2017 Can Am Outlander 570 Top Speed, Specs, and Review 2022

2017 Can-Am Outlander 570: The year 2017 was a memorable one for Can-Am and the company, which was highlighted by the launch of its most impressive ATV lineup to date.

Bombardier Recreational Products has long been acknowledged as a top performer in performance for over 10 years, surpassing major names in the power to its machines. 

2017 Can-Am Outlander 570

With the new 2017, Can-Am Outlander 570, the Canadian company was able to provide customers with a massive amount of power and a complete package.

The new 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570 is an ATV designed for a utility that was popular with off-roaders two years following its first market launch. 

It comes with an anti-theft key design, an auto-locking front differential, a powerful Rotax V-twin engine, and 2WD/4WD driveline settings.

A user-centric design, adaptable features, and cutting-edge technological design are a part of The Can-Am Outlander lineup’s appeal. 

Find out all about this, as well as additional details about its specifications and other features. This Can-Am Outlander 570 review will help you decide the best quad for the ultimate outdoor adventure.

 Outlander 570

Not Your Ordinary ATV

The new 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570 was an updated model, a carryover from 2015 that was geared towards the ranchers and adventurers. 

The 570-class liquid-cooled V Twin-equipped vehicle featured enticing features and outstanding power that was housed in a sleek but rugged chassis. 

It was a mid-sized ATV but was awe-inspiring and had a huge enjoyment. The 2017 Outlander came out with other stunning Can-Am ATV models such as the utility-rec Defender Max, the Outlander 1000R and the Maverick XC and Max, and the Renegade MXR.

Six different trims were offered to the four-wheeler. These include:

  • Outlander DPS 570 EFI
  • Outlander Hunter Edition 570 EFI
  • Outlander XT 570 EFI
  • Outlander MXR 557 EFI (with its distinctive forward radiator as well as red steel bars protection)
  • Outlander MAX DPS 570 EFI
  • Outlander MAX XT 570 EFI

These trims were equipped with Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) as standard, with the exception of the base model. the list price was from $6,799 up to $9,749 depending on the package’s inclusions. 

Each trim was offered with either a single-up chassis or a two-up Max platform, as well as a variety of specific packages and colors.

Although 2017, the Can-Am Outlander 570 was pricey however, customers loved the ATV’s options and standard features. The most notable of these features included the speaker box, extensions for mud flaps.

LinQ audio cargo box and a new sway bar that allows for better turning, QS3 Fox shock on certain models, as well as an updated key design for additional theft protection. 

Those who find the Putty too expensive for their budget limit can choose the more affordable Maverick XC or the Can-Am Outlander ATV 450, which comes with its starting price of $5,999.

Can-Am Outlander 570 Price

Its base DPS model’s price at the time was $6,799 while the 4×4 model was at least $1,000 higher than its rival. 

Other trims such as that of Can-Am Outlander 570 MXR and the 570 Max XT included a list price of $8,549 and $9.349 and $9,349 respectively. 

Mossy Oak Hunting Edition Mossy Oak Hunting Edition had the most expensive price tag of $9,649. This price can still increase by around $400, based on the extras or if the model had an exclusive metallic finish.

Incredibly, 2017 Outties on auction sites and trader websites are a rare find and are a great indicator that the car is a reliable keeper. There are a lot of the 450-, 650- or 850-cc variants of the aforementioned collection. 

There is a chance to find bargains at dealers to purchase a secondhand Putty but they aren’t available for resales. The price range for the lowest retail value is between $4,045 to $4,775 and the median retail value is $5,320 up to $6,280.

