1986 Honda TRX200SX Specs and Review 2022

1986 Honda TRX200SX: The TRX200SX Honda model of 1986 was introduced on the market in the golden age of the all-terrain vehicle. Due to its dimensions, the quad was pushed on the back burner and was only recognized by serious off-road enthusiasts. 

Similar to its brother it was the TRX200SX that pioneered the segment of sport-utility vehicles, and it took only three years before making the concept popular which led to success with next-in-line models.

In the spring of 1985, the Honda TRX200SX (or Honda FourTrax TRX200SX) marked the start of the Japanese firm’s line of sport-utility vehicles. The four-wheeler was upgraded with suspension, a smaller chassis, and a sportier look.

 It was a great ATV to use for both work and pleasure.

Many people don’t realize however, this 4×4 has contributed greatly to the growth of ATVs as well as UTVs in the present. Find out more about its specifications, capabilities, its incredible flexibility, its flaws, and other highlights in this piece.

Honda’s First Sport-Utility Quad

It was released in 1986. Honda TRX200SX was Honda’s very first sport-utility quad, which was launched just two years after the Japanese manufacturer achieved a breakthrough by introducing its very first 4-wheeler, it was the TRX200. 

This was one of the latest fashions of the cycling community as off-roaders began to steer towards ATCs or all-terrain vehicles and the controversies surrounding them. The TRX range was targeted at consumers who were looking for a smaller, more powerful, however, safer, and more compact vehicle.

As this model was affixed to the same model designation as the TRX200 model before it Many believed that it had the same chassis and engine that was used in the Honda TRX200.

 However, this was not the situation. The TRX200SX was equipped with a superior front suspension design, and it had a chain shaft instead of a shaft. The power plant was modeled on its predecessor, the Fat Cat motorcycle, which also featured a five-speed auto-clutch transmission. It was also smaller in size and more attractive cosmetically.

 It had a three-year production period before it was removed from the range of products offered by the company and then re-integrated in 2001 Sportrax 250EX later on.

1986 Honda

1986 Honda TRX200SX Specs & Features

  • Engine: The TRX200SX is powered by a longitudinally-mounted four-stroke, air-cooled, twin-valve cylinder block engine with a bore-stroke ratio of 65 x 60 mm (2.56 x 2.36 inches). The engine’s displacement measures 199.1 cm3 and has a compressive ratio of 9.0:1. Tank capacity for fuel of eight Liters/2.1 US gallons with a 2-Liter/0.52-US gallon reserve. The TRX200SX engine is equipped with an engine rev limiter that prevents it from running over 8,750 RPM. 
  • You might need to make adjustments to your carbs when you are traveling at elevations higher than 5,000 feet in order to accommodate for the high air-fuel mix.
  • Lubrication To get the best performance make sure you use SAE 10W-40 Professional Honda the GN4 (ideally with no molybdenum or graphite add-ons) 4-stroke oils or similar motor oil. 
  • Based on the temperature of the ambient you can also opt for SAE 5W,10W-30, 20W-40, or 20W-50 viscosities. It must have an API service rating of SE/SF or better and be in compliance with the MA JASO Standard T903.
  • Drivetrain Five-speed automatic transmission, as well as an automatic clutch system, provides force to the wheel. This is controlled by a 520 O-ring chain (12/42). This powertrain combination makes the TRX200SX novice-friendly since new riders do not need to learn the clutch and throttle controls to control the vehicle. 
  • The levers for the front brake and throttle on the right side of the handlebar grip along with the lever for the parking brake to the left. The beam switches with hi-lo and stops switch with three positions and the starter button is right next to it.
  • Ignition: It has an electric start and auxiliary mechanical recoil pull-starter and requires an NGKDR8ES-L/NDX24ESR-U spark plug. A 12V 12Ah 180-CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) battery with a dimension of 5.91 3.43 x 3.43 and 5.12 inches (L x W and H) is able to power the four-wheeler as well as electronic accessories. 
  • A Batterie Tender 12V battery Maintainer and Charger equipped with Power Supply and Wi-Fi and HTML2(view the product on Amazon) will keep your battery in top condition.
  • tires: Stock tires consist of Ohtsu AT101 20 x 7-8 front tires as well as Ohtsu H-Track PRO Vector 302 22 11-8 rear tires, that are mounted to steel wheels. Aluminum wheel spacers of premium quality give space between the hub and the wheel and permit larger tires to be fitted to the TRX200SX. The recommended tire pressure for front tires is 3 psi/20.6 KPa (0.21 kg/cm2) or 2.5 psi/16.7 KPa (0.17 Kg/cm2) for the rear.
  • Brakes This brake mechanism comprises the front drum brake, which is hydraulic and fully sealed drum brakes at the rear. 
  • Check the brake system regularly to check for leaks of fluid or parts that are deteriorating.
  • Suspension the 1986 Honda TRX200SX comes with A-arms to provide front and rear suspensions with single shocks, which are deemed to be superior to earlier models like the TRX200. 
  • The length of the trail is 18 millimeters with an angle of the caster of 4deg28′. The engine assembly is mounted on the double-cradle steel frame.
  • Dimensions The overall dimensions of HTML0 measure 65.4 x 39.4 40 inches (1,660 1,000 x 1,015 mm L x W and H). The wheelbase of the vehicle is 41.9 inches/1,065 millimeters. The dry weight of the vehicle is 172 kg/378 pounds. The maximum capacity for load is 170 kg/375 lbs comprising the weight of the driver along with cargo, accessories, and the rider’s weight as well as it can tow 225 kg/495 pounds. This is further supported by a 20-Kg/45-lb forward and 30 kg/66 lb rear capacity for the carrier.
  • Exterior It comprises an aluminum frame and a plastic body material that is available in blue, white, or red, and the blue cover for the seat. The fuel tank is in the front, directly beneath the handlebars. 
  • The rear fender is equipped with compartments for the owner’s manual as well as tools. You can customize the appearance of your 4×4 by purchasing a Maier USA Hood & Tank Cover (view on Amazon).

