21 Best Off Road Parks in Illinois 2022

 Parks in Illinois: Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln, is famous for its stunning prairies. It also has numerous off-road parks that are amazing.

Parks in Illinois

The off-road parks in Illinois are extremely varied, with difficult hills, mud bogs, and swamps. 

There are parks that are fun for both novices and experienced and they are all types of vehicles such as Jeeps UTVs, ATVs dirt bikes, and even dirt bikes.

These are the top 21 off-road parks in Illinois:

  1. Sunset Ridge MX
  2. The Bike Barn
  3. Muddy Waters MX
  4. The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park
  5. Mill Creek Park
  6. River Road Rally Park
  7. Two Rivers Jeep Club
  8. Rocky Glen OHV
  9. Williams Hill Pass OHV Park
  10. South Fork Dirt Riders
  11. Hillbillie Ranch
  12. Atkinson Motorsports Park
  13. Little Egypt Off-Road
  14. Ki Tracks MX
  15. Lincoln Trail Motosports
  16. Joliet MX
  17. Byron Motosports Park
  18. Fox Valley Off-Road
  19. Redbird State Recreation Area
  20. Badlands Off-Road Park
  21. Brushy Ridge Motorsports

It’s not hard to pick Illinois to take your next adventure off-road. There is a myriad of thrilling places to visit and activities to attend. Explore the following pages to find the top off-road Trailways within Illinois.

21 Best Off-Road Parks in Illinois

21 Best Off Road Parks in Illinois

1. Sunset Ridge MX

Sunset Ridge MX is an ideal place where you can test out your off-road skills whether you’re new to the sport or have a lot of experience. 

It is possible to compete against other off-roaders and have a blast exploring the terrain.

The rates are based upon the kind of membership you choose to join. Sunset Ridge is also charged fees for the day and for practice days. They also have Wednesday and weekend practices and race days.

2. The Bike Barn

The Bike Barn is a privately owned off-road park located in Illinois. If you’re new to the sport or just starting out, you’ll enjoy the predominantly soft dirt and woodland trails. 

There are also events for riders to appreciate. To explore the park, it is necessary to make reservations in advance.

3. Muddy Waters MX

Muddy Waters MX offers two trails. One can be considered the primary track and the other is the smaller track. Both trails can be an obstacle for anyone of any level.

Muddy Waters accommodates practices on weekly basis. However, you have to join before you are able to participate in any practice day that is scheduled.

4. The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park

Are you looking for an adventure? Cliffs Insane Terrain is sure to provide you with an opportunity. 

This off-road park has ATVs, Jeeps, as well as motorcycle riders with trails that are filled with creek crossings rocks moving sections, mud bogs open fields, massive water pools.

Additionally, you’ll get to take in a stunning view of the forest and visit several concession stands.

Mill Creek Park

5. Mill Creek Park

If you’re seeking a one-stop adventure, then you’ll surely love Mill Creek Park.

You can not only camp in the park, however, but you can also go fishing or go boating. There are even options for hunting. In addition to ATV/OHV trails, Mill Creek also has foot and horse trails.

It is necessary to obtain an authorization or waiver before you are allowed to use the trial. If you have minors, they need to fill out a Minor’s understanding form along with their guardian.

6. River Road Rally Park

In Holiday Hills, River Road Rally Park is an ideal location for the next adventure off-road. 

There are a variety of obstacle courses, trails for muddy hill climbs, and much many more. It’s also an excellent place to test the capabilities of your car.

ATVs and dirt bikes and side by sides are not permitted; however, an additional track is being developed.

7. Two Rivers Jeep Club

If you’re a Jeep owner looking to conquer difficult jeep off-roading trails The Two Rivers Jeep Club, affectionately referred to as TRJC by its members, could be the ideal off-road park for you.

At this moment the club can only take 250 members. This is to prevent severe damages to the trail due to being too many riders.

If you join as a TRJC member TRJC and join the TRJC, you will be greeted with 13 well-maintained trails. 