2017 Can-Am Outlander 570 Specs

2017 Can Am Outlander 570 Specs

  • Engine This engine uses a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, dual-cylinder ROTAX V-twin engine that has an 84-degree bore-stroke ratio. millimeters 51.4 millimeters (3.31 2.02 inches). 2.02 inches). 
  • The displacement of the engine is 570 cm3 (34.8 in3) that is supplied by EFI which is electronic fuel infusion, with an oversized throttle body of 46 millimeters. 
  • The lubrication system uses a wet-sump oil filter that can be replaced with a cartridge type, and the air filter is a paper-based synthetic filter (with foam). Tank capacity for fuel can be 5.4 US gallons/20.5 liters with a reserve of the 1.3-US gallon/5-liter reserve.
  • Drivetrain The Continuously Variable Transmission, which is dual-range (inclusive of reverse gear, neutral along with a parking brake) is the control system for the Can-Am 570 Outlander. 
  • It comes with a 2WD/4WD drive mechanism. The front drive is controlled via a straight-gear Visco Lok QE, which has a ratio of 3.6:1. Visco-Lok QE permits faster-engaging of the front differential. It’s offered on both base models as well as it is available on the hunt edition trim. Its final drive is controlled with a bevel straight gear, which has a number of 3.6:1.
  • ignition: It has an IDI (inductive discharge ignition) electric starter system, which includes an additional recoil backup system. The system for charging is a magneto-generated generator with an output of 500W @ 6000 RPM. This year’s Can-Am Outlander 570 requires an NGK DCPR8E (or equivalent) as well as a 12V 18 Ah 310-CCA (Cold Crank Amp) battery (view on Amazon) with a total size of 6.88 3.44 x 3.44 and 6.14 inches (L L x W and H).
  • Lubrication The capacity of oil after the change of an oil filter can be 2.1 US quarts/2 liters. 
  • For summer, you can use XPS synthetic 4-stroke oil (P/N 293 600 121). In all other seasons, you can use XPS synthetic 4-stroke oil (P/N 293 600 112). 
  • For those outside the region of North America, the recommended engine oil is the XPS 4-stroke synthetic blend (P/N 619 590 1009) to use in summer. For other climates, you can use XPS synthetic 4-stroke oil (P/N 619 590 114). If they aren’t available, you can use SAE 5W40 motor oil using an API Service Classification of SH, SG, or SJ.
  • tires: Aluminum 12-inch cast wheels are fitted with Maxxis Mudzilla 28 8-12 tires in the front as well as Maxxis(r) Mudzilla 28 10-inch tires (view on Amazon) at the rear. 
  • In the new 2017, Can-Am Outlander 570 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition Black aluminum wheels come with 26-inches that are slightly smaller than Carlisle ACT HD tires. Wheel sizes are increased from 12 inches to 14 inches to accommodate DPS, XT, and Max trims.
  •  The recommended pressures for both rear and front tires are 7 psi/48.3 kg at the maximum and 6 psi/41.4 KPa at the minimum. The wheelbase of the vehicle measures 51 inches.
  • Brakes Front brakes make use of dual disc brakes with cross-drilled diameters of 214 millimeters equipped with floating twin-piston hydraulic calipers measuring 26 millimeters. 
  • The rear brake has only a single 214-mm cross-drilled disc brake fitted with hydraulic twin-piston calipers with a floating size of 26 millimeters. The engine brake system needs the use of DOT 4 brake fluid.
  • Suspension Inside a structural steel frame, are two A-arms that have dive-control geometry as well as five preload-adjustable, preload-adjustable, shocks T-arm trailing independently (TTI) back suspension that has an outside stabilizer bar as well as five-way preload-adjustable suspensions that allow 8.8 inches (224 millimeters) in travel. 
  • The front and rear suspensions come with two shock absorbers. This suspension design allows for an overall turn radius of 8.42 feet (101 inches) which increases the maneuverability.
  • Dimensions Overall dimensions for the car are the following: 83 inches by 46.5 50.5 inches. 50.5 inches (2,110 1180 1280 mm, W, and H) and 11.8 inches of clearance from the ground.
  • The height of the seat can be measured at 33.8 inches. The treads on the front and rear are 37 inches and 36 inches, respectively.
  • Exterior This 4×4 is made up of Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) G2 steel frame and body material made of pure magnesium plastic colors of green red, camo black, white, or yellow.
  • It comes with the standard skid plate bumpers with heavy-duty construction (front as well as rear) and a 3,000-lb winch from WARN. 
  • Its Mossy Oak Hunting Edition comes with 26-inch tires, Kolpin 6.0 Impact gun boot (with rack) an LED spotlight for the RAM Kolpin Gear grips, and the handlebar wind deflectors. The dash’s LCD is easy to see and makes a great addition to the 4×4.
  • Capacity: Dry weight is 843 lbs/382 kg. 
  • The capacity of the rear rack is 240 lbs/109 kg separated from the rear compartment’s capacity of 22 lbs/10 kg. GVWR could reach around 1,300 pounds – an amalgamation of 843-lb dry weight as well as a maximum weight of 417 lbs/189 Kg, which covers passengers, accessories, as well as cargo. The towing capacity is 1,300 pounds.
  • lighting: Two 35-watt high-low beam headlights that are mounted on the front fenders feature multi-reflector lenses to ensure a better distribution of light. Also, it has an LED taillight that is 5 watts. 
  • It is possible to change the stock light bulbs to LED to get greater visibility, especially at night when you’re wheeling.
  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS): This modern technology has three modes (MIN MAX, MED, as well as MAX). 
  • It allows riders to customize the amount of steering assistance according to their specific terrain and riding way of life. This helps reduce effort while steering and also provides greater assistance even at slower speeds.
  • Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) Rear Suspension This suspension system prevents camber adjustments in the vehicle when the suspension is moving either up or down, or over uneven terrain. It assists in keeping the four-wheeler on the straight line.
  •  Motion-control shocks in the rear offer 9.3 inches of travel. The suspension configuration also comes with an adjustable sway bar, as well as lower pivot points to improve the transfer of power and traction.
  • LinQ quick-attach Accessory system: This integrated accessory system is useful and offers flexible cargo-hauling capabilities that work with various Can-Am racks and accessories.
  • Convertible Rack Systems (CRS): This system is standard with two-up trims starting with the year 2016’s Can-Am Outlander 570, which allows for a smooth switch from a two-rider to a single-rider vehicle. 
  • Handholds for the passenger for the bolt-on attachment with two bolts are connected onto the seats. It doesn’t take up extra space on the rear rack or restrict the movement of the rider.

