7 Best ATV Trails in MA Massachusetts 2022

ATV Trails in MA Massachusetts: is small compared with other US states and is a great place to take a ride off-road. However, it has stunning scenery and plenty of variety. 

The forests of the state are distinct from other states with a range of activities ranging from relaxing cruises to muddy, rugged terrain, and steep hills that challenge your endurance and strength. There’s also an excellent trail and track system that you can take advantage of.

ATV Trails in MA

So what are the best 7 ATV tracks within Massachusetts?

The top options:

  1. Beartown State Forest
  2. Pittsfield State Forest
  3. 508 International
  4. Bonny Rigg Campground
  5. October Mountain State Forest
  6. Cape Cod National Seashore
  7. The Wick 338

If you want to use the state forests or the restricted access to certain off-roading areas and motocross tracks, there’s a variety of possibilities to ride an ATV in Massachusetts. This is a list of Pilgrim State’s most popular trails.

7 Best ATV Trails in MA

7 Best ATV Trails in MA

1. Beartown State Forest

Absolutely, the best place to locate off-road trail trails within MA can be found in the Beartown State Forest. 

It covers over 12,000 acres, and is home to a range of outdoor pursuits, from fishing in the summer months to cross-country skiing in winter.

 Access to the forest during Summer (from May through Labor Day) is controlled by the parking fee per day. MA residents have to pay $8. non-MA residents pay a cost is $30.

ATVs are permitted to ride on 16.4 miles of trails that will test you with loose, muddy tree roots, rocks, and technical obstacles, in addition to mud pools and steep downhills and climbs. 

This isn’t a trail for the faint of heart! There are trails maps that you can purchase at the kiosk in the forest.

Outside of those trails for ATVs, it is possible to visit the campground to stay for several days, take the chance to swim in Lake Benedict, take a boat trip, or hike (the well-known Appalachian Trail passes through the forest and you can easily take some of it). It is possible to use snowmobiles in the winter months, too.

Another of the most exciting aspects of riding through Beartown State Forest is the wildlife. There is a good chance of seeing deer, bobcats, and bears too.

2. Pittsfield State Forest

Another major location for ATV rides within Massachusetts can be found in Pittsfield State Forest. Access for motor vehicles is restricted to specific areas due to the conservation as well as environmental safeguard programs however, you are able to get a permit to explore. 

Beyond the ATV trails, you can also visit the 65 acres of uncultivated azalea field here.

The distance of the ride is just approximately 16 miles through the hardwood forests, which offer smooth and swift trails. 

These ATV tracks are clearly identified, so look for indications as well as follow the trails maps.

Pittsfield State Forest

maps are available for free in the Ranger Station and you’ll be required to park either at the Potter Mountain Road Trailhead or on Route 20 in Hancock in Hancock since they are designated ATV parking zones.

In addition to ATV rides it is also possible to use the campground, which has plenty of barbecue and picnic spots as well as in winter, you can bring your snowmobile to the park. It is necessary to obtain a Massachusetts permit for OHVs, The forest will be accessible to ATVs from May until the final Sunday of November.

3. 508 International

508 International in Charlton, MA, is an action-sports venue that is committed to building “a vibrant hub for sports entertainment where new experiences, competitions, and partnerships emerge.” They permit all OTVs to be on-site, including ATVs, and advertise their venue in the role of ” New England’s playground.”

Outside of the paths, you can take on climbing or slacklining, obstacle racing, and even yoga outdoors classes. The outdoor adventure park maintains the schedule of when it offers access to different users, so make sure you go to their website.

4. Bonny Rigg Campground

This privately-owned campground, which is privately owned close to Becket, MA, offers camping sites for tents and RVs within a lush forest. 

You can take your ATV through a few miles of rough terrain inside the campground, along an easily maintained loop. 

Beyond that, you’ll have access to any state forests that have excellent trails that are designated including Beartown, Pittsfield, and October Mountain.

5. October Mountain State Forest

October Mountain State Forest has numerous miles of marked trails for ATVs. The forest is known for its amazing biodiversity and geology which makes it a great place for families to explore a variety of activities. Campsites are near the trails, as well.

