American Made Dirt Bikes Do They Exist 2022

American Made Dirt Bikes: The best dirt bike will allow you to enjoy the beautiful and difficult trails throughout your country while being secure. 

Numerous established companies around the world offer their products available in a variety of countries. 

American Made Dirt Bikes

American Made Dirt Bikes Many people are wondering, however, whether American-made dirt bikes are available because the most popular models are typically produced in Japan.

Can American-produced dirt bikes even exist? Yes, there exist USA-made dirt bikes, but they’ll most likely find older models as manufacturing stops. 

Also, ATK Motorcycles, the only remaining dirt bike manufacturer in the USA exports parts from different countries. They have also stopped producing new dirt bikes.

While there are plenty of American-produced dirt bike manufacturers we’ll focus on two trusted companies and their model units:

ATK Motorcycles and Alta Motors. In addition, we’ll provide a brief review of the American brand that is specialized in motocross bikes for the young. 

In the final segment, we’ll look at the dirt bike brand that is frequently misinterpreted as being made in the USA along with other well-known brands within the field.

American Dirt Bike Brands

With the higher cost of material, labor, and general operation dirt bikes manufactured in the USA struggled to compete with imported models. 

Two brands nevertheless established themselves in the field. There are still a few of their most well-known models on the market and for sale in second-hand condition, particularly those that are used.

ATK Dirt Bike

American Made Dirt Bikes

Most of their efforts are focused on marketing their old dirt bikes, selling parts, and also distributing service manuals. 

ATK Motorcycles’ main headquarter is situated in Centerville, Utah. They began operations in 1985, and have since produced two main series: that of the Rotax as well as the Cannondale. They also have a variety of models.

The ATK manufactured featured the patent-pending A-Trak machine, previously called the Anti-Tension Kettenantrieb. It’s an engine that has improved handling thanks to chain torque reduction.

The first models gained their name due to numerous wins at competitions in the time span of one year, specifically from the year 1985 to 1986. 

These victories included those from the 1985 Four-Stroke Nationals Finals, 1985 ABC Superbikes Event Semi-Finals 13th Overall in the Ascot Semi-Finals of the TT Nationals and the 1985 Four-Stroke Championships, and 1986 CNC Four-Stroke Nationals.

Rotax (From 1988 to 2001)

Naturally, there were improvements made not just to the engine, but also in the frame and body. 

The series comes in two-stroke engines of 250 and 406 as well as four-stroke 350 and 604 engines. 

There are two models: Motocross (Mx) as well as Cross Country (CC). The models of previous years were offered with two different starter options including electric and kickstart.

Through the years, other improvements included eco-friendly features and more powerful tires as well as double exhausts and a self-cooling engine. 

These Rotax series’ final models were launched in 2001. They include the 250/260 Enduro 605 Enduro as well as the 600 Dirt Tracker.

Cannondale (From 2002 to 2008)

Another ATK range was Cannondale which came with the upgraded version of the 2001 Rotax models. The other models that were introduced were:

  • 125, 350, 450, 500, and Mini Enduro
  • 450 and 500 Dirt Tracker
  • 700 Two-Stroke, and 450 SuperMotard

Alta Motors

American Made

One of the most well-known American produced dirt motorcycle manufacturers, Alta Motors wasn’t as established as ATK Motorcycles and didn’t last for long in the market. 

The company was established in 2007 but in the year 2019, it was acquired by the Canadian company BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) acquired the assets of the company. But, Alta Motors maintains a tradition in the current electric motorcycle market.

The Brisbane, California-based firm had a variety of electric bike lineups which included Supermoto (SM) as well as the Enduro (EX) and a Motocross (MX). 

The latter was the most popular of the series, Below are the two bike models which earned an impact on the market.

Alta Motors Redshift MX

Comparatively to similar MX2 as well as Lites categories, Alta Motors’ Redshift MX was not equipped with an Air filter or oil systems and an internal combustion engine. 

Instead, it features a lithium battery with a voltage of 350 volts that can pump as much as 5.8kWh of energy as well as a lightweight orientation with a weight of just 261 grams, as well as a non-clutch transmission.

Furthermore, the Alta Motors Redshift MX is a PMAC motor that has 42 HP of power and a maximum torque of 120 ft-lbs. It also comes with a light chassis, dirt-track suspension, and durable Brembo brakes.

Alta Motors Redshift MXR

The last version of an electric motorcycle to be released by the company The Redshift MXR is an upgraded version of the Redshift MX. 

The motor can produce the maximum power of 50hp, with a torque of 147 pounds and a maximum speed of 14,000 RPM.

It’s worth noting that the motor of the MXR has an air-cooled motor, which means you’ll be able to ride even in temperatures that are high. 

The motor also comes with a water-proof and dust-proof design, which means it needs minimal to no maintenance.

Another excellent upgrade is its battery, which comes with two charging systems off-board which are 3.3kW or 2.7kW. 

If you are using the 240-volt charger it’ll take 1.5 hours to achieve 100% battery capacity and it will take three hours with the standard 120-volt charger.