2017 Can-Am Outlander Recall

BRP has issued a recall notice for Can-Am Outlander and Outlander Max ATV owners because of the defect in the DPS shaft. 

It is possible for it to break, causing an immediate impact on the steering and creating a significant danger to a vehicle crash. 13 instances of broken shafts across the globe caused this voluntary recall which has, thankfully enough, no injuries reported. 

Around eight kinds of models affected the recall, which includes Outlander DPS 570 EFI, Outlander DPS 570 EFItrim, Outlander XT 560 EFI Outlander Hunter Edition 570 EFI, Outlander MXR 570 EFI, Outlander MAX DPS 570 EFI as well as Outlander MAX XT EFI trims.

Tips & Things to Note

For the majority of Can-Am enthusiasts, The 2017 recall of the steering was not the only problem the Putty was able to overcome. 

For potential buyers, it is vital to know all the information available about the car prior to making a choice. 

For the benefit of the future owners Here are a few points to keep in mind:


There’s a lot of maintenance required on a 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570. For instance, it needs brake pad replacements frequently regardless of whether you own the basic model The Limited Edition, or the Mossy Oak. Changes to fluids can be a hassle most likely because the additional gearbox oil change is a requirement for body panel and floorboard removal.

 The machine has 16 grease guns in the machine, which will make you familiar with your grease gun in a short time. 

Bushings may become loose at around 700 miles. The majority of riders are not happy with the fact that brake pads wear prematurely as they attribute it to the pads being made of organic material.

Flimsy Stock Rubber

It is possible to get rid of the original tires since they are said to lack puncture resistance. Replace them with 28-inch ones which are more durable and weatherproof. 

For those with models from 2016 such as the Can-Am Outlander 570 or any of the other specific models for 2017, this should not be a problem since these models come in with Maxxis Mudzilla tires.

Excessive Heat

Certain riders have reported feeling temperatures emanating from the left-hand side of the quad on which their legs rest. 

According to their findings, this heat is caused by air being blown across the horizontally placed exhaust pipe. To stop this from happening to your exhaust pipe, cover it using header wrap at least twice.

