20 Best Vermont ATV Trails Off-Road Adventure 2022

Vermont ATV Trails: Vermont is renowned for its stunning scenery that offers ATV riders a thrilling terrain that can range from flat and smooth to steep and rocky. 

No matter if you’re just starting out or a professional, The Green Mountain State has many excellent ATV trails suitable that are suitable for everyone. Which are the top Vermont ATV trail?

Vermont ATV Trails

It’s never been easier to take advantage of the thrill of ATV racing in Vermont. Visit Rutland County and enjoy a thrilling day of exploration or visit the gorgeous landscape of Readsboro. There are plenty of other places to visit.

Here are the top 20 Vermont ATV trails:

  1. Rutland County
  2. Readsboro
  3. Green Mountain National Forest
  4. Hinesburg Town Forest Hinesburg Town Forest
  5. Lincoln Gap Road
  6. Robert Frost Memorial Drive
  7. White River Junction
  8. Molly Stark Trail
  9. Killington Mountain
  10. Vermont’s Long Trail
  11. Lunenburg
  12. Mobbs Trails in Farm Valley Trail
  13. Stratton Mountain Resort
  14. Bromley Mountain Trail
  15. Topsham Ridge Runners
  16. Newport
  17. Homer Stone Trail
  18. Utley Brook Trail North
  19. Bennington
  20. Barnett

You won’t regret choosing Vermont to go on the future ATV-based trail adventure. There are numerous trails to explore and the terrain to discover. Get ready to explore the ATV Vermont trails.

The top 20 ATV trails in Vermont

Top 20 ATV Trails in Vermont

1. Rutland County

Vermont is one of the lushest and green states. Rutland county is a great starting point in the event that you’re seeking an ATV-friendly trail. 

The county has lakes, hills, and vast flat land to provide Off-roading adventures. Beginning riders can start with gentle mountain terrains, while advanced riders can take pleasure in challenging riding areas.

2. Readsboro

It is important to note that ATVs aren’t permitted on most public lands in Vermont. The Secretary of National Resources, however, identified certain areas of land specifically for ATV-riding. 

With its beautiful scenery and mountains, The Readsboro ATV trails are among the most popular routes that are suitable for OHV riders. It has a wide range of ATV trails that welcome beginner as well as advanced riders to take a ride on this amazing escape.

This area is located near Green Mountain National Forest is easily accessible from the town. 

It’s a beautiful rural setting, and rugged terrain, which makes it ideal for outdoor pursuits. If you’re looking for a spot to unwind in the great outdoors, Readsboro is the right location for you!

3. Green Mountain Trails in the National Forest

Green Mountain National Forest is located in the western part of Vermont. The national forest offers the general public economic, ecological, and educational benefits. Beautiful scenery and high mountain peaks that are rugged are perfect for backcountry hiking and trail running.

The national forest of Vermont invites visitors to take part in various recreational activities such as exploring the roads leading into the woods. 

While the majority of roads are open to exploration, it is possible to visit Green Mountain’s website prior to visiting. Green Mountain website before visiting to receive updates about any road closings.

4. Hinesburg Town Forest Hinesburg Town Forest

Hinesburg Town Forest Hinesburg Town Forest features about 836 acres of woodland that is owned by Hinesburg residents. 

Visitors from outside and within this town who come to the forest in Hinesburg can enjoy the outdoors, including skiing, hiking as well as wildlife viewing and ATV riding.

The main geographical features of the forest include its U-shaped ridge on its primary area. It is accessible to visitors of the forest via the multi-use trails, which are open to bicycles, horses, and ATVs.

5. Lincoln Gap Road

There are many who will be awed with the splendor and beauty that is this path. Lincoln Gap Road is Vermont’s most accessible road to vehicles, connecting to the Champlain Valley with the Mad River Valle. 

With the exception of the 2.72mile section of gravel that runs along with Lincoln Lincoln, Gap Road is a narrow and steep road.

Some road segments are not asphalted, however, Lincoln Gap Road offers adventurers the chance to enjoy a thrilling driving experience. If you want to have fun driving through the countryside and enjoy the scenery, then you must take Lincoln Gap road and enjoy!

6. Robert Frost Memorial Drive

If Robert Frost had known about ATVs and ATVs, the poem titled “The Road Less Traveled could have been written differently. 

A majority of Frost’s poetry is attributed its beauty to the solemnity that trails offer through the wood. It was an unforgettable experience for him to walk the paths that comprise Robert Frost Drive. Robert Frost Drive.

7. White River Junction

The change in seasons of winter into spring indicates you can go off-roading on White River Road. This off-roading spot is a village located in Hartford, Vermont, where ATV drivers can experience a variety of terrain. 

However, it is the White River Junction is best for off-roading in the summer which is when riders can take in breathtaking views while taking adrenaline-filled rides.

8. Molly Stark Trail

It is the Molly Stark Trail in Vermont is a well-traveled trail that is suitable for all levels of ability. It’s a stunning and spectacular drive with a charming and tidy town to the side. 

The most memorable part of the trip is the stunning views of mountains as well as the rivers and vegetation.