The engine control unit (ECU) includes 4 maps: Sports Eco Overclocked, Performance, and Eco. 

Based on which map you tune your unit into the battery will be used for approximately 4 hours when used in the woods, and you can expect to last 25 minutes while racing.

The Cobra Dirt Bike Brand

The Cobra Dirt Bike Brand

Based in Hillsdale, Michigan, Cobra Moto has been manufacturing mini motocross bikes since 1993. 

They own their own R&D business operations, engineering and assembly, welding, and the machining department.

However, it is important to remember it isn’t possible to consider their bikes as American-made dirtbikes as they’re designed specifically to be used in motocross and not intended for ” real” off-road, hazardous terrains. 

The company’s bikes designed for youngsters are believed to have won numerous national prizes as of this writing.


American Made Dirt Bikes In the Cobra Moto motorcycle series, there are currently five models, including CX50 JR CX50 the SRX CX50SRX FWE CX65 CX50P3, and CX50P3. Each of them has two-stroke engines that have cooling casings.

They’re light enough to handle youngsters However, they’re not too heavy that they could cause accidents while riding. In addition, all model is strong enough to stand up to the testing of time. This is, of course, with the proper and regular maintenance.

  • 2021 Cobra CX50P3:This is a popular, beginner-friendly motocross bike that has an engine of 50cc and one-speed auto transmission. It has an overall clearance of 178mm and a weight estimate of 79lbs.
  • 2021 Cobra CX50 JR: A little heavier and having a greater floor clearance than CX0P3 This model is great for those who are just beginning to learn. It is equipped with the same engine and transmission similar to the CX0P3.
  • 2021 Cobra CX50SRX or CX50SRX King: Having a similar engine and transmission to the two above models and below, this model comes with greater ground clearance as well as the total weight.
  • 2021 CX50SRX or CX50SRX FWE: Featuring almost the identical specs of the CX50SRX FWE, the FWE features twin radiators, and has more power, torque, and over-rev.
  • 2021 Cobra CX65: This unit comes with a 65cc engine by an electric power valve as well as an automatic transmission with six speeds. Also, it has the best ground clearance of 250mm.

Is KTM American Made?

KTM American Made

We’ve covered well-known and trustworthy American dirt bike brands, let’s chat about a dirt bike manufacturer frequently referred to as a USA-based brand due to its two dealerships across the US.

The Company

Officially known as KTM AG, they are a manufacturer located in Austria founded in 1992. was previously known as KTM Sportmotorcycle AG. 

They are well-known for their off-road supermoto, motocross, and enduro off-road motorcycles. They also make street motorcycles and sports cars.

The Dirt Bikes

If you’re not keen to go with American-produced dirtbikes for adult riders especially because they’re older models, KTM has a lot to provide.

The MX Models

The MX range of models that are offered by KTM offers four two-stroke models for 2021. The two models are designed for adults.

The 2021 65 SX is intended for kids between the ages of 8 to 12, and the 2021 50 SX is a great choice for novice riders between the ages of four and 10 years old.

For their MX models with four strokes, there are four 2021 models and one 2020 model which all come with fantastic features for off-road trails and racing tracks for motocross. 

In addition, KTM also has an electric MX, which is perfect for new or experienced riders in junior age.

The Enduro Series

Similar to the MX lineup The Enduro series comes in two-stroke and four-stroke models. In addition, there are 3 limited-edition two-stroke Enduros. 

It is the 2021 300EXC TPI Erzbergrodeo which is equipped with a distinct graphic kit as well as KTM PowerParts and The TPI Six Days models that come with top-of-the-line KTM features.

However, the four-stroke Enduro models come with characteristics that can be used by riders of all levels of skill. 

They’re stable off-road and on racetracks for motocross. They have a great torque with a lightweight, which increases engine performance.

The Supermoto

The Supermoto only comes with one model available: The 2020 KTM 690 SMC R. Similar to other KTM motorcycles, the Supermoto one is comfortable to ride and is ergonomically designed. 

It features a powerful 6-90 low-revolution LC4 engine that uses fuel efficiently; in reality, it requires only 10,000 km intervals for service.

Other Dirt Bike Manufacturers

With only a few dirt bikes manufactured in America, there is a chance that you will have difficulty finding a model that is suitable for your training, adventure, or competitions. 

We know that the US is home to some of the most rigorous standards and rules for manufactured goods. But, just like KTM, there are other trustworthy dirt bike manufacturers you could think about.


Yamaha Motor Company is among the most renowned and longest-running manufacturers of off-road and road bikes and scooters and motorcycles. 

They have a variety of four-stroke and two-stroke models for adventurers, racers, and even hobbyists.

As with other American manufactured dirt bike companies, However, the top quality of their bikes comes with the price of.


Honda Motor Company is another well-known Japanese manufacturer that operates multiple factories and dealerships around the world. 

They offer off-road bikes for competitions, trail riding, and adventure and dual-sport models. With their wide range of models that cater to all skill levels as well as riders. Their models can be quite expensive. 

