Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area Glimer, TX Review 2022

Barnwell Mountain: If you’re seeking a clean, well-organized, and well-maintained area for riding the dirtbike, your ATV, or jeep in Texas then look at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area. It’s a one-stop camping and riding center that will be a perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts. It will ensure that you enjoy a great time out on the trails.

What can Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area offer for off-roading? What can you expect to get from several days there on your motorcycle? 

This is a comprehensive review along with a detailed guide on Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area BMRA for you to get ready for your adventure.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area – Basic Info

The park was established in 2000 and is now open to dirtbikes, UTV, and OHVs over 1,850 acres. 

It’s located just north of Gilmer, TX, easy to access via State Highway 155 North. There’s the brown sign that points to the turning on the left, and after that, you’ll be on your right path.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

The office of the park is open on Thursdays from 12 pm until 10 pm, and all weekdays on Saturdays and Fridays (8 am-midnight). 

It is essential to adhere to these hours to get into the park. Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area officially closes at 6 pm on Sundays on weekends that are regular (different time frames apply for extended holiday weekends when special events also take place).

Accommodation booking

You are able to stay at the park for several days at a time however, it is important to reserve your stay ahead. 

There are six cabins as well as five bunkhouses, but there’s also an electric RV campground that has 18 sites and a premium RV camping area with 8 sites that have more amp ratings for the connections.

If you are staying overnight Be aware that you can’t get into the park at night, so make sure to be on the park’s grounds prior to midnight.

Additionally, the park has camping areas that are primitive and can utilize if you do not require RV campsites or additionally developed alternatives.

Barnwell Mountain Trails

The riding experience at Barnwell Mountain is great fun due to its well-maintained trails that are separated for motorcycles as well as other types of vehicles.

The motorcycle loop covers 27 miles that range from easy to challenging marked in a clear and simple way to follow. There’s a picturesque Adventure Trail for ATVs and dirt bikes that spans 16 miles. It starts from the same spot as the loop for motorcycles.

Numerous organizations have recognized the trail’s quality because of the partnership with the Texas Motorized Trail Coalition. 

The park is an asset of the coalition and is one of the largest projects that it has that is funded through a grant process via the Recreational Trails Program. Along with the premium Barnwell Mountain cabins.

another unique feature of this park is the non-obtrusive trails that guarantee the feeling of being in nature is maintained along the trail. These markers have become popular with other facilities, too.

Barnwell Mountain

Surroundings: Gilmer and Beyond

After you’ve completed your ride on the trails of Barnwell Mountain Park, you are also able to enjoy local sightseeing in Gilmer the city of history and the economic heart of Upshur County. 

Once a prominent trade hub within Texas prior to the Civil War, Gilmer was also an educational hub that was where there was the Methodist Church’s Male Institute and a Female Institute of the Methodist Church.

The city is the home of the internationally renowned Yamboree, a historical museum, The Cherokee Flower Festival, and antiques, art, and craft shops.

Reviews of Barnwell Mountain Park

In light of the excellent facilities, welcoming and friendly staff, and top-quality trail systems, Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area is a great all-around off-roading location. 

It is well-known for its dirt bike trails in eastern Texas due to its single track, which doesn’t impede rain and lets bikers continue riding throughout the year.

The cabins and the overall accommodations are extremely clean and high-quality and the off-road trails let all kinds of riders have fun to their fullest.

The only thing you need to remember is that there will be many events that could mean that reservations are delayed at times. 

That’s why many tourists recommend calling ahead to confirm if the event is not advertised on the internet.

Extend Your Trip: Nearby Off-Road Parks

East Texas has no lacking of off-road parks that allow you to extend your stay across the entire state. Here are a few options close to Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area.

Rabbit Creek Offroad Park

Fun off-road in the Muddy is waiting in Rabbit Creek Offroad, just about 2 hours close to Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area. 

The park is open all day and visitors are allowed to enjoy the ride with a daily $10 pass. It is an ATV park mostly, but it is also accessible to vehicles with four wheels that have a high clearance. 

It isn’t easy to navigate the trails so be prepared for a certain degree of difficulty. Learn more about the trails, as well as ways to reach them via the Facebook page.

High Lifter Proving Grounds

The park is located within Shreveport, LA, 14 miles to the southwest from High Lifter and about 80 miles from Barnwell Mountain, this off-road park is a popular location for ATV enthusiasts from Eastern Texas, Northern Louisiana as well as Southern Arkansas. 

It has rough terrain, muddy trails as well as more easy, accessible rides for those who are new to the sport. For the price of just $20 per rider, you are able to ride on weekends without a membership. 

It is also possible to purchase an account and gain accessibility to the parks all day throughout the year. Learn further details on the website.

Alligator Run Offroad Park

The most extensive offroad trail in Texas is just 12 miles to the south from Longview located in Easton, TX. 

The park is open all year long, and the trails here mix wet areas with dry ones, offering all you’ll ever want to do. 

Additionally, you’ll find stunning landscapes, a variety of thrilling events, and camping facilities including camping sites that are free. Showers and other facilities are also provided.

It is a very popular location and you should be prepared to mingle with many other ATV as well as UTV riders and enjoy a good time.

Off-Road Riding at Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area and Beyond

If you’re in search of an off-roading destination that is perfect to spend a weekend on the outskirts of East Texas, Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area packs an impressive punch in terms of enjoyable trails that offer different levels of difficulty and welcoming reception. 

It’s an excellent place to visit year-round and is an excellent stop when you’re traveling across Texas seeking out off-roading opportunities or simply want to take a ride on the trails on occasion. 

Take advantage of the trails and be sure to take a look at their activities to plan your own big events, such as rodeos, and more.

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