The trail is joined to each end with Brattleboro and Bennington which are two of Vermont’s major business hubs. 

The trail offers adventurers breathtaking views of the lush farmlands, as well as access to a variety of recreational activities, from camping walking to watching wildlife.

9. Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain Killington Mountain is one of the most sought-after routes in Vermont. If you want to catch a glimpse of the horizon or the excitement of an ATV and a thrilling ride, then Killington Mountain is the way to go.

The idea of riding an ATV the first time may be frightening, but this Killington Mountain trail is perfect for anyone who has never been on ATVs before. 

The trail can also be an ideal way to get back into the sport for people who haven’t been interested in an ATV for a while!

10. Vermont’s Long Trail

10. Vermont’s Long Trail

Long Trail is an all-purpose trail in Vermont that runs along its main line of the Green Mountains. 

It is one of the best in the state’s natural landscapes and will provide adventurers with a thrilling day.

11. Lunenburg

The Lunenburg, VT trails are ideal as a getaway for your weekends. It’s a multi-use recreational trail that permits ATVs, biking, horseback riding, and walking. 

It is a beautiful place to visit thanks to its flat ground and huge spaces to park. The trails are classified as challenging, though it starts with an easy course for beginners.

The trail is a well-balanced experience for those seeking peace and quiet as well as those who wish to enjoy riding their ATVs.

12. Mobbs Farm Valley Trail

It is the Mobbs Farm Valley path that runs through the northern part of Vermont. One of the most exciting aspects of the trail is its alternate climbs, downs small dips, and risings that are scattered throughout the wooded areas. 

ATV riders can take in scenic views from beginning to end through the trail’s woodland trails, pastures along with wood trails.

The trail has a variety of terrains ranging from expansive meadows to wooded, rocky trails that run along a stream. It is a cult popular choice for adventurers.

It is a great upland trail that brings classic forest pleasure.

13. Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton Mountain Resort runs ATV tours throughout the day for families-friendly 4×4 ATV excursions with ATV experts. 

If you’re seeking to enjoy an exciting vacation with your loved ones go to Stratton Mountain to experience southern Vermont’s highest mountain.

The Stratton Mountain resort trails are perfect for all types of riders. Expect to receive a warm welcome from the family on your trips so children can enjoy the soaring trails that lead to Vermont’s highest point.

14. Bromley Mountain Trail

Bromley Mountain Trail is situated near Peru, Vermont, and has more than six miles of heavily traveled out and back trails. The trail, marked by white trail blazes makes up part of the Appalachian system.

The exploration of Bromley Mountain is among the most enjoyable ways to spend your time in Vermont.

15. Topsham Ridge Runners

The Topsham Ridge Runners maintains over 40 miles of well-groomed trails. The stunning trails are equipped with new signs that ensure that the users will always be able to find their way to where they’d like to travel. 

The riders should stick to designated trails and adhere to the posted signs.

In addition, everyone is urged to visit the system of trails maintained by VAST to find the most current information on trail openings and closings. 

According to Topsham Ridge’s website Topsham Ridge website, the ATV season will be closing soon, meaning ATVs aren’t permitted on the trail unless they are classified as snowmobiles.

16. Newport

The stunning downtown area of Newport, Vermont, entered into a memorandum of understanding in conjunction with VASA along with the Border Line Ridge Riders to permit ATV access to Prouty Beach. The MOU states that Newport City allows ATVs on specific streets in the city.

In the new agreement, the city will enforce laws that require ATV drivers to obey traffic rules, including the requirement to wear seatbelts and helmets. 

Additionally, ATV riders have to remove themselves from the roadway between 10 pm and 8 am.

Homer Stone Trail

17. Homer Stone Trail

Homer Stone Trai is one of the beautiful trails that you should consider while exploring Vermont. It is a comparatively well-used out-and-back trail located in East Wallingford, Vermont. 

It has natural views and the most enjoyable part is feeling the natural surroundings as you traverse the landscape.

18. Utley Brook Trail North

Utley Brook Trail is located in Peru, Vermont, and offers terrains suitable for everyone. ATV enthusiasts and adventurers will take advantage of the trail best from March to November. Although it doesn’t offer numerous views, the trail is a great way to experience the forest.

The trail is ideal for those who wish to take a ride in the summer. Utley Brook Trail also offers numerous other activities that make it a great weekend trip for the entire family.

19. Bennington

Bennington trail is an absolute delight in the search for the perfect spot for your next adventure on the ATV. 

The trails are classified as difficult, but the difficulty ratings of the trails on the map indicate areas with a more gentle slope that is suitable for novices. People with more advanced ATV driving skills might want to test the more rocky and technical areas.

20. Barnet

You don’t need to travel too far away from Vermont to see stunning natural areas. Vermont is one of the lushest, green states that is rich in the way of natural beauty. Visit Barnet, the town. Barnet is located in the picturesque northeastern region of the State.

The town is a great place to go on ATV and off-roading adventures due to its mountains hills, lakes, and sprawling flat terrain. Before you embark on that subsequent ATV adventure, be sure to brush up on the rules and regulations.