Honda TRX200SX Price

The median retail price of TRX200SX is anywhere between $1,485 and $1,635, based on the model year and general condition. On the other hand auction, listings place the four-wheeler in between $225 and $2400. Auction vehicles are generally maintained prior to being sold and are in excellent operating condition, and run smoothly. 

However there is a possibility of some noise from the engine, but this doesn’t affect the ride or performance of the engine. Any units valued at more than $2,000 are in excellent condition, with the original plastics in good condition and no brittle components.

Top Speed for a Honda TRX200SX

This quad is capable of running up to 55 mph in stock, but it is not advertised. A fresh top-end or changing the gearing, sprockets, or buying bigger tires will result in an increase of 3-5 mph. Be sure to give it a bit of contemplation before you decide to embark on this race-course in case some components may not be readily available via online dealers or online traders.

Pros and Cons

In great working order, The 1986 Honda TRX200SX is as smooth and responsive as new and will require periodic maintenance and small repairs. The frame made of steel is extremely robust and might not require a new paint job. 

It will however need to be cleaned regularly, considering this quad’s age of over three years old. Honda has stopped making OEM components for the wheeler, which means you’ll need to contact enthusiasts and outfitters or amazing mechanical skills to create custom factory spin-offs that are not available from aftermarket retailers.

If the condition is poor the whole part of the body as well as the seat cover could be worn out or, at minimum, show scratches and tears. It is also possible to see rust in the bushings, the exhaust systems, as well as engine components as well as other parts. 

The tires will perform poorly should they be kept as is and the front brakes may be out of action. The car could also have one or two parts missing that could make the Honda TRX200SX the perfect opportunity to rebuild the entire vehicle.

Issues with the Honda

Problems that are related to Honda’s TRX200SX

The 1980s were the beginning of Honda along with the overall ATV market generally. The TRX200SX was subject to modifications to its electrical and engine assembly after its first production year, leading to owners experiencing issues with the starting and idling functions. Here are some of the common issues that are encountered by the TRX200SX:

Firing Problems

The first step is to check the switch for a loose connection. Also, make sure that it’s allowing continuity. Make sure you are located at the proper distance from the camshaft since it is very likely to not work when it is it is too far away.

Examine the ignition switch (an independent switch, which runs in conjunction with the kill circuit within the switch that is called the key) for the wire from the lockout or neutral switch, and then to the CDI and check that it is in good condition. 

This circuit component is designed to boost your ignition system’s sparking power. It is connected to the earth wire which supplies all the power required to turn the engine on the starter.

In this case, you’ll be required to check the 1986 Honda TRX200SX‘s components like the ignition module, spark plug, coil, stator, and CDI box to decide if they require replacement. 

This model uses an AC CDI. It includes wires that come from an exciter unit located on the stator, one of the trigger coils as well as earth as well as a kill wire that connects to the ignition switch, and another wire that connects to an ignition coil. 

The key switch on the ’86 model differs from the the87-88 models and will fit in 2 different CDI boxes. If tests on the ignition switch as well as the fuse and power eventually fail to identify the exact cause or malfunction of the component, you should consider an actuator that is defective.

Hard Starting & Idling Issues

These problems could be due to valves that aren’t clear enough or a damaged spark plug. These issues can be corrected by installing the spark plug with a fresh one and checking the clearance of the valve to the specs. 

However, certain situations may not be as simple. You should run the engine for around one hour, at the rate at which you need to get the reading for a proper reading of the plug.

If you want to examine your fuel screws, you’ll be able to find them in the bottom of the parallel with the bowl of float. If your carburetor is not been adjusted, the screw might be sealed, making it difficult to identify. 

If your vehicle is running clean with throttle openings that are only one notch and the slide needle is not raised, it should be. Concentrate your attention on the pilot jet and choke and conduct the necessary tests to determine whether they’re causing the fuel mixture to run either rich or lean.

Slapping Noises

There are a variety of causes for this sound It could be due to dust particles that are in the engine or an over-stretched timing chain damaged cable for the throttle or exhaust that is not working properly. 

