 miles of trails that traverse a variety of terrains, including hill climbs, rough trails, water crossings, and rock gardens that are technical. 

There are plenty of thrilling activities for all levels of skill. The park is accessible to ATVs, OHMs as well as ORVs. There is no charge for entry, parking, and riding.

Camping facilities are offered in close proximity to Sherwood Forest Campground. The trail is accessible directly from the campsite. The trails are accessible all year between 8 AM and an hour prior to sunset (this can vary based on the time of year). 

In winter the park is accessible on weekends only. For further requirements or other details, please contact Iron Range Tourism Bureau. Iron Range Tourism Bureau.

4. Nemadji State Forest Trails

It is believed that the Nemadji State Forest Trails are located close to the Minnesota border. Wisconsin boundary. Around 100 miles worth of ATV trails meanders through the lush Nemadji State Forest. 

Its 27 miles of OHM single-track trails provide thrilling adventures for any level of rider. 

Trails that connect with those of the Matthew Lourey State Trail, as well as The Gandy Dander Trail, offer an array of riding options for ATVs, OHMs, and ORVs.

The trails range from easy to challenging and are comprised of a mixture of swamps, rolling terrain, and a variety of creeks as well as streams crossings. 

The majority of routes in the northeastern region in the forests are clearly marked along they are maintained by the Straight Arrows Enduro Club maintains the trails.

The Nemadji ATV trails are available all year round, with the exception of the hunting season for deer and during the spring freeze. 

Snowmobile trails are closed for OHVs between December 1 and March 31 and camping is only permitted in designated areas. The park is free, which includes camping. The need for a Minnesota license for OHV is needed.

5. Spider Lake Trails

The trail that runs for 29 miles Spider Lake Trails is located within the picturesque Foot Hills State Forest. There are thrilling and challenging trails that are suitable for everyone’s skill. 

The trails are easy and sandy through rocky and rough, traversing lakes and ponds, as well as hills and ridges, as well as slopes. 

In wet weather, the trails become more challenging for drivers as they navigate across the dirt, root, and rocks. Be sure to get the Minnesota OTV permit. Camping is allowed on developed campsites only.

6. St. Croix State Forest Trails

The 26 mile St. Croix State Forest Trails is located near the Wisconsin border. The riders are treated to stunning views as they ride through the forest trails. 

There’s a trail leading up to the Gandy Dancer Trail for those looking for more miles of riding. 

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV SXS, as well as SXS, are allowed. SUVs, jeeps buggy, and sand rails are not allowed on trails. 

All drivers need to obtain the Minnesota OTV permit. The trail is open all the year, with the exception of the spring thaw as well as deer hunting season. There aren’t any fees for entry, parking, and riding. Camping is permitted only in designated areas.

7. Meadow Valley MX

Meadow Valley is a motocross park with 23 miles of wood trails suitable for ATVs and UTVs. Meadow Valley has two tracks: the Main Track as well as the Pee Wee Track. 

Its Main Track is intended for riders of all levels from beginners to experienced riders. It is comprised of jumps, turns and berms, and soft soil. 

The Pee-Wee Track has smaller jumps and berms are ideal for bikes that are smaller and beginners.

The trails are accessible between 10 AM and 6 PM They are used primarily for dirt bikes and motorcycles, However, ATVs UTVs as well as SXS are allowed on trails that are designated. SUVs, jeeps, and dunes buggies, as well as sand rails, are banned.

ATVs aren’t allowed on the road at all times. For more details on the charges and passes for parking entrance, riding, and camping, please visit Meadow Valley MX’s website. Meadow Valley MX website.

 Meadow Valley MX

8. Snake Creek Trail

Snake Creek Trail has 13 miles of forest trails that are part of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest. It’s an uphill path with stunning panoramas of Snake Creek Valley. 

The trails are well-marked, and riders can navigate through hard-packed gravel and dirt into deep muddy sections, and difficult hill climbs. There are some minor to moderate fluctuations in elevation on the trails. 

The drivers should be aware of the trails, particularly after heavy rainfall as there is the possibility of washouts.

Township Road 152 hosts the main staging area. There is a camping area that is free that is equipped with only the essentials. 

The trails are accessible from May until November 1. Only vehicles that have a Minnesota OHV permit are allowed. 

SUVs, jeeps or dunes buggies, and sand rails aren’t allowed. There aren’t any fees for entry, parking, and riding.

9. Timber Trails System

The Timber Trails System offers 180 acres of dirt and ATV bike tracks that meander through valleys, ridges, and fields that offer breathtaking views. 

Riders can also be treated to wildlife encounters on the trails. It’s an adventure for families for all levels of experience. 

ATVs can be rented at the site. Guided tours and packages are also available. Visit the site for details on discounts, season passes, and prices.

10. Meeker County OHV Park

Its Meeker Country OHV Park has narrow and curving trails that meander through a 40-acre forest area. The park has a 5-mile trail that is designated for ATVs, as well as 6 miles of trails for motorcycles and the dirt pit. 

