9 Best North Dakota ATV Trails Off-Road Riding 2022

North Dakota ATV Trails: North Dakota, The Peace Garden State is famous for its gorgeous nature and vast landscapes. With lots of lakes, hills, and valleys it’s the perfect place to go on an ATV.

Visit Kimball Bottoms OHV Area, an ATV-loving destination that is a favorite for riders. 

North Dakota ATV Trails

The park’s 400 acres of thrilling trails are accessible all year. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area is another excellent option, with many gorgeous trail trails for you to discover. Make sure you check conditions and regulations for trails prior to going out.

We have selected our top 9. North Dakota ATV trails are as they are:

  1. Roughrider OHV Trail
  2. Kimball Bottoms OHV Area
  3. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Trailhead
  4. Sheyenne National Grassland
  5. Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area
  6. Airborne Alley MX Park
  7. Bismark Motocross Association
  8. Turtle River Motocross Park
  9. Deep Creek Adventures

You won’t regret choosing North Dakota for your next ATV adventure. There are numerous trail trails, park areas to explore, and nature to take in. Let’s explore the many North Dakota trails on our list.

9 Best North Dakota ATV Trails

 Best North Dakota ATV Trails

1. Roughrider OHV Trail

Roughrider is one of the most sought-after North Dakota off-road trails. It is made up of an old railroad track’s bed that was repurposed which is now utilized as an OHV track and is accessible all season. The North Dakota trial is for intermediate and novice users. It is extremely popular with avid users.

The 16.5-mile trail starts at Fort Rice Campground. Fort Rice Campground and ends at Little Heart Bottoms. It’s located on Highway 1806, about 30 miles to the south of Mandan, and runs along the beautiful Missouri River.

The trail is mostly made up of surface dirt and gravel with some water crossings as well as moderate slopes. The trail’s width ranges from 50-to 55 inches. 

There are many spots where you can relax or take in the view and snap pictures along the trail. 

Camping facilities are provided with toilets, telephones, water, and parking. Fort Rice Campground Fort Rice Campground has tent campsites. There is a modest campground cost.

Dirt bikes and motorcycles ATVs, UTVs, and SXS are all legal. But, all vehicles have to have spark arresting silencers or end caps that are installed. 

Furthermore, all vehicles should be equipped with a current permit to access the North Dakota Trail. 

There is no cost to use the trail. The trail must be kept on the main path as trailblazing is not permitted.

2. Kimball Bottoms OHV Area

Kimball Bottoms offers more than 400 acres of trails for you to explore. There are two islands that are accessible even when the water is low. 

The possibility of flooding is possible therefore be sure to verify the conditions before setting out.

Boating, fishing, and swimming are all popular in the region. At the primitive camping sites, there is a boat ramp.

Kimball Bottoms is open to dirt bikes and motorcycles ATVs UTVs, SXS, Jeeps, SUVs dunes buggy’s, as well as 4x4s with sand rails. 

All vehicles must be equipped with a spark arresting silencer or an end cap fitted. Riders who are under 18 years old must wear an MX helmet, however, all riders must utilize one. The use of trailblazing is allowed, however, be sure to check it out.

Kimball Bottoms has lots of positive reviews. One rider suggested using four-wheel vehicles to go to the most exciting spots. 

Another user said that he enjoyed playing around the area, particularly in the winter months when it was muddy. Some loved the views and overall off-road experience.

3. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Trailhead

Pembina is another well-known North Dakota trail for those looking for adventure. It’s over 30 miles of hard-packed, smooth trails. 

It’s only open from the last week of May to the middle of October. The park remains closed due to excessive rainfall.

The scenic trail runs through the forest but offers stunning panoramas that include Three Sister Hills, valleys, and rivers. 

All vehicles should be registered with valid permits and registrations and everyone must wear helmets. It is illegal to trailblaze therefore, make sure to remain on trails marked.

The majority of reviewers praise the location as well the views as well as the trail. The number of trails, however, they could use more signage. Visit here for more details.

