9 Best Sedona Jeep Tours Broken Arrow, Red Rock, Etc. ❤️️ 2022

 Sedona Jeep Tours Broken Arrow: The off-roading experience on the roads of Sedona, Arizona, is an ideal dream for Jeep lovers. 

Sedona is the perfect place for those who want to experience the best Arizona offers. 

Sedona Jeep Tours Broken Arrow

Sedona Jeep tours guide you through some stunning landscapes, visiting world-renowned sites as you enjoy an off-road experience.

What are the top Sedona Jeep tours, when do you need to go and what should you anticipate? Find out more about the best Jeep tours Sedona offers as well as our suggestions and best tips.

Our top picks for the top Sedona Jeep tours are as the following:

  1. Broken Arrow Tour with Pink Jeep Tours
  2. Canyons & Cowboys with Red Rock Jeep Tours
  3. A Day in the West Jeep Tours
  4. 3-Day Zion Park, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend Tour
  5. Vortex Experience with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours
  6. Cliff Hanger trail Sedona Offroad Adventures
  7. Sacred Wheel Jeep Tour with Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours
  8. Rim Run Supreme with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours
  9. The ancient Ruins along with Pink Adventures Tours

If you want to experience a unique experience to be a part of Arizona Enjoy the outdoors with an intense Jeep tour. Sedona Jeep tours have an outstanding reputation and we’ve collected a few of the top alternatives for a full-day outdoors adventure or an extended trip to the top places.

9 Best Sedona Jeep Tours

1. Broken Arrow Tour – Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona Jeep Tours

Pink Adventures Jeep Tours offers one of the best adventures in Arizona. The company offers tours that start at Sedona and continue to in the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Las Vegas, and the Smoky Mountains. 

They also host unique weddings or group gatherings and design custom tours for you and your loved ones If you have specific needs, too.

Broken Arrow tour is most likely the most well-known of the Sedona Pink Jeep tours, founded in 1960 and known as America’s first Jeep Tour. 

It provides stunning views as well as exciting access to some of the most unique places, and lots of information on Sedona’s past, history, as a location for film, and much more.

Guides will take you crawling over rocks and take in some breathtaking and steep descents, all finished with stunning views. 

This is a rock-climbing and historical adventure all in one. You’ll also have access to the sites you’ll explore.

If you choose to go on this trip, be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime: It’s not recommended for those who are scared of heights or not happy with more extreme adventures. 

For you to ensure you’re enjoying the Sedona Pink Jeep tour to the fullest discuss it with an instructor prior to your visit to make sure that you’re getting the best experience with your preferences (or they’ll suggest another of the amazing experiences available).

2. Canyons & Cowboys – Red Rock Jeep Tours

If you’re looking for wildlife and canyons then this tour is for you. Sedona Jeep Tour is suitable for your needs. 

This Canyons & Cowboys tour could last just two hours, but it will take you on some amazing trails, and then back to revisit the stories of the past Wild West.

From Sedona, You’ll travel to Sedona Dry Creek Basin and admire the unique red rock formations, following which you’ll visit the historic Van Deren cabin. 

If you believe you can have seen it before is since you’ve seen the scene in films similar to Blood on the Moon.

Red Rock Jeep Tours is all about the distinctive red rock formations of Arizona and they’ll strive in making their Sedona Tour in a Jeep memorable.

 It is possible to choose more relaxed tours such as this one or combine multiple tours or take a helicopter and Jeep combination tour, based on your preferences. 

In general, these tours are more relaxing, however, they are worth the time spent exploring the most fascinating parts of Arizona.

3. A Day In The West Jeep Tours

 A Day In The West Jeep Tours

It’s difficult to choose only one from this great all-in-one-stop shop for tours that are unique in Arizona. 

Its Sedona Jeep tours offered through The Day In The West take you to 4×4 adventure tours that are fully guided packed with fun and history all at the same time.

Its Diamondback Gulch Jeep Tour is the most well-known offering that is self-titled “Sedona’s most extreme 4×4 experience.

” It takes the participants on challenging trails and guides you through the area, your guides will help you discover the most thrilling rock formations found in the state, including the famous Capital Butte along with Chimney Rock.

The Diamondback Gulch that the tour is named for isn’t for the faint of heart: it’s breathtaking, but it’s a difficult journey that you’ll be glad you didn’t need to make by yourself!

Once you’ve tasted the effects of the thrilling 2 hours of this adventure it’s possible to return and take a look at other tours like the film-set packed Red Rock West Jeep Tour or an experience that is more kid-friendly with the Lil’Outlaw Jeep Tour.

