20 Best Colorado Off Road Trails 2022

Colorado Off-Road Trails: Colorado has plenty of adrenaline-pumping off-road adventures. With its breathtaking landscape, breathtaking scenery, and mountains There’s nowhere better to visit.

Colorado Off Road Trails

Go to the Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel Trail System Wagon Wheel Trail System, where you’ll be able to experience some rough terrain and steep hills. 

Take along the Alpine Loop, which offers stunning panoramas of The Rocky Mountains. If you want to drive easily go to Resolution Mountain and finish their two roads which are forest service roads.

Below are the 20 most popular off-road trails in Colorado to try:   

  1. Wagon Wheel Trail System
  2. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway
  3. Golden Horseshoe Trail System
  4. Grand Valley OHV Area
  5. Main Draw OHV Area
  6. Peach Valley OHV Area
  7. Penrose Commons
  8. Rabbit Valley OHV Area
  9. Raggeds Trail
  10. Rainbow Falls Trails
  11. RAM Off-Road Park
  12. Rampart Range Recreation Area
  13. Red Cone Trail System
  14. Resolution Mountain
  15. Seep Springs Recreation Area
  16. Sweney Cycle Park
  17. Taylor Park
  18. Willow Creek And Snyder Creek Trail System
  19. Alta Ghost Town OHV Trail
  20. Bang’s Canyon TrailHead – Billings Canyon Jeep Trail

If you’re a novice off-roader or a seasoned trail runner, Colorado off-road trails will definitely provide you with experiences that will last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at each of them.

20 Best Colorado Off-Road Trails

1. Wagon Wheel Trail System

It is the Wagon Wheel Trail System is comprised of the “Wagon Wheel OHV Trail – East” located in Meeker, Colorado, and “Wagon Wheel OHV Trails – West” in Rangely. The two towns Meeker along with Rangely are OHV-friendly cities. 

There are numerous trails that connect to the system as well as several trailheads within Meeker. It is located in the North Fork Campground is located in the northern portion of Meeker’s trail network. Make sure you reserve the campground since the camping area is extremely well-known. 

The southernmost part of the trail is Meadow Lake and Meadow Ridge Campgrounds. They are forest areas with a lot of hard-packed terrain with a few mountains, rocks, along with water crossings. These trails are perfect for those who are new to off-roading. 

The vehicles that are allowed are motorcycles, dirt bikes ATVs UTV as well as SX jeeps and 4x4s, dune buggy as well as Sandrail (4×4).

Most trails are opened by the end of May. A few sections will be open later (mid-June) due to the calving of elk. To find out for exact times, costs, and how to obtain permits, go to their website.

20 Best Colorado Off Road Trails

2. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

The 65 miles of motorized trails in the Alpine Loop will bring you to breathtaking perspectives from The Rocky Mountains. The road is made up of Engineer Pass as well as Cinnamon Pass. 

The drive across these passes will provide you with an incredible front-row perspective of Uncompahgre as well as Wetterhorn Peaks. 

It’s among those jeep tracks in Colorado which will take you through a number of ghost towns that were mining towns during the time of mining.

Five designated trails are in the staging areas as well as many campgrounds for RVs with access to trails. 

The majority of trails are moderately challenging and there are a few trails are for the experienced like Black Bear Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch. 

Motorbikes, dirt bike ATVs UTV as well as SXS and 4×4 jeeps. Dune buggy and Sand rails are allowed. There’s no cost for parking, entry, and riding. However, you must obtain authorization. The trails are open from June through October.

3. Golden Horseshoe Trail System

The Golden Horseshoe trail system provides more than 6000 acres of mountains trails to enjoy an amazing offroading experience. The majority of the trails are 4×4 trails with hard-packed terrains and rocks.

There is scattered with singletrack trails, mostly made of loose dirt that is suitable for hikers and dirt bike riders. 

Dirt bikes and motorcycles are permitted on all the trails, however, ATVs UTV, SXS, 4X4 Dune Buggy, and sand rail 4x4s are not permitted in singletrack Trailways. 

The trails are managed by White River National Forest and Summit Country Off-Road Riders. A Colorado OHV license is required, however, there is no entrance, parking, ride, or camping fees.

4. Grand Valley OHV Area

Grand Valley OHV Area in Mesa County, CO, provides 17 acres of off-roading through open terrain. The trails are hard-pack and the terrain ranges from steep hill climbs to narrow and rugged single and double tracks. 

