ATV Riding in Miami 9 Best Trails & Tours ❤️️ 2022

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ATV Riding in Miami: Florida is among the United States’ best destinations for outdoor activities, including off-roading. 

ATV driving in Miami is indeed bound to be the highlight for any enthusiast of off-roading vacation within Florida, the Sunshine State, so here is a helpful guide of the best places to visit, from trails to tours.

ATV Riding


Where can you find the best ATV ride options in Miami and the surrounding areas? Our top picks are:

  1. Apalachicola National Forest
  2. Miami Motocross Park
  3. Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  4. Redneck Mud Park
  5. Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park
  6. Ocala National Forest
  7. Withlacoochee State Forest
  8. Big Cypress National Preserve
  9. Osceola National Forest

Certain are short drives from Miami. However, they show the top trails in the state and superb forest trails; therefore, we believe they’re worth the effort!

Top 50 MX and ATV Trails Near Me in Florida

  1. Croom ATV park (Rent an ATV at Croom)
  2. Mud Muckers ATV park (Closed)
  3. Redneck Mud Park
  4. Gone country ATV park
  5. Swamp off-road park
  6. Florida Tracks and Trails (See Sandlot)
  7. Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  8. Orlando MX park
  9. Mudd’n185
  10. Hogwaller Mud Park
  11. Hard rock off Road Park
  12. Florida cracker Ranch
  13. Redneck Mud Park
  14. Bone Valley ATV park
  15. Bartow Motocross
  16. Clear Creek OHV Trails
  17. Dade City Motocross
  18. Extreme Kids MX Club
  19. Gatorback Cycle Park
  20. Graveyard Mudd Bog
  21. Iron Horse Mud Ranch
  22. Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  23. Mallory Swamp ATV Trails
  24. Mesa MX
  25. Miami Motocross Park
  26. Milton MX
  27. MP at County Line
  28. MX 191
  29. North Florida Motocross Park
  30. Omega Ranch
  31. Osceola National Forest
  32. Pax Trax Motocross Park
  33. Revolution Off-Road
  34. Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park
  35. Spyder MX Action Sports Complex
  36. St. Marys Shoals Park
  37. Sunshine State MX
  38. Tampa MX
  39. The Swamp Off road Park
  40. Waldo Motorsports Park
  41. Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail
  42. WW Motocross Park
  43. Holopaw Suburban Estates
  44. Viking Prairie Estates

ATV Trails in Florida; Address, contact, and additional information as follows:

Croom ATV park

  • Address: 6420 La Rose Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602
  • Phone: (352) 797-5759
  • Vehicle Limitations (55″ Width, OHV’s 1500lbs or less)
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, and ATVs allowed
  • See our ultimate guide to Croom ATV Park Rentals
  • See our ATV Rentals Page

ATV Trails Near Me in Florida

ATV Riding in Miami

ATV Riding in Miami

1. Apalachicola National Forest

Unfortunately for Miami, the nearest route that connects the city to it is South Dade Trail, a 21-mile trail that is paved and from the city, which is limited to motorized traffic only.

Therefore, we’ll have gone further for some ATV rides in Florida! One of the top places to visit among the best is Apalachicola National Forest, close to Tallahassee.

It is home to 100 miles of flat, smooth sandy, dusty trails that can become muddy when it rains. It is a popular spot for ATV drivers, accessible from Silver Lake Recreational Area.

There are a variety of picnic tables in the area. You can take a dip in the lake or take 3 miles of an interpretive trail.

You can then hop onto your ATV and explore the trails starting at the trailhead for OHVs.You’ll need a permit to drive your ATV through the Apalachicola National Forest.

It is $10 for three days or $75 for a whole year. The trails are open all year round. However, they may close at the last minute, and it’s recommended to confirm before your visit.

2. Miami Motocross Park

Although it’s a motocross facility, this park is not a motocross one. Miami MX Park, located in Hialeah, FL, is close to Miami and has access to ATVs.

They also offer dirt bike riding classes along with gear and bike rentals should you be tempted to try the sport. In any case, it is best to inquire with the park to see if ATVs are permitted.

Park hours are on Wednesday afternoons as well as on weekends. Since it’s a human-created trail riding experience, it’s a great way to learn new techniques and ride your ATV swiftly close to Miami without having to travel for a long distance.

3. Lazy Springs Recreation Park

One of the top Florida off-road parks is waiting for you on Lazy Springs, located to the west of Fort Myers.

The park offers a little of everything, including waterskiing, waves running, fishing at the lakes and the motocross trail, mud pits, and trails that are hilly with rocks, dirt, and rocks to explore on your ATV.

Prices start at $20 for a one-day pass, and the fee is $10 per vehicle. It is possible to bring an RV or lease an area for tents and stay overnight for 10 dollars per camper/RV/tent.

Mud is the keyword for this spot, especially during rain. You can look through some photographs to get a feel of what’s to come!