Along with private landowners and other members of the club as well, you will be involved in making sure the trails are kept in good condition.

8. Rocky Glen OHV

If you own an ATV, a motorcycle as well as a four-wheel off-highway car it’s a pleasure to ride Rocky Glen OHV.

The park covers 120 acres of land, this off-road playground provides miles of trails that will stimulate your blood flow. 

It doesn’t matter if new to the sport or professional – they’ve got an area of training for novices and an obstacle course designed that is suitable for advanced riders and a spot that requires you to utilize your advanced skills.

Remember: Registration is required for all riders as well as those who are with them. Children under the age of 12 must be with a legally authorized guardian when they go riding on trails.

9. Williams Hill Pass OHV Park

Williams Hill Pass OHV is an off-road park that can accommodate riders of all levels. Apart from being family-friendly, this park is also pet-friendly!

Their 226 acres permit you to explore off-road as well as nature trails. They also have forest greens and a dirt pit. 

They also have trails specifically designed for children. Apart from the riding experience, there is going fishing or camping.

10. South Fork Dirt Riders

South Fork Dirt Riders provide thrill as well as relaxation. You can take a break in their camp, take a ride on your ATV, or attend events if they are hosting one.

Along with the fee the riders also have to sign a waiver prior to their entry into the park. get into the park. They also adhere to their no-trailblazing rules.

Last but not least, keep in mind to maintain a 10 mph speed on main roads and at idle speeds in all camping and parking areas.

11. Hillbillie Ranch

Are you in search of natural terrain for the next ATV adventure? Hillbillie Ranch might be the ideal off-road adventure for you.

The campgrounds are spread across 35 the majority of which are water and electrically ready. 

Their trails are varied, filled with trees, greenery and dirt. The most popular things the riders can look forward to is the 17-acre Mud Plex equipped with ramps as well as two huge pits for mud, and an area for tires. Hillbillie Ranch also hosts exciting events such as the “Haunted Trail Hike.”

Anyone who visits this off-road area must sign a waiver prior to entering the park.

Hillbillies’ membership is also different they accept single-person enrollments as well as family plans.

Atkinson Motorsports Park

12. Atkinson Motorsports Park

Atkinson Motorsports Park is a great place for all riders, no matter if they’re just beginning their journey or have a lot of experience.

Like the other parks of the others on our listing, Atkinson Motorsports Park has many things to do. 

It has terrains with forests, hills, and lakes. Some even look like deserts. Additionally, this off-road park located in Illinois offers 28 camping spots equipped with electric, water, or sewer amenities.

Atkinson Motorsports Park is open every day of the week between 9 am and dusk. Prior to entering this park, you need to complete a waiver and pay the entry fee and it varies according to whether you’re an existing member or are a walk-in guest.

13. Little Egypt Off-Road

If you’re in search of a large trail to explore, then you’re going to be awed by Little Egypt Off-Road. The park has more than 900 acres of land available for cyclists to explore.

They currently have a variety of dirt bike trails as well as greater than 50 miles of free trails. 

There are also kids’ trails and Motocross tracks. However, besides biking, it is also possible to unwind at their campgrounds or take part in the events they may be hosting.

14. Ki Tracks MX

Just two hours to the west of Chicago You’ll be able to find Ki Tracks MX. It’s among the best off-road parks in Illinois particularly when you’re looking to enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones.

This particular park features concession stands and Pee Wee Tracks – a safe environment for kids to learn the fundamentals of off-roading. If you require some spare parts to maintain your vehicles go to their store.

Apart from the practice times, Ki Tracks MX now allows racing.

15. Lincoln Trail Motosports

As per the Lincoln Trails heading, you are able to “Ride, Race, or Relax” in their off-road park.

Lincoln Trail offers both racing and riding experiences in its 220-acre facility. The park includes four tracks, including two tracks open to ATV riding. 

The terrain for ATVs is mostly wooded and includes hills, creeks, and forests. There are also Sand tracks and mud pits.