4. 3-Day Zion Park, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend Tour

A trip to Arizona requires you to visit every one of the most breathtaking places to visit which is why you cannot complete them all on one jeep ride. 

If you’re looking for a 3-day tour package that includes an additional Monument Valley Jeep excursion, this offer is an excellent choice.

This 3-day trip is included because it includes a Navajo guide, accommodation at a hotel for two nights throughout the trip, transport, and admission tickets for Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Zion Park, and the Valley of Fire. 

This is a great method to make sure you check off all the most popular spots while having someone guide you and give you the background that you must master the fundamentals.

The most memorable experience for me from the off-roading standpoint is, obviously the Jeep tour through Monument Valley, which also includes a lunch stop as well as amazing views of the surrounding wilderness.

5. Vortex Experience with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours

Sedona is well-known for its vortexes – regions that appear to radiate certain energy. They are believed to emit energy that emanates from the earth, and with certain vortexes that are downwards, it spirals. 

This is what makes Sedona an ideal spiritual spot as well as an outdoor and adventure destination that you can visit when in Arizona.

If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of the vortex on the off-road, Arizona Safari Jeep Tours can help with that by offering the Vortex Adventure tour. 

It’s a two-and-a-half-hour excursion that also includes walking around as you travel through unique landscapes and are introduced to the magical effects of vortexes. This is certainly among the more

“out there” Jeep tours Sedona offers. It will explain the religious beliefs that are associated with the vortexes, and let visitors experience the energy they generate for themselves.

The tour does a fantastic job connecting the past of vortex research in modern-day methods and lets you explore breathtaking landscapes at the exact same at the same time. 

If you want something less mystical, you are also well served by popular tours like the Mogollon Rim Run and the Outback Trail offered by Arizona Safari Jeep Tours – definitely more adventure-orientated!

6. Cliff Hanger Trail together with Sedona Offroad Adventures

 Cliff Hanger Traill with Sedona

Get onto the back of a Hummer to experience an exclusive tour in Sedona Jeep tours offered by Sedona Offroad Adventures. 

Cliff Hanger Trail Cliff Hanger Trail is a 2-hour tour through the rugged terrain, rock climbing, and admiring the cliffs that surround you.

Cliff Hanger Trail Cliff Hanger Trail is indeed well-known for the climb, however, you’ll be able to take in the more gentle landscape, and be able to see the world-renowned Cathedral Rock on your way.

Sedona Offroad Adventures also organizes various other tours that are all conducted in Hummers and with varying stages of difficulty as well as excitement. From informative and fun family-friendly tours to more challenging There’s a little bit of offroad fun for all.

7. Sacred Wheel Jeep Tour with Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

Looking for an alternative way to enjoy Sedona, Earth Wisdom Tours offers Jeep tours and hiking/walking excursions in the red rocks which will leave you wondering about the nature of the universe as well as reconnecting to nature in a different way. 

The best of their offerings is Sacred Wheel Jeep Tours which concentrates on the sites of the vortex and leads you to the medicine wheel.

The tour takes place located on private property, making it a unique experience filled with information that is hard to recall in a hurry. 

Even if there’s no belief in the power of the area, you can find out all you can about the theories about these areas of energy and marvel at the incredible landscape when you’re there.

8. Rim Run Supreme with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours

One of the more comprehensive Sedona Jeep tours, the Rim Run Supreme is a fantastic opportunity to spend three hours in the backcountry. 

It is run through Arizona Safari Jeep Tours, it takes this tour Mogollon Rim Run (their most loved tour) to a new level by driving further and deeper into the backcountry for a more complete experience.

Explore the world of geology and history as well as encounter amazing wildlife (definitely opt for an early morning or evening tour to increase your chances) Also, take amazing images Sedona Jeep tours provide.

9. The Ancient Ruins are now accessible through Pink Adventures Tours

Sedona Pink Jeep tour is once again at one of the most popular off-roading nature excursions in Arizona. 

This Ancient Ruins tour is focused on archaeology and allows you to visit the incredible Hononki Heritage Site featuring 700-year-old cliff dwellings constructed from the Sinagua people.

This tour will teach you about the way that Sinagua lived. Explore the wild Arizona landscape and relish stunning views while driving through the desert in the Pink Jeep Wrangler. 

A one-of-a-kind and distinctive Sedona Jeep tour, complete with a brief city tour at the conclusion to assist you in getting your bearings If you’re just arriving in Sedona for some time.

