Blue Holler Offroad Park Mammoth Cave Guide & Review 2022

Blue Holler Offroad Park: The appeal of Louiseville is unique to none and is evident within Blue Holler Offroad Park. 

The park was created in 2014 and is a must-see. the park has the world-famous cave in the sand along with the rare hellbender.

Blue Holler Offroad Park

The terrain and landscape entice the most adventurous of travelers in the world, providing an amazing off-road adventure.

There’s plenty to see in the Blue Holler Offroad Park. Take in the stunning landscapes, primitive campsites, and huge Sand caves. Off-road riders can explore their thrilling trails that vary from easy to challenging.

As one of the most prestigious outdoor parks within the area, Blue Holler Offroad Park is a popular off-road location for everyone. Find out more about it here.

Blue Holler Offroad Park

Blue Holler Offroad Park

Blue Holler Off-Road Park is a family-friendly off-road as well as ATV park located in KY which is located about 90 miles to the southwest of Louiseville. 

It is situated on 1,200 acres of forest and has around 35 miles worth of trails. The park is accessible to all off-road vehicles 4×4 including dirt bikes, Dune buggies, as well as riders of all abilities.

The terrain is mostly shaded by blue spruce. It is comprised of dirt roads that are hard-packed, high inclines, rocky hills, and narrow ATV tracks. 

However, the remaining routes are large enough to fit Tacomas and they can become slippery after a rainstorm. Small jumps, loose dirt scattered water crossings, and a myriad of beautiful spots entice guests. 

There is the Bounty Hill waterfall and huge sand caves make up the primary attractions at the event. The cave is big enough to allow vehicles like Jeeps or other types of vehicles to pass through.

Blue Holler ATV Park originally launched on October 11, 2014, and its entry point was at Nolin Dam Road. It received a warm welcome from ATV Kentucky locals due to its picturesque trails and non-restrictive rules. 

It was shut down for a time however it reopened in March 2018, with the entrance moved from Ollie Road to Ollie Road. Then, Holler Park topped the list of the top off-road parks in KY in the same year.

Camping and Open Hours

The campsite is open to camping in primitive conditions large groups are welcomed. Generators are allowed, however, there aren’t electricity or water connection points. 

Facilities include showers bathrooms, toilets, and food trucks that serve every meal from breakfast until dinner. Park office staff also offer t-shirts and bags of Ice.

The park is only open in daylight hours between 8 am to 6 pm from Fridays to Sundays. There may be a reduction in operating hours or be closed in the event of severe weather. 

Of all the Kentucky ATV tracks, Blue Holler Offroad Park will provide you with a fun time. It is recommended to get an official map of the park at the check-in office to ensure the most enjoyable riding experience.

Lodging and Nearby Attractions

The closest convenience store, as well as fuel station, are located five miles away from the park. Nearby attractions include Mammoth Cave National Park which is the longest-running cave system in the world. 

For those with rigs that can be lifted, there are numerous back roads and fire roads in this region. 

There is also the Nolin Lake State Park Campground is also within reach If you’re looking for RV hookups or looking for a disposal option for your RV.

There are campgrounds or cabin rentals as well as hotels in the vicinity of Mammoth Cave that offer spacious rooms. They have air conditioning units along with contactless keys as well as breakfast. Here are some of the hotels closest to:

  • Hickory Cabins Hot tubs WiFi, hot tubs
  • Mammoth Cave Horse Camp – 5-star rated, low-cost prices
  • Double J Stables and Campgrounds are close to the city, with low prices
  • Cottages in Briar Creek – deluxe rooms and a fully equipped kitchen
  • Serenity Hill Bed and Breakfast – the most affordable of Mammoth Cave hotels, breakfast included
  • Mammoth Cave Campground – primitive campsites and wildlife sightings
  • Baymont By Wyndham Cave City breakfast included
  • Horse Cave Motel – spacious rooms, helpful staff
  • Twin Lakes Ice Creamery & Inn with spacious rooms, stunning views
  • SureStay Hotel Best Western Bowling Green North Excellent location, fantastic breakfast
  • The Hotel SYNC is a beautiful hotel with stunning rooms
  • Towne Inn – reasonable prices Friendly staff
  • Cardinal Motel Friendly staff Cleanrooms
  • Super 8 is owned by Wyndham Bowling Green South – super cozy beds Breakfast included
  • Econo Lodge Inn – modern rooms, top health security procedures

If you’re looking for alternatives that are less costly You can consider hotels that are not chain-operated in the park’s proximity. 