The best thing concerning Lincoln Trail Motosports is they hold a number of events, including preparation practices, showdowns, and awards banquets.

16. Joliet MX

Joliet MX has four tracks including the main track made up of sand, sawdust along with black dirt. 

There are also children’s tracks for kids to play. If you’re looking to play with your car and want to know more about their repair and parts shop.

Membership isn’t required in Joliet however, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, like discounts on fees for practice if you sign up as a member.

17. Byron Motosports Park

Byron Motosports Park is a modest off-road facility, yet the majority of bikers encounter difficulties.

For training for practice, they have two tracks that are open for practice. One track is the Legacy Track, which was first raced in 1969, and has since undergone modifications. 

Today, it’s an exciting track due to the natural dirt, sand, and wood. You’ll love their Grassroots Hilltop Track, which is more rigid in its dirt surface.

Byron Motosports also has racing events, lodging facilities close to natural campgrounds.

18. Fox Valley Off-Road

Fox Valley Off-Road is not huge, However, what it is lacking in terms of size is made up for in the flexibility.

At present, they have a few multi-directional trails as well as un-marked tracks. There is also the SX Style Track, which has watering systems. 

If you’d like your kids to have fun off-roading, Fox Valley can accommodate them since they have children’s only tracks. 

However, they insist in their statement that children should not be riding “big machines,” be it ATVs or motorbikes.

If you’re just starting out or just starting out, Fox Valley has a safe, fenced-in area to explore.

Redbird State Recreation Area

19. Redbird State Recreation Area

The park is located in Indiana however it is located close to the border of Indiana. 

Redbird State Recreation Area, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is not suitable for novices. 

The trail is filled with bumps, rough surfaces, and hidden obstacles. That’s why it’s best suited to excellent off-road tires and winches. The site also recommends that riders be in the form of a group.

20. Badlands Off-Road Park

Badlands isn’t located in Illinois however it is only two hours away from Chicago.

The park is open all year round, with only the occasional day off. The park’s 800 acres are open to all riders, with streams as well as wood trails along with Dunes. There are also occasions like evening rides, concerts, and bonfires.

The Park isn’t equipped with rental cars, therefore, you’ll need to bring your automobile. The park accepts dirt bikes ATVs, 4×4 SUVs, ATVs, and side-by-sides.

21. Brushy Ridge Motorsports

Another park that is family-friendly off-road includes Brushy Ridge Motorsports.

The park is open to UTVs and ATVs every day or week. They have at minimum 20 miles of trails mostly in loose dirt, but with a few hills and sands. Prices vary, based on the type of rider you are or a passenger.

Conclusion – Off-Road Parks in Illinois

To summarize what we have learned, here are the best off-road parks that are located in Illinois:

  1. Sunset Ridge MX
  2. The Bike Barn
  3. Muddy Waters MX
  4. The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park
  5. Mill Creek Park
  6. River Road Rally Park
  7. Two Rivers Jeep Club
  8. Rocky Glen OHV
  9. Williams Hill Pass OHV Park
  10. South Fork Dirt Riders
  11. Hillbillie Ranch
  12. Atkinson Motorsports Park
  13. Little Egypt Off-Road
  14. Ki Tracks MX
  15. Lincoln Trail Motosports
  16. Joliet MX
  17. Byron Motosports Park
  18. Fox Valley Off-Road
  19. Redbird State Recreation Area
  20. Badlands Off-Road Park
  21. Brushy Ridge Motorsports

With the numerous off-road parks that are located in Illinois and Illinois, you’ll never be short of options to visit. Always visit the website of the park for the rules and regulations and enjoy a good time!

Where can I go mudding in Illinois?

Elgin CDJR shows you the best off-roading routes in Illinois.

  • Badlands Offroad Park – Attica, IL. Badlands Offroad Park is a fantastic choice. 
  • The Cliffs Insane Terrain – Marseilles, IL. 
  • River Road Rally Park – McHenry (IL). 
  • Off-Roading Tips.

