6 Best ATV Trails Nebraska Parks & Trail Systems 2022

ATV Trails Nebraska: Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State renowned as a place of rolling plains, forested valleys, and grasslands, and is a great location for your most upcoming ATV adventure.

Sandhills cover about a part of the country, with massive rocks and dunes. No matter where you go, you’ll have the chance to be awed by the scenery and diverse terrain. So, which are the top ATV trails Nebraska offers?

ATV Trails Nebraska

The best locations to go for ATV driving within Nebraska are Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest and Nebraska National Forest, specifically the Bessey ATV Trail System. 

These beautiful areas are ideal to take you on your next trip. Discover miles of hiking trails that include marshes, grasslands, and lakes as you go.

The top ATV trail within Nebraska are as they are:

  1. Bessey OHV Trail System
  2. Dismal River Trail
  3. Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest
  4. Cedar Run ATV Trail
  5. Off-Road Ranch
  6. Fiddler Creek MX

The terrain and climate of Nebraska are ideal conditions for ATVs. There are numerous trails to explore, and thrilling places to practice your skills without being far from camping sites. Bring your family along for an exciting adventure. These are our most thrilling ATV trails with detailed descriptions.

6 Best ATV Trails Nebraska

Best ATV Trails Nebraska

1. Bessey OHV Trail System

Despite the thrilling terrain, Nebraska only has a handful of ATV trails that are open to public use. A lot of ATV trails are located in Nebraska are private facilities that have membership fees or amenity costs.

It’s great it is that Bessey Trail System, also known as the OHV Trail System has plenty of trails that are open to the public. Nebraska trails. 

The trails stretch for about 36 miles. A few of them are among the trees, whereas grasslands are found around others.

In terms of the terrain itself, trails are pretty sandy. Be prepared for sharp curves when you go further, even when you’re traveling on a long, straight line.

Be aware that only compact ATVs can be used within the zone, particularly those that have an overall width of not more than 64 inches. SxS (SxS) vehicles are also able to be used, provided that they meet the proper dimensions.

What is the best way to access the trails? You can park your primary automobile at Bessey Recreation Complex and start there. 

It is also possible to start your journey by taking your starting point on Scenic Road because it ends at the Dismal Trailhead, where you are able to access Bessey’s trail system. 

Other locations where you can start your ATV adventure are at the Powerline Trailhead or the Whitetail Campground.

If you’re looking to lease an ATV, avoid this trial. This trail system does not offer rentals.

In addition, as this region is used by the majority of off-highway motor vehicles (OHVs) and OHVs, it could be crowded and noisy. There are lots of dirt motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles during the peak season.

 Dismal River Trail

2. Dismal River Trail

While the first is a trail system the next is a particular trail that is directly linked with the Bessey Family Campground. Dismal River Trail The Dismal River Trail is just 11 miles long, but ATV enthusiasts will certainly appreciate its smooth, sandy terrain enough for speedier riding.

A little more about what the trail is, it’s ideal for intermediate skiers, but adequate for beginners as well as professionals. 

There’s no way to tell if there are risks like protruding roots or boulders, gravel, or a puddle in the area, however, you should expect muddy sections and elevations. 

This is the reason why vehicles like SxS 4WDs, SxS, and motorcycles are employed in conjunction with ATVs.

It’s super convenient to use this trail as well. It’s close to facilities that are essential, such as hot showers and picnic areas at Bessey Family Campground. You can also access it via its Whitetail Campground, which is close to Dismal River.

Dismal River. It is worth noting that the Whitetail Campground has fewer facilities, however, and it is better to go with Bessey Family Campground.

Be sure to bring cash since you’ll need to pay for a couple of amenities at Bessey Recreation Complex. Bessey Recreation Complex when you camp.

3. Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest

A national forest in Nebraska that of the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest has a vast area that covers over 116,000 acres, or the equivalent of 181 square miles.

Who was Samuel R. McKelvie? He was governor prior to the time that the presidency of Richard Nixon decided to let the Niobrara Division control the region in the 1970s.

What are you expecting out of the national forests? There are many wooded and grasslands throughout the region. Particular trees that can be found among them are the ponderosa as well Scots pines, as well as the eastern Junipers. For the wildlife, you will find wildlife such as wild turkeys, hawks coyotes, foxes and pheasants, and deer, among other animals.

There is a campsite that you can make use of. It’s a great place to stay for a few days since it’s close to the Merritt Reservoir where you can fish.

In terms of its trails designed for ATV usage, these trails are accessible to motorized vehicles of any kind. 

There are however limitations regarding the size. Vehicles with excess weight that are too large in Nebraska’s traffic law won’t be allowed.

It’s either be good or bad, however, the trials aren’t pronounced. You’ll feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

However, due to the absence of signs, it’s easy to become lost quickly. You’re not even able to make use of your mobile phone or other devices to locate your location as the signal is weak or even inexistent all the time.

 Don’t get started by using the maps supplied by the authorities, as they’re unclear for some adventurers, and especially those who are new to the sport.

Cedar Run ATV Trail

4. Cedar Run ATV Trail

The Harlan County Lake ATV Area is also known as “the Cedar Run ATV Trail It measures roughly nine miles long and covers an area of 470 acres. It’s one of Nebraska’s most desirable areas for ATV enthusiasts, even before it’s fully built and set up.

