20 Best ATV Parks in Texas Off Road Trails 2022

 ATV Parks in Texas: If you blend the best features of Texas huge space, hot weather excellent barbecue, and an array of terrains – you’ll find the ideal setting for an enjoyable afternoon of ATV riding.

A few of the top ATV parks within the United States can be found in Texas. Parks such as Marble Falls as well as Barnwell Mountain Recreational Park offer riders great terrain for a great day of off-roading. 

If you’re in search of the perfect place to take your ATV on and enjoy the outdoors, here are the top spots to go.

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Below are the top 20 ATV-friendly parks located within Texas:

  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  2. Sabine ATV Park
  3. River Run ATV Park
  4. Creekside Offroad Ranch
  5. Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach
  6. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
  7. General Sam’s Offroad Park
  8. Northwest OHV Park
  9. Sam Houston National Forest
  10. Eisenhower State Park
  11. Trophy Club Park
  12. Red River Motorcycle Trails
  13. Alligator Run Offroad Park
  14. Brushy Creek Motor Farm
  15. Mudbuddys ATV Park
  16. Sloppy Bottom Park
  17. Rabbit Creek Offroad
  18. Childress ATV & Motocross Park
  19. Escondido Draw Recreational Area
  20. Lone Star MX

While they claim that everything is better within the Alamo state Let’s see whether the same holds true for the state’s love for off-roading as well as the amount of ATV parks. One of these spots could be the next place you go off-roading!

20 Best ATV Parks in Texas

20 Best ATV Parks in Texas

1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

The outdoor adventure park, which covers 3,000 acres, has the most extensive ranch located in the U.S. with breathtaking stretches of green, stunning countryside views, and miles of trails. 

The trails vary from easy to difficult and provide an exciting, memorable adventure that is well worth the price. 

Other amenities offered are camping in primitive and RV rentals, as well as shooting clubs that offer full-service with trap, skeet, and archery ranges, pistol ranges CHL, tactical firearms instruction, as well as the sale of firearms.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is not affiliated in any way with Hidden Falls Adventure Park is not associated with the State of Texas and does not require its guests to be wearing OHV stickers. 

However, they do invite their guests to take part in beach clean-ups. What’s in it for a trade?

A reservation online is mandatory for camping and highly recommended to visit this park’s private nature reserves quickly,

particularly during Spring Break and on special events. The park also allows late wheeling on Fridays and Saturday nights.

2. Sabine ATV Park

The family-friendly park is located in the Sabine River on the Texas-Louisiana border. 

The park’s 3,000 acres are unlike the rest and includes deep-water crossings and shallow creeks, full-on mud boggy areas, as well as the sandbar area, that allows you to relax from your ride. 

All riders from all age groups and levels are also able to have use of the park’s incredible ATV trails, as well as great amenities such as hot showers, a restroom, and an on-site store in which you can purchase essentials as well as other items.

Sabine ATV Park

Park hours are on Fridays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Children 12 years old or younger can join in at no cost! 

There are no fees for bikes and younger children can take advantage of the fun with their parents on the trails. 

Go to this link to visit the park’s site. It is also possible to reserve a space and view the latest admission prices.

3. River Run ATV Park

This private 2,000-acre tract comprising 2,000 acres features an area of the Neches River that is ideal for swimming, fishing, or refreshing yourself while riding. 

There are also Mud pits, oil field roads as well as trails suitable for ATVs four-wheeled 4 trucks, and various off-road vehicles that allow for extreme riding and adventures.

Camping areas designated for camping permit guests to select between RV or tent camping with water or electricity hookups. Alternatively, they can stay in cabins that come with beds with a microwave, sink, HVAC unit, refrigerator, and a small outside grill.

Rules are strictly enforced inside the park’s premises, including the ones pertaining to spinouts, speed limits, and firearms. 

Want to know more? You can find their entire list of rules for parks on this page.

Riverrun hosts around eight events each year, creating an exciting atmosphere for visitors to take in the fun. 

There are events like ATV/UTV racing as well as scavenger hunts and mud-themed conventions. They are open 24/7 throughout the week!

4. Creekside Offroad Ranch

The ranch of 350 acres situated in Splendora is among the ATV Mud Parks in Texas (also called Creekside Edge ATV & MX Park) that offers the best lawful wheeling available in Texas, the Lone Star state! 

The Peach Creek that flows through the park creates the challenges of trails, which is ideal for ATVs, MX, and motorcycles. 