The trail is open to jeeps, ATVs, motorcycles, OHVs SXS 4×4, dun buggy, and Sandrail. It’s open all year long, but the most enjoyable times to ride are in the fall or summer. 

All you have to do is get authorization. The trails are open to ride anyplace within those boundaries of the OHV.

5. Main Draw OHV Area

The two-mile-long Main Draw OHV Area is an area of play for off-roaders. The trail runs through narrow canyons in the Pawnee National Grassland and is brimming with high jumps, steep ridges, and hills. 

Main Draw OHV Area

This trail is designed suitable for amateurs. Dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV, as well as SXS, are all allowed provided they are not more than 50 inches in length and be equipped with an arrester for sparks. However, Jeeps, dunes, buggies, and sand rails aren’t allowed.

Although the trial is free for vehicles that are not licensed, however, a permit (Colorado OTV label) will be required. The OHV is not permitted on roads or across the prairie. 

The trail is accessible from November through April however, in the event of weather conditions that are unfavorable, it could result in closure for a short period, so contact the trail before you head out.

6. Peach Valley OHV Area

Peach Valley OHV Area provides over 15 sq miles of terrain in the desert. It also has a staging area for OHVs not exceeding 50 inches in size. Facilities in the staging zone include ramps for loading, picnic tables trailer parking, as well as vault toilets. 

There is a three-loop training course that was recently completed in the BLM. The loops are designated as beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Motorbikes, ATVs UTVs, and SXS are all allowed, however, jeeps dune buggies, and sand rails aren’t allowed. 

There aren’t any fees for the trails, however, the vehicles must be registered with a valid Colorado OHV license. Bring water since there aren’t any water sources in the vicinity.

Peach Valley OHV Area

7. Penrose Commons

Although the park is accessible all year long, however, the ideal season to go is Penrose Commons Recreation Area is between September and May, in which you can gaze upon the snowy peaks of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. 

The park offers the possibility of 30 miles of trails that are suitable for ATVs, motorcycles as well as 4-wheel drive. 

Thirty miles of trails run from narrow to smooth to rocky, guiding riders through desert terrain that is dotted with shrubs and juniper trees. 

These trails are mostly for novices, but there are certain trails for experts and novices. Permits are required, however, access to the area is for free. Only dune buggies, as well as sandrails, are allowed. 

Horseback riding and hiking are also permitted on the trails. For more details, please contact the Royal Gorge Field Office.

8. Rabbit Valley OHV Area

Rabbit Valley OHV Area provides 25.825 acres of off-roading opportunities within the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. 

The trails meander through desert terrain that is brimming with sandstorms road dirt, steep drop-offs, and single trails that are rough and steep. 

All OHVs are welcome with a current Colorado OTV sticker. Trails are classified as moderate and mostly intended for novices, however, there are some designated trails that are suitable for both novices and experts. There are trails for mountain cycling as well as horseback riding, hiking, and running. 

Certain areas that have been developed within the park, including Jouflas, Castle Rocks, and Knowles Overlook, can be utilized for camping dispersed. Park entrance is free, and so is camping and riding.

9. Raggeds Trail

The Ragged’s trail is a 15 mile long ATV trail inside the Gunnison National Forest. It has a northern and southern section. 

It’s in the southern portion where dirtbikes and ATVs are allowed, while the northern portion is intended used for non-motorized activities for horseback riding, hiking mountain bikes, and horseback riding. 

Since the main road leading to the trailhead is narrow, only OHVs that have a maximum length that is 50 inches wide are accepted. ATVs, dune buggies, and sand rails are not permitted. 

The trail leads riders through dense aspen along with oak scrub. It is important to note that crossing Deep Creek can be extremely hazardous in the springtime, especially when the currents are extremely powerful and the river is extremely cold.

There are camping and entry costs, however, the parking and riding are completely free. Permits are required. You can contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Registration Unit or Gunnison National Forest – Paonia Ranger District for more details.

10. Rainbow Falls Trails

There are over 20 miles of motorized trail within Rainbow Falls, located in the Pike National Forest. It’s a popular trail for those who enjoy off-road riding in Colorado. The trails are classified as moderate.

The trails are primarily intended for the amateur, but there are some that are suitable for experts and novices. Rainbow Falls is open year-round however the most ideal time to visit is between May and October. 

