6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in CT Connecticut 2022

Trails in CT Connecticut: Connecticut is famous for its long rivers, stunning lakes, and huge forests. It has a variety of terrain suitable for dirt biking. So, what are the top roads for riding dirt in Connecticut?

Dirt Bike Trails in CT

Connecticut offers some fantastic dirt bike trails as well as Motocross clubs. Take on the challenge in the Thomaston Dam or explore the miles of trails within Pachaug State Forest. 

Before leaving, you must register your dirt bike, and then check the website of each trail for hours and conditions.

Here are the top 6 dirt biking trails you can find in Connecticut:

  1. Thomaston Dam
  2. Pachaug State Forest
  3. Milford Riders MX Club
  4. Cockaponset State Forest
  5. Shenipsit State Forest
  6. Central Cycle Club

It’s impossible to go wrong choosing Connecticut as your destination for the next dirt bike ride. If you’re brand new to dirt biking or are a seasoned professional, there’s something to suit all. 

Go out and explore all that the Constitution State offers. Let’s take a look and discover some of Connecticut’s most beautiful dirt bike trails with a thorough analysis.

6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in CT

 Best Dirt Bike Trails in CT

1. Thomaston Dam

Thomaston Dam is one of the top spots for visitors to Connecticut for dirt bikers with 800 acres as well as 12 miles of trails. The trail is fairly moderate and has a few dirt, ruts and the terrain is rocky.

Apart from the dirt bike, there are other activities to enjoy. You can engage in activities like fishing. Only motorcycles and dirt bikes are allowed. You must possess a valid permit as well as an ignition arrestor. In winter, you are able to ski, snowmobile as well as ski.

Explore the Thomaston Dam’s landscape while you explore birches, maples, oaks and hemlocks, and pines. There are also minks, eagles and herons beavers, foxes, and minks.

Be cautious when riding in excessive rain due to flooding that is caused by the dam. In addition, you could be required to sit for days until you are able to go out if the trail has to dry first or undergo maintenance. 

To improve your chances of being able to avoid problems while you are in the region, be sure you check the conditions and forecasts for weather before making your way up to Thomaston Dam.

You could also plan with other equipment or other items in case you be forced to explore different activities. At Thomaston Dam, you can fish in the river or in smaller bodies of water such as streams.

2. Pachaug State Forest

The Pachaug State Forest is the largest state forest in Connecticut covering 26,477 acres. The huge size of the forest covers six communities: Preston, North Stonington, Plainfield, Sterling, Voluntown, and Griswold.

There are more than 58 miles of dirt bike trails that you can explore. They are open all year long, with the exception of the season of mud. 

There are numerous trails for horseback riding and hiking Be sure to stay on designated dirt bike trails. You’ll see tiny red arrows as you travel through the woods. 

The trails on other trails will be marked with blue marks. You must register your dirt bike and remember to have your valid license.

Dirt bike trails include sections in Green Falls and Chapman areas. They’re appropriate for all skill levels and have some rocky and uneven terrain.

3. Milford Riders MX Club

One of the most popular dirt tracks you can find in CT can be found at one of the best tracks in CT is Milford Riders MX Club. It’s an exclusive track that is accessible to members of the club. 

You may have to wait an extra day to become a member because the waiting list for membership is extensive, yet it’s definitely worth the wait. You can enjoy a day of riding with food and beverages. 

The track is neither too big nor too small. It’s enough to allow for an enjoyable day on the dirt bike and enjoying a variety of terrain. There are flat sections for those who are new along with rocky sections as well as high-altitude terrains.

You may have to walk along with you on your bike a bit when you wish to reach the pits. Similar to all trails it can be wet in rain.

As members, you have the opportunity to be part of a community of friends where everyone is a cyclist and offers an amazing off-road experience. It is also possible to have fun competitions with fellow club members, by taking part in events that are held annually.

4. Cockaponset State Forest

In contrast to Pachaug State Forest is the main State Forest in Connecticut however, the Cockaponset State Forest takes the second position. 