Pembina Gorge State

4. Sheyenne National Grassland

The Sheyenne National Grassland offers riders miles of trails to cycle along. It is home to antelopes, whitetail, elk and coyotes, mules, and bighorn sheep. Also, you can find prairie chickens, wild turkeys sharp-tail grouses, pheasants falcons, eagles, and falcons.

The region offers great possibilities for camping, hiking canoeing, fishing, hunting, horseback riding photography as well as backpacking, and riding OHVs. The majority of riders enjoy the large open spaces, friendly neighbors, and beautiful trails.

5. Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area

This recreation area is situated 6 miles to the northwest of Bottineau and features 12 miles of intermediate-level trails. 

The single-track trail is open to users to travel in both directions. Although it is small the trail can be an enjoyable experience for those who are new to the sport.

People generally love their time in the region. The tracks wind through trees, and the majority of people love the fact that it’s not a difficult track.

6. Airborne Alley MX Park

Airborne Alley is an MX track in the city. It’s open all day unless there is a flood. In rare instances, the park holds races. Dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes are permitted.

The track needs beginner to intermediate riding levels. The terrain is mostly loose dirt with patches of soil that are hard-packed as well as sandy areas and certain rocks. The cost is $10 per person. 

In addition, annual membership fees are $35 per person or $60 for a family and $100 for a business membership. The majority of users gave the park five stars.

7. Bismark Motocross Association

Bismark Another privately run MX track is located on the northeastern side of the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds. It’s a well-maintained place for dirt bikes, motorcycles ATVs UTVs as well as SXS.

The cost is $10 per person. The track is made of loose dirt, with a few short and long jumps, berms, and Berms. To be able to ride this track, you must have intermediate or expert level abilities.

8. Turtle River Motocross Park

The track, which is privately owned and operated, is generally open on weekends and Wednesdays ATV drivers are welcome to use the track on Sundays. However, make sure to call to find out if they’re operating before you go out.

The track is made of loose dirt as well as gravel. It features a few small and large jumps as well as some berms. 

The ability level required to traverse the course is a mix of intermediate, beginner, and experienced. 

The price is $20 for each rider and $10 for children. The park offers camping primitive facilities.

9. Deep Creek Adventures

Deep Creek Adventures is a privately owned property that offers accommodations in the cabin as well as ATV rides. 

They provide pristine trails as well as adrenaline for all types of riders from novices to experienced.

Offering the possibility of 8,000 acres of land, Deep Creek Adventures offers an array of rugged, diverse terrain. 

You can travel through prairie fields filled with wildflowers to peaks with cedars and oaks up to desert areas with Cactus. It all requires different skills and makes it thrilling.

The cabins cost to rent $40 per day and include an electric heating bathroom with hot and cold water, as well as showers. 

The cabins can sleep up to 9 guests. In addition, the cabins also have gas grills, refrigerators as well as a microwave. Bring your items.

Conclusion – North Dakota ATV Trails

North Dakota ATV Trails

For your next adventure take a trip to one of our North Dakota off-road trails. This is our list again.

  1. Roughrider OHV Trail
  2. Kimball Bottoms OHV Area
  3. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area Trailhead
  4. Sheyenne National Grassland
  5. Turtle Mountain State Recreation Area
  6. Airborne Alley MX Park
  7. Bismark Motocross Association
  8. Turtle River Motocross Park
  9. Deep Creek Adventures

Although the majority of trails are open throughout the year, there are some that may be subject to flooding at certain times. 

Therefore, prior to leaving it is recommended that you determine if the trails are available. Also, make sure you are in possession of the required permits and permissions to off-road on the trails in North Dakota.

In the end, North Dakota is a wonderful place for ATV riding off-road. We hope you enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled ATV ride throughout North Dakota!

Can you drive an ATV on the road in North Dakota?