There are hotels further in Bowling Green worth mentioning: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Spongie Acres Bed, and breakfast, Hyatt Place, Tru by Hilton with the Courtyard Bowling Green Convention Center.

Blue Holler Offroad Park

Admission and Special Rates

The park has a fee of $15 per person or vehicle (regardless of what vehicle they are in) and $10 per person for each night for camping on primitive. Children 12 years old or less are allowed to enter the park without cost.

The cost of admission to musical events differs based on the particular event. In the case of the Tracy Adkins concert, the cost of tickets was $80 for each person to attend the only Friday concert. 

The attendees who chose the package deal would pay $100, which includes admission to the concert and the ability to access Bounty Hill Saturday as well as access to the park from Wednesday to Sunday.

Night rides and racing participants pay $60 for each event, which includes admission costs. In contrast, the cost for spectators is just $20 for each person. Children who are 12 or less can access the park for free. 

Prices usually don’t include food and other freebies. However, guests don’t have to worry because there are plenty of vendors to choose from.

Due to a large number of attendees, Blue Holler management usually requires a $5 re-entry charge for re-entry during Redneck Rave events. 

This is to control the flow of people in and out since thousands of people attend the country festival every year. The miscellaneous cost is distinct from the ticket price which ranges between $5 and $250. 

Tickets should be secured prior to the time of the event since prices are subject to increase if bought through the gates of the park.


Since its reopening, in the year 2018, the Kentucky Holler is home to many race competitions, events sponsored by sponsors as well as fundraisers and country music performances. Here are a few:

Trace Adkins Concert

This concert is one of the numerous performances which will take place on the grounds of the park and forms part of the country star’s 2020 US tour. 

768 people were in attendance at this event which was organized by Tennessee Full Throttle Magazine. The next date on his tour will be on Halloween, at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Back the Blue & Red SXS Ride

Blue Holler Offroad Park is not just about entertainment, but it also gives back to the local community. 

In September of 2020, the owners of the park joined forces along with their usual event sponsor to raise funds for the local sheriff and fire department. The proceeds from the event went directly to those beneficiaries.

Redneck Rave

Redneck Rave is perhaps the most sought-after festival in this area of off-road trails in Kentucky. It’s a weekend-long event in which all trucks, Jeeps crawlers, SxS, and all other four-wheelers are able to take advantage of the various tracks and the festivities that are on-site. 

The autumnal event, which runs from October 1 through 4th of October, 2020, is the second time that this celebration since the year began. It’s also one of the most notorious because of the high number of deaths at the party.

Customer Reviews

The general public’s perception regarding the Park is generally favorable. It is for many an ideal place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. 

People love evening rides and appreciate the hospitality and hospitality of the staff. But, the park needs to improve the condition of the trails. Some areas are overgrown which makes it difficult for cyclists to spot signs in the vicinity of intersections and trees. 

An effective solution is to include arrows on the trails that are marked and make signage visible to prevent riders from becoming lost.

Another concern is how management manages the behavior of guests. While park visitors are generally respectful and productive, that isn’t always the image that many visitors paint. 

Many people drive their wheels at a high speed and drive off on the main and local roads with no care. This is a pattern that has led some to believe that there aren’t any rule-of-laws that are strictly enforced, and that visitors are not disciplined.

 In the end, guests are not able to enjoy things as simple as taking photos of the property due to the litter everywhere.

Blue Holler Offroad Park Death

The park has earned an unsettling reputation due to its manner of conducting events. While it is not confirmed, the negligence of certain of these incidents has led to death. 

One example is the incident was that of Adam Jones, who died in a fatal accident involving an ATV. One aspect of the tale is that driver lost control of the vehicle because of an unlit trail. Another side of the story is that the driver was ejected from the vehicle due to the fact that the rider was not wearing a seatbelt. 

It is not clear if the three riders have seat belts in place of their bikes, only Jones was killed, the second passenger was transported to the hospital in the area and the third rider did not suffer any injuries.

Another main complaint of dissatisfied individuals is how the ATV roads in Kentucky have destroyed the natural habitat which included the natural blue spruce stands, which is one of the largest funding sources of its kind in the U.S. 

They don’t appreciate that EPA has yet to intervene in the operation of the park that has caused harm to the nearby creeks and ecosystems. The most severely affected reservoir of water is the Bylaw Creek, which went from crystal clear to sludgy waters. 