One of the most visited attractions on this trail is Moab Hill. The riding of OHVs on parking or camping areas is not allowed. Dispersed camping is permitted. All vehicles must have a valid Colorado OTV Sticker.

11. RAM Off-Road Park

Ram Off-Road Adventure Park offers 86 acres of adrenaline-pumping off-road trails that colorado springs to challenge your limits of enjoyment and excitement. There’s a track for motocross and an obstacle course that will test your abilities. 

There’s a track designed for advanced riders as well as an intermediate track and a track for children. Dirtbikes, ATVs UTV, SXS, 4x4s and Jeeps, dunes buggies, and sand rails are all allowed. 

They have a vast parking lot with restrooms that are portable however, you must bring water since there’s no running water in the vicinity. 

The park is accessible all week long, but it’s recommended to contact them prior to leaving or visit the website for additional information on the fees and passes.

12. Rampart Range Recreation Area

Rampart Range has over 100 miles of off-road adventures that are suitable for ATV, UTV, SXS, and motorcycles. Most of the terrain lies in forests, offering riders stunning views as they travel. 

While the trails are accessible all year long, barring the spring thaw, the most ideal time to explore them is in the summer. 

The only staging area accessible is located near the northern entry on Highway 67 along with Rampart Range Road. 

While the majority of trails are intended meant for novices, Rampart Range offers various activities for all lovers of OHV. All vehicles must have a Colorado OHF sticker to use the trails. Camping is permitted in designated zones.

The most popular area is Flat Rocks, as it offers easy access to trails. For more information, contact Flat Rocks ahead of time. permits costs, fees, and passes.

13. Red Cone Trail System

It’s the Red Cone Trail System has gained the reputation of being among the most thrilling OHV trails in Colorado. It’s a 6.5-mile trail that takes you up to the top of the Red Cone mountain. 

Certain sections of the trail are steep slopes and steep drops narrow, slippery, and the trail is rocky. Only experienced off-roaders are allowed to take on this trail. 

The main trail weaves through alpine and spruce however, as elevation rises the terrain gets rockier. It is a breathtaking, yet challenging journey for those who love off-roading.

It is accessible from June through September. All vehicles must be equipped with a Colorado OHV tag.

 Trails are accessible to dirt bikes, motorbikes ATVs, UTVs 4x4s, SXS, Jeeps, dune buggies, and Sand rails. Camping is permitted in established campsites only. The ideal time to test out the trial is between August and September. 

Make sure you contact the Pike National Forest South Platte Ranger District for more details on charges, closures, and more. before you begin your haul.

 Red Cone Trail System

14. Resolution Mountain

If you’re in search of an amazing 4×4 trail that offers gentle climbs, stunning mountain and alpine meadows take a look at this Resolution Mountain trail system. It has two main roads – Wearyman as well as Resolution Road. 

The road is described to be “easy” And it’s well-maintained during summer. The narrow and rugged trail is suitable for dirt bikes, motorbikes ATVs, UTVs SXS 4x4s, Dune buggies, Jeeps, and Sand rails. 

They are available from July 1 through November 15. Permits (Colorado Ohio Vehicle) will be required. One of the most popular camping areas is the close Camp Hale Memorial Campground, with trail access, and has a view of the Eagle River. 

Parking is free for parking, entry, and riding. For more information, contact us at White River National Forest – Holy Cross Ranger District.

15. Seep Springs Recreation Area

If you’re interested in exciting and challenging trails with stunning scenery, visit the Seep Springs Recreation facility. 

It has 16 miles of trails and roads that wind through woods as well as pine forests. Most of the terrain is dirt with a lot of Sandstone rocks, making it difficult terrain for motorcycles, ATVs, UTX, and SXS. Jeeps 4×4, dunes buggies and sand rails are not allowed. There are trails that allow horseback riding. 

The park is open all year however it is advisable to contact the park ahead of time for information on rates, schedules, and camping facilities. The vehicle should have a Colorado OHV license.

16. Sweney Cycle Park

Sweney Cycle Park is located in a rural community located in Brush, Colorado, and its 1.1-mile track has been named “Truck of the Year” seven times in the past. 

The trail is a challenge for dirt bikes and ATVs including rollers, tabletops, steps-ups, and step-downs as well as camber corners, as well as the canyon jump. The park follows the policy of a dead pet. 