Sedona Jeep Tours – The most effective way to experience the rugged landscape

What are the top Sedona Jeep Tours? They are back:

  1. Broken Arrow Tour with Pink Jeep Tours
  2. Canyons & Cowboys with Red Rock Jeep Tours
  3. A Day in the West Jeep Tours
  4. 3-Day Zion Park, Monument Valley, and Horseshoe Bend Tour
  5. Vortex Experience with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours
  6. Cliff Hanger Track Sedona Offroad Adventures
  7. Sacred Wheel Jeep Tour with Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours
  8. Rim Run Supreme with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours
  9. Old Ruins by Pink Adventures Tours

It’s hard to decide which one of the numerous Sedona Jeep tours to recommend in particular, as they cater to various desires, allowing the visitor to discover different aspects of Sedona’s rich past. 

You can choose to go on adrenaline-filled adventures or an exploration of the past or want to find out more about the region and its spiritual significance These Jeep tours let you explore the wilderness and reveal various aspects of Sedona to add some awe to your stay there.

Is the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour worth it?

It’s crazy fun. The Broken Arrow Tour is their OG tour that launched the business, and it takes you to several breathtaking places with 360-degree views of incredible formations and red rocks. The photo opportunities are just excellent. My family had a blast on this trip. I would recommend it.

Are Sedona jeep tours worth it?

A Pink Jeep tour is a unique experience, and you’ll need to go higher, very far, to witness what you can experience in the Jeep. It’s not just that there’s a wealth of background and information you’ll get from learning about the region. I’d suggest you go for it, especially since it’s a one-time event.

How long is the Jeep tour in Sedona?

Tourists love the about two-hour excursion. They call it excellent and raving about the helpful guides and stunning views.

What should I wear to the Sedona jeep tour?

Dress to impress in comfortable outdoor clothes with closed-toe footwear. Layers are ideal when paired with jackets during winter and lighter clothing during summer. The use of hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended.

How much do Sedona jeep tours cost?

3 hours. Please take a look at our most-loved Jeep tour with this tour through Mogollon Rim that continues deeper into the backcountry, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle!

How rough are Pink Jeep Tours?

Pink Jeep has tours for all levels. Specific terms are not suitable for people with back pain. There are, however, average times, referred to by the name of pavement tours. Pink Jeep’s Scenic Sedona tour is entirely on the pavement and is created to cover particular sights you’ve requested.

How many pink Jeeps are in Sedona?

There are around 75 Jeeps that are part of the Pick Jeep fleet, all fitted with specific tires, seats that are custom-designed, and the most eye-catching pink paint.

How Hard Is Broken Arrow Trail Sedona?

Broken Arrow Trail is a 2.8 mile heavily travelled out and back trail close to Sedona, Arizona, featuring gorgeous wildflowers and is classified by the AA as moderate. The trail is mainly used to run, hike and mountain biking. Dogs are also allowed to take advantage of this trail, but they must be leashed.

Can you drive the Broken Arrow Trail?

To drive along the Broken Arrow Trail, you need the highest clearance 4WD vehicle, and it is essential to emphasize the 4WD and high clearance. Some massive boulders and ledges can be difficult to climb or descend, which is one reason why this route is so enjoyable.

Why are the Jeeps pink in Sedona?

The jeeps are pink due to Pratt going to Waikiki in Hawaii. His hotel was dressed in pink. The proprietor of the Hawaiian hotel was also the owner of the company that manufactured Pratt’s jeeps.

Sedona Jeep Tours Broken Arrow FAQ

1. Are our jeep tours of Sedona worth it?

A Pink Jeep tour is a very unique experience and you’ll need to go quite a long distance in order to witness what you can experience in the Jeep. It’s not just this, but as well the wealth of details and information you’ll learn about the region. I’d suggest you go for it especially since this is an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime.

2. Is the pink jeep tour worth the money?

Overall, this trip was absolutely enjoyable – and the truth is, it’s definitely worth this’. Beth was a pleasure to be with. it could be and took the time to acknowledge everyone on the tour. Pink Jeep Tour guides, who take pride in providing their customers with the most accurate and most up-to-date information.

3. How much does a pink jeep cost?

An iconic outdoor vehicle that is steeped in off-road heritage 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4×4 starts at $34,065 MSRP. Add to that the Tuscadero pink paint color, which brings it up to the price of $34,460 as the starting price.

4. How many pink jeeps are there?

Since Jeep launched the color in only a few days, more than 30,000 customers have purchased the Tuscadero pink Wrangler. This is more than other limited-edition colors, such as bright blue or green Jeep referred to as Gecko.

5. How much do Pink Jeep tour guides make?

A typical Pink Jeep Tours Tour Guide annual pay for the United States is approximately $34,228 which is close to the average of the nation.

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