The current condition of the creek led to hellbenders (a salamander species) being threatened since these creatures were unable to be able to live there.

General Park Rules

This feedback from the customers shows that maintaining and discipline in Blue Holler Offroad Park is an obligation shared by the park’s owners and customers. 

However, the following are the park’s guidelines to ensure every guest’s strict adherence:

Guests Safety and Liability:

  • Guests must always wear appropriate clothing, including closed-toe shoes and a shirt.
  • Seat belts and proper equipment must be worn at all times.
  • The park highly suggests having a fifth wheel hitch lock for security.
  • All vehicles that operate within the park must be covered by insurance.
  • All participants must adhere to manufacturer-safe operating protocols.
  • Double riders aren’t allowed in vehicles intended for just one rider.
  • ATV, dirt bikes, open-cockpit vehicles, and their guests who are less than 18 years old are required to wear a helmet that is DOT-approved.

While at Blue Holler Offroad Park:

  • Visitors need to sign a release form.
  • The parent or legal guardian must be present with any person who is under the age of 18.
  • The speed limit is 5 mph. miles per hour will be strictly adhered to in the staging areas and parking areas.
  • Do not ride in areas that aren’t marked as well as fields and creeks.
  • The riding of creeks and trespassing in areas that are not marked are strictly forbidden.
  • No illegal substances, or alcohol in the park.
  • Get rid of all rubbish and garbage – the park Management will either fine you or remove them from the park.
  • Hunting, target practice, or fishing are not allowed.
  • Be courteous as all trails are 2-way.
  • Tree damage is strictly forbidden.
  • Respect and be considerate of your guests.
  • Report any illegal or illegal activity to the management.

It is important to learn more about the Blue Holler Offroad Park prior to you are planning your journey. Print out the waiver forms, complete them in, and be prepared to speed up the check-in procedure. 

You can get the waiver through the Park’s website. It is also possible to view the regulations and rules. 

Note that management will not be held accountable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings or safety concerns for visitors.

Conclusion – Blue Holler Offroad Park in KY

Blue Holler Offroad’s administration and its large following are full of areas for improvement. 

The mentality of the rider and discipline the trails, habitat protection, and the accountability of owners are only some of them. But these issues shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of what this park’s recreational amenities have to provide.

Make a plan and make your way towards Blue Holler. You can expect to scratch your skin as you night wheel or traverse through the woods. Indulge in fun and celebration all year. Ride for a cause, or race until your heart is aching. 

Whatever you choose to do make sure you take your time and enjoy the ride! If you’re looking for ATV trail trails within KY visit Blue Holler Offroad Park.

How much does it cost to get into blue holler?

Blue Holler Offroad Park

Only $15 per person. 12 and under are FREE.

Can you drink at Blue Holler Offroad Park?

It is strictly prohibited to ride a CREEK or trespass through marked areas. – ALCOHOL/ILLEGAL CONCENTRATIONS ARE PROHIBITED within the park.

How big is Blue Holler Off road park?

Blue Holler Off-Road Park is a family-friendly off-road and ATV park located in KY, located about 90 miles to the southwest of Louiseville. It’s located set on 1200 acres of woodland and has about 35 miles worth of trails. The park is open to all types of off-road 4×4 vehicles such as dirt bikes, dune buggies, and riders of all levels.

Blue Holler Offroad Park FAQ

1. Does Blue Holler Offroad Park have showers?

THE SHOWER HOUSE AND RESTROOMS ARE READY AND OPEN. This means you are now able to stay for the weekend, go on a camp, ride, shower, and then have fun.

2. How big is Blue Holler Offroad Park?

Blue Holler Offroad Park is located at 3869 Nolin Dam Road in Mammoth Cave, KY. We provide more than 1000 acres for all kinds of offroad vehicles and ATVs.

3. Can you drink at Blue Holler Offroad Park?

It is strictly prohibited to ride a rogue creek or trespass in unmarked areas. – ALCOHOL/ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED within the park.

4. Are Rangers street legal?

ATVs and UTVs such as those of the Ranger 570, Ranger 900 as well as the Ranger 1000 cannot be operated on roads, however, they are able to be used by law enforcement officials.  On roads, ATV drivers have to be licensed and have insurance.

5. Can you drive Polaris on road?

It’s street-legal and is suitable for use on all roads that are public. Polaris (r) increased its presence in the global market by the purchase of two European businesses: Aixam quadricycles and Goupil electric utility vehicles.

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