The facilities on site include bathrooms and showers that are clean as well as mud pits, ravines, and an area to washing-down area.

The most prestigious off-road park in the country can be visited from 5 pm on Fridays through Sundays and on weekends. Reservations can be made on the internet. 

The atmosphere and the fully-service RV hookups are sure to keep you coming back all night. 

In the end, Creekside is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life where you can enjoy yourself and play in the water!

5. Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach

Formerly named Love’s Marina, Xtreme Off-Road Park, and Beach is among those ATV-friendly mud parks in Texas in which you can “Go hard or go home!”

The park located in Crosby is filled with trails with wooded terrain, hill climbs, and mud bogs that aren’t for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of mud!

Apart from mudding, this recreation park has a variety of outdoor activities for kids as well as adults, including fishing, boating camping, and more! 

It also features an area for beach access with watering holes to cool off in a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is open all day with extended times on Saturdays and Fridays.

If you’re looking to socialize with Houston locals, enjoy the most delicious tacos, listen to live DJs on Saturdays, and have an overall positive vibe This one-stop park is for you.

6. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

One of Gilmer’s most secretive secrets is the off-road paradise located in the Barnwell Mountains. It’s designed to accommodate UTVs and dirt bikes, OHVs, and more. 

The park has a trail system off-road for 50 miles for all levels of riding, including an adventure loop of 16 miles that winds through wooded highlands for beginners riders.

The trails are all marked and marked with appropriate signs and specifically designed for motorized off-road vehicles and OHVs. 

The fees for use of the park and cabin rates vary between $5 to $95, based on the level of membership you have. TMTC member or not.

Take a look at making reservations at one of their camping spots or cabins during your next trip to enjoy the amenities to offer. 

The options range from simple camping sites to RVs that have electrical hookups, to bunkhouses. They all have the use of bathrooms, shower facilities air stations, and remote pavilions.

The hours of operation are from Thursday to Sunday at 6 pm. Are you planning an outing for a group? Check out the Official website to find out more.

7. General Sam’s Offroad Park

General Sam’s Offroad Park lies nine miles to the north of the historic Huntsville and is home to one of the most OHV-friendly routes in Texas. 

It offers over 60 miles of offroad trails, sandpits, and mud bogs throughout the park’s seven06 acres of piney woodlands and creeks that are fed by springs.

The atmosphere of the park is exciting and inviting particularly if you reserve one of the cabins that are rustic.

Admission to non-events is free for children ages 10 and under, whereas day passes are priced between $20 and $40 dependent on whether it’s an off-day or weekend. 

Camping in tents that are not for events in campsites that are not paved is also available for free.

At the moment, General Sam’s is open from Fridays through Sundays, and the hours of operation are 24/7 on Saturdays. Reservations, as well as waivers, trail maps, and guidelines, are easily accessible on the internet.

8. Northwest OHV Park

Bridgeport’s Northwest OHV Park is considered to be among the top ATV and OHV parks in Texas since its official opening in 2009. 

The park’s 300 acres of off-road trails are designed specifically for those who love ATVs and nature enthusiasts. Park also features 25 miles of trails that offer varying levels of difficulty.

At present, they’re open from 7 am to 7 pm. There’s no overnight camping at the moment as well as the park is limited to groups of five or less. 

Additionally, off-roaders have to purchase day passes on the internet prior to visiting the park.

 Northwest OHV Park

They also host dirt bike events as well as off-road festivals. Visit the website or contact the Parks & Recreation Office for announcements on their event schedules.

9. Sam Houston National Forest

It is located in the Deep East is one of the ATV riding parks located in Texas and the Sam Houston National Forest – located 50 miles to the north of Houston and serves as a sanctuary to many species of animals. 

While the majority of areas of this park are not open for off-road vehicles and OHVs however, the Multiple-Use Trail isn’t. 

This 85-mile trail lets dirt bikes, ATVs, and horses enjoy backwoods trails close to Lake Conroe while navigating hard-packed dirt, sand as well as water crossings.

If you’re planning an excursion to the park, ensure you bring safety goggles and helmets, since they are required of all users according to the National Parks Service.

Also, make sure to check the weather at the time of your excursion, as ATV loops are shut down after rain in order to protect the forest ecosystem. 

Information about motor vehicle usage guidelines within the national forest and other guidelines is available here.

10. Eisenhower State Park

The grassy highlands and the rocky shoreline of The Eisenhower State Park are 10 acres of land that is devoted to off-road and ATV trails. 

