20 Best Washington Off Road Trails 2022

Washington Off-Road Trails: The vast open spaces of Washington, mountains, and national forests offer numerous off-road trails for people of all levels of ability. 

Washington Off Road Trails

Some trails are beginner-friendly while others can be more challenging. If you’re looking to check out the top off-road routes within Washington State, get the necessary permits and passes in advance and ensure your vehicle for offroading is able to handle the job.

The off-road trails of Washington offer the riders a variety of places to explore. Explore the beautiful scenery of Ahtanum State Forest or take to Twin Sisters and Mack King’s difficult trails. 

There are both easy and challenging trails that are suitable for people of all levels and levels of experience.

Here are the top 20 trail trails off the beaten path within Washington State:

  1. Ahtanum State Forest
  2. Beverly Dunes
  3. Bradley Trails, ORV Area
  4. Cle Elum ORV Area
  5. Evans Creek ORV Area
  6. Grays Harbor, ORV
  7. Horn Rapids ORV Park
  8. Juniper Dunes OHV Area
  9. Liberty Lake ORV Park
  10. Little Pend Oreille ORV Trail System
  11. Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes
  12. Owl Mountain Trail
  13. Reiter Foothills State Forest
  14. Riverside State Park ORV Area
  15. Saddle Mountain
  16. Tahuya State Forest Trail System
  17. Thompson Ridge Trail
  18. Twin Sisters and The Mack King Trails
  19. Walker Valley ORV Area
  20. Wilbur Meadows ORV Park

Washington is a great location to take your next off-road trip. Be sure to purchase the WA ORV Tab as well as a Washington Discover Pass before your excursion. 

Make sure that you check each trial’s website for more details about rules and regulations.

Explore the beauty Washington offers. Here are a few of the best trails and off-road parks in Washington.

20 of the best Washington off Road Trails

1. Ahtanum State Forest

Ahtanum State Forest has more than 70 miles of terrain for you to explore. You can expect loose dirt as well as sand, rocks high hills, and berms. 

The park is accessible all year round with campsites that provide easy access to trails. The majority of them have tables for picnics however, you need to take water with you as there aren’t any potable water sources in the vicinity. 

There is no charge for camping or riding. Go to this website Washington DNR office in the Southeast Region Office for more details.

2. Beverly Dunes

It is also known by the names of Lower Crab Creek, Grant County, and Columbia River, the Beverly Sand Dune provides over 300 acres of sand trails. 

It’s a perfect training area for novices or those who are not experienced with its high hills, big jumps as well as numerous small jumps. The site is accessible to OHVs all year round.

Parking spaces are spacious and accessible with numerous picnic areas with a view of Crab Creek. Entry, parking as well as riding, and camping are all free.

3. Bradley Trails, ORV Area

Bradley Trails ORV Area is open all year round and provides the possibility of 8 miles, mostly dirt trails which can be slippery and muddy in rainy weather.

Certain of the trails are quite rough, with some difficult hills. These trails are mostly designed for the more experienced, however, there are trails that are suitable for beginners and experts.

Camping is located close to Elochoman Slough Marina. The parking area for the park is only available for the use of day-time parking only.

4. Cle Elum ORV Area

Cle Elum ORV Area is situated in nearly 375,000 acres and has nearly 200 miles of mostly unpaved dirt trails that are open from June 15 to October 15. 

There are a variety of campsites and trailheads to choose from. Camping sites are usually available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

A significant portion of the trails is designed for single-track motorcycles and ATV tracks. For beginners, it is recommended to explore beginner-friendly trails in Taneum Junction and Icewater Creek Campgrounds.

The trail is generally closed during the spring thaw, which occurs from approximately the end of March through mid-July. 

However, there are occasions when parts are shut down due to maintenance. It’s recommended to contact the Cle Elum Ranger District prior to your transport. Only dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are permitted to take advantage of the trails.

5. Evans Creek ORV Area

Evans Creek’s ORV Area may also go under different names, including Carbon River Valley, Poch Peak, August Peak, Toimie Creek, and Snoqualmie Ranger. 

The park has over 45 miles clearly marked trails that vary from easy single-tracks to tight and exciting 4×4 trails, including off-camber sections. 