This is the second-largest state park within Connecticut and covers 17,000 acres of land. It is technically located in Middlesex County since it only occupies a tiny portion in New Haven County.

Nearby communities are Middlefield, Middletown, Westbrook, Clinton, Madison, Guilford, Durham, Killingworth, Deep River, Chester, and Haddam.

Dirt biking through Cockaponset State Forest Cockaponset State Forest isn’t just about riding the trails. It is possible to participate in a race competition every year at least.

If you’re looking for a break from riding dirt bikes it is possible to hike or go to Pattaconk Lake for stunning views or a refreshing swim. 

If you’re looking to test yourself take a trip towards The Pine Ledge for rock climbing that has an incline of 60 feet. 

This Pine Ledge even has more trails that are suitable for off-roading however it’s best with ATVs Jeeps, as well as other 4WD vehicles.

It’s no surprise that this is a favorite destination as it’s brimming with activities. But, having a large public park is an enigma because it also leads to greater waste and more raucous crowds because of the greater number of people visiting. 

Over the last couple of years, many have observed an exponential increase in the amount of garbage piled up.

Many bikers are disappointed at the lack of challenge in many areas because of flat surfaces with no elevation. Also, they don’t enjoy constant high traffic.

5. Shenipsit State Forest

Although it’s smaller than the Pachaug or Cockaponset forests The Shenipsit State Forest still offers many outdoor activities and roads for bikes. 

It’s located in the northeastern part of Connecticut with coverage extending to Stafford, Ellington, and Somers.

What are you likely to find in the woods? Incredibly, you’ll be able to see a lot of ancient boulders that have been in existence since the Ice Age, perfect for photographs.

The trails here aren’t only suitable for bikes on dirt. You can spend a weekend on skis in winter, riding horses or hiking, as well as mountain bikes.

Like similar to Cockaponset State Forest, the one also holds races as well. It is possible to visit the forest throughout the year to take part in races when you have registered your dirt bike with Connecticut.

This isn’t a perfect destination. Some of the trails aren’t long enough and force you to turn back or take a different way. It is possible to lose your way due to unclear directions and poorly marked locations.

6. Central Cycle Club

Central Cycle Club is a well-maintained and well-maintained course for motocross that is available exclusively to club members. Participate in races, practice sessions, and other exciting events. 

The main track is well maintained offering the fastest and smoothest ride, with some moderate tabletops. There’s also a track for peewees with jumps and whoops. Check out the website to find out more details.

Conclusion – 6 Best Dirt Bike Trails in CT

To summarise these trails, here are the 6 most popular dirt biking trails you can find in Connecticut:

  1. Thomaston Dam
  2. Pachaug State Forest
  3. Milford Riders MX Club
  4. Cockaponset State Forest
  5. Shenipsit State Forest
  6. Central Cycle Club

Even though our list isn’t long, however, it’s easier to select the destination you want to go to, particularly if you’re planning to concentrate on the forest.

They are all public spaces, with the exception of the Clubs. If you think that’s the ideal place for you start by registering to join the club. 

Before you go out riding ensure you visit the trail or club’s website to find out more about the rules conditions, hours, and other rules. Enjoy exploring the most scenic trail for dirt bikes in Connecticut!

Where can I ride my dirt bike legally in CT?

Here are the 6 best dirt bike trails in Connecticut:
  • Thomaston Dam.
  • Pachaug State Forest.
  • Milford Riders MX Club.
  • Cockaponset State Forest.
  • Shenipsit State Forest.
  • Central Cycle Club.

Are dirt bikes legal in Connecticut?

Mini-motorcycles (Pocket Bikes) cannot be registered and are banned from roads or sidewalks. They have seat heights of lower than 26 inches.

Where can I go off roading in CT?

4 Great Connecticut Spots for Off-Roading and Motorcycling
  • Pachaug State Forest. Located in Voluntown, this forest has over 22,000 acres of public land. …
  • Cockaponset State Forest. …
  • Shenipsit State Forest. …
  • Thomaston Dam.

Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in CT?

As per the State Department of Motor Vehicles, anyone aged 16 or older can apply for an all-terrain car. However, they cannot operate on public roads unless you cross the road.