4. Redneck Mud Park

The Redneck Mud Park located in Punta Gorda is a one-stop-shop for amazing activities, fun mudholes entertainment, fantastic trails, and just about everything you’d like from an off-road park.

There are four mud pits for all levels of ability and miles of hiking trails that span 880 acres of terrain, with a range of trails ranging from wide and easy to more narrow, winding trails.

Do not worry that you’ll get stuck, and They have an excavating vehicle specifically for these circumstances!

There’s enough space to camp in the wilderness in Redneck Mud Park, and trails are easily accessible from the camping areas so that it is easier to go for a ride.

The park has a central stage area where events and concerts are held. On Fridays and weekends, go to the park for contests in which you can win cash as well as prizes.

The infrastructure of Redneck Mud Park is indeed excellent, and it is capped off with a buggy wash area that you can use after your time to wash your car and even yourself before heading home.

5. Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park

Sandlot Off-Road Park has a wide range of trails, including single tracks, professionally constructed Motocross tracks, mud bogs, and a variety of enjoyable places. There’s even a dedicated play area for kids that ride vehicles such as Jeeps or ATVs.

It is possible to stay within the park’s vast campground, which has a variety of amenities like showers, the spray wash station, and a store on-site to meet any urgent repair requirements. However, Sandlot isn’t only for off-roading, though it’s an important element of the appeal.

There are four paintball-themed courses at the site a theater with live performances and an aquatic park with a beachfront of white sand. It’s possible to imagine Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park as an outdoor park suitable for all desires.

It’s open seven days a week, and however, these hours are subject to the demand of the season.
Prices start at $15 for the passenger as mentioned above, a spectator in ATVs, or access to the beach, and for ATVs, you’ll have to pay $25 for a one-day pass.

But, keep in mind that this will grant an entry into Florida’s “largest and most epic off-road park.”

6. Ocala National Forest

The Florida National Forests are paradises for those who love ATVs, and Ocala isn’t an exception. It’s a short drive north of Orlando to get to its trailheads; however, it is home to the most beautiful ATV tracks in Florida that comprise a system of six trails comprising the 200-mile ride.

There are high trees and sand-covered terrain along these broad tracks. Some of them go to The Big Scrub ecosystem, a global ecological disaster that is both inspiring and stimulating.

Find out more information on each trail system, including the most suitable trailheads based on your vehicle, camping spot as well as pass/permit details on this page.

We strongly would recommend the Ocala Adventure Trail, a 47-mile loop that passes across one of the largest pine forests of sand.

Riding in Miami

7. Withlacoochee State Forest

Near Cape Canaveral, Withlacoochee State Forest encompasses more than 2600 acres of land that is off-road and accessible to ATVs and off-road vehicles. You’ll discover the top Florida off-road trails in Croom Motorcycle Area within the forest.

Croom Motorcycle Park has trails that vary from simple to challenging terrain, including hardwood hammocks, scrub, and pits, all of which are remnants of old mining operations.

Croom Motorcycle Area has a campground that is ideal for overnight stays. There are different lodging options in the area.

Withlacoochee State Forest is one of the “10 Coolest Places You’ve Never Been in North America” and has plenty than that, with spectacular views of wildlife. Explore bald eagles and gophers, foxes, squirrels, tortoises, white-tailed deers, and many more.

8. Big Cypress National Preserve

The closest ATV riding zone to Miami is in the Big Cypress National Preserve. While there are numerous trails to ride on, they’re mostly designed for private property accessors for riding to designated areas of activity for fishing, hunting, camping, or watching wildlife.

That means there aren’t mudding zones or trails designated exclusively for ATV riders to test their techniques. But, you can go off-road here at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the surroundings’ beautiful nature.

The designated trails are available here. Information on permits and the rules for use can be found available here.

9. Osceola National Forest

Within the Osceola National Forest, many forest service roads are open to all motorized vehicles. These roads are also suitable for the enjoyment of ATV riding.

The conditions can be muddy and muddy, so be prepared for swamps and mud! The riding area isn’t classified as other areas with designated car parks or staging areas.

Instead, park at the end of Mount Carrie Road and carry onto these trails after that. You can also stay in Wiggins and Seventeen Mile Campground, offering easy access to the trails and campsites that are primitive.

The good thing about the Osceola National Park is that there is no charge for the day pass. But, you must be a trail user to use the trails.

Be sure to download this motor vehicle usage map that shows where you can ride and take in the trails!

ATV Riding in Miami

Conclusion – ATV Riding in Miami

What are the top 9 ATV Trailways in Miami? To sum up, here again:

  1. Apalachicola National Forest
  2. Miami Motocross Park
  3. Lazy Springs Recreation Park
  4. Redneck Mud Park
  5. Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park
  6. Ocala National Forest
  7. Withlacoochee State Forest
  8. Big Cypress National Preserve
  9. Osceola National Forest

The best ATV riding experience in Florida is within its national forests and parks, which are just an hour’s drive from Miami but provide a fantastic variety of scenery and opportunities to observe the wildlife and a range of outdoor pursuits along ATV trails.