The use of golf carts and 4WD cars pit bikes or 4WD vehicles are not allowed. It is accessible from late spring to early fall. 

It is recommended to call or email in advance of time to inquire about practices, schedules for races, as well as the cost of passes and fees. For more information go to the Park’s site.

17. Taylor Park

Taylor Park is a popular spot for off-roaders of all levels. Even the most ardent off-roaders will certainly appreciate the excitement and challenges on the trail.

The loops are located near Taylor Park Reservoir, which is part of the Gunnison National Forest. There are approximately 100 miles of trails that traverse forests. The park is open between mid-May and the end of November. 

ATVs are available for rent within Taylor Park for rides to St. Elmo, Tin Cup, Alpine Tunnel, Texas Creek, Slaughter House Gulch Mirror Lake, Cumberland Pass, Pitkin, Flag Mountain with Italian Creek. 

The park has designated camping spots, with the majority of them offering great accessibility to fishing on the river. Doctor Park Trail offers a great experience to mountain biking enthusiasts.

Other exciting activities that visitors will definitely appreciate in Taylor Park include horseback riding whitewater rafting, horseback riding as well as rock climbing and hunting.

Go to Taylor Park Trading Post’s website for more information. Taylor Park Trading Post website for additional details.

18. Willow Creek And Snyder Creek Trail System

It is believed that the Willow Creek and Snyder Creek Trail System comprise about 100 miles of trail that have several loops that vary in length as well as difficulty levels. 

There’s an additional 10-mile trail for ATVs (Willow Creek ATV Trail) that takes riders through the beautiful and forested hills of Allegheny National Forest.

Trails are generally for novices, However, there are difficult and adrenaline-pumping trails that include streams, boulders, and mudholes that are suitable for experienced off-roaders. Forest Service roads that are simple are perfect for novices.

The majority of the challenging singletrack loops can be reached from Snyder Creek, Willow Creek along with Illinois Pass Trailheads. Pines Campground has access to the trails that are easier. 

The trail is accessible between June 15 and December 1st, but the ideal time to ride is in spring and summer or in the fall.

With the numerous loops in this trail network, you can stay for a week and not go on the same trail twice. There are no charges for parking, entry, and riding. 

However, camping fees are charged and permits are required. Get in touch with the Routt National Forest and the Parks Ranger District for more details.

19. Alta Ghost Town OHV Trail

The Alta Ghost Town OHV Trail is a popular trail used to practice OHV driving. The trail takes users towards Alta Ghost Town approximately 10 miles away from Telluride. It is among Colorado‘s treasures of the past. 

The trail is suitable for all levels of ability and is open from May through October. Just a mile from the ghost town lies located the Alta Lakes recreation area, an ideal spot for hikers and campers.

20. Bang’s Canyon TrailHead – Billings Canyon Jeep Trail

The Bangs Canyon Special Recreation Management Area (BCSRMA) has trails with different difficulty levels for OHVs as well as mountain bikes. The TrailHead of the Bang’s Canyon is situated within the center of BCSRMA. 

Trails for OHVs as well as mountain bikers include Tabeguache Trail The Billings Canyon Jeep Trail, and the Third Flats ATV trail system. There is a variety of Colorado jeep trails Billings Canyon Jeep Trail tops in the list. It’s an outstanding trial (9/10 ratings on jeeping). 

It’s an extreme off-road adventure suitable for 4×4 vehicles. Rough Canyon and Ladder Canyon are great places for rock climbers and hikers.

Conclusion – 20 Best Colorado Off-Road Trails

What are the top 20 Colorado off-road trails? In a nutshell, these are my most popular trails:

  1. Wagon Wheel Trail System
  2. Alpine Loop Scenic Byway
  3. Golden Horseshoe Trail System
  4. Grand Valley OHV Area
  5. Main Draw OHV Area
  6. Peach Valley OHV Area
  7. Penrose Commons
  8. Rabbit Valley OHV Area
  9. Raggeds Trail
  10. Rainbow Falls Trails
  11. RAM Off-Road Park
  12. Rampart Range Recreation Area
  13. Red Cone Trail System
  14. Resolution Mountain
  15. Seep Springs Recreation Area
  16. Sweney Cycle Park
  17. Taylor Park
  18. Willow Creek And Snyder Creek Trail System
  19. Alta Ghost Town OHV Trail
  20. Bang’s Canyon TrailHead – Billings Canyon Jeep Trail

With its magnificent Rocky Mountains and rough terrain, Colorado offers many excellent off-roading options and adventure. 