The trails lead riders through places where they can take in breathtaking views of the magnificent Mount. Rainier.

To camp or ride in the park, you need to obtain a Northwest Forest Pass. You can buy this on the internet and at Chevron Gas Station in Buckley. 

The trails, which are mostly hard-packed, can be accessed from the month of April through the 15th of December.

There are designated campsites on a first-come-first-serve basis. Camping amenities include tables for picnics, a fire circle, and a water pump along with vault toilets. 

For more information on the park, charges, and more. Contact Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest.

6. Grays Harbor ORV

Formerly called The Straddleline ORV Park Grays Harbor ORV is a 155-acre nature park with the possibility of 8 miles of directionally-oriented trails network, four-wheeled trails single-track trails, as well as a one-quarter mile of asphalt oval track. 

There are three motocross tracks, one of the primary, junior as well as beginner tracks. The park is connected to over 100 miles of trails within the Capitol State Forest for those who are looking for more riding opportunities.

There is no requirement to apply for a permit however there are entrances for riding, camping, and charges. The park is accessible only on weekends. Unfavorable weather conditions can cause abrupt closings, so it’s recommended to make a call prior to setting out. 

All trails are accessible to dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs. Certain regions (not within the track area) allow UTV SXS, Jeeps, dun buggy, and Sandrail.

Camping is permitted in established areas only. There are more than 300 campsites for campers to rent for an additional cost. 

The amenities at the campsite include restrooms hot showers, showers with hot water as well as picnic areas. There’s also a snack stand and a parts trailer on weekends during summer. For more details, go to the site.

7. Horn Rapids ORV Park

Horn Rapids ORV Park is located in the midst of 500 acres. It has greater than 80 miles of trails marked as well as an obstacle course, a motocross track, peewees, an ATV track, and a go-kart track. 

The park also has a model airplane field. In winter, the park is only open on weekends. Throughout all year long, the park is open Thursdays and Sundays. Hours of operation could differ, so bear on top of the park’s hotline for more information.

Vehicles must be registered with a WA Orv Permit. Dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are all allowed on all trails. There are also zones that allow UTV, SXS, and 4×4 Jeeps can be used.

Camping is permitted in developed areas. Maintenance usually grooms the trails every two or three times throughout the year. Go to the park’s website for more details.

8. Juniper Dunes OHV Area

The 3,920-acre Juniper dunes OHV Area has a number of dunes as well as sandy trails that wind through miles of juniper and sagebrush. 

The park is accessible all year round to dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTV, SXS, 4×4 Dune Buggy, Jeeps as well as sand rail. 

Certain wilderness zones are marked that certain vehicles aren’t allowed and should be checked prior to taking a ride.

Camping is permitted anywhere However, open flames aren’t permitted. For more details, please contact directly with the BLM Spokane District.

Juniper Dunes OHV Area

9. Liberty Lake ORV Park

Liberty Lake ORV Park provides over 16 miles of trails mostly hard-packed that are open all year long. 

The park may be closed temporarily during the fire season (around August and September) or in wet weather conditions. 

The trails are maintained regularly and marked, but they are not classified. The maximum weight of ATVs is 1000 pounds.

Camping is prohibited, however, there are RV campsites and tent camping sites on Liberty Lake Park. 

The riding hours are between 8 am and an hour prior to dusk. Trailblazing is not permitted; riders must remain on the trails.

10. Little Pend Oreille ORV Trail System

The trail system has an extensive network of unrated, marked and moderately maintained ORV trails. 

Single tracks that are narrow make up the majority of the trail however, some sections are able to accommodate ATVs with widths of 50 inches or more. 

Only motorbikes and dirt bikes are allowed on the trail. ATVs UTV or SXS are allowed only on Trail 142 and Trail 148 only.

Camping is permitted in areas that are developed only. For more details, call Colville National Forest or check out their website.

11. Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes

The 3,000-acre dunes with rolling sand are open to dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs, UTV, SXS, 4X4 Dune buggy, Jeeps, and Sand rails. The park is open all the season.

You can camp in any location but it’s only allowed during 3-day weekend holidays. Campfires of small size are allowed however, wood pallets or any other items that have nails are prohibited. 

The use of trailblazing is allowed. For more details, contact for more information at Grant County Sheriffs Office – ORV Program.