Can you drive an ATV on the road in Illinois?

It is illegal to ride an ATV in Illinois on roads, streets, or highways. Only exceptions are when a rider crosses a street at 90 degrees and no obstacles exist that could prevent them from safely crossing.

What is an OHV sticker in Illinois?

Illinois law requires that an annual OHV Usage Stamp be purchased and prominently displayed on the forward half off-highway vehicles. This includes all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-highway bikes.

Does Indiana have ATV trails?

Hoosier State is also well-known for its amazing off-road parks. … You have many options for off-roading with your Jeep or ATV, or UTV.

What makes a vehicle street legal in Illinois?

They are allowed to operate on streets with a speed limit of 35 mph. Drivers must have valid Illinois driver’s licenses. The vehicles must have brakes and steering.

Can you plate an ATV in Illinois?

All vehicles operated on Illinois’ public roads must have a title and registration. A motorcycle, ATV, or motor-driven bike that isn’t properly manufactured or equipped for general highway usage as required by law is not eligible for registration. Still, it will be issued a unique Certificate of Title.

Can you ride ATV in Badlands National Park?

Travelling with an ATV/UTV is permitted on designated roads and trails in the BHNF. You can ride your ATV on the highway in the entire area, including Mt. If your ATV is licensed you can depend on the road to Rushmore or the Badlands. However, off-road riding is prohibited in national parks.

Can you drive a golf cart on the road in Illinois?

Current Illinois Law

Golf carts are nonhighway vehicles under Illinois statute 625 ILCS5/11-1426.1. Their use is prohibited. It is generally illegal to operate a nonhighway vehicle on any state street, roadway, or highway.

Are mini trucks street legal in Illinois?

Illinois. A mini truck can be driven on the street at 25 mph and 35 mph on the road.

Are mini bikes street legal in Illinois?

Pocket bikes, or mini-bikes, are not usually legal in Illinois.

Are mini bikes street legal in Illinois?

Pocket bikes, or mini-bikes, are not usually legal in Illinois, and you can’t legally drive a vehicle on public roads if it isn’t registered with the state.

Do you need a license for a dirt bike in Illinois?

An Illinois motorcycle license is required if you intend to ride any motor-driven bicycle, including dirt bikes and Hogs up to 1800cc.

Parks in Illinois FAQ

1. How many parks are there in Illinois?

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) manages 309 state parks and recreational areas covering more than 475,000 acres of land.

2. Are state parks free in Illinois?

Does Illinois State Parks require an annual or daily entrance cost? No. No. Illinois Department of Natural Resources does not charge an entrance fee to any state-owned or operated property with the exclusion from Wildlife Prairie Park and sites that have beaches. Beaches are charged $1 per day per person for beach access only.

3. What are 3 interesting facts about Illinois?

1. Sears Tower in Chicago is the highest building in America. 2. Illinois was the first of the states within the U.S. to ratify the Amendment to the Constitution’s 13th that abolished slavery. 3. 3 The very first McDonald’s was established at Des Plaines, IL. 4. Illinois is the only state that produces nuclear power more than another in America.

4. Are golf carts allowed in Illinois state parks?

It states that those over 65 or with disabilities who are issued an official license plate or decal by the Secretary of State following their verification are permitted to operate golf carts on roads within the State park or as authorized through the Department of Natural Resources.

5. Do you need a state park pass in Illinois?

Illinois. The state of Illinois is not liable for admission fees, which means there is no need for a pass. Seniors and disabled citizens pay between $0 and $17.50 each night. Visitors from other categories pay from $8 to $35 per night to camp.
6. Do golf carts have titles in Illinois?
Typically, vehicles with low speeds as well as golf carts within Illinois need to be updated to make them safe for use by the public. … After this, you’ll be able to obtain the VIN and then register your vehicle. Also, you require an official title and authorization for your vehicle, too. The license should be hung off the vehicle, and it’s legal to use it on roads.

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