2002 Honda 400EX SporTrax Specs and Review 2022

2002 Honda 400EX SporTrax: In the midst of just four years since its introduction in 2002, the Honda 400EX (a.k.a. TRX400EX as well as SporTrax) quickly earned an enviable reputation for reliability and enjoyment. 

The quad is the longest-running Honda mainstay in the segment of sport-ATV. 

2002 Honda 400EX SporTrax

Indestructible, powerful, and durable it laid the groundwork for pure-sport quads and brought 4-strokes to the ATV world – with the Baja 1000 championship to boot.

This 2002 Honda 400EX is part of the SporTrax line-up, signaling the return of sports riding, and 4-strokes taking over four-wheelers. 

With an XR400R-inspired motor, an independent double-wishbone front suspension, and a top speed of 65 mph, and continues to be the top choice for people who want to get a quad at an entry-level.

Honda introduced the SporTrax to enhance the capabilities of sport quads, and restore the sense of enjoyment in exploring the unbeaten tracks and off-road trails. 

There is no other vehicle that could have done this as well as the 2002 Honda 400EX. 

Learn more about the specifications, features, and issues with the much-loved game changer.

2002 Honda 400EX SporTrax

The 2002 Honda TRX 400EX

Although it was regarded as an underdog in 2002, the Honda 400EX was in every way a pure-sport machine just as powerful as the other racers of the 450 class you encounter on current MX tracks.

 It’s the fourth installment of the Sportrax lineup, which first became available in 1999. A wake-up call to the community of riders and the public, the debut of SporTrax was like a welcome shower after 10 years of drought. 

It might not have been what the most ardent riders imagined from an ATV. However, when it comes to enjoyment and performance the 400EX definitely was a success.

The Elusive Goal

Beyond being dependable in bolstering the trail, Honda planned for the 400EX to be a dominant force in GNCC and motocross arenas. 

This is the principal reason for having the 4×4 equipped with an XR400R power mill, along with other race-ready elements. In the crate, the quad was full of potential. It went on to win its first Baja event.

It was not able to give the same effect on the highly-coveted racing tracks because the two-strokes that were then in use were more robust and agile in the conditions. It’s not to suggest this, however.

The Honda 400EX was less an enjoyable ride than other sport quads available on the market. 

It was a breeze to move had the perfect piston displacement and was an enthusiast. However, the absence of improvements over time made many racers see it as a leisure machine.

2002 Honda 400EX Specs & Features Engine

An air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke power mill with a Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber as well as a 38-mm piston valve that has an accelerator pump are the lifeblood of the TRX400EX Honda. 

The engine’s displacement is 397 cm3 (24.23 inches) and it is coupled with an angular ratio of 85 x 70 millimeters (3.35 3.35 x 2.76 inches) with a compression ratio of 9.1:1 and oiled-urethane foam air filtration as well as dry-sump oil lubrication. 

This configuration allows for a top speed of 65- 72 miles per hour (105 – the speed of 116 kilometers/hour) as well as 28, RWHP (20.59 20.59 kW) horsepower.

Fuel & Lubrication

The recommended engine oil for engines is 2.2 Liters (2.3 US quarts of SAE 10W-40 oil or the equivalent. This is slightly higher than the oil requirements for the model of 2004. 

Make sure to use SJand Pro Honda HP4/GN4 motor oils that are compliant with JASO standard T903MA to guarantee top outcomes.

Tank capacities are 2.64 US gallons of unleaded gasoline. Avoid gasoline with lower octane to prevent spark knock. In other words, it’s normal to experience a little of this problem under a large load.


The power source is a five-speed constant-mesh transmission, as well as the cable-operated, multi-plate clutch that is wet (with the shift sequence 1-N-2-3-4-5). A DID520V6 and RK520 SMOZ10S sealed O-ring chain (96 or 120 links with a joint) manages wheelspin. 

Counterbalancers driven by gears decrease engine vibrations and allow for easy maneuverability of the sport quad irrespective of riding conditions.

Primary Reduction Ratio 2.826 (23/65)
Final Reduction Ratio 2.533 (15/38)
Transmission Gear Ratio – I 2.917 (12/35)
Transmission Gear Ratio – II 1.938 (16/31)
Transmission Gear Ratio – III 1.474 (19/28)
Transmission Gear Ratio – IV 1.182 (22/26)
Transmission Gear Ratio – V 1.000 (26/26)

Tires & Brakes

An incline of 4/110, as well as standard rubber, sizes 22 x 7-10 x 101 Ohtsu tires in both ends and 20 x 10- 9 M/R Ohtsu tires on the back are for the SporTrax. 