The off-road trails are enjoyable and accessible and provide riders with a stunning stroll throughout the park. Dirt bikes and ATVs need to have an OHV permit prior to riding.

This state-owned park opens every day and admission fees are $5 for adults and $5 for children 12 years old and less. Camping and day passes require reservations online. reservations.

11. Trophy Club Park

Trophy Club Park is home to one of the top ATV/motocross parks in Dallas TX, situated within the initial master-planned neighborhood. 

It encompasses more than 900 acres of trails, woods as well as beaches and rivers of nearby Grapevine Lake.

It also offers seven miles of wooded trails and loops, all specifically designed for ATV riders of every ability level. 

If you’re looking for adventure You’re in luck because the trails are accessible all year long at designated times typically from 8 AM until 8 pm.

The park’s premier location also provides numerous other activities that are fun like dirt biking, golfing drone flying and kayaking, hunting as well as family camping outs and dog-friendly events, to name just a few. 

The entry fee for each ATV is $15. Park passes are $150 (good with 10 entries). The current OHV decals are required to enter the park. You can buy them for just $16 each.

12. Red River Motorcycle Trails

RRMT has been voted the top off-road destination located in Texas. The sprawling 2,700-acre off-road Mecca is not just a place for riders to enjoy an opportunity to test the limits of their driving abilities but also an ideal spot to spend time with friends and family. 

In addition to ATV riding The facility also offers additional recreational opportunities like swimming, hiking, or sitting in the area of the creek.

Print ads, commercials, and T.V. specials have highlighted the ranch’s stunning and rugged terrain. 

The ranch restricts motor vehicles only to dual sport bicycles, some ATVs, and Go-Karts to maintain the property’s cleanliness and clean.

Jeeps and Dune buggies are not permitted. Visitors should contact Park officials on the internet to inquire about the permitted recreational vehicles and the park’s guidelines.

13. Alligator Run Offroad Park

Alligator Run Offroad Park is the largest ATV and off-road parks in Texas with 5250 acres of diverse terrain that is suitable for all levels. 

The park’s most notable features include the park’s “Twist & Shout” obstacle course (brace yourself! ) as well as its vast assortment of dune climbs and creeks, monster trucks, dirt trails beautiful trails, and drag-runs to take pleasure in!

If you like to relax with your family and friends The park offers 70 luxurious campsites that have electricity, water, and sewerage, and is large enough space to accommodate campers in primitive conditions for thousands. 

They also provide firewood as well as ice and washbasins within the park’s grounds. Additionally, guests are certain to have a blast at all-year-round celebrations!

Rates for weekends are $10 per person, bicycle, and $50 for the large truck and driver. Additional charges apply to additional riders. 

In addition, you can get quick links to general information about the park, upcoming events, and maps, driving directions or maps as well as the most current weather conditions at the end on Gator Run’s website.

14. Brushy Creek Motor Farm

Brushy Creek is one of the most affordable ATV Mud parks located in Texas. The off-road areas are only for UTVs, ATVs, SxS, Jeeps, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. 

Anything larger will end up in the un-maintained dirt trails, for sure.

The campsites are affordable and are one of the most affordable in the entire state, at $5 per person. This is a great deal to sleep in the evening after a long day of wheeling on Saturday! 

The park’s owners don’t require actual entrance costs, but instead, request $20 for adults and $10 for children under 16 years of age to be donations.

15. Mudbuddys ATV Park

As the name implies, Mudbuddys is among the most popular ATV Mud parks located in Texas operated by Mike and Debbie. 

It covers over 300 acres of sandy sand, mud pits climbs, and jumps and features an MX-style practice track as well as a drag strip designed for the most daring drivers. 

It’s also among many ATV parks in Texas that have cabins, campgrounds that hook up to RVs, basic camping spots as well as a river that is suitable to fish and swim.

16. Sloppy Bottom Park

Sloppy Bottom Park is a 100-acre family-friendly park that offers the most intense mudding and pecan pits.

It is also an edgy spot with floating attractions campgrounds, RV hookups, and pavilions. 

It’s one of those ATV-friendly mudpacks in Texas which are maintained so well and look better than the usual park for ATVs. 

There’s a reason why the daytime celebrations and evening rides in the park are always fun!

The park is home to the every year Mower Mania Challenge, race seasons in addition to Memorial Day Fests. 

SBP also is partnering with KNES Texas 99.1 as its principal sponsor for the year.

So the mud racers will be looking for the Live After Five Access Pass series as well as getting dirty and having fun throughout the year!