Are you allowed to ride ATVs or even UTVS on the public roads throughout North Dakota? The rule of thumb is that you’re not allowed to operate an ATV and UTV on the shoulder, roadway, or inside the bank or slope of any street, road, or public highways or highway in North Dakota unless it is in an emergency.

How do you make a UTV street legal in North Dakota?

There is a way to get the UTV street-legal in North Dakota by registering in a different state. The resultant title or registration plate allows you to use your side-by-side on highways, roads, and city streets in North Dakota and beyond.

How old do you have to be to drive a four wheeler in North Dakota?

Any person who is 12 years old can operate an ATV following having completed an OHV safety course that has been approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department and when they have received an OHV Safety Certificate.

Where is the biggest ATV park?

1. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. It is located in the south-central region of Utah. The Paiute ATV trail network is the giant ATV trail in America and consistently ranks first among the top five ATV trails in the United States.

What state has the most off road trails?

The Five Best States For Off Roading
  • California. California is one of the greatest states for outdoor activities. …
  • Colorado. Colorado is perhaps one of the most beautiful states in the country — depending on who you ask. …
  • Arizona. When people think of Arizona, they might just think of a dry, flat desert. …
  • Utah. …
  • Alaska.

Can you ride ATV in Badlands National Park?

ATV/UTV riders are permitted on trails and roads within the BHNF. You can drive on the highway through the region, including Mt. Rushmore, along with the Badlands. If your ATV is registered, national parks are not open to off-road usage.

Are Go Karts street legal in North Dakota?

There are Go-Kart laws in North Dakota.

An OHV can be driven on public roads with a speed limit of not over 55mph. An off-road go-kart would require headlights and tail lights, horns and brake light, a speedometer mirror, and a motor of at least 350cc.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in North Dakota?

Before you can drive a motorbike or motorized scooter, you need to obtain an ND motorcycle permit or permit. The requirements to get one are the same as those for a driver’s license or passport and include showing proof of identity and the social security number and proof of residence.

Do golf carts have titles in North Dakota?

Golf Carts aren’t allowed to be used on state, federal, or county roads in the city unless it is the perpendicular crossings on these roads. The golf Carts are exempt from registration, title, and equipment requirements.

Do you need a motorcycle license in North Dakota?

If you are a motorcyclist in North Dakota, you are subject to the same laws of the road that apply to other motorists and specific rules for using motorcycles. To get an official motorcycle permit for North Dakota, you must take a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test.

Do you need a license to drive an ATV in Maine?

A driver’s license is not required for operating the ATV other than as stipulated by title 29 A. C. A safety-related training website approved by the Department. Anyone under the age of 16 of the period has to attend the program along with the person’s parent or guardian.

North Dakota ATV Trail FAQ

1. Are ATVs street legal in North Dakota?

The rule of thumb is that you cannot operate an ATV UTV on the road or shoulder or inside the bank or slope of any street, road, or roadway within North Dakota unless it is in an emergency. However, it is generally permissible to operate an ATV UTV on dirt, gravel, or roads with loose surfaces.

2. Do North Dakota have ATV titles?

Since July 1st, 1987, an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) must have been registered by the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department and is subject to the excise tax of 5% on motor vehicles. tax.

3. Do you have to have insurance on an ATV in North Dakota?

Every ATV is mandated to comply with North Dakota law to have adequate liability insurance while operating.

4. How old do you have to be to drive a four-wheeler in North Dakota?

What do I do to get my ATV/OHV permit within North Dakota? There are no off-roading licenses that are required to operate an ATV in North Dakota. To drive an ATV in public land or roads you must have a minimum age of 12 years old and have an OHV Safety Certificate or be at least 16 years old and possess an active driver’s license.

5. What do I need to ride my UTV in South Dakota?

They should be registered with the South Dakota license, park entrance permit, remain on the designated roads, and be driven by a driver who has a valid driver’s license. In OHV zones there is no requirement for vehicles to be licensed, or be licensed as park entrances. Off-road riding is only permitted in designated areas within OHV zones.

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