Additionally, you can purchase a heating shield for the tank to ensure. Another method is to force the air vents of the belt to move to the back, and in the opposite direction that the tank and panel. This could result in more problems, you’ll need to make modifications to your four-wheeler.

Ignition Problems

Cold-starting issues are among the most well-known issues of Can-Am ATVs, not just those with the Outlander 570s. 

Dealerships have received reports regarding this since 2017. However, there has been no standard solution to this issue as of yet. Typically mechanics, mechanics as well as Can-Am owners recommend two items:

      • Start the engine with a good tap that is long and made of wood rod.
      • Switch the battery from the stock one to an alternative that is healthier.

According to them, upgrading to an AGM/Optima type battery that has additional reserve cranking amps can give your car’s starter the energy to get going immediately in the cold winter months.

Fortunately, more complicated problems like a leaky throttle or carburetor aren’t a problem with the new 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570 and its various models. If properly maintained and with punctual follow-up on scheduled maintenance This quad is guaranteed to provide you with the best value for your money.

Outlander Recall

About Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

BRP is a Canadian firm that makes recreational vehicles. It is considered to be an early company, however, its beginnings date back to 1942 when it first began as L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitee (Bombardier Snowmobile Limited) Quebec. 

Since then, BRP has continued designing and developing, manufacturing, selling, and distributing Powersports and propulsion systems. 

Today, BRP is an acknowledged global leader offering a range of products that include Ski-Doo Lynx and Sea-Doo, as well as watercraft from Can-Am, Evinrude, and Rotax. It is a Canadian company that employs about 7,900 employees across the globe.

Conclusion – 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570

BRP has done a great job by launching the 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570. It improved its performance and brought it back onto the same level as other leaders in the industry. 

In keeping to its values while making sure that consumers are at the forefront The Canadian company created an off-road car with impressive features that are suited to those who seek thrills and also the everyday Joe. 

It’s extremely quick strong, powerful, and spirited and is perfect for the hunter, tearing through the woods, hauling, or even around camp. If you’re in search of an SUV that is reliable and powerful, take a look at the Outlander.

How fast does a Can Am Outlander 570 go?

78 miles per hour

Its Can-Am Outlander 570 top speed is 78 mph; however, the advertised speed is 60-62 mph. The speed rating is applicable on every Outlander 570 trim.

How much horsepower does a 570 Can Am Outlander have?


Rotax engines 450 and 570 are available as choices.

Select a single-cylinder engine with 38 horsepower Rotax 350 and the 48-hp 8-valve SOHC Rotax 570 V-Twin. These tried and tested Rotax engines are unmatched in performance and power yet remain highly reliable and efficient.

Is the Can Am 570 good?

We were indeed satisfied with the XT 570 from Can-Am. The engine upgrade gave this car the power it lacked, even at low revs. The lively, fun, and fun character of this machine creates a fun automobile to enjoy riding for days on the last day. The ability to ride in winter is excellent. Outlander 570 confirms that this model has seen an increase in its performance.

How fast does a 2021 Can Am Outlander 570 go?

There’s a maximum rate of 78 miles per hour in the Can-Am Outlander 570. However, the speed advertised is between 60 and 62 mph. Every one of the Outlander 557 trims can be tested to this level.

How fast does the Polaris 570 go?

63 miles per hour

This Sportsman 570 is loaded with plenty of power and can tackle various tasks, like hauling and towing. With a max speed of 64 mph and 44 horsepower, it can take you to where you want to go quickly and safely.

How much oil does a Can-Am 570 take?

Three-quarters of synthetic blend oil XPS 5W-40 and an oil filter, washers, and o-rings, as well as a disposable funnel, are part of this kit for changing oil. Can-Am Outlander 570 600 650 parts work with these cars.

How much horsepower does a Can Am Outlander 650 have?

Leading Engine Technology

Potent and Proven ROTAX ENGINE Line-up comes with the top-of-the-line Rotax V-Twin engines with 62 horsepower (650) Outlander models. Outlander delivers all of its torque to the ground using an ability to respond to throttle changes, a distinctive roar, and the power to spare.

Are Can-Am outlanders reliable?