It is a good thing that due to their popularity, it is possible to quickly find the right accessories, such as a good clutch cover.


If affordable and reliable is what you’re seeking then Kawasaki is a good choice. Kawasaki’s name is definitely worth looking into. 

They offer models for cross country and motocross for adults available in full or regular sizes. They also have several models of motocross for kids.

The Existence of American Made Dirt Bikes

Today, there’s only a small number of dirt bikes manufactured by the USA. This is due to the fact that most manufacturing facilities in the US only build models made of imported parts or make a specific part, for example, an engine, that is for the specific brand.

It is still possible to purchase older American-made models, particularly because you can purchase spare components and get them maintained. 

However, there are many companies that are specialized in making dirt bikes for kids and adults equipped with ergonomic, safety strong, award-winning features. 

Keep in mind whether you’re buying one for yourself or for your child, to train or for events, you should purchase high-quality protection gear, such as chest protectors and helmets (view on Amazon). helmet (view on Amazon).

Have fun and safety racing motocross and off-road rides!

What brand of dirt bike is made in America?

ATK is the only American company that produces mass-produced dirt bikes, and they also use many parts from overseas companies. In the late 1960s and early 70s, the Japanese dominated the dirt bike market.

Are Honda dirt bikes made in USA?

Honda’s off-road vehicles, including the CRF, CRF and CB Honda Trail bikes, are all made in South Carolina. All of the motorcycles, as well as the Honda CR, CRF and CB Honda Trail bikes, are made in Japan. They are shipped to the US.

Are there any American made motorcycles?

The Motus MSTR the only V4-powered sports touring vehicle that is American-made is the Motus MSTR. Not just any V4. Motus has the fastest production pushrod V4 at 180 horsepower and 126 lb/ft torque.

Is KTM an American company?

KTM AG (Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen) is an Austrian bike, motorcycle, and sports car manufacturer that Pierer Mobility AG and Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto International Holdings BBV own. Although it was founded in 1992, its roots can be traced back to 1934.

Are any Japanese motorcycles made in the USA?

The Kawasaki KZ400 was not only the first Japanese motorcycle to be manufactured in America; it was also the first Japanese vehicle of any type to be made in America.

Where are Yamaha dirt bikes made?

The headquarters of Yamaha Corporation was established in Japan in the Shizuoka Prefecture. Initial operations of Yamaha Motor Company were based at Hamakita’s Hamakita plant. A new plant was constructed in Iwata in 1966.

Is Harley-Davidson really American made?

Is Harley Davidson an American Company Harley Davidson, an American company, was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903? Their original factory is still the corporate headquarters.

Where are Suzuki dirt bikes made?


1971: A production plant for medium-sized motorcycles is constructed in Toyokawa (Aichi), Japan. The GT750 motorcycle is launched with a liquid-cooled straight-three two-stroke straight-three motor. Suzuki’s production motocrosser, the TM400, arrives in Motocross World Championship racing at 500cc.

Are Cobra dirt bikes good?

The Cobra motor runs well and is very easy to use. It takes some time to check the CFD, but it is much better than fixing broken internal parts on other bikes.

Are any Honda motorcycles made in the USA?

Honda in America Today

While Honda has stopped building motorcycles in the U.S. now, Honda of America Manufacturing continues to be strong. It has produced 26.1 million light trucks and cars since 1982.

Are piranha pit bikes any good?

Piranha Pit Bikes are perfect for any outdoor adventurer, whether you’re a serious racer or casual explorer. These high-quality Pit Bikes are available pre-assembled or custom-designed. You can also order the chassis and parts to be built at home with the Piranha Z50 Chassis Kit.

Is Apollo dirt bikes any good?

The Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike is well-built and has a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. Although it isn’t the most prominent dirt bike Apollo offers, the motorcycle certainly has its place. The motorbike’s excellent power delivery and performance compensate for the slightly disappointing guts.

American Made Dirt Bikes FAQ

1. Are Honda dirt bikes made in America?

In other words, even though Honda’s off-road vehicles are made from South Carolina, the dirt bikes, such as the CR CRF as well as the CB and Honda Trail bikes along with all Honda motorcycles are built from Japan and then shipped to the United States.

2. Where are Kawasaki motorcycles made?

Find out more about Kawasaki’s manufacturing plant located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Maryville, Missouri.

3. Are Cobra dirt bikes good?

Overall, the Cobra motor performs well and is simple to fix. Even though it is time-consuming to examine the CFD’s condition, it’s much better than replacing damaged internal parts which I have to fix with other brands of bikes at a higher price.

4. Are Honda dirt bikes made in America?

While Honda’s other off-road vehicles are produced from South Carolina, the dirt bikes such as the CR, CRF, CB as well Honda Trail bikes as well as the majority of Honda’s motorcycles are manufactured from Japan and then shipped to the USA.

5. What brand of motorcycles are American-made?

Harley-Davidson defines an American motorcycle. Everything was produced for sale within the United States up until 2018 when they made the decision to move some manufacturing in Europe. A lot of people were angry with the company’s decision.

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