Its 27-mile ATV trails meander over 16,000 acres filled with mixed hardwoods And you can get off the ATV and hike a portion of your way along the Appalachian Trail here. 

The terrain for riding is extremely difficult, giving the forest the nickname “Rocktober.” However, Pittsfield State Forest is not far away should you wish to rest to take a stroll on a trail that is less challenging after a hard day of riding.

The trail is accessible during the daytime only between May and the close of November. In winter the trails are also open to snowmobiles.

Cape Cod National Seashore

6. Cape Cod National Seashore

If you’re thinking of heading to the ocean to explore your Massachusetts ATV trail there’s no better place to start than Cape Cod. It’s an excellent occasion to take in dunes of sand and view of the water from the beaches that stretch for 40 miles as well as salt marshes as well as the seashore’s uplands.

It is necessary to inquire with the park in case you require an orientation prior to riding there, so make sure to check the park’s site first.

7. The Wick 338

The Wick is the race track for motocross bikes, previously known as Southwick MX situated near Southwick, MA. It also allows ATVs to race on specific days.

The track is quite impressive and is an absolute blast to ride and test your off-roading abilities. Learn details on the track here.

Rules for ATV Riding in MA

Despite the many great places in the country for ATV operating in Massachusetts, it is well-known for having the most strict ATV as well as UTV regulations in the United States. Contrary to other places that allow you to use your ATV in towns, you might think that you don’t need to worry about permits and such The ATV laws in MA should be studied more closely.

Your Vehicle Must Be Registered

You must be registered with Massachusetts state and have a registration certificate, and also affix identification numbers on your automobile. The only exemption is if you are only riding on agricultural land owned by a private company.

Furthermore, Massachusetts doesn’t accept out-of-state registrations. This means that even if you’re not a resident you have to declare your vehicle’s registration for one year, either in person or via mail.

Required Equipment for Riding

While riding an ATV, you must wear a properly secured DOT-approved helmet. This is in contrast to other states where helmets are only required for children.

Every ATV must also have at least one headlight and red rear light and the rear reflector is red.

ATV users are advised (but not required) to wear gloves, eye protection, and boots that go over the ankles.

Additionally, ATVs and UTVs should have a proper brake system, spark arrestor, as well as and an exhaust muffler.

What About Young Riders?

It is illegal to ride an ATV that is less than 14 years old, with the one exception being 10-14 year-olds who are under the guidance of an adult when they’re participating involved in a sanctioned event, race, rally, or another occasion.

Ages 14-18 are able to take ATVs for riding after they have completed an OHV Safety Course. They must wear their Massachusetts OHV Safety Certificate when riding on public land.

Where Can You Ride ATVs in Massachusetts?

There are certain restrictions as to where you’re permitted to ride your ATV in MA and you are able to only ride on certain trails within select public land and usually only between May and November (depending on when trails are open). There are always trailhead signs that indicate where you can ride.

However, it is recommended to check in with the state parks department or at the Department of Conservation and Recreation If you’re unsure.

For your safety, keep to the routes listed here. If you are unsure, look up the parks and forests in the state.

ATV Rentals in MA

With the stringent rules regarding permits and the process of registering vehicles in MA You may be able to lease an ATV on the streets while in Massachusetts.

A search using area is most likely the most effective method to locate the most suitable rental spot particularly when you don’t have a convenient means of transporting your ATV from your rental location towards the trailhead.

Conclusion – Riding ATVs in MA

What are the best 7 MA ATV tracks? To sum up, here’s the full list.

  1. Beartown State Forest
  2. Pittsfield State Forest
  3. 508 International
  4. Bonny Rigg Campground
  5. October Mountain State Forest
  6. Cape Cod National Seashore
  7. The Wick 338

Despite the strict restrictions of the state on the areas, you can ride and the kind of ATVs that can be used on the trails, including in specially-designed areas ATV riding in Massachusetts is an enjoyable experience and a chance to find some great spots within the state forests or near the ocean. 

New England overall makes for fantastic off-road trails throughout the year and you are able to change to snowmobiles when the snow has melted. Enjoy your time in MA by taking advantage of these fantastic off-road trails!

Are ATVs street legal in Massachusetts?