The park houses the youth-training space. The trails are open all year round from dawn until dusk severe weather can lead to a temporary closure therefore it is recommended to contact the park prior to setting out. 

Only dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTVs SXS, as well as SXS, are permitted on the trails. There are no campsites for camping, however, there are picnic shelters and plenty of parking spaces.

11. Red Top Trail

Red Top Trail Red Top Trail offers 25 miles of rugged terrain to all levels. The main route is a sandy trail that, thanks to its broad trails, is great for novices. 

There are technical, tight loops that are suitable for more experienced riders. This Adventure Trail Loop is popular for riders looking to enjoy a more challenging adventure. 

The trail is specifically designated for ATV and OHM use. It is accessible 4.6 miles northeast along Soo Line North or from the Snake River Campground. The normal season runs between May 15 and October 31.

12. Warroad/Roseau Trails

The Warroad/Roseau Trails provide more than 200 miles of trails interconnected that are part of the Beltrami Island State Forest and are specifically designated for ATVs, OHMs as well as ORVs. 

The trails are accessible all year and allow off-roaders access to forests of pine-covered ridges and peat bogs as well as low plains.

13. Bemis Hill Trails

Its Bemis Hill Trails located in the Beltrami Island State Forest offers more than 85 miles of riding trails through pine-covered forests and forested ridges. This area used to be an island within the glacial past of Lake Agassiz. 

The trail is available for ATVs, OHMs and ORVs. There are also trails suitable for snowmobiles and hiking. 

The campground is open during the fall and winter months, but the trails are accessible all year long.

14. Soo Line South Trail

The Soo Line South Trail is a 105.6-mile trail that is a part of Aitkin, Carlton, Mille Lacs, Morrison, and Pine Counties. The trail is accessible to mountain bikes, ATVs snowmobiles, horseback riding, snowmobiles as well as hiking. 

It connects to the other 148-mile Soo Line North ATV Trail. These Soo Line ATV trails are available for use between April 1-October 31st for Morrison County; April 1-November 30 in Aitkin, Pine, and Mille Lacs Counties, and all year long all year round in Carlton County.

The trail offers a fantastic riding experience to riders of all levels. While the majority part of it is a simple ride experienced riders should take a look at trails like the Foxy Loop Trail, Red Trop Trails, Solana Loop, and the Soo Pits trails for more difficult off-roading excursions.

Straight Arrows Trail

15. Straight Arrows Trail

The Straight Arrows Trails within the Nemadju State Forest has 35 miles of OHM single-track as well as the trail system has 18 miles that are multi-use designed for ATVs. 

A majority of the trails are considered easy, however, even the most experienced riders may encounter the tight curvatures and steep slopes challenging.

16. Matthew Lourey State Trail OHV

The 81.8-mile Matthew Lourey State Trail (also known as”the Willard Munger State Trail) has sections that are open to all-season ATV and OHM usage. The sections of the trail are connected to Nemadji as well as St. Croix state forests. 

The trails are open and feature the terrain is a bit hilly with occasional hills. When it is wintertime, ATVs will not be allowed in certain regions (from Harlis Road in the Nemadji to Country Road 173 in the St. Croix and the Chengwatana State Forest) when the temperature in the air is 30 degrees or lower. 

Certain trails are accessible to mountain bikers, snowmobilers as well as hikers, horses, and backpackers.

17. Thistledew ATV Trail

It is located in the Thistledew ATV Trail is located in the George Washington State Forest. 

It is home to around 30 miles of novice-friendly ATV trails, with two loops, north, and south. The trail is open during winter.

is accessible to snowmobiles. It is restricted to only ATVs, UTVs, and SXS are allowed to use the path. Camping facilities are available at the close proximity of Thistledew Lake Campground. 

The trails are accessible all the way through November (April 1 to the 30th of November). The use of the trails is for free, but every vehicle must be registered with an MN OHV license. 

It is also possible to ride horses. Some areas could be restricted due to logs, so it’s always recommended to contact their park before leaving.

18. Moose Run Trail

Family-friendly Moose Run Trail is a 12-mile trail that runs through the woods and hills of The Sawtooth Mountains and the scenic Minnesota North Shore. 

The trail joins other trails like the Moose Walk Trail, Moose Run as well as the C.J. Ramstad State Trail. It is also connected with the 25 miles Red Dot Trail System through marked loops and trails. 

Recently, improvements made to this trail include shelters, map kiosks as well as vault toilets.

The trail is accessible from May 15 to November 30. The vehicles must have an MN OHV Permit in order to access the trails. It is only ATVs and UTVs or SXS with a maximum size of 65 inches in width are allowed. 

The trails are mostly hard-packed and weave through forests that are dense and are perfect for new riders. Park use is free however there are costs for camping at the nearby campsites, Wildhurst Lodge and Campground.