Change the tires on the front by using the ITP Holeshot Sport ATV tire (view the full list on Amazon) in the event of damage or wear. 

The radials are mounted on 10 x 5.5AT/9 9 8.0AT wheels and are connected to three hydraulic discs (174-mm dual discs in front and an identical rear disc of 220-mm) with two brake calipers that allow for all-wheel brakes.

The standard cold-tire pressure in all types of tires is 27kPa (0.275 kg/cm2, 4.0 psi) + 15 15%. 

The area of 23 kPa or 31 kPa should be a good option for airing down or inflating tires. The tread thickness of three/16 inch (4.0 millimeters) is a sign that the tire needs to be replaced.


Inside a double-cradle frame are an independent front double-wishbones as well as a Pro-Link rear swingarm that offers 209 mm and 230mm wheel travel as well as a 230 mm rear swingarm. 

The front is equipped with five preload-adjustable Showa shocks and the rear sports a fully customizable Showa mono-shock. 

This model’s 48.4-inch/1,230-mm wheelbase as well as the 3.2-meters/10.5-feet turning radius partially help to compensate for the low floor clearance, which is 4.3 inches (110 millimeters).


TRX 400EX TRX 400EX is a compact model in size at 72.2 x 45.3 and 43.7 inches (1,835 1150 1110 mm L, W, and H). 

The Seat height is 810 mm/31.9 inches and is suitable for taller to medium-built riders. 

Its footrest measures 353 mm/13.9 inches above the ground and allows for the rider in a more aggressive position ideal for use when the quad isn’t riding on trails. 

The weight of the footpeg is 178 kg (392 lbs. ) and the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is estimated to be 288 kg (635 pounds.) 

which includes the maximum capacity for a load of 110 kg (243 pounds.) and the full gas tank.


2002 Honda 400EX plastics are not as attractive as the ones that came before, but they’re effective in making sure that the engine and the other essential components are safe. 

The good news is that owners can personalize their four-wheeler with a Kolpin ATV Basket for the Rear of the Drop that can be folded into a tailgate (view at Amazon) for more utilitarian applications.

or the All-Motion Graphics wrapping kit (view the item on Amazon). Alongside the factory front cowl, fenders, and saddle seat these racing decals enhance the look and appearance of the SporTrax.

2002 Honda TRX 400EX Price

Its 2002 Honda TRX 400EX was initially advertised at $5,699 and then dropped to $400 over the next two years. 

It was thought to be priced competitively at the time, compared to comparable competitors.

The SporTrax was simple and didn’t have any special or hunter-inspired trims. This helped to keep it affordable as well as appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

On the other hand, the resales value ranges from $1,550 to $2,040 based on Nada Guides’ research. 

The same price range ranging from $2,045-$3,000 appears in auction listings as well as trader websites.

 Secondhand quads for sale are usually in good working order and typically sell within the UK in addition to North America. 

They are not sold for parts, and typically have a lot of aftermarket Honda 400EX components such as performance exhausts air filters, other similar items.

Honda 400EX Problems

You can locate the complete troubleshooting manual in the service manual Here are the most commonly reported problems that are associated with the SporTrax for you to refer to:

Engine Won’t Start

In addition to being an inherent issue in the SporTrax no-start issues occur due to expanding your bore on the 400EX. 

It doesn’t matter if the upgrade was made equipped with Wiseco pistons (view on Amazon) or Hotcams.

 If it is done improperly or with a damaged battery, the problem will continue to occur. It is essential to verify the condition and level of charge in the battery before investigating the battery’s fuel system or electrical components to avoid complications.

Brake Failure

It’s not a major issue with the 2002 model However, it’s been risky enough to justify the issue of a CSPC notice of recall for the product. 

2000 and 2001 TRX400EXs were affected by the recall by 53 complaints of improperly assembled brake pads received from the manufacturer. 

The brake pads that were defective caused braking problems which could lead to serious injuries and crashes. Honda was able to see to it that this issue was fixed in 2002 for Honda TRX 400EX.

Jammed-Up Axle

Despite its age, the rider shouldn’t notice a jerk on the chain. The axle may be to be jammed when this occurs, mostly due to the axle’s circular shape. The quad’s moving back and forth can assist in determining if this was the scenario.

To resolve this issue to fix issue, loosen the screws on the swingarm’s back that hold the carrier. 

Then, insert something into the side slot to turn the carrier, and then alter the tension of the chain. There’s a huge axle nut that is threaded into sleeves that hold the axle in position. 

Verify that they aren’t backed off, causing slop to the rear end and wear and tear to bearings as well as other parts. 

Check to see whether the bearings are damaged and if the car itself is in poor condition. If needed then aftermarket carriers that have double row bearings make great alternatives.