Visitors can save money when they purchase two days of passes at $40. Other prices and guidelines are available on their Facebook page. 

The hours they are open for non-events currently are Sundays through Saturdays 9 AM to 8 pm.

17. Rabbit Creek Offroad

Rabbit Creek is a grand little treasure in the heart of Kilgore and is among the well-known ATV mudpacks in Texas. 

The well-maintained 1,200 acres of the property is accessible all year round for camping, trails, and intense mudding. The venue is often used utilized for Kilgore Chamber events with live performances and Mud races.

Other events to enjoy that can be found in the park include the Mud Bog contests, as well as ATV Poker, Runs which sees winners split the pot, contingent among the number of participants.

18. Childress ATV & Motocross Park

One of the well-known ATV parks located in East Texas, Childress, is situated on 600 acres in the vicinity of Spur which has more than 28 miles of trail for rider-friendly and a huge pit that allows for climbing and jumping as well as a couple of tracks, and four distinct canyon washes. 

Motocross enthusiasts of all levels are able to take advantage of the 3/8th-mile mini track or a half-mile professional-style track. The park also offers an expansive parking area of 25 acres as well as restrooms available on site.

Reservations must be made in advance to use the park for daytime usage. Camping for overnight stays is also prohibited until the governor’s mandated restrictions are lifted. 

Families larger than five are now permitted to stay in the park, however, the number of groups not related is still restricted to five individuals.

The hours of operation are from 8 AM until 7 PM on Thursdays and Sundays. In the event of bad conditions, the park will close in the event that the tracks are too wet. Visitors are welcome to contact the park or visit the park’s Facebook page to ask inquiries.

19. Escondido Draw Recreational Area

EDRA It is West Texas’ newest motorized off-road park, which was acquired as of 2007 TMTC. 

It is one of the four-wheeler parks across Texas that offer ATV, motorcycle, and OHV riders 3,400 acres of a beautiful outdoor setting. 

It also features a uni-track track of 35 miles for dirt bikes, an ATV track that is 23 miles long, and OHVs that have beautiful trails and steep hills.

Park hours are from Wednesdays to Sundays. It is under development while TMTC volunteers focus on the cabins and map and rate the trails using appropriate signs. 

Camping and park usage fees are in price between 5 and 35 dollars subject to the extent to which you are a TMTC member. 

However, if you go to the site and give them work time of at minimum eight days per week, you are able to wheel or ride the following day for free!

20. Lone Star MX

Formerly called The Austin Del Valle Motorcross Park The facility features three tracks for riders of all levels. These tracks are the Pro Track, Vet, and beginner’s tracks. 

The track for the Pro is prepared in time for Sunday and Wednesday practice and illuminated during the summer months for nighttime practice. 

The Vet track is more slack jumps, and a whole section has been added, making it harder for younger riders who use smaller ATVs.

Lone Star MX is currently changing its location out of Del Valle to Bell County.

Updates on the address, telephone number, as well as the website, can be seen via Instagram or Facebook when the track is opened.

 Lone Star MX

Conclusion – 20 Best ATV Parks in Texas

What is the top ATV park in Texas? In a nutshell this list, here are the best of the best:

  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  2. Sabine ATV Park
  3. River Run ATV Park
  4. Creekside Offroad Ranch
  5. Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach
  6. Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
  7. General Sam’s Offroad Park
  8. Northwest OHV Park
  9. Sam Houston National Forest
  10. Eisenhower State Park
  11. Trophy Club Park
  12. Red River Motorcycle Trails
  13. Alligator Run Offroad Park
  14. Brushy Creek Motor Farm
  15. Mudbuddys ATV Park
  16. Sloppy Bottom Park
  17. Rabbit Creek Offroad
  18. Childress ATV & Motocross Park
  19. Escondido Draw Recreational Area
  20. Lone Star MX

Other ATV and OHV trail systems as well as rides in Texas weren’t included on the list, like GSL Ranch, Buffalo Springs Lake OHV Trails located in Lubbock (known due to its stunning views) Blue Creek Bridge, and OHV Area located in Sanford along with Rosita Flats. 

Other parks that are specifically designed for boulders, as well as rock crawling, are not included because they restrict the use of ATVs due to the difficulty of the terrain.

A plethora of ATV trails in Texas is waiting to be explored and to be enjoyed. If you’re looking to ride through deep dirt roads, mud roads, dunes, or forest trails The Lone Star state has tons to provide! 

Where can I ride a 4 wheeler in Texas?