They’re pretty reliable. Many within the five digits indicate mileage. The thing is that they produce more power than most items break less quickly when you are riding or begin lifting weights and placing massive tires. The durability is determined by how you treat it as well as the way you keep it.

Does Polaris 570 have enough power?

Yes, it has sufficient power to handle a variety of tasks. However, regardless of the ability, it is always a desire for more power, but this isn’t without cost. The 570 is very easy on fuel and has an unremarkable gear ratio, so towing and hauling are usually not issues.

Is Polaris Sportsman 570 reliable?

Unfortunately, indeed, the Polaris Sportsman 570 can’t claim a reliable motor. One reviewer wrote on the Polaris website, “Quad has only 20 hours on it, and the engine is in a stall and backfire issue…

Are Can-Am Outlander automatic?

It’s the most powerful engine in all Can-Am ATVs. Every Outlander 1000R model has an automated CVT gearbox equipped with engine-braking standard technology. It includes low and high-range, addition, neutral, park, and reverse.

Can-Am Outlander Max reviews?

The trails covered in snow provided an ideal setting to maximize the full potential of the Outlander Max. This machine isn’t comparable to a sportier ATV. Its Outlander Max displayed remarkable durability in snow and terrain is encountered. In addition, its 26-inch ITP Terracross tires have contributed significantly to its outstanding performance.

What kind of oil does a Can Am Outlander 570 take?

The ATV Power Synthetic 5W-40 Engine oil is produced by Motul USA(r). This product is constructed from high-quality components designed to meet or exceed the strict requirements for quality.

How much is a Can Am 570?

2022 Can-Am Outlander XT 570 * $9,249

Increase your off-road abilities with new features that add value. You can get Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) and 3500-lb (1,588 kilograms) winch, as well as robust rear and front bumpers.

How much does a Can Am Outlander 850 cost?

2022 Can-Am Outlander 850 * $9,899

Enjoy unbeatable all-terrain performance when you purchase the 2019 all-terrain Outlander ATV. A broader, revised suspension lets you make the most of the legendary Rotax power and can tow up to 1,650 lbs. (750 kg).

Where are Can-Am ATVs made?

There are two factories in Juarez where we make the components of our Can-Am off-road vehicle. In Queretaro, where we manufacture our Sea-Doo watercraft and Rotax engines that power Our Can-Am Off-Road vehicles. . Made at this plant. SPRUCE PINE, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S.A.

What is the best selling ATV brand?

If you think about the fact that these products are manufactured in America, It makes sense when you think about the fact that the North American market sells more side-by-sides and four-wheelers than any elsewhere on the planet. It’s not a surprise it’s the case that Polaris is among the top well-known ATV and UTV brand around the globe.

Is Can-Am owned by Polaris?

Let’s fast-forward–past the invention of private watercraft, their leaps into the world of motorcycles and Bombardier’s development of Can-Am, past one of Polaris founders’ departure and establishing his own business (later to change it to Arctic Cat)–and then we can get to the great things of the past 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the speed at which the Can-Am Outlander 570 goes? 

Its Can-Am Outlander 570 top speed is 78 mph however, the advertised speed of 60-62 mph. The speed rating is applicable on every Outlander 570 trims. The top speed will be easy since the Outlander has a strong Rotax engine. 

Airflow is a major issue for Outlander. along with other upgrades could boost speeds by 3 to 5 mph. those Dyno readings.

2. What is the horsepower the Can-Am Outlander 570 has?

The V-twin-powered Outlander’s maximum horsepower is 48 horsepower at the engine or crank as well as a minimum of 40 horsepower for the wheels, weighing in the normal 15% loss in drivetrain power. It’s more than enough power to satisfy anyone who wants regardless of the ECM audacity limiter that limits the Outlander’s real power output.

3. Are 2017 Can-Am Outlander 570 quads reliable? 

In spite of some minor flaws and the recall of the steering, the Putty is extremely reliable. It’s all in how the car is handled and the level of aggression that the driver’s riding way is. For instance, organic brake pads can cause premature wear.

If the driver is aware to stay away from abrupt stops and brake at the distance, they will stop the issue. This is also true for other issues that have been identified.

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