This is especially applicable to TRX200SXs that have been used, which could have been an unfinished project of the original owner prior to being sold. As a result, you might also be noticing that your wheel continues to die out. To pinpoint the source do the test of compression, and then specify the sound when it’s something different than the result of an exhaust leak.

Pull the plug off and check if it’s in good working order. Make sure you thoroughly clean your carburetor Replace your muffler and increase the size of your main jet to one dimension. Then, you can adjust the carb as you feel it is necessary. It is important to have the vehicle’s schematics prepared or contact experts who can assist you with this job.

In 1946, the company was found

About Honda

in 1946, Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a company that has roots dating back to race cars, the mass production of piston rings, and the automation of propellers used in military aircraft. 

These developments brought the Japanese company to be one of the best recognizable and successful automobile manufacturers in the world. 

From the creation and sale of motorized bicycles that had spare engines, Honda changed to manufacturing vehicles such as its 1986 Honda TRX200SX. Today Honda, the Japanese group continues to be a pioneer in technological advancements in the fields of motorcycles as well as energy solutions and electric vehicles.

Conclusion – 1986 Honda TRX200SX

Since the introduction of in 1986’s Honda TRX200SX in 1986, we now have a solid lineup of 4x4s for a sport that comes in all sizes and displacements that are made by Honda. 

The tiny, but powerful wheeler created an entire category that has grown to accommodate off-roaders’ needs, skills, and riding preferences. 

It’s not the most striking design at first glance, however the inside, the real magic occurs. The TRX200SX does not compromise on thrilling weekend rides and fantastic landscaping and is a quad that time can’t beat.

 If it is able to endure an entire rider’s life, hell it’s able to endure everything!

What is a 1986 Honda 200sx worth?

The median retail price for the TRX200SX ranges between $1,485 to $1,635, depending on the model year and general condition. In contrast, auction listings place the four-wheeler in $225-$2,400.

How much horsepower does a 1986 Honda Fourtrax 350 have?

If you add up the 350, it should produce approximately the equivalent of 21HP. However, I’d wager that an older engine with similar technology to that “86” will produce closer to 16-18 HP.

What kind of oil does a Honda TRX 200 take?

DIY it yourself by using this OEM Genuine HONDA Oil Change Kit. Part numbers included 2 – 10-W-40 4-Stroke Pro Honda Oil 08C35 A141M01 1 – Honda Washer 94109-12000 Vehicle Fitment for 1986-1988 and 1990-1997. Honda Fourtrax 200 Please contact me for concerns.

How much is a Honda 250 FourTrax worth?

1985 Honda FourTrax 250 Value

For resale prices, the price could be anything from 200 to $1,055, dependent on the general condition of the vehicle and any accessories.

Is the Honda TRX 250 automatic?

Honda launched it with the SportClutch in the TRX. It features an auto-clutch mechanism that allows you to move off or shift without the clutch lever. However, when riders get better, the clutch lever can be used as a normal sports quad.

What year did the Honda TRX 250 come out?

TRX250EX. The first model to be made by Honda in 2006, the Honda TRX250EX, is an all-terrain vehicle that has a variety of attractive features, including such as the Honda SportClutch as well as the drive shaft that is directly rear.

What is a Honda TRX350?

TRX350 (2000 – 2006)

the first vehicle bearing the Rancher’s name was the TRX350. Moving above earlier, the less powerful TRX300, Honda introduced the Rancher 350 to be a more efficient model that could be placed in that space between the smaller Recon and the Larger Foreman.

How much does a 2003 Honda Rancher weigh?

Its ATV measured 78.1 inches wide, 45.0 inches wide and 44.3 inches tall, with a 49.1-inch wheelbase. The seat height measured 32.4 inches, and it had 7.2 inches of clearance from the ground—the turning radius of the quad of 10.8 feet. The dry weight of the quad of 524 pounds, and it carried a 3.4-gallon fuel tank.

When did Honda stop making 3 wheelers?

Honda’s dominance over the ATC market reached its peak in 1984 when there were 370,000 units sold and an ATC market share of 69. in 1985; Honda presented the largest and most varied line-up of models to choose from. Honda was the top-rated company in sales and production until it decided to leave the ATC marketplace in 1987.

How fast is a Honda TRX 250?

Between 50 and 51 miles per hour.

For instance, example, a TRX250 model is typically equipped with the Honda Recon TRX 250 top speed of around 50-51 miles per hour. But, if anyone or more of these are present in the model, the ATV could only be able to run at about twenty miles an hour.

What kind of oil does a 1985 Honda Fourtrax 250 take?

Kit to Change Oil Pro-Honda G4 10W-40 for Honda TRX 250 UTILITY FUTRAX 1985-1987.

What year did Honda make FourTrax?


In the early 1990s, Honda introduced the 1988 FourTrax 300 and FourTrax 300 4×4, a revolutionary pair of tough Honda quads that would later be the most versatile and most loved ATVs.

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