North Texas OHV Venues

  • Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area. (ATVs, Motorcycles, ROVs & Full Size OHVs) …
  • Eisenhower State Park. (ATVs and motorcycles just) …
  • Northwest OHV Park. …
  • Trophy Club Park at Grapevine Lake. …
  • Lake Buffalo OHV Area. …
  • Navigable River on the Texas/Oklahoma Border. …
  • Mud Buddies ATV Park. …
  • Buffalo Valley MX Park.

Is there good off roading in Texas?

Texas includes many miles of trails for Jeeps as well as courses for OHVs, and also some fantastic quality off-road parks to quench your thirst for adventures on any 4×4 path. You’ll find many established parks and ranches as well as primary, natural terrain in which you can ride your OHV, Jeep ATV, or dirt bikes.

Is there rock crawling in Texas?

Texas includes many miles of trails for Jeeps as well as courses for OHVs, and also some fantastic quality off-road parks to quench your thirst for adventures on any 4×4 path. You’ll find many established parks and ranches as well as primary, natural terrain in which you can ride your OHV, Jeep ATV, or dirt bikes.

Is ATV insurance required in Texas?

In the state of Texas, ATV insurance is not legally required, nor do you need to register your ATV; however, you will require an official title. However, specific state-owned locations and parks allow ATV users to use their vehicles if insured with an ATV-related liability policy.

Are ATVs allowed in Texas state parks?

Any OHV is allowed, including motorcycles, ATVs, full-size OHVs or different types of OHVs employed in places where OHV use is permitted and are situated on public lands or in private OHV locations that have received TPWD funds for OHV grants and are required to display current Texas OHV license correctly displayed onto the …

Can you drive a go kart on the road in Texas?

Go-Kart Laws in Texas

To ride on public roads, you’ll require functioning brakes, mufflers, tail and headlights, along with spark arrestors. You may also get an off-highway car license plate which permits you to drive on roads that are public and have limits of less than 35 miles per hour.

What is the best off-road vehicle?

  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.
  • Ford Bronco.
  • Ford F-150 Raptor.
  • Ford F-150 Tremor.
  • GMC Sierra 1500 AT4.
  • Jeep Gladiator Mojave.
  • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.
  • Land Rover Defender.

What is the best 4×4 for off-roading?

  • The Best Off-Road 4×4’s You Can Buy in 2020Land Rover Defender. Land Rover have always led the trend in the 4×4 market, particularly that of the Land Rover Defender. …
  • Jeep Wrangler. …
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class. …
  • Porsche Cayenne. …
  • Isuzu D-Max AT35. …
  • Bowler Bulldog. …
  • BMW X5.

Can you ride an ATV on a county road in Texas?

ATVs, ROVs and SXS’s cannot be used on public streets or road including right-of-way. If you’re crossing a highway that is divided it is only allowed to cross in an intersection. If you do not follow laws, then you could be accused of an offense of Class C, which could result in an amount of up to $200 in fines.

Do ATVs need titles in Texas?

No ATV registration isn’t more necessary for Texas. … Titles for motorcycles and ATVs are still available at the tax assessor/collector’s office in your county. Office. Are ATVs permitted at places for OHV on public land of Texas require the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Registration decal?

ATV Parks in Texas FAQ

1. What is the largest ATV park in Texas?

Alligator Run Offroad Park
Alligator Run Offroad Park is the biggest ATV and off-road park in Texas with 5250 acres of diverse terrain suitable for all levels of skill

2. Are ATVs allowed in Texas state parks?

Yes, all kinds of OHV that includes motorcycles, ATVs and full-sized OHVs, or any other types of OHVsthat are utilized in venues where OHV recreational use is allowed and located on public lands or in private OHV facilities that have received TPWD’s grants for OHVs must have a current Texas OHV decal that is properly mounted upon the …

3. Can I drive my UTV on the road in Texas?

ATV, ROV, UTV, and Sand Rail ATV, ROV, UTV, and Sand Rail must display an Off-Highway Vehicle license plate whenever they are operating on roads that have been that are authorized by the county or the city. Operation is restricted to roads that have an upper not exceeding at least 35 miles per hour.

 4. Are helmets required for ATV in Texas?

Anyone using an ATV UTV on public land located in Texas is required to be wearing the Security Helmet and Goggles or any other form of eye protection.

5.  Is ATV insurance required in Texas?

The answer is simple: that there is no. In 2015 according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, ATVs do not require insurance. Indeed, All-Terrain Vehicles aren’t even required to register at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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