No matter if you’re an expert off-roader, a novice, or just a beginner who cannot just wait to get out on the trails, OHV trails in Colorado will definitely fill your craving for off-roading.

What off-road trails are open in Colorado?

Colorado’s Best Off-Road Jeep Trails
  1. Wagon Wheel Trail System. Wagon Wheel Trail System. …
  2. Central City/Saint Mary’s. Yankee Hill 4×4 trail. …
  3. Colorado State Forest. Colorado State Forest 4×4 trail. …
  4. Alpine Loop. Alpine Loop 4×4 scenic road. …
  5. Grand Mesa Trails. …
  6. Red Feather Lakes. …
  7. Mount Baldy. …
  8. Imogene Pass.

Is there off roading in Colorado?

Specific Colorado trails aren’t just reserved for cyclists and hikers. There are plenty of Colorado’s miles of rugged terrain in off-road vehicles along some of Colorado’s approved OHV and ATV trails. Colorado’s numerous trails for OHVs offer plenty of excitement.

Can you drive a RZR on the street in Colorado?

The most common rule for Colorado states that it is illegal to operate UTVs or ATVs on roads, streets, or public highways.

Can you drive ATVs on the road in Colorado?

ATVs aren’t legal street automobiles for use in Colorado. As per Colorado Revised Statute 33-14.5-108, you aren’t allowed to drive ATVs on any public road or highway in Colorado other than in emergencies or for agricultural reasons.

What is OHV in Colorado?

An Off-Highway Vehicle (O.H.V.), C.R.S. 42-6-102 (11.5), is defined as A self-propelled automobile intended to travel via tracks or wheels that are in contact with the ground. It is designed primarily for use off public roads and is generally and frequently used for transporting people for recreation or recreational purposes.

Can you drive the Colorado trail?

There are many ways to access the trail’s 567-miles in the path. They are accessible via bicycle, car, four-wheel-drive or horse walking, or train. Numerous sources, such as guides, maps, and websites, can help in your planning.

Can I make a side-by-side street legal in Colorado?

COLORADO – On the 7th of May 2021, governor Jared Polis signed into state law that off-highway vehicles (OHV), no matter the jurisdiction of the state, or state or other jurisdiction where it is registered and titled, are not allowed on roads, public streets and highways in the state.

Are mini trucks street legal in Colorado?

Mini trucks are illegal for use on the streets of Colorado. They can only be used for off-road use, such as at the farm.

Are UTVs allowed in Ouray Colorado?

Colorado state law stipulates that all OHVs (ATVs, UTVs, ROVs and motorcycles that are not licensed) as well as those that are registered in other states to display and purchase the current (annual) Colorado OHV registration permit. All operators operating in San Juan, Ouray, San Miguel, and Hinsdale counties must have an active driver’s license.

Is Lake City Colorado ATV friendly?

Lake City is the only town with an ATV within the loop. Ouray isn’t ATV friendly, and it does not permit ATVs within its city limits. Silverton was once ATV friendly, however they changed the law on the 12th of October 2021.

Colorado Off-Road Trails FAQ

1. What is the most difficult Jeep Trail in Colorado?

The pass is thought by many as one of the most hazardous off-road trails in Colorado. However, many say they believe that Black Bear Pass isn’t all so difficult. It’s certainly a great location to test the 4×4 Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, or Jeep Wrangler to the test.

2. Is there off-roading in Colorado?

Colorado It is the ideal place for those who love off-roading, and has some of the most scenic backcountry roads, four-wheel-drive routes, along with trails throughout the United States. There’s a lot of overlap between off-roaders and mechanics.

3. Is Colorado good for off-roading?

With its stunning scenery, mountains, and open space, Colorado is the ideal spot to experience the splendor of the natural world as you drive off-road.

4. Can you drive an RZR on the street in Colorado?

The rule of thumb for Colorado states that you are not allowed to drive UTVs or ATVs in public streets highways, roads, and streets.

5. How many miles are ATV trails in Colorado?

The forest covers more than 2 million acres, and more than 2500 miles of ATV trails eager to be discovered by your preferred RZR, UTV, or ATV. Ten of Colorado’s 14ers are located in the White River National Forest including Mt.

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