Other Issues

The most minor issues to look out for are leaks in the head gasket and electrical system malfunctions for instance. 

The weak swingarms, the engine overheating, and intermittent stalling though they are reported to be a problem mostly result of individual riding patterns as opposed to the quad’s lack of reliability. 

The earlier SporTrax Quads tend to be more reliable than models made after 2005 and are evident in the small problems that occur more frequently on later models.

2002 Honda

About Honda

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a Japanese company that is known around the world for its innovative approach to automotive design and function. 

One of the pioneers in ATVs for sport, the company developed its Honda 400EX back in 2002 in order to revive the once-declining sports segment.

Honda has taken strides since its inception manufacturing piston rings in mass quantities in surplus engines, as well as the automation of military aircraft to become the market leader it is.

Conclusion – 2002 Honda TRX 400EX Review

In 2002, the Honda 400EX may not have been upgraded to the level of GNCC approval it required. However, that dream isn’t as difficult to achieve as it was in the past.

 With the multitude of performance-enhancing parts within reach, the SporTrax can easily transform into a serious trailer or a race-ready 4×4 and fulfill the whims of increasingly knowledgeable riders.

The simple fact that it was unaltered throughout its life is a boon for modern-day racers and hobbyists since its clean lines allow it to unlock the sluggish possibilities of the 4WD. Additionally.

the fact that it has retained its simple design is evidence that Honda’s amazing insight into the current market for ATVs and the consumer’s behavior overall and an acknowledgment of the community’s love for and constant advancement that the game has achieved.

How fast does a 2002 Honda 400EX go?

Registered. The standard Blaster can run around 55mph, and a classic 400ex will be at least 65mph. When you drag, the Blaster should maintain its speed until the Honda is in higher gears and then begin to pull away.

What is the top speed of a Honda 400EX?

In general, fresh from manufacturing, the new 400 can run between 65 to 70, with most people getting 68 as the highest speed.

Why is my Honda 400EX ticking?

It will twitch when the clearances of your valves aren’t sufficient. . . Always make sure you adjust the valves to meet the specifications. If you have replaced your rocker arms but don’t know the meaning of valve lash, it’s most likely the cause of your issue. It’s a simple fix.

Is Honda going to make the 400EX again?

Today, 19 March, Honda has officially put the final nail regarding the possibility for all ATV fans to have an upgraded and updated 2017 TRX450R. This update also noted that Honda would not be building a TRX400X for 2017. TRX400X (previously called TRX400EX).

How many horsepower is a Honda 400EX?

How Much Hp Does A 400Ex Have? The engine’s output in 400EX stock is between 250 and 30,000 horsepower.

Does the 2003 Honda 400EX have reverse?

From neutral, with the quad running, reach down and then move the lever forward and shift it back down two times and it should move past first, then into reverse. Then, it appears it does feature reverse.

What was the last year Honda made the TRX400EX?

From 1999 until 1999 to 1999-2009, Japan-based Honda Motors manufactured the Sportrax 400EX all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The quad-runner that was mid-level replaced Honda’s prior and well-known 250R.

How fast does a Honda 440ex go?

For a fraction of the cost you already have on your bike, I was able to get 56 HP from my 400 Ex Fast. It was highly reliable. I was able to shift it up with plenty of bottom end power and still reach the 105 miles per hour top speed. Yes, I did test it.

2002 Honda TRX 400EX FAQ

1. Is the 2002 Honda 400EX a 4-stroke?

Engine. A single-cylinder air-cooled 4 stroke power mill a Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber a 38mm piston valve and an accelerator pump are what make the TRX400EX from Honda.

2. How fast does a 400EX go?

A standard 400ex should be between 106 and 112 Km/h. It could take a stocker for a while to reach that speed but it’s pretty close to what they can run.

3. What was last year for Honda 400EX?

In the final year of production, Honda offered the 400EX for $5,999. In 2004 Honda introduced the TRX450R that had an engine that was slightly larger and was able to earn more reviews. Honda upgraded the 400EX at the end of 2009. using the TRX400X.

4. Will Honda make 400EX again?

Today, on March 19, Honda has officially put the final nail in the hope for all ATV enthusiasts to have a new and improved 2017 TRX450R. This update also contained a note that they are not building the TRX400X for 2017. TRX400X (previously called TRX400EX).

5. How do I tell what year my 400ex is?

The sticker that came with my $400ex I recently bought fell off and I’m not sure what year it was. I paid 50 dollars for it. On both sides of the frame near the top of the bumper mount, there ought to be the VIN number of the frame. Look at the 10th on the frame’s front, by the top bumper mount on the front of the frame, and it will identify the year. The sticker has gone.

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