The best off-road parks are worth the drive, as they are truly amazing in their offerings as well as the array of amenities available. No matter which way you choose to travel, ATVs are a welcomed feature throughout Florida’s Sunshine State, and there are plenty of places to make them excellent – even if they are dirt-filled use!

Where can I ride my ATV in Miami?

ATV Ride in Miami

  • Apalachicola National Forest. …
  • Miami Motocross Park. …
  • Lazy Springs Recreation Park. …
  • Redneck Mud Park. …
  • Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park. …
  • Ocala National Forest. …
  • Withlacoochee State Forest. …
  • Large Cypress National Preserve.

Does Florida have ATV trails?

Florida is an excellent place for ATV recreation and offers perfect terrain to riders of different levels. There’s a good selection of trails for ATVs open to the public in Florida and numerous private ATV parks throughout Florida.

Where can I find local ATV trails?

ATVs–Here’s How To Find the Best Riding Trails

  1. Its map integrated by Step Outside pulls all nearby rider’s information in the vicinity of you. …
  2. RiderPlanet USA. The photograph was taken by David Halsey (club president) …
  3. Ride Command. …
  4. The Ride Command app. …
  5. U.S. Forest Service Interactive Trail Map. …
  6. Websites of State Governments.

What is the best state for ATV riding?

10 of the Best ATV/UTV Trails for Off-Road Riding within the U.S.

  1. Moab, Utah. Moab is an excellent spot to ride! …
  2. The Paiute ATV Trail, Utah. …
  3. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia. …
  4. Imperial Sand Dunes, California. …
  5. Brimstone Recreation Area Tennessee. …
  6. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee. …
  7. Maine. …
  8. Joe State Park, Missouri.

What is the biggest ATV park?

Windrock Park (TN): The largest privately-owned riding facility located in the U.S., with 300-plus miles and 73,000 acres. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area (KY) More than 150 miles of trail and nearly 8000 acres of rugged terrain. Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park (LA) A total of 5 acres of trails and Muddy Bogs (emphasis upon the mud)

Can you ride ATVs in Osceola National Forest?

Osceola National Forest has no designated OHV trails, and it does not require a permit. The Apalachicola offers more than 100 miles of trails equally divided between motorcycle-only and ATV/UTV usage. The course is located just outside Tallahassee, the capital city of the state of Tallahassee. The trails provide you with the ease of living within a short distance of a big town.

Can I ride my ATV on the side of the road in Florida?

The law in Florida, an ATV can be used on a public road that is not paved that has a posted speed limit not exceeding 35 m.p.h. at any time during the daytime. This restriction is not applicable to UTVs without the approval of authorities in the area. You cannot use an ATV, or UTV on any other street, public road, or highway.

Can you ride ATVs in Apalachicola National Forest?

A permit is needed to use Apalachicola’s OHV trails. National Forest. Purchase your pass online prior to when you head out. Restrictions: Children under 16 must take an online test before they can ride our trails.

Is there an app for ATV trails?

With more than 985 million acres of land that is public and more than 550,000 miles of unpaved trails and roads, including opening dates and restrictions on widths, onX Offroad is an essential app for all motorized enthusiasts. Make sure you are using the most trusted and reliable GPS satellite or topo trail mapping application.

Where can I use my ATV in California?

Five cool places to go ATV Off-Roading California

  1. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, Borrego Springs, CA. Ocotillo Wells has over 85,000 acres of land to explore. …
  2. Heber Dunes SVRA, Holtville, CA. …
  3. Hollister Hills SVRA, Hollister, CA. …
  4. Hungry Valley SVRA, Gorman, CA. …
  5. Clay Pit SVRA, Oroville, CA.

ATV Riding in Miami FAQ

1. Where is Lost Lakes Miami?

Lost Lake was found close to the west of Miami and south of Bird Road just east of Tropical Park. The Glass Bottom Boat ride was offered on the lake that was also home to an extensive flock of well-trained mallard ducks.

2. Are our quad bikes allowed in parks?

It is unlawful for it to be used on pavements, roads, or on public land like parks. Anyone who is riding the mini moto or quad bike in violation of the law could be punished.

3. Is there an app for ATV trails?

With over 985 million acres of land that is public and five million miles of free trails, including open dates and width limitations, X Offroad is a must-have application for all motorized enthusiasts. Be aware before you travel with the most reliable and precise GPS satellite or topo trail mapping application.

4. Does one Offroad show property lines?

It’s easy to find properties and locate property lines online or using the app. Picking between three Basemaps developed by one such as Satellite, Topo, or Hybrid users have to choose one of the Private Lands Layer from the My Content section. Property lines are shown in red.

5. Are our quad bikes allowed in parks?

It is against the law the use it on pavements, roads, or on public land like parks. Anyone who uses the mini moto or quad bike that is in violation of the law may be prosecuted. Nov 23rd 17

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