12. Owl Mountain Trail

Owl Mountain Trail Owl Mountain Trail is located over 9,600 acres of forest area. It also has an off-road path that’s longer than 7 miles. 

It’s a well-marked unrated, unrated, and well-maintained path that will take you through breathtaking views of mountains, streams, and lush vegetation. 

The trail lies near the boundary between Canada with Washington. It’s mostly hardpack terrain, but there are little loose dirt and rocks in a few sections. The maximum width of a vehicle can be 64 inches.

13. Reiter Foothills State Forest

The 10,050-acre Reiter Foothills State Forest offers 39 miles of unrated, marked well-maintained trails. 

There are single-track bike trails (5.7 miles) ATV trails (10.4 miles) and 4×4 trails that are suitable for modified vehicles (6.8 miles). Because trail construction is ongoing the number of miles available to ride will definitely continue to grow.

The ATV trails that are mostly hard-packed include loose gravel and the 4×4 track is made up of several massive trees and large stumps. 

There are also a few narrow off-camber and narrow turns. The trails are open all year long however the hours of operation will vary on the time of year. 

Route signs will inform visitors of areas in which vehicles are able to use. Get in touch with Reiter Foothills State Forest for more information. Reiter Foothills State Forest for additional information.

14. The Riverside State Park or the Area

 Riverside State Park ORV Area

Also called 7 Mile ORV Park, Riverside State Park ORV Area provides 25 miles of trails that are unmarked, not rated, and poorly maintained trails that are lightly maintained and unmarked. 

The park covers over 600 acres of playing space and trails that are mostly hard-packed and traverse through a ponderosa pine forest. There are some hills that are steep with small jumps as well as some big jumps. 

You will find ramps for loading and restroom facilities, picnic areas, as well as the beginner’s training area within one of the staging areas.

Camping facilities are offered near Bowl and Pitcher Campground, with RV and primitive hookups. For more information on costs, passes, or permits, call or visit the Riverside State Park ORV Area.

15. Saddle Mountain

Saddle Mountain is also known as Columbia River or Lower Crab Creek. It is home to more than 4500 acres of terrain which is comprised of narrow single track 4×4 trails as well as trails for motocross. 

There are more than twenty miles of trail, with several steep hills as well as rocky places and a few berms and a few big and small jumps. 

The park is accessible to all kinds of vehicles all year round. Be aware that there is a lot of vegetation, and there aren’t any services So be sure to prepare yourself.

16. Tahuya State Forest Trail System

The Tahuya State Forest Trail System has more than 170 miles of trails that are multi-use and weave through densely wooded areas. 

It also has a huge play pit and gravel. The trail system is accessible all year. The majority of trails have a width not exceeding at least 48 inches.

Two staging zones are Mission Creek and Elfendahl Pass. Riders must obtain a Discover Pass before entry if they own a 4×4 or the street-legal multi-sport bike. 

The majority of the trails are heavily maintained and marked but aren’t rated. Make contact with the Washington DNR Office – South Puget Sound Region Office prior to leaving to verify information on trail conditions and other important details.

Thompson Ridge Trail

17. Thompson Ridge Trail

Also known under the Colville National Forest or Three Rivers Danger District The Thompson Ridge Trail is a 3-mile linear trail.

This means that there’s one route into and out. It’s large enough to fit two vehicles. The trail requires an ax and chainsaw to tackle the dense vegetation, branches, and washouts that could occur on the trail. 

This trail has been marked but it’s not evaluated. For more information, get in touch with the Colville National Forest – Three Rivers Ranger District.

18. Twin Sisters and Mack King Trails

The trail is located in The Colville National Forest, the Twin Sisters and Mack King Trails provide two trails for 4x4s which riders can take for a lengthy loop. 

Its Twin Sisters Trail is on the northern edge of the forest and is approximately 10 miles in length. The trail is mostly hard-packed and weaves through forests, but there are open areas that provide scenic views of the mountains surrounding. 

Its Mack King Trail is on the southern part of the route and is more difficult in comparison to the Twin Sisters Trail. 

The steep hillsides are ideal for experienced riders. The eastern section of the route is more challenging than the western part.