Conclusion: 18 Best OHV Trails MN: Minnesota

What are the top Off-road trail trails that are in Minnesota? In a nutshell these most popular trails again:

  1. Appleton Area Recreational Park
  2. Chisholm Trail
  3. Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area (OHVRA)
  4. Nemadji State Forest Trails
  5. Spider Lake Trails
  6. St. Croix State Forest Trails
  7. Meadow Valley MX
  8. Snake Creek Trail
  9. Timber Trails System
  10. Meeker County OHV Park
  11. Red Top Trail
  12. Warroad/Roseau Trails
  13. Bemis Hill Trails
  14. Soo Line South Trail
  15. Straight Arrows Trail
  16. Matthew Lourey State Trail OHV
  17. Thistledew ATV Trail
  18. Moose Run Trail

Off-road enthusiasts will certainly have fun traversing and navigating through the mountains and rocky climbs, streams, and bogs that are part of the Minnesota OOH trails. 

When you ride the ATV, OHM, or OHV on these trails for OHVs in MN can provide thrilling and beautiful adventures that you’ll not forget.

Can I ride my ATV in the ditch in Minnesota?

The restriction on agricultural zones: You may not drive an ATV on the rights-of-way (ditch) of the county or state road between April 1 and August 1 within a farming area. This does not apply to ATVs with licenses that are utilized for agricultural purposes.

Can I ride my ATV on snowmobile trails in Minnesota?

ATVs and snowmobiles can both take shared-use trails during winter! To ensure the security and enjoyment of everyone and to protect our natural resources, we ask that you adhere to the winter trail rules and regulations on the Matthew Lourey State Trail and the Nemadji and St.

Are helmets required on UTV in Minnesota?

By The Minnesota ATV Laws and Regulations, ALL ATV and OHV drivers under 18 years old are required to wear a certified and securely fastened helmet while riding. All helmets must conform to Department of Transportation standards and have the DOT’s approval.

Are side by sides street legal in MN?

ATVs, as well as UTVs, can be driven on public roads and within certain public rights-of-way. There are two distinct states’ statutes that govern these vehicles. 1.) Local roads are not permitted for operation. It may be allowed by a permit.

What is a Class 1 ATV in Minnesota?

As per Minnesota statute, it is deemed that a car can be classified as an ATV if it’s equipped with an average of three or six tires with low PSI and a weight less than 2,000 pounds, and a maximum width of 65 inches. If your ATV is comprehensive, that is less than 50 inches and is classified as a Class 1 ATV. If the width is greater than 50 inches, it’s an ATV of Class 2.

Do I need a license plate for my ATV in Minnesota?

All ATVs that are operated in Minnesota are required to have a registration with DNR, which includes those that are used solely for private use.

Can you ride ATV on snowmobile trails in Minnesota in summer?

It may seem harmless to use an ATV on the designated snowmobile trails in the summer. But, snowmobile trails often traverse private land only without permission from the landowner. The permit is only valid during winter, and the landowner has every right to terminate these privileges.

Are ATV trails open in Maine?

The opening dates of Maine’s trails for ATVs vary throughout the state and based on the weather. However, nobody should be expecting that any of the courses will start before the 15th of May generally in general. There’s always snow on certain sections of the trails in the early months of May, while other locations are waiting to dry from the melt that occurred in spring.

Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in Minnesota?

Cycling Your Dirt Bike On Public Roads in Minnesota

The first step is to require an endorsement for your motorcycle in your driving license. This involves taking a class that includes passing the written and a riding test with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The bike also requires certain modifications before it can be legally street-legal.

Do you need an ATV trail pass in Minnesota?

If you’re not a citizen within Minnesota and you’re riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or an off-highway motorcycle (OHM) as well as an off-road motor vehicle (ORV) on state-owned or grant-and trails, the trail passes for those who are not residents of Minnesota will be required. There is no need to purchase a trail pass if the vehicle you’re driving was registered in Minnesota.

OHV Trails MN Minnesota FAQ

1. Can I ride my ATV in the ditch in Minnesota?

It is strictly prohibited to ride a rogue creek or trespass in unmarked areas. – ALCOHOL/ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED within the park.

2. Can I ride my ATV on snowmobile trails in Minnesota?

ATVs and snowmobiles are both permitted to take shared-use trails during winter! To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all, and to ensure the safety of our environment, please comply with the winter trail rules and the proper manners: On the Matthew Lourey State Trail and the Nemadji and St.

3. Is it legal to drive a UTV on the road in Minnesota?

ATVs as well as UTVs can be used on roads that are public and in certain public rights-of-way, under two distinct states’ statutes that govern the vehicles. 1.) Local roads are not permitted for operation. is permitted with a special permit.

4. Do I need a license plate for my ATV in Minnesota?

All ATVs used within Minnesota are required to have a registration with DNR even those that are used solely for private use. Check out the exceptions on page 11. Classes 1 and 2 are going to appear on the ATV registration card as well as a decal.

5. Are UTVs titled in MN?

Minnesota is a requirement that you present a proof of sale with the serial number of the ATV or UTV. When you own an ATV or UTV is registered legally in another country or state and you do not have registration with Minnesota in the event that you are not in Minnesota for longer than thirty days.

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