Conclusion – 20 Best Vermont ATV Trails

What are the most popular twenty ATV tracks within Vermont? In short, they are again:

  1. Rutland County
  2. Readsboro
  3. Green Mountain National Forest
  4. Hinesburg Town Forest Hinesburg Town Forest
  5. Lincoln Gap Road
  6. Robert Frost Memorial Drive
  7. White River Junction
  8. Molly Stark Trail
  9. Killington Mountain
  10. The Long Trail of Vermont Long Trail
  11. Lunenburg
  12. Mobbs The Farm Valley Trail
  13. Stratton Mountain Resort
  14. Bromley Mountain Trail
  15. Topsham Ridge Runners
  16. Newport
  17. Homer Stone Trail
  18. Utley Brook Trail North
  19. Bennington
  20. Barnett

Vermont is a great option for outdoor activities, which is why what better method to explore these than with an ATV. Explore these locations on this list and start out on the trail. Be sure to read up on the conditions of the trial and regulations.

Does Vermont have ATV trails?

Hello and welcome to Vermont ATV Sportsman’s Association (VASA)

There are currently more than 1200 miles of legally-legal trails across the entire state. Signing up with VASA is simple.

Can you ride an ATV on the road in Vermont?

But, you may legally operate an ATV on any public land or body of water public that has been approved as such by the Vermont Secretary of Natural Resources for ATV operation. It is possible to use an ATV on a public highway only if: It’s not maintained during the winter months as well…

What is a legal trail in Vermont?

According to Vermont law, it is defined by Vermont law as “a public right-of-way, which is not a highway , and that. . . It was previously an official town highway” that is why “town[sshould not be accountable for maintenance, including bridges, culverts, and culverts.” The VT. STAT.

Which vehicles are considered to be ATVS under Vermont law?

(1) “All-terrain vehicle” or “ATV” is any recreational vehicle that isn’t a highway other than snowmobiles, in cross-country use in trails or on among the following, or the combination of such as water, land, marsh, snow, ice or swampland, or natural terrain.

How do I register my snowmobile in Vermont?

Any snowmobile that isn’t legally registered in a different province or state has to be reported within Vermont. If you already have a registration in your country or your state, you don’t have to register again in Vermont, but you have to join a local county and local club and buy the VAST TMA (see TMA Pass page for prices).

How old do you have to be to ride an ATV in Vermont?

To operate on an ATV in Vermont, operators must be aged 12 and older. If they are less than 12 years old age, they must be on the land of their parents or guardians or be supervised directly by an adult who is 18 years old or older.

What is a Class 3 road in Vermont?

 (A) highways are all town highways that are traveled apart from highways of class 1 or 2. The selectmen, following a conference with a representative from the Agency to determine which highways constitute classified as town roads in class 3.

What is a private road in Vermont?

In Vermont, where the municipal roads typically remain in low-lying and heavily traveled regions, landowners who reside far from the main road have to maintain their private driveway or private road for accessing their property. Private roads are often used to access several properties, offering the common advantage of access to many neighbors.

What does a motorcycle need to be street legal in Vermont?

Vermont Street Legal Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Rearview mirror. Fenders at both ends of the wheel. Handlebars are no higher than 15″ above the seat. Handholds for passengers and footrests for the passenger when transporting passengers.

Can you ride a snowmobile on the road in Vermont?

Through hand-held radar guns, the speed limit enforcement, which is enforced across all state lands, has risen significantly. A snowmobile must adhere to speed limits on roads accessible to snowmobiles. An ice-covered lake can be an open highway, and the speed allowed is 50 miles per hour.

Can you walk on a private road in Vermont?

Vermont law permits individuals to fish, hunt, and even walk on private property without permission, provided the land is posted legally.

Can you make a dirt bike street legal in Vermont?

If you own an off-road vehicle that you wish to convert for road use, it will need to pass a Vermont State Safety inspection before being issued a title or registration in the State of Vermont. You must show an original registration certificate and proof of insurance before the review can be carried out.

Vermont ATV Trails FAQ

1. Can you ride ATVs in Vermont?

It’s now more convenient than ever before to take advantage of the sport of ATV riding in Vermont. Your ATV needs to have an approved registration. You can register it in your state of residence or go to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles to register in Vermont. The cost of the registration of An ATV in Vermont is at present $45 for the year.

2. Do you need a license to drive an ATV in Vermont?

Vermont permits legally registered ATVs and snowmobiles to operate within the State of Vermont that has a valid outside-state registration.

3. How old do you have to be to ride an ATV in Vermont?

For the privilege of operating the ATV in Vermont, operators must be at least 12 years old and older. If they are less than 12 years old age, they must be on the land of their parents or guardians or be supervised directly by an adult of 18 years or older.

4. Can an out-of-state resident register a car in Vermont?

No. Anyone is allowed to make a registration for a vehicle within Vermont. of Vermont.

5. Are snowmobiles street legal in Vermont?

Through the use of hand-held radar guns, the speed limit enforcement which is enforced across all state lands has grown significantly. Snowmobiles are restricted by posted speed limits on public roads that are open for snowmobiles. Vermont has a very strict SWI law.

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