ATV Laws in Massachusetts

Riders younger than 16 and-a-half may be unable to operate an ATV on public roads unless under the direct supervision of an adult. There are no exclusions in the case of charge by an adult or particular ATV training. The law of state’s ATV laws applies to public and private spaces.

Can you ATV on Cape Cod?

Cape Cod National Seashore

If you’re planning to head to the beach to explore your Massachusetts ATV trail, there is no better place to do it than Cape Cod. It’s an excellent opportunity to take a look at dunes and views of the water on the forty miles of salt marshes, beaches, and the uplands of the seashore.

Do you have to register an ATV in Massachusetts?

All OHVs that operate on private or public property need to be registered through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The registration is valid for two years for residents, and the non-resident registration is valid for one year. Out-of-state OHV registrations aren’t accepted in Massachusetts. You can register by visiting a registered location or on the internet.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in Massachusetts?

All operators of recreation vehicles in Massachusetts that are under 18. have to pass an approved OTV Safety Training and to be carrying the Massachusetts OHV Safety Certificate with them while riding on public land.

Do you need insurance on an ATV in Massachusetts?

ATV owners who reside in Massachusetts generally aren’t legally required to carry insurance. However, coverage for ATVs provides essential security. Most ATV owners in Massachusetts are likely to have insurance without insurance, as not having it could expose owners to injuries, property damage, and liability risks whenever they travel.

Can you ride a mini bike on the road in Massachusetts?

You are allowed to take any public road. However, you can’t ride to ride on express or limited access state highways, where bicycles aren’t permitted. Additionally, you can depend on bike lanes along the streets, but you aren’t allowed to ride on off-street recreational bicycle paths. It is mandatory to wear a helmet with a safety rating.

What is the biggest ATV park in the United States?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. The trail is located in the south-central part of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail network is the most extensive ATV trail in America and is regularly ranked as the first among the top five ATV trails across the nation.

Can a 12-year-old ride a dirt bike in Massachusetts?

Anyone more minor than sixteen and a half can operate a recreational vehicle on an open road unless supervised by an adult. On February 1st, 2011, drivers younger than 18 must take an approved safety class.

Do I need a motorcycle license for a 150cc scooter in Massachusetts?

Do You require a license? You need a driver’s license to operate a motorbike in Massachusetts. Moped owners must be at the age of 16 and possess regular driver’s licenses or learner’s permits. Moped drivers don’t require a separate class M license to drive a moped, just as they do on a motorbike.

Do you need a license to drive a 50cc scooter in Massachusetts?

You must possess an active license or permit. Mopeds shouldn’t be driven at speeds that exceed 25 miles an hour. Motorized scooters shouldn’t be moved at rates that exceed twenty miles per hour. You must wear a US standard helmet from the DOT.

Do snowmobiles have titles in Massachusetts?


You must fill out the Registration and Titling form when you purchase the snowmobile. The process is controlled by Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs. To be able to name your sled, locate a Snowmobile Registration Office in the state. After that, you must present your bill of sale and the taxes paid to the salesperson.

1. Do you need a license to drive an ATV in Massachusetts?

All Massachusetts recreation vehicle operators under 18 years old must complete the approved OHV Safety course and have the Massachusetts OHV Safety Certificate.

2. Do you need insurance on an ATV in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts’ ATV riders are not required to have insurance. However, ATV coverage can offer important protections. A majority of ATV owners in Massachusetts should have a policy. Without coverage, owners can be exposed to liability, property injury, and other risks whenever they ride.

3. Can you ride dirt bikes on the road in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Environmental Police must register recreation vehicles that are used on public or private property. … Any motor vehicle that is designed or modified to be used on unimproved terrain in order to enjoy recreation or pleasure, but not on a public road.

4. Can you ride a mini bike on the road in Massachusetts?

are allowed to use any public highway. You are not allowed to ride on express highways with limited access, or where bikes are prohibited. You can ride on streets with bike lanes, but not on off-street recreational bicycle paths. An approved safety helmet is required.

5. Can I register an ATV online in Massachusetts?

You can register online or in-person at a registered office. If your vehicle was new, you will need to present the Manufacturer’s Certificate Of Origin.

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