Are ATVs street legal in CT?

ATVs aren’t allowed to be driven on any public roadway or highway within the State of Connecticut. You can travel on any public road at a 90-degree angle if you are a registered driver of a motor vehicle. ATVs are permitted to be driven on private roads only if you’ve received written permission from the owner.

Where can I ride my quads in CT?

Connecticut ATV Trails
  • Backyard Adventure UTV Tours. Status: Open. …
  • Central Cycle Club Inc. Type: Track (Privately Owned / Commercial) …
  • Milford Riders Motorcycle Club. Type: Track (Privately Owned / Commercial) …
  • Pachaug State Forest. Status: Open. …
  • Thomaston Dam. …
  • Connecticut River MX. …
  • Groton Pits. …
  • Mototown USA.

How do I register my dirtbike in CT?

Documents required:
  1. Identification. You must present an acceptable form of identification to register your motorcycle. …
  2. Proof of insurance. …
  3. Completed registration application (Form H-13B). …
  4. Bill of sale. …
  5. Payment: A motorcycle registration with new plates (and no lien) will cost $133. …
  6. Proof of ownership.

Are mini bikes street legal in CT?

Are you Required to Register and ATV or UTV in Connecticut?
  1. Be current on all property taxes;
  2. Have no outstanding parking tickets;
  3. Pass emissions testing requirements;
  4. Present proof of identification;
  5. Complete an application for registration;
  6. Have insurance on the vehicle;

Where can I ride my ATV in RI?

4 Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails Around Rhode Island
  • Wrentham State Forest. Wrentham State Forest, about 25 minutes from the Rhode Island town of Cumberland, spans 1,024 acres across the towns of Wrentham and Plainville. …
  • Franklin State Forest. …
  • Pachaug State Forest. …
  • Hopkinton-Everett Trails Area.

Do you need a license to drive a 49cc scooter in CT?

If your scooter is more than a 50cc motor size, it must be registered and have an identification plate in Connecticut. Scooters that have 49ccc motors are, in fact, considered to be mopeds and don’t require registration. Registered, but you’ll still require a driver’s license to drive them.

Do you have to register a dirtbike in CT?

Connecticut law states the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that is operated in Connecticut must be registered except when the vehicle is located on property owned or leased by the proprietor of the vehicle. Check out the Expected Documents page to search for additional documentation and charges.

Is motorcycle insurance required in CT?

Under state law, the insurance for motorcycles in Connecticut is a requirement, and all riders have to have a minimum insurance policy that provides minimum liability insurance.

How do I register a motorcycle without a title in CT?

To register vehicles that are not titled, the registration from the previous owner, along with an additional Transfer of Ownership (form Q-1) or the Bill of Sale (form H-31), is needed. Learn more about when a title isn’t required.

Trails in CT Connecticut FAQ

1. Do you have to register a dirtbike in CT?

Connecticut law stipulates for ATVs (ATVs) that are operated by people in Connecticut are required to register except when the vehicle is operated on land owned or lease to the owner. Please visit the Expected Documents page to search for additional documentation and fees.

2. How long does a CT motorcycle permit last?

Learn more about how to get the motorcycle learner’s permit. Take a beginner motorcycle safety course that has been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The certificate of course can be used up to up to two years following the date of completion. The course includes classroom as well as techniques on a motorcycle.

3. Do you need a motorcycle license to register a motorcycle in CT?

The separate license for motorcycles isn’t mandatory for Connecticut. The state of Connecticut. In lieu, a standard driver’s license includes the endorsement of a motorcycle.

4. Can a 17-year-old register a car in CT?

Connecticut law permits minors to register cars if they’re at minimum 16 years old. What you need to do: Complete Form 2D: Certificate Of Parental Consent (form 2D) The form should be signed and notarized by the parent or guardian for each applicant who is between 16 and 17 years old.

5. How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in CT?

A person who is younger than 10 cannot operate a vehicle for recreation in any way. A person who is younger than 16 and a half can operate a recreation vehicle on the public road.

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