To learn more about trail conditions, please contact for more information with the Colville National Forest to inquire about trail conditions. Three Rivers Ranger District prior to dragging.

19. The Walker Valley ORV area

The Walker Valley OTV Area has approximately 36 miles of marked and well-maintained trails. Miles of trails that are technical make up the off-road portion.

here is one road for dirt bike riders, as well as roads for 4×4 vehicles. The terrain is rugged and ideal for riders with experience as there are many tree roots and ruts, as well as rocks and deep water puddles.

The trails are accessible all year round however, inclement weather could result in temporary closures. 

In the event of a fire, it could cause the trails to be closed at very short notice. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the DNR Office of the Northwest Region Office for trial information as well as other information prior to leaving.

20. Wilbur Meadows ORV Park

The 100-acre Wilbur Meadows ORV Park has the Motocross track as well as an oval dirt course as well as the obstacle course. 

The motocross track is sometimes groomed, but it could certainly get dusty during summer when it is dry. 

The park is accessible all year (9 8 am – 7 midnight) and is open to any level of ability. There are a variety of small and large jumps. Check out the Park’s website for more details.

Conclusion The Final Washington Off-Road Trails

Washington Off Road Trails

What are the top 20 trails off-road that are located in Washington State? In short, the top 20 trails in Washington State, here are our choices time:

  1. Ahtanum State Forest
  2. Beverly Dunes
  3. Bradley Trails, ORV Area
  4. Cle Elum ORV Area
  5. Evans Creek ORV Area
  6. Grays Harbor ORV
  7. Horn Rapids ORV Park
  8. Juniper Dunes OHV Area
  9. Liberty Lake ORV Park
  10. Little Pend Oreille ORV Trail System
  11. Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes
  12. Owl Mountain Trail
  13. Reiter Foothills State Forest
  14. Areas of Riverside State Park, ORV Area
  15. Saddle Mountain
  16. Tahuya State Forest Trail System
  17. Thompson Ridge Trail
  18. Twin Sisters and Mack King Trails
  19. The Walker Valley ORV area
  20. Wilbur Meadows ORV Park

The vast Washington terrain ranges from the coastal lowlands to rainforests, evergreen forests mountains, deserts, and dunes of sand. 

Explore the nature and challenge your offroading abilities at Washington‘s most off-roading locations.

Is there an app for off-road trails?

Gaia GPS – Trail Maps for Every Adventure

This is the most popular app for many off-roaders. It lets you find trails off-road within your local area, set waypoints, plan routes, and save them for offline use.

So how well do ATV tracks work? 

An ATV track can outperform any tire for ATVs in nearly any riding condition. However, on smooth, flat areas, they don’t have the speed to keep pace against the wheels.

Is AllTrails Pro worth the money?

Is AllTrails Pro Worth it? If you search for reviews on the internet, You’ll see many users who have positive reviews for AllTrails for both Apple and Android devices. ” Yes! I utilize it every day to find trails close to me that I can walk on.

Washington Off-Road Trails FAQ

1. How many miles is The Washington BDR?

The 575 miles route is a thorough exploration of all of the Cascade Mountains beginning in Stevenson, WA, and making it all the way to at the Canadian frontier near Night Hawk.

2. Are Rzr street legal in Washington state?

 To be able to operate on public roads you need to obtain an off-road and on-road tag when you apply for registration with your ATV or UTV. It is important to take care but be aware that an on-road tag won’t permit riding on any street.

3. Can you camp anywhere in Big Bear?

In the area of Big Bear, you can practically camp anywhere on a dirt road for as long as 14 days. Being able to camp away from the crowds within the woods on the dirt road beneath the night sky is definitely the ideal kind of camping I have ever experienced.

4. Can you license a side by side in Washington state?

Washington State law permits the UTV’s use, also known as “side-by-sides” on public roads, provided local authorities permit. This year, Kittitas County Commissioners passed the ordinance, with the assistance of our Sheriff’s Office and our County’s Department of Public Works.

5. How do I get an ORV sticker in Washington state?

The permit is available for free and is obtained by going to the Washington Vehicle Licensing Office and completing an Out of State ORV Registration Application, and providing proof of purchase for Oregon ATV Permit, and submitting proof of purchase Oregon ATV Permit and a current Oregon Driver License.

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