One reason why this area is always a top choice for an ATV trail is the fact that a lot of sections were submerged by the lake before a prolonged drought began. Its muddy surface is ideal for thrilling rides on ATVs.

The trail is in need of some more care in recent times. Certain sections are too steep and hazardous especially for dirt bikes and low quads.

The path can be a bit dangerous due to the fact that there are two trails. It is important to be vigilant when crossing sharp curves. There are loops that could make you feel lost as you return to the exact spot two times or more. 

The route is generally narrow and could cause branches or plants that scratch your vehicle, and even the skin.

Weather permitting the area could be an issue. If it’s hot, it’s difficult to find shade. If it’s raining just one inch of water that covers the ground can be enough to shut down this trail.

5. Off-Road Ranch

Perfect for ATVs, quads, and dirt bikes It’s a great place for quads, ATVs, and dirt bikes. Off-Road Ranch covers 30 acres and has a Drag strip that is 300 feet long.

This is plenty for intense training or short trips with an offroad automobile. Its drag track is sand-covered similar to the majority of Nebraska ATV Trailways.

Other things to take part in in the region include snowmobiling during winter and camping. You can also compete with other enthusiasts, and taking a stroll through the beer garden, and listen to some amazing musicians.

6. Fiddler Creek MX

It is located in the southwest region within Iowa, Fiddler Creek MX is a private club. Only members are allowed to use the track, however, it’s available for open use on weekends for events and on occasional practice days.

Although the motocross track is meant for dirt bikes and quads the ATV track is more secure because it’s designed specifically for kids and those who are just beginning. It’s more spacious than forest trails.

The main drawback is the requirement to be a member. It’s impossible to visit the site at any time without a membership.

Conclusion – 6 Best ATV Trails Nebraska

It’s obvious it’s a given that Nebraska is the ideal location for those who enjoy ATVs. With its private tracks and national forests, You can choose a place that suits your needs.

To summarise the list, here are six popular ATV trails Nebraska offers:

  1. Bessey OHV Trail System
  2. Dismal River Trail
  3. Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest
  4. Cedar Run ATV Trail
  5. Off-Road Ranch
  6. Fiddler Creek MX

The various trails we’ve discussed are very suitable in terms of off-roading, therefore don’t be afraid to take a rental or even bring another vehicle apart from an ATV.

Where can I ride my UTV in Nebraska?

Where to Ride ATVs and UTVs in Nebraska
  • Bessey Ranger District. Trails in this location are open year round, with a few seasonal closures in certain areas. …
  • Pine Ridge Ranger District. …
  • McKelvie National Forest. …
  • Flat Rock Riders OHV Park. …
  • Harlan County Reservoir OHV Area.

Do you have to register ATV in Nebraska?

ATVs are vehicles that can be used off the road. They aren’t registered and any use that is on the road is limited to those restrictions stipulated by the state statutes. See 60-6.355 through 60-6.362 for details on the limitations.

Are guns allowed in Nebraska state parks?

Nebraska does not have no law that prohibits firearms in parks and restaurants where alcohol is served. Gambling facilities.

Does Iowa have ATV trails?

Iowa is famous for its rolling hills, hardwood forests, and flat plains. The beautiful landscape and varied terrain make it an excellent location to ride your ATV. Rathbun offers trails that are suitable for all levels of experience. There’s even a test track for you to practice your ATV.

Where is the biggest ATV park?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. The trail is located in the south-central part of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail is the giant ATV trail in America and is regularly ranked as the first among the top five ATV trails in the United States.

Do you have to pay sales tax on UTV in Nebraska?

2. What should ATV and UTV vendors do once selling an ATV UTV? From October 1st 1, 2014, those selling ATVs or UTVs are not required to collect local and state sales tax on the retail price for the ATV and UTV.

How old do you have to be to drive a UTV in Nebraska?

The flag must be day-glow colored with a triangular shape and an area of no lesser than (30) acres. (3) Anyone who operates any ATV or UTV under the authority of this Code must. Be at least 18 (18) years old or older; and b.

ATV Trails Nebraska FAQ

1. Do you have to register ATV in Nebraska?

ATVs can be used off-road. ATVs are not registered, and their on-road use is restricted to state statutes. For more information on these restrictions, refer to 60-6.355 to 60-6.362.

2. Do you need a license to drive a moped in Nebraska?

Operator’s license is required for mopeds. A valid operator’s license is required to operate a moped on a highway.

3. Can I carry a loaded gun in my car in Nebraska?

Nebraska does not generally require firearms to be locked or unloaded in vehicles. However, Nebraska prohibits the carrying of loaded shotguns on highways or in any vehicle. Employers may ban permit holders from concealing handguns in their vehicles.

4. Can you have a gun in a bar in Nebraska?

If you have a Nebraska concealed carry permit or a license from another state that Nebraska honors and are not consuming alcohol, concealed carry is allowed in the restaurant areas of eateries that serve alcohol. Concealed carry is not permitted in bars or areas where restaurants serve alcohol.

5. Can you drive a UTV on the road in Nebraska?

Is it possible to street-legalize your UTV or ATV in Nebraska? Nebraska considers ATVs and UTVs off-road vehicles. They cannot be used on public roads. An ATV or UTV cannot be operated on any highway controlled-access with more than two traffic lanes.

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