24 Best Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails 2022


Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails: Wisconsin is where snowmobiling began. There are many trails to explore. 

Each winter, more than 200,000 snowmobile owners participate in the state’s 25,000-miles of groomed trails. You may wonder, “Where are the best Wisconsin snowmobile trails?”


There are many snowmobile trails in Wisconsin, including Three Lakes and Boulder Junction. 600 miles of trails can be found in Eagle River, the “Snowmobile Capital of the World”. You will find beautiful scenery and friendly communities wherever you go.

Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails

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These are the top 24 Wisconsin snowmobile trails.

  1. Eagle River Snowmobile Trails
  2. Three Lakes Snowmobile Trails
  3. St. St.
  4. Minocqua Snowmobile Trails
  5. Hurley Snowmobile Trails
  6. Boulder Junction Snowmobile Trails
  7. Ahnapee State Tour
  8. Tomahawk Snowmobile Trails
  9. Wild Rivers State Trail
  10. Bayfield Snowmobile Trails
  11. Hayward Snowmobile Trails
  12. Governor Knowles State Forest
  13. Vilas County Wintermobile Trails
  14. Barron Snowmobile Trails
  15. Burnett Snowmobile Trails
  16. Marathon County Snowmobile Trails
  17. Walworth Snowmobile Trails
  18. Mountain-Bay State Trail
  19. Hodag Sno-Trails
  20. Door County Snowmobile Trails
  21. Douglas Snowmobile Trails
  22. Vernon County Snowmobile Trails
  23. Blue Ox Trail
  24. Nicolet State Trail

Wisconsin is a great choice for your next snowmobile adventure. You can explore miles of trails and beautiful places throughout Wisconsin to enjoy its natural beauty. You can join a club, or take part in snowmobile races.

24 of the Best Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails

24 Best Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails

1. Eagle River Snowmobile Trails

Eagle River is known as the “Snowmobile Capital of the World”. The 600-mile trail runs around 2,400 lakes and winds through Nicolet National Forest. 

Trail #13 passes right by the annual Ice Castle. There are snowmobile rentals available if you don’t have one. You can take a break at Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort and Lumpy’s Bar and Grill.

2. Three Lakes Snowmobile Trails

Three Lakes is a great choice for those who want a trail that snowmobiles with an antique charm. 

The 186-mile route features old-fashioned lampposts and quaint restaurants. It also offers comfortable lodging. Join the Northern Lights Snowmobile Club to enjoy their delicious on-trail wiener roasts as well as overnight rides.

3. St. Germain Snowmobile Trails

This trail system is located in central Wisconsin’s snowmobile trails. It is a dream for wanderers. 

No matter which direction you go, there is plenty to see. Visit the Whitetail Inn to enjoy their Parmesan Encrusted Tenderloin Filet.

Minocqua Snowmobile Trails

4. Minocqua Snowmobile Trails

The Minocqua Trail system spans over 1,700 miles of beautiful forests, glacial lakes, and breathtaking sunsets. With its Bearskin State Trail and 65-inch snowfall, it promises riders an unforgettable experience. 

This extensive network of trails is maintained by volunteers and snowmobile clubs. Sponsorships promote local businesses and help keep snowmobile trails in great condition.

5. Hurley Snowmobile Trails

Hurley, Wisconsin’s snow capital, receives approximately 200 inches of snow each year. This is the perfect place to go snowmobile riding. 

You can get a copy of the snowmobile trail map to take with you when you travel with a group. Visit the Olympus Vintage Snowmobile event or the Silver Street vintage-sled parade during New Year’s Eve to see the old-sled parade.

6. Boulder Junction Snowmobile Trails

This area of Wisconsin has 130 miles of the Lake Superior snow belt, and lots of snow awaits visitors. The tranquil scenery of Trail #8 is what makes it a favorite. 

The area’s cafes and restaurants offer stunning views of the Manitowish River. They are great places to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

7. Ahnapee State Park Trail

The Ahnapee State Trail is a 48-mile route through prairies and forested areas. You will be able to see wildlife and wildflowers native to the area. Start in Kewaunee and continue on to Luxemburg, Algoma, or the city’s center.

Take a detour along the serpentine trails that wind up and down the Niagra Escarpment, Potawatomi State Park. Explore the remaining 250 miles of Door County.

8. Tomahawk Snowmobile Trails

There are 400 miles of snowmobile trails in the Tomahawk area. Three clubs maintain them. It includes 120 miles worth of Knight Owl snowmobile trails, which connect Lincoln County from the north to the south. 

It links to the 1,001-mile Oneida County trails that run east. You can get closer to the action with excellent on-trail hotels or pit stops. The Chamber also maintains a 24/7 online trial report that provides information.

9. Wild Rivers State Trail

This 104-mile stretch is a repurposed Soo Line Railroad. It’s a 104-mile stretch with compacted gravel, ballast, and stretches from Rice Lake to Superior. 

This beautiful track is dotted with streams and rivers, as well as the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. The Brule River Riders trail network can be followed for 128 miles.

Wild Rivers State Trail

10. Bayfield Snowmobile Trails

With 600 miles of breathtaking winter scenery, the Bayfield snowmobile trails make for a great sledder’s playground. There are 400,000 acres of forest and the Lake Superior Scenic Byway. Ice Caves can also be found (and delicious seafood!). 

You can start your adventure near Red Cliff by passing through the tranquil Moquah Barrens State Natural Area. Then continue to explore the unplowed forest roads which diverge from the main trails. 

You can also ride Trails 31 or 40 to go around Lake Namakagon and then continue south to Chequamegon National Forest. Spend the night in North Country Vacation Rentals to complete your snowmobile adventure.

11. Hayward Snowmobile Trails

The Hayward area is a favorite spot for snowmobilers in the Midwest. It is the hub of Sawyer County’s trail network. Trail 31 takes you through the Lac Court Oreilles before you join Corridor 10. 

The trail takes you to Lake Chippewa Flowage, Wisconsin’s largest wilderness lake. There are also short stops along the trail for food and rest. Since snowmobiles are the main mode of transportation in this area, they leave snow tracks all over.

12. Governor Knowles State Forest

The 16-mile trail network that runs through the state forest is located in the southwest corner of Burnett County.

It connects Grantsburg with northwestern Polk County. These snowmobile trails, which are state-funded, are maintained and groomed by the Sno-Neighbors Snowmobile Club and Phantom Trail Riders of their respective counties.

13. Vilas County Snowmobile Trails

It is 100-miles long and forms part of the Eagle River snowmobile trails system. Vilas County Bo-Boen is a popular vacation spot because of its huge snowfalls and warm welcome. 

It also boasts the longest snowmobile trail in Michigan. This trail is maintained by over 1,000 club members and offers a true snowmobile experience with its many amenities and trails. This area is surrounded by many rentals.

There are also exquisite lodging options for couples, including a hot tub. There are heated garages available for sled maintenance.

14. Barron Snowmobile Trails

This trail network covers 300 miles and includes the famous Tuscobia State Trail (Wild River), Cat Tail Trails (Cat Tail Trails), and Wild River Trails (Wild River). These trails start at Rice Lake and connect to the neighboring counties. 

Trail 33a provides stunning views of Prairie Lake and Mud Lake. Curriers Lakeview Lodge offers ample parking, fuel on-site, and direct access to the best trails. All the trails, lodging, food, and service exude Northwood’s simplicity!

15. Burnett Snowmobile Trails

More than 300 miles of state-funded snowmobile trails connect Burnett to Minnesota’s Pine County and adjoining counties. 

Through club membership fees and fund-raising activities, six snowmobile clubs maintain and groom about half the trail system. Lake Country Riders Snowmobile Club works mainly on the 63-mile LCR Trail, which is split in five directions. 

The Polaris Ride Command app is recommended by locals as it displays your current location and includes most of the county’s trails. At the moment, there is no centralized Wisconsin snowmobile trail app.

16. Marathon County Snowmobile Trails

Marathon County has 884 miles worth of groomed trails for you to explore. These trails are best enjoyed along with the county’s trail maps that show Park & Ride locations as well as on-trail lodging. 

Like other trails, off-trail riding here is forbidden and can result in trespassing citations. Music-loving snowmobilers can visit the second week in September to enjoy live Bluegrass music at Folk Farm’s Wild Woods Drive-In Concert. Wausau hosts Iron Bull trail runs in the fall and bike races.

17. Walworth Snowmobile Trails

There are many trails to explore in the 375-mile network that runs through southeast Wisconsin. There are wide-open areas, windy wooded sections, and marshes surrounded with cattails.

Lake Geneva is less than 4 miles from the county center. You can spend the night at one of the many wonderful restaurants or B&Bs located in this area. Because the trails are almost all on private property, local owners allow their use. 

For the most current information on Wisconsin snowmobile trails conditions, you can contact the Snowmobile Alliance by county or go online.

18. Mountain-Bay State Trail

Mountain-Bay State Trail, which travels 83 miles between Rib Mountain and Green Bay, is the third-longest Wisconsin snowmobile route. It ends in Weston, in the west, and at Howard Memorial Park, in the east. 

The trail crosses a few miles due to the presence of local roads that connect Shawano, near the Wolf River. The trail section’s current status can be checked with Marathon County or Brown Parks Department. You can also view reports about snowmobile trail conditions in Wisconsin.

19. Hodag Sno-Trails

This trail is a fraction of the 1,500+ miles of snowmobile trails found in Northeast Wisconsin. However, it still provides an unforgettable experience. 

The 140-mile stretch is a mix of rolling farmlands and pine forests that offer snowmobilers an unforgettable experience. You will find plenty of lodging and food stops along the route. This central hub links with Tomahawk, St. Germain, and Minocqua.

20. Door County Snowmobile Trails

Door Country, also known as the Cape Cod of Midwest, offers 250 miles of stunning state and club trails. You’ll find smaller crowds when you take part in other activities than snowmobiling. 

Before you go out, check Wisconsin snow reports. Include Cave Point County Park as well as the distilleries that serve Apres-Ski on your itinerary.

21. Douglas Snowmobile Trails

Snowmobilers can enjoy the beautiful scenery while riding through these woods. Trail 27 runs around Solon Springs, and many lakes. This magnificent 300-mile trail network is spectacular. 

You can also enjoy views of St. Croix Lake from the rest of the trail, which runs through open spaces. For more stunning views of the lake, locals recommend Trail 41 and Trail 6. For a quick bite or a more challenging ride, take Trail 3 South.

22. Vernon County Snowmobile Trails

Vernon County is known for its mountainous terrain, varied forestry, narrow elevations, and picturesque vistas. It is home to the Sauk and Juneau Counties, which are known for their snowmobile trails. 

It also has seven snowmobile clubs, which work tirelessly to maintain the 250+ miles of trails throughout the county. Because most trails run through private land, the clubs maintain close ties to landowners.

23. Blue Ox Trail

The 200-mile route passes through rolling hills, beautiful rivers, and lush forests. It covers all Florence County trails. The Blue Ox Trail Riders are responsible for maintaining these trails.

These clubs were formed in 2009 and have been together ever since. The trail system crosses approximately 50% of private landowners’ properties, so you can expect strict laws regarding snowmobile trails in WI.

Blue Ox Trail

24. Nicolet State Trail

The 90-mile multi-purpose trail runs north from Gillett to the U.P. border. It is known for its compact gravel base. It runs through the heart of Nicolet National Forest and offers riders unspoiled scenery. 

It connects to several county trails and local businesses in Gillett and Townsend. You can walk, bike, ski cross-country, and cross-country on the trail. However, guests should be aware of trail safety and good manners to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Wisconsin Snowmobile Trail Pass: Wisconsin DNR Get Wild

This annual pass is non-transferable and valid through June 30th of each year. It is not included in a Wisconsin snowmobile registration. 

The decal is 3’x3” and must be permanently attached to the bottom of the snowmobile windshield.

It can also be displayed in a prominent location in front of the operator for snowmobiles without windscreens. Prices vary depending on where you live, whether you are a club member or if your existing registration is valid. 

If you are a member of a club, you can order your trail pass online at Wisconsin DNR Go Wild website or any DNR sale agent.

Does Wisconsin require a Snowmobile Trail Pass?

All snowmobiles that operate on any Wisconsin trail or corridor must have a valid snowmobile route pass and valid registration. These are the only exceptions:

  1. A valid Wisconsin antique registration;
  2. A valid receipt for temporary trail use is issued in conjunction with a trail order (usually done online by DNR, through a DNR agent, or through AWSC).
  3. The snowmobile is US-owned. A different state or political subdivision, as well as the owner’s name, are visible on the cowling.
  4. The sled is only allowed to be on display in Wisconsin for no more than 15 days. It is not used as an advertisement for any snowmobile manufacturer.
  5. The snowmobile can be operated on private property, on a snowmobile route, or on frozen water along an unmarked corridor.

What time do Wisconsin snowmobile trails close or open for the season?

Landowner easements usually dictate when trails should be opened and closed. These dates range from December 1st to March 31st, based on trends. To get the most current information, call the county’s hotline number.

Do you have speed restrictions for snowmobiling?

Between 10:30 PM and 7:00 AM, there is a speed limit of 10 mph.

It is illegal to operate a snowmobile at speeds exceeding 55 mph after sunset, in private or public areas. It is dangerous to ride at night speeds exceeding 40 mph.

Before you plan your trip, make sure to read the Wisconsin snowmobiling laws. Check with your local governing agency for details about local ordinances. For snowmobile safety information, visit the DNR Website

Conclusion – 24 Best Wisconsin Skimobile Trails

What are the best Wisconsin snowmobile trails to ride? Here’s a summary:

  1. Eagle River Snowmobile Trails
  2. Three Lakes Snowmobile Trails
  3. St. St.
  4. Minocqua Snowmobile Trails
  5. Hurley Snowmobile Trails
  6. Boulder Junction Snowmobile Trails
  7. Ahnapee State Tour
  8. Tomahawk Snowmobile Trails
  9. Wild Rivers State Trail
  10. Bayfield Snowmobile Trails
  11. Hayward Snowmobile Trails
  12. Governor Knowles State Forest
  13. Vilas County Wintermobile Trails
  14. Barron Snowmobile Trails
  15. Burnett Snowmobile Trails
  16. Marathon County Snowmobile Trails
  17. Walworth Snowmobile Trails
  18. Mountain-Bay State Trail
  19. Hodag Sno-Trails
  20. Door County Snowmobile Trails
  21. Douglas Snowmobile Trails
  22. Vernon County Snowmobile Trails
  23. Blue Ox Trail
  24. Nicolet State Trail

Wisconsin snowmobiling is more than a means of transport. It’s a way to live. You can also enjoy it as a way to escape harsh winters. Snowmobiling is both a hobby and a sport for experienced riders. 

You’ve been waiting all year to get this chance. You’re about to start planning your Wisconsin vacation.

What state has the best snowmobile trails?

10 Best Places for Snowmobiling in the U.S.
  • West Yellowstone, Montana. …
  • Moran, Wyoming. …
  • Priest Lake, Idaho. …
  • Seeley Lake, Montana. …
  • Mount Snow, Vermont. …
  • Heber City, Utah. …
  • Katahdin Region of Maine. …
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

How many snowmobile trails are in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is the home of more than 255,000 miles of trails of the highest quality, which connect every part of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a trail system administered through the Department of Natural Resources and cooperating counties. The program is funded through the cost of snowmobile licenses and gas taxes, which allows them to mark and maintain kilometres of trail.

Where can you ride snowmobiles in Wisconsin?

24 Best Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails
  1. Eagle River Snowmobile Trails. Known as the “The Snowmobile Capital of the World,” Eagle River tops the list. …
  2. Three Lakes Snowmobile Trails. …
  3. St. …
  4. Minocqua Snowmobile Trails. …
  5. Hurley Snowmobile Trails. …
  6. Boulder Junction Snowmobile Trails. …
  7. Ahnapee State Trail. …
  8. Tomahawk Snowmobile Trails.

What is the top selling snowmobile?

2021 Best-selling Snowmobile models and snow machines:
  • Polaris 850 Switchback Assault: …
  • Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme 850 E-TEC: …
  • Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE. …
  • Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One: …
  • Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC: …
  • Polaris 600 Indy XC 129. …
  • Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE:

Where is the best place to go snowmobiling right now?

5 Best Destinations for Snowmobiling in North America
  • West Yellowstone, Montana. Billed as “an outdoor adventure paradise,” West Yellowstone boasts hundreds of miles of groomed trails, a vast network that extends into neighboring Idaho and Wyoming. …
  • Priest Lake, Idaho. …
  • Heber City, Utah. …
  • St. …
  • Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.

What is the overall nighttime speed limit for snowmobiles in Wisconsin?

55 miles at 55 miles an hour

Distance, Hours and Speed Restrictions

Important: It is illegal for anyone operating a snowmobile over 55 miles an hour in times of darkness. This applies to all areas (public or private) all over the country.

Can you snowmobile in the Alps?

Enjoy endless Snowmobile enjoyment within the Alps exclusively operated by HB-Adventure Suisse. Unlimited Snowmobiling in the mountains – only through HB-Adventure Suisse. Here you will find information about the available tours and packages that depart from the Base in Madesimo (South portion of Splugenpass).

Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails FAQ

1. Can you walk on snowmobile trails in Wisconsin?

In the winter months, pedestrians may legally use the Bearskin Trail. Snowmobile operators must travel at a speed of 10 mph within 100 feet of pedestrians.

2. Are the snowmobile trails open in Marinette County?

Marinette County Trails can be accessed and are being groomed. The trails are in excellent condition.

3. Are the apps available for Android and Apple devices? 

Yes, Both Android devices can access the free app.

4. Do I need a snowmobile license in Wisconsin?

All Wisconsin residents over 12 years old who were born after January 1, 1985, must take the Wisconsin-Approved snowmobile safety course and receive a certificate for riding on public lands.

5. How many snowmobile clubs are in Wisconsin?

These grants can be used to reimburse some expenses for the more than 600 snowmobile clubs throughout Wisconsin. The trail